I know many of you have heard about the movie called, Steal Magnolias. And they are some pretty tough herbs to work with. I don’t think they’re really labeled under the terms of being an herb, but it certainly fits right in there, in my book. The movie, was based on the lives of women of all ages, appropriately so, as this is a true divine feminine species.

The magnolia tree is a pretty invasive tree. It’s very feminine, and very light. It corresponds to The goddess Freya, but you could also call upon the angel Lailah, when working with Magnolia. There are a lot of beautiful magnolia trees in my area. People grow them on their properties as a decorative plant, and it does grow rather strong throughout the years. If left unkept, the magnolia bush can turn into an awesome magnificent tree! In fact, my neighbor started with a bush some years ago. Now, the tree itself is almost 30 feet in height!

This is a truly divine feminine soul. You can work with almost every aspect of this plant for any kind of magical workings. I am an expert in magic because magic is energy work, and when you can read signatures and blueprints, you can match them appropriately to their sources. This is not like Wicca which is a pretty awesome form of magic indeed but works with a lot of lower entities and earth spirits. Although, many people could try to fit it into that category, because it is a part of nature magic. But this is angelic magic which is one of the strongest and most powerful and the most pure.

Since our creator has made everything under the heavens including the heavenly host, everything under heaven has consciousness to it. It’s living, although not everything is sentient. But angelic astrology and magic, our forms of practices that are unknown to many humans on earth, no matter what anybody says. Using parts of the earth in your magic can be greatly beneficial. Especially, when it comes to plants like the magnolia bush.

For this particular plant, you can actually make potpourri out of the flowers, that you can then use to anoint your spells with. You can also extract oil’s, and use the seeds for fertility spells. That is mainly why this wonderful plant here, corresponds with the deities that it does. Magnolia, is so light and airy, that any female connecting to the Goddess energy, can set forth her intentions of conception, love, and beauty… Just by using the materials of this particular plant. It also can help aid spells of peace and reconciliation.

The leaves themselves can be used for love spells, that can invoke the attraction of your soulmate, or if you have found them already and they do not realize the connection, the leaves can also be used to help that person awaken to the connection that you share. The leaves also somehow act as an aphrodisiac not for just sexual acts or connections, but just love in general. This plant carries a sense of innocence in the love, so that you can know that it is true. This is a wonderful plant, to enhance beauty, increase chances of pregnancy, fertility, and also attract a lover and even a potential engagement… If that is what you are seeking from your lover.

Archangel Lailah and the goddess Freya can both be associated with this plant. Just having it on your property can attract loving visitors toward your home, and help in securing strong family connections and friendships. Having the bush on your property, projects friendliness, love, and nurturing energy to whoever passes by your residence.

I really love working with this particular plant. A lot of the times that I have used it I have used the tree for tea or oil, and wish magic.