Global Agenda- Leviathan and Jezebel Spirits

Revelations chapter 17: One of the angels who had the seven bowls came and said, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wind of her adultery’s. Then I saw a woman sitting on a Scarlet beast that was covered with glasses names seven heads, and 10 horns. The woman was dressed in purple and Scarlet and with glitter and gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand filled with a bottle things in the filth of her adultery’s. The name written on her for head was mysteries.

The Beast and Jezebel

I think everybody can remember back in 2018 I spoke about it being the year of the beast? I believe I had even done a mystical creatures theme week based on leviathan itself. I’m always testing out my following to see if they ever catch on to the deeper meaning as to why I do things. Yes The beast refers to many different spiritual entities. There are many beasts in fact mentioned in the Bible. What is a beast? Early beast is anything that room is wild, does not live by moral ethic or code, has no shame in its behavior or conduct, and lives according to its own way. Think of a beast like a wild boar out in the forest. It runs rabid with out any kind of rules of conduct. It just simply does whatever it wants. The board will later on whenever it feels like. And it’s dwelling is usually very unorganized although the pigs themselves are extremely clean. It is stuffed with everything it will need or it will have to go running about crazily looking for it’s the daily intake. That could include food or other resources. The boar smells and is one of the most unclean creatures because it will sleep in its own filth and often go long periods without bathing.

The boar will typically stay with the female protectors in its life, including its mother. What’s more, is that the boar can take many different sexual partners to mate with. This behavior seems to be very similar to that of America (not everyone). It is obvious that the via con having been mentioned his indicated this was some form of unknown agenda that was taking place in the world around us while many people did not even see it happening. I had mentioned many times in the past that we were heading into a shift that many people did not realize until afterwards. That has already taken place although there is still more to come. Each day people are becoming even more obsessed with sex in addition to their appearances. They live and behave however they please. This is promoted through social media, the influences of television and especially music. But that is not all. When a spirit does it work, it usually works under a principality. The principality is a higher ranking demon or fallen one, that can then command an entire Legion and even make alliances with other legions if they have motives that work in the same agenda. I have spoken about this in regards to how that works with the deadly sins. One deadly sin triggers another. Like jealousy for example. First, it is said not to covet. When a person starts to covet (desiring what another has, who they are or how they look), this leads to jealousy because the individual will start to feel inferior because what they want belongs to somebody else and not themselves.After a while this turns into jealousy or envy. They can’t stop thinking about the person and how much more they feel that they deserve to have what that individual does, or to look how they appear. Thinking about that more, then leads towards pride. If a person can feel as though they deserve something more than another person, and they are being prideful in a negative way. Feeling that way, can then lead towards anger. Enough anger leads to wrath. Wrath is where a person actually acts on that anger. That could be through spite, contentions, slander, violence etc. Now just in that, you have demons that were associated with all of those groups. Coveting, jealousy, pride, anger, and wrath. And then any sub demonic groups that work through any behaviors associated with those deadly sins. Let’s say for example, through the raft you have the spirits associated with that, on top of whatever action the wrath is taking through like violence. Now you have spirit of wrath and violence. There is a whole lot of spirits going on just in the setting of somebody coveting someone else.


That is how a principality would work. They would rule first the sin that started it all, but now integrating themselves into the network of others who rule over the other sins and their sub domains. I know you have a full Legion at work made up of many different types of spirits. Leviathan is exactly that. That particular demonic rules over the principalities of gluttony, deception, and greed. And you can integrate any number of the deadly sins to achieve that LOL not that it is a laughing matter of course. Jezebel spirits are one of them. Gluttony has so many subdomains because a person can be gluttonous over anything. Money, sex, gambling, food. Gluttony is where a person is over excessively indulging so much so that it becomes too much, over the top. You can clearly see, we have gluttony over cellular phone use, which people use almost 24 hours a day now. First thing people reach for, or their cell phone’s. There is gluttony over food, and especially sexuality. So with sexuality getting into the picture, we now have to integrate the spirit of lust, sexual and immorality.


What is a Jezebel Spirit? Well if you remember the scriptures, jezebel was actually named as the wife of a king who was extremely toxic. Looking back at the story King Ahab is the worst king of all after king Jeroboam dies. The main reason was because of the influences of his wife, Jezebel. She was not of his people. She was actually a princess of Sidon. And they do not worship the same God’s or go by the same beliefs systems that the people in Israel did. They actually were shipped a false God named ball and they did not worship the same God’s or go by the same beliefs systems that the people in Israel did. They actually were shipped a false God named Baal.

The story continued to say that Jezebel hated God and killed many of his prophets. The others had to hide away just to escape her. She was also the type of person, that if she wanted something bad enough, she would even kill a person to get it. But one day her husband, King Ahab, is very depressed. She asked him “why are you sad”? He tells her there had been a property containing a vineyard that he had really wanted but the owner would not sell it to him. Therefore Jezebel then tells him that she will ensure that he gets it! She summons some people who live nearby to the man and makes them falsely testify against him to the king saying that he has cursed God and the king. She knows of this is a vile offense because in Israel they are extremely strict it comes to blasphemy or treason in regards to their deity or their king chosen by the deity supposedly. It is an offense, punishable by death. Eventually, the man is stoned to death and once she hears about it, she tells her husband the king to go and get the Vineyard. She also tries to seduce The man that is sent to her from the priesthood, who is there to tell her about her sinful ways, by painting her eyes and lips. Eventually she ended up getting thrown out of the window and eaten by dogs. That is kind of a little bit extreme, but that is how the story ends. So as we can see, Jezebel represents spirits that entice people to use seduction and their physical image, to get away with in moral behavior and to also obtain gifts and things that they desire.

It’s definitely one thing, to be a modest and humble person who has gifts that are offered and donated simply upon the fact that people want to help. But if a person has to go out of their way to say actually try to convince a person to provide something for them, then they are definitely acting out with the Jezebel Spirit inside of them. And they often always end up falling down to the dogs! But that simply means that those that are most loyal to them and up just taking all that they have. They will end up attracting a bunch of people that do nothing but just take and take and take from them and while they were loyal at one time before, they become only loyal to what the person can offer because of their agree and sexually immoral behaviors. This also includes spirit of Usery. Anyone that only associate with another individual merely to gain something, is guilty of using the person. That also aligns with coveting because obviously that person is only around an individual to gain what they have because they desire it. And that could also include jealousy and greed if you really think about it.

Revelations and The Agenda

In the Bible it speaks about a woman riding on a beast, in the book of revelations. He has several heads because each head represent multiple things individually. Metatron teaches us that one thing can represent many. The beast it’s all represents 10 kingdoms of course. But separately it also represents 10 specific spirits that are all working together as one and the woman is driving this agenda. We know that the woman is Jezebel her self. Before the end of every age, there is a similar scenario pictured in revelations, that happens. Like I spoke about in my heaven and hell course, the age of Aries brought Moses smashing the bull, that represented the age of Taurus symbolized by the bull. And there were also plagues of Egypt that were very similar to that of revelations too. They even conducted the slaughtering of firstborn children, just like they did when Jesus came. With every age there is a new agenda. But that agenda starts to slowly make its way and creep in sometime before the actual agenda is firmly established. That is how social programming works. They will introduce hints and clues of different things here and there to test out the reactions of the people. Then they will start to slip other things in there. You cannot for any reason just act upon your thoughts or desires. It has to be socially excepted. Spirits tempt people, then they start developing other desires.But the people will not act upon them are the fear of being judged or rejected. Sony television shows and musical lyrics will come out, that promote the desires and behaviors that the spirits are tempting people with behind the scenes. Together with the programming and the actual spiritual Temptations, how the person feels more comfortable acting out their will. Overtime with more and more propaganda being put out there in addition to also hearing about others acting upon new behaviors that coincide with it, society starts to expand into a mass consciousness, that feeds that agenda and firmly establishes it as a new way of life. Or at least, a newly accepted behavior. Afterwords politics will then start to play a role in showing that they can down the new behaviors. And then religion will shortly follow after to seal the deal. And that is because most people when they do things, often question their own conscience legally and spiritually. If it seems to be OK with the two main ruling authorities, then it must be OK to do. And that is how an agenda is built. New agendas are built for every new age to come because they want a new way of life that helps work with their new vision for the future. Many people would ask me, why would the world really want a lot of sinful behavior? Well, the more sinful behaviors and desires, bring more commercialism. Obviously, if sex is being loosely promoted, people are going to want to be sexually appealing. That means buying new clothes and getting involved in new fashion statements that are more sexually enticing. And as you can see, if you look at the world today, our fashion consists of barely their clothing. Even young girls are participating in wearing very Age inappropriate clothing. Television shows women who are nearly nude. Music shows videos of women dancing around in a bathing suit and while there may not be anything wrong with that, other clothing shoes emphasis upon specific body parts. Then insecure girls will then want to be more sexually enticing with their bodies. That leads to spending more money on dieting programs and plastic surgery. Even small fads such as underwear with butt pads in them! Make up also plays a role in this as well because if you recall in Jezabels story, she had tried to be more sexually appealing towards the spiritual messenger who had come to her. She had put make up on to especially look good.

The other heads on the beast represent number one, leviathan. Leviathan is the whole of the beast. The 10 heads represents the 10 sins that will be dictated to the nations by the beast. And it will all be led by the great prostitute, or by Jezebel. In my course, and I say that there are a lot of things in the Bible that help counter promote their agenda. Obviously, they were writing about things that they foresaw would happen, because it had happened time and time before. Being prepared for this, they can then grab the new age, by its reins. And then they can dominate and control it by promoting whatever propaganda they need to, for their own agenda, rather than the heavenly one.

If you recall, going back into the Bible it was said that leviathan in Hebrew translated as “twisted, and coiled”. In the book of Isaiah; it says that leviathan is a piercing serpent, a crooked, winding serpent. It also makes it very clear that Job believes leviathan cannot be drawn out with a hook and that no one would even dare confront it. It was also mentioned in the book of Isaiah that in the day of the Lord, with a severe sword, leviathan would be punished as a fleeting servant, a twisted serpent that would be slain in the sea. Any animal that is twisted and coils, as often referenced to as a snake. We know that snakes are often used as references when describing deceit. It is also a symbol of kundalini energy which is the main energy that rises up and down the physical body while the soul drives it, when you are alive here in this experience. When you have a large amount of that energy, you are vibrant, energetic and more aware. But most people are not active enough to cope with such a force field of energy within themselves. when you activate such a large amount of energy and you do not know how to live by it spiritually, and then having a lot of sexual propaganda place on top of you at the same time… It will lead you towards transmuting it into sexual energy while it is lead to stagnant. If you don’t have a connection to your higher self, that energy is not going to keep shining straight upward. It will just come right back down and stay down. And that would center that energy around your root chakra which is mainly centered upon sexuality and reproduction.

And that is when spirits would have even more ample room to entice you. We see celebrities playing right into this type of propaganda, by promoting women who dress provocatively, live lavishly, and worry more about fame and their appearance. That was taking place back in the timeframe of when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton etc. all became famous. And then afterwards, the Kardashian family was to follow. This played into the monarch mind control programming called “the sex kitten”. End it was all downhill from there. As time went by, more emphasis had been placed upon women’s backsides, looking perfect with plastic surgery, and also fashion that complemented those things. I used to see things come up on social media and wondered why they would allow such things to get so much attention? There are so many other extremely important and heroic things being done out there in the world, but yet something as superficial as Kim Kardashian’s backside, got more attention than anything else. Have to ask yourself why that is! Well it’s obvious. The answer to that question is, the agenda.

Other sinful things were being promoted as well and music. Criminal acts, drug abuse, and so on. And those are all money makers to, because when kids find something to be cool and attractive, they will go out there and pursue it for sure. Even trying to copy some of the fashion that their favorite music artist swear. And if that means buying an expensive chain that their parents can barely even afford, and nagging their parents until they get it, then so be it. And that’s exactly what we see happening in our world today. Kids are getting Self and as early as five years old that cost up to $1000. We have Leviathan and Jezebel promoting things that relate to the seven deadly sins all in the disguise of sexuality covered and hidden, which is a form of deceit.

The underlying truth

In spirituality the sea often represents the public. We know consciousness works in forms of waves that are sent through the brain. And that is very much like water in a sense just because of the waves being like into the waves in the sea. We also know for sure that the waters can also be likened to anything in vibrations such as voice or even technological wavelengths used in any kind of communication such as the Internet or media. And that is where a majority of The propaganda is being placed. The media, the Internet, technology and communications. The underlying truth though, is that in the book of Revelation is it said that a third of the sea would be bitter. And we already know that leviathan will be killed and laid to the bottom of the sea, on the day of the Lord. Well we know that when something is killed, it is only been on the be reborn. It is like a sacrificial process of renewal in one’s self. So this is making the people and their consciousness bitter in a sense, because they are changing and shifting into a new mindset that is not moral or benevolent. In fact most people are so isolated today on social media, they’re going outside and actually being a part of the real world turns them into inconsiderate and mindless people. There’s also a part of the agenda that is trying to tear down on the third of the worlds religious belief system. And that would be the Catholic or Christian churches. There is so much symbolism when it comes to interpreting encoded secrets. But yes the prostitute riding the beast definitely represents a new way of life that they support in there in reality as I have described above. But last but not least, there was something in there that you missed.

The name written on Jezebel or the prostitutes for head was “mysteries”. We already know what this means. The occult. Word occult is defined as anything that is rendered as hidden or mysterious. Therefore the agenda would be brought also, through new accord propaganda and teachings. And that is exactly what has happened in the do without real concept. Promoting that everyone can do whatever they please through her medicines them and narcissism as well as New Age, many people would feel spiritually content with sitting as long as they still had a strong foundation of believed to go by because most people cannot surrender their faith totally. We know that many people practice demon worship in the occult. Even psychics, channel demons without even realizing that they do. That is because the idea came as an angel of light! They were promised that they were channeling angels instead. People are so easily fooled. It is a scary world out there. And we see especially, a lot of spiritual teachers out there who promote sexuality and wearing less and less clothes, and by still acting out and lose contact while preaching the message. Even Doreen virtue has admitted that the new age was full of demonic agenda. And while she went along with it, I never have. It’s nice that she has finally come clean and publicly admitted these things, but still does not take away from the fact that she has to miss lead people knowing that been doing so all along. And there are many other teachers out there too. Some of them promote themselves to be very good, and they try to teach self transformation for a better change. But behind the scenes, they are involved in a very dark world. I world that targets other people to create harm or inflection. I have been targeted by some of them myself. However heaven is always on my side, because I am who I really say that I am. Virtuous, loving and true. I hope that this message has really resonated with you, and that it makes total sense.

In closing, the year of the beast really took its foundation in 2018 because a strong wave of twisting energy fill the environment that I called dark consciousness. That was the seal placed upon consciousness to lock them into the new way of doing things. And that is why a lot of people even though they know it to be true, they will never change. Life will not let them, because they are not willing to really fight against it hard enough to do so. But I believe that you can! You can live your life and for fill your dreams by stepping outside of the false agenda and by trying to adopt God’s true plan. If you want to know what the plan is please contact me and we can even perhaps get into some virtual mentoring that can actually help strengthen you to make the changes. I can help keep you motivated and strong and also give you the support that we more than likely lack, living in the world were even family is totally lost in the agenda of the leviathan and Jezebel Spirit spirit.