List of Prophecies

It was suggested to me by someone, to put all of the predictions that I have made, into one page for many who come across this website, to have the ability to see, how they all came true.  I also not only wanted many to see how my predictions have come true, but to also reference prophecies still yet to happen. One day, people will come back to my websites, and they will say, “Oh my goodness, she was right”. All I could ever hope, is that for the preperation and safety of themselves, that my readers take what I predict into consideration. Let’s have a look!

Solstice Message- Aluras Angels

The solstice message povided insight into what others could expect in their moods, thoughts, and relationships with others. It focused on the energy of August into October of 2018. It also foretold of changes in weather, diseases to come, and world power alterations from August 2018 up until August of 2020.

Metatron Message June 21, 2018

Metatron’s Message for June 2018 went into the behind the scenes political game and predicted the hurricanes, especially Florence, and other weather disasters to come in the future ongoing.

Metatron Riddle

This particular riddle foretold of rumors of war, civil uprise, racial issues in our world, economic problems now and to come, as well as their being meteors ( happened), EMF waves dispatched into the air, and even talk of missles. It spoke of the digital currency age being built now, with no value to money only in digits, and the rise of a new ruler. It also speaks of an America ruling dynasty that at the time and even now, is in the process of being built.

2017 Metatron Channeling

Some of this message was and is still referring to distress to come in Israel, and trade issues between nations.  It also predicts threats of war to come, and war to happen, if someone does not step in to intervene to change the prophecy itself. A new kind of martial law a bit more hidden in plain sight is on its way too, according to the hidden symbolism of this message.

Out of Bounds- Spiritually Awkward

Out of Bounds Update

Both of these messages, the full article and it’s update, foretold of issues arising from the multi-planetary retrograde event that occurred over the late Summer into October of 2018. This contained issues that would arise for many in their lives and in the world.

Tribulation Planetary Energies

We ae in tribulation mode right now, and the words within this article predict from when it was written and up into the future, many things unfolding such as disease, money issues, political upset, battles in powers and trades, hardships for the economy to come, and much more.

Dark Consciousness

Dark Consciousness is a prediction for the change in people. This shows how the world would suddenly go numb, lack empathy, and turn on one another. This would compliment the scripture where it had said, “nation against nation, brother against brother”. Murders in families, people staying indoors etc…There would be no real love for each other but instead, every man would be out for himself. Depression, suicide, murders, and alot of subconsciousness messages in music and television that would implant it, and more.


Solar Changes in Power

Both Revelations and Solar Changes in Power, were entries on the solar eclipse of the sun in 2017, bringing in the new president and how it was astrologically aligned for a reason, as well as there being a change in the new age within the next 150 some years ahead, as we entered the tribulation period first. Trumps role in the issues to come.

There is so much more hidden, in these prophecies and they are disguised petty heavy with metaphors. However, those are the pedictions that I made, and many have already happened, and are yet still to come. Read the articles more, to see if you can go deep into the messgaes of the heavens! In fact, all of my sites are littered with them!

New prophecy? There is disease coming. Be sure to safeguard your health. I have alot of infomation. You can follow my sites, or social media for more, or for pedictions for your own life and futue, stop by my website to schedule an appointment at Alura’s

In the meantime You will discover that in the future there will be sexualization of relationships between adults and children which is beyond disgusting. Earthquakes, tsunami, wild fires, and tornados in 2019… There will also be another war which I predicted multiple times throughout the last year’s, and the world will never be the same. 2016 References

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