Jehovian Seals

Firstly the name of this article entry is in accurate LOL. The reason for that is because the seals are not called Jehovian Seals. They are called the seals of the Azazel. During the time that the angels started to try to take back control of the earth, they needed a way to put men into check. As he said in the  garden of Eden, “man has reached access to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, let us bar him from reaching the tree of everlasting life. This way they  cannot live forever and reap corruption infinitely”.  The creators did not want mankind having an everlasting status because they knew that they would use this power for corruption and to defy the gods. So in and around the same time that Enoch was living, they took him out of body to emerge into Metatron, in order to find the secrets of their father creator and to use them in order to make barriers and restrictions. That’s the meaning of Metatron, boundaries. They took his codes and began to seal up man kinds tunnel of white connecting to either higher self or to the fountain of youth, the forever raining energy from the heavens. Man would still receive some but they would never learn how to access the information with in it. They would only ever just see what was before them. In my course, I speak about the seals themselves.


At first they were only meant to cut man off from the divine connection in order to slow their consciousness evolution, and so that they could evolve gradually overtime. They did not want them to forget what they had learned so quickly on earth through the angelic teachings. But they did not want them to gain The true universal knowledge. While it is true that they say most of the spiritual teachings here are universal, back then men was taught that earth was the center of the universe. So meanly everything that has been taught within a religion and spiritual beliefs, has been reflected off of what the angels brought themselves. There were some star beings who had also left some ancient secret teachings as well. However, this was a problem and they’re needed to be a solution.

After a long time, those who were directly related to the angels, their offspring the nephelim, decided to become rulers over man. Those who did not have a certain percentage of the angelic blood, were excluded from the inner circles. Some of them took residence in the spiritual world, and they ruled over the earth. In this they re-encrypted the seals. They even placed more of them into man’s energy body. Instead of just a slow evolution from where they were upgraded from the angels, they would now be stuck. They also implanted corruption could such as, greed, Envy, jealousy, gluttony, covetous outlooks, contentions, and many more negative attributes to place man, against the other throughout time. Through the seals man was now doomed to a feet of forever reincarnating throughout the earth being led by only that which was the place to be for their eyes. They were taught that when you died, that was it. They were taught that death was the end. They were also taught that if they did not except the teachings that we’re now altered by these rulers, that they would burn in an infinite pit of fire as punishment. Many fear-based teachings were introduced.

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It became a battle for power,  out of fear for survival. It started out that there were 7 main Seals. Then, it became 22 in all.  All of them keep the energy body locked to the worlds sight. Remember the eyes only see light. Humans are being programmed with two more Seals as we speak. Those seals are to condition mankind to the sexual immorality, and to only have interest in things of no matter. And example of this would be the cash me outside girl. This girl is and her own reality television show. Nobody seems to care about things of intelligence any longer. Even the history channel only centers on reality TV. This is conditioning in kind to only care about the present time and The sexuality and stupidity in it.

Many people complain about hearing a buzzing sound in their ears as of lately. Others have said they’ve heard trumpets. These sounds are activation frequencies for the seals. They’re trying to make it literally impossible to remove them. As the Archangel Metatron says, it is a dangerous time we live in. The most important thing to do is to try to reach out and learn the truth and get those seals taken off somehow. Even though we live in this interconnected web, having in all knowing being in the middle, it may be difficult to remove all of them or keep them off. But it is still very imperative that you try. Each seal is equipped with enough programming to keep people sinking lower and lower into the times. It also changes peoples perspectives on God. It makes him believe that he is not real or that they are equal to him. Many are made to believe that they are connecting to beings that are giving them divine information. Then why is it that there are no answers on how to make the world better? And why is it, that those that have the answers in truth are silenced? We are in the mist of a spiritual battle. The 22 seals, in addition to the 3 new ones, will make society focus in on the new world’s ways of acting out, not caring about conduct, and a world that tries to reach lavish appearances and lifestyles. How many people see television and want what the latest trending celebrity has? They work a job with minimum wage, and use their entire pay checks to buy the latest exspensive gadget or fashion style. Many have resulted in li9ving with their parents, having them pay the way in life, in order to keep up with the world’s changing economy and taste. Many will not be able to make once their parents are no longer around. On top bills, it will be a great financial burden as they are used to living according to having no responsibilities and using their pay for name brands that all of the trends. Children are being raised by grandparents now a days too. In the pseudomature world, many are being subliminally promopted to become sexually active early. A few clients of mine who brought in their children, had kids who were eight and ten years old having sex. Even one woman who had a seven year old.

Drugs and drinking are in the music. One client of mine had a son who was 9 years old and smoking marijuana already. He came into my office talking with a southern accent, and talking about how he was going to “light em up” at school, if the kids kept bothering him. I asked his mother if he owned a gun. She answered no. I made sure that she went home to look for one in case. I also remote viewed in their home to check as well. There was nothing. Next time that they came in, I asked him, “How are you going to “light” anyone up, if you do own a gun”? He told me that his friends in the city would give it to him. Apparently, his older friends who bought the marijuana, had connections to the seller, who was a gang banger from the city of Camden NJ.  I was afraid for this child. I asked him, besides his friends, where did he learn all about this? He told me ” Dae Dae”. then he went on to say, “I was born to kill”. I cried after he left. He had alot of demons around him controlling him.

I do not protest against the world, or the celebrities or music artists. I particularly do not like the music of this day but I am not a public enemy here. I am merely stating the facts. Remove the seals. And do not forget your children too. Many of my clients are involved in spirituality for themselves. But they forget their children and even to protect their pets. It is just as important to cover them too. We are in this all together.

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The spiritual body should be pure energy.  No seals to cover your chakras, none in your mental, emotional, or cosmic layers. You should be exercising the higher self light. However, to remove these seals, it takes some help. If it took Nephilim to add them with stealing Metatron’s codes, it will take using someone who knows how to remove them.  Your chakra should not be set upon earthly frequencies while trying to ascend. They should all be even for the true kundalini energy to flow. Nothing should stand in your way of having an awakening. Many are waking up in some way, but not all of the way, and those who get some percentage of it, use it either for spiritual fame, or for ego. its time to let all of that go. Remember that it was said everyone would start ascending, and disappear from this dimension? Did you forget that lie so quickly? That was 5 years ago. Don’t you want to really start waking up and entering a new dimensional outlook and way of life? Join us for the awakening of 2017 – 2019. With the articles, and my courses, and assistance, you will make it.  Come join the angelic/starseed legion.  Step out of 3D, for real.

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