Late Year Celebrations

Welcome, my team and I organized the section in which you are finding this, so that instead of having alot of my events being private or only shared with those who contact me, we want to announce things we are into so that others can find me and join in as well.

In my latest article My Holidays and A gentle shift…, I spoke of my upcoming holiday season which includes several festivities, up until the month of December. More so, from now until the 31st of October.  Yes, as a generational psychic and angelic, according to the celestials, I celebrate different Holidays! I do things a bit differently, and in the past have shared here and there about certain traditions, but never truly went into them full depth. although, when Chelsie was around (an old friend of mine) Bella, chelsie and I, tried to celebrate my version of the New Year together that year, even though we were in seperate places. It was nice, but would had been nicer if they would had just visited here? LOL

Nevertheless, we have several things going on here in NJ for the celebration that we have entered into, which to me… is like th end of the year before the dead zone begins and our winter king takes his rule. We have an entire 4 months of celestial celebrations. The old traditions are no fun anymore! People have lost their love of the magic of the regular holidays, plus in how commercialized they have become, no wonder why! So, this is why I am coming out of the holiday closet so to speak, so that others who are tired of the same old boring repetitive commercialized stuff, can also join in.

This weekend, I will be posting about my weekend celebration of the Shift. This marks the end of the year for me, and is a time of great thanks for all of the blessings that were delivered to me and those that I love, including prayers and petitions that I made for alot of you out there, that came true!

For the 21st, and the 22nd

You will need to gather some goods for a feast! So check back here tomorrow night to find out what you will need! We also have a few small activities that we will be doing on a heavenly level, to show gratitude if you also want to join in with doing those magical things with us too. If so, I am hoping for photos or small video clips of you and your family having fun doing them too, submitted by email to be shared here as a collective! I want to make an album on this site of all of the cool things we experience, either me and my team, friends and family, and also with all of you out there who want to be a part of a great movement to reinstate love, joy, and festivity to life under heaven!

October 6th, 2018

We also have a fair out here in Collingswood New Jersey, for those who are of all different belief systems. I will be there with Amber, my son Noah, and my new daughter, who will be attending her first event! We are humble so we are not there to compete but to show support to the local shops around here, meet with some of them who are friends, and maybe do a small reading or showcase some of our crystals as we do every year around this time! I usually feared some of the stalkers that I had, so I was reluctant to post my whereabouts, but now we have security so that should not be a problem anymore. If you live in the area, or visit, please come find us! Pagan Pride Day is a great time. And it is country wide from what I have heard. I am wishing everyone attending from all over the United States in their areas, the best time ever, as well as the best of luck to the vendors! I have some friends in California, so if you are out there, be sure to stop by their spot. I’ll be visiting there in Winter, so I hope to see some of you then. In the meantime, for those going to these celebrations all over the USA, have fun!

I really love mingling with people who are of all sorts of beliefs. For the last four years (excluding last year) we have had so much fun there, meeting new people, and also having had  some of our clients travel down. So far we have had some from Maine, New York,  Baltimore, and quite a number of New Jersey fans who have come throughout the years, to visit.

October 31st

We will have a small, hosted event… publically weekly… between now and the 31st, but on the 31st, we are hosting a small gathering here, lots of goodies, music, decor, and fun! Be sure to wear a costume! I usually reccomend that one wears something that represents who they are spiritually. We have done this every year since 2000, but I did miss last year due to being in California. I am glad to have this event take place again this year! It will also include some vegan food for appetitizers, in addition to homemade vegan goodies that I will make and host on my Youtube channel that week, to show you all how to make them too, just for fun and some new recipe ideas! A nice time to get together to talk, to share in thanks for our blessings, and to do so in costume style!

Check out my Nature’s Magical Corner for some cool herbs and small do-it-yourself spells, honoring this time of year thoughout the next few weeks! If you want to add anything to the site or the page, please feel free with total credit given to the author! I love collabs!

That’s all for now! More to come on these events, and then the Winter Games so to speak, in the near future! If you will come to any one of these, please let us know by email for head count! It’s totally free.

And oh hey, befoe I go, this weekend of September 19th to the 23rd, I am hosting a tarot blowout, of offering 20 card tarot readings, for only $15! Inquire by email only, for the discount invoice and details! I am doing this to celebrate not only the season and festivities, but also that my son’s birthday is around this time, and my new baby will born soon too. This is the weekend before her birth and I truly want this yea to be everything int he world for her, for her first life on earth.