The serpent is definitely a lesson that I think goes misinterpreted a lot out there. Let’s talk about this subject here on the site since it is a website for illumination teachings as well, although not as extensive as my courses.

The serpent was said to have been the craftiest of all creatures on earth because it was symbolically represented to be the cause of the fall of man kind. It was said that the serpent tempted the woman Eve in the garden of Eden. The serpent is the light that grows in the Fibonacci during conception. Obviously, the energy grows in a spiral within the womb, activating intelligence and life through the genetic consciousness. Later, the consciousness will have to expand it self as it grows throughout life afterwards. However, how could this occur, it being that Adam and Eve were created directly by the hand of God and without human parents themselves? A mystery to uncover in some of my deeper lessons but for now, the original sin was learning wisdom that expanded the consciousness before it was ready. “Lucifer, how you have fallen”.

It is obvious that Eve was being taught by another spirit that enhanced the information in her genetics by giving her wisdom that was beyond her level, which then was passed on to her child through the serpent energy. Anyone taking wisdom that is not ready for them, it can create a lot of flaws and glitches in the consciousness program of the 3-D world, as you can see in how the world had turned out from that moment forward. Sickness, disease, pain… Death.

Cain, exhibits this glitch because he was the so-called firstborn child that they had had. He carried the flaws in the program, as he was the first person to commit murder in the Bible. He was guilty of pride, arrogance and anger. But he had a brother named Abel, why did the flawed program not somehow pass to him? Why was it that Abel was a better man than Cain? Specially, if they were from the same genetic pool? Well, it really has a lot to do with whether a person chooses or decides to use treats that come up in their consciousness that can cause action or reaction. For an example I talked about it all of the time in my coaching, that people will have all types of different thoughts. You are not a complete spirit body unless you are fully equipped with your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical layers of consciousness. The ascended Master once said that even if a married man looked at someone with a thought to lust over a woman other than their wife, makes them just as guilty as if they had actually gone out and cheated on their wife. But how can that be if the action was not actually committed? Well it is because the person is using one layer of their consciousness. Thinking, manifests the deed in the mental spiritual world. So even though it was not manifested physically, it will still exist somewhere. In addition to this, if you think about something more than likely you are going to have a feeling about it too. That exercises spiritual energy. Now you are using your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that is almost your entire self. Even though the crime was not committed physically it’s still exists on the female , trinity level of existence through mind, emotions and spirit. Therefore, if a person actually carries out the act, then they have just brought into existence, that action or deed as it is recorded in the physical world of the others of you. If you manifest something mentally and emotionally through spiritual energy, it lingers subliminally in the air. Thoughts can pass in and out of the aura from person to person. Nevertheless, they don’t see it and if they do not see it, then to them, It isn’t something that is a part of their world. When something is not a part of your world, if no one else is taking part in something or it doesn’t seem to be a part of the social norm, more than likely it will be ignored or at least hidden. Eventually, without too much influence going on right in front of their eyes, it will fade away or just linger with then. So the program was still active within Cain and Abel both.

However, Cain actually acted out the deed of killing his brother through the anger emotions that he was manifesting through his thoughts and his spirit. Now, he had activated murder and anger in the world he was in, because it was something that became visibly known. Able did not act out any of his thoughts or feelings except good ones. When we go back into my earlier lessons in my first chorus, I talked about how the offerings actually were symbolic in the story too. The one brother brought so just some random fruits that he grew. The other brother brought the youngest lamb that he had. Well the fruits represent these are just average thoughts possibly with some corruption under the surface which is why it was just kind of thrown together as an offering. There wasn’t much thought put into it. The other brother brought a lamb and it’s useful state which represents innocent thoughts and purity. And we could see that this is true because the bad fruits, lead the one brother to murder the pure and innocent one. That is also why it is said that when looking at spiritual teachers, that “by their fruits you will know them”. This statement can pretty much be applied to regular people too. Usually people act out what they think for the most part except some hidden things that would not be excepted by the world around them, those they keep hidden. But you can still tell what type of a person someone is, by their actions and what they talk about, how they treat other people, and what’s going on in there every day life. It’s not being judge mental, it’s just making an observation because what a person thinks and feels is usually what they do. When looking for a spiritual teacher, to know that they are true, you want to look to see if they are exercising purity, love, and a good life that represents what they preach. How are they with people around them? Are they loving and forgiving? Do they practice is every day life? Are they giving in charitable? Do their fruits or a.k.a. wisdom, prove that they have great knowledge? Do they make that knowledge into wisdom by acting out the knowledge of what they have learned or taught?

Those are really good things to point out when you are making the decision as to what type of spiritual teacher you want or even what type of people you want in your normal every day life. You still want to show love, but you also want to safeguard yourself as well. This goes back to what I have said about people claiming to live by greater consciousness. Obviously greater consciousness brings a sense of great wisdom and strength as well as divinity because greater consciousness means that you are climbing higher and going higher and higher means you’re reaching a state of existence in your consciousness that resemble something more heavenly like. If a person claims that but is not living according to a divine status, exercising virtues, and having the ability to manifest their own goals, then they certainly are not bearing the fruit that they need to back up their statement. I know that there are so many people out there in the world making these kinds of claims in when they read my teachings, I am sure that they totally hate me LOL. Many believe that you don’t need to walk a straight path towards the truth. They say learning from multiple outlets is the way to go. But the ascended masters said that the straight path was harder one because of all of the Temptations of everything around a person that can lead them off of their straight path. If people are still learning their misery and making mistakes, that’s OK if that’s their choice, but then again where is this greater consciousness that they claim? Because if they had it, they wouldn’t have three or even make mistakes at all because of the greater knowledge that they had with them. It is the truth. Many people do not understand the true concept of Luciferian agenda. See many people out there that work with the demons and claim to worship Satan even, and even people who talk about the New World order and their role in this particular agenda. Nevertheless like I had said in my new course, there will be a truth at the end that will be quite astonishing. People can try to counter act or contradict me, that’s fine. I will still dance circles around anyone. See many people out there that work with demons and claim to worship Satan even, and even people who talk about the New World order and their role in this particular agenda. Nevertheless like I had said in my new course, there will be a truth at the end that will be quite astonishing. People can try to counter act or contradict me, that’s fine. I will still dance circles around anyone. I’m not saying that to be cocky or arrogant but it is the truth because I can just see through their model of life and reading into their thoughts and emotions that they are not what they claim. Still, let’s get back to the lesson.

With all that being said, as you can see most of the people in the world who are learning from the misery of mistakes, makes that part of my lesson there, more relevant. The serpent wasn’t evil. It was what man kind of did with it, that was evil. When eve took her knowledge in the garden, she expanded her consciousness to a level of understanding that brought the ability to create. And that was on multiple levels. It was said that she would be ruled by her husband. The after her son was committed, she would have pain giving birth and also all women would be dominated by their spouse. This was symbolic in saying that whenever a woman wanted to create something, she would have to go through man. And that would be painful in itself because women were the ones who started out having the true servant energy which brought greater knowledge all together. The serpent itself brought emotions and thoughts that were abnormal to this 3-D reality’s program. When men acted out his deeds in the program, he imprinted negativity, death and anger here. And truly, this was a darker side of the serpent energy. The female had a only enhanced it through allowing herself to learn at a greater capacity of consciousness. Men acted upon it. This is a lot of the reason as to why I say, that many people should have the truth yes, but how many are ready for it? Awakening, can bring sin and misuse of the knowledge in a desire for power. That is evident through what you see happening in our world today and out it has been currently misguided. Many people still want to get to that next level of evolution in their consciousness. But with all of the sin and disharmony in the world, ascension will only bring an increase in the corruption and crime here. That is why you see all of those things at a higher rate than ever before in history. In order to have a heavenly place, we have to bring heaven to earth. This means renewing the mind and making it pure like the example of Abel. If not, then we will only see more of “Cain” out there in the world but rising in more knowledge and understanding of other things, leading to an even greater hunger for power. Having the serpent energy and wanting it to expand, and living in a dark place while trying to do so, will only enhance the status of the world that is being lived in. In order for it to change there has to be total change, and that has a start in each individual getting back to their state of purity. Hey it is the truth. I know that it’s something that people do not want to believe as they tried to continue having their hopes and dreams of a better world. But there is a positive and negative in all things. So when they talk about the fifth dimension becoming a reality here, will that reality be a fifth dimension of negativity? Or will it be one of divinity? That will be totally up to mankind to decide. But if they keep teaching these concepts and “do what thou will” will only continue to teach people that they can do whatever they please in life and explore the “Cain” side of Consciousness, so to speak. And the more that people carry pride and hunger for power, the more they will do to obtain what it is that they want through that power and being influenced by their own pride. Even with greater knowledge in the background. The serpent energy indeed, is basically just the fact that you exist with intelligence within you and as it streams through the system of the body. To get it to rise, you would have to accelerate their energy. And that is the truth behind the Kundalini. But in reality if you reach a state of divinity, you can heal yourself and others, and you can manifest basically anything that you have ever wanted into your life. But how can that ever happen if people continue living in the darkness that prevents them from reaching the divinity itself? Very good question!

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“One day, when this long day is done, you will know the Absolution of truth and you will see that I was a truth, and the illusion of truth that you witnessed, came from the darkness, raising you up indeed….but setting you further from the entirety of truth and the reality you should had witnessed instead.”..