My pregnancy story- RH Discrimination

I have two wonderful children already. My firstborn, had been a wonderful Pregnancy experience. I was a size 0 at the time since I had been so young, but I had gained so much weight that I was a size 14 by the end of it all. She was born normally, but had some issues at birth where she had been suffocating in her own amniotic fluid, because she was in there is for so long. It was a beautiful experience nonetheless. My son, however, it was very difficult with his labor and pregnancy. I had been sick the whole entire time, and it was very difficult for me to walk. By the time he was ready to come, I would not dialate to deliver him after many many hours of pain. So they had to do an emergency C-section to take him out. The pain medication that they gave me,  did not work. Instead I felt the incision. My screaming definitely alarmed some of the other girls in labor for sure. They never gave me a rhogam shot for my blood type with my son, and he is a positive blood type. As many know, I am negative. Without the shot, it can hurt any future pregnancies for sure, in what is called RH disease developed for a baby of positive blood whose blood somehow passes into a mother’s who has RH negative blood type, during birth.

                                                                                                                                                                      I  wanted other children. The love and innocence, the ability to raise better people in this world. I had always wanted a  large family. However, settling down with someone in order to do that, never really worked out for me. That was not because I was not the type of woman that someone couldn’t settle down with, I was actually a very good wife, when I was married. I would provide massage therapy, cook, make lunches for their jobs, teach them the Bible and other spiritual mystical things, and I was very loyal and respectful. Nevertheless, my being born as an angelic psychic was very difficult, not only for me but those who got close to me. So usually, I would just enter the marriage with the agreement of having the child, And that they could go on their way later. I would get married, so that it would not be any form of disrespect under heaven. I have not been with that many people, and I definitely wanted to make it honorable. So I have had my two children so far, and now I have finally gotten my wish of becoming a mother again. As I mentioned in my last article on the subject, I was thinking about getting IVF, and even adoption… for the longest time. Both extremely expensive. Therefore, it was not an option.

Since I have an extremely rare blood type, AB, Rh negative, I definitely had a lot of complications in my last pregnancy, and many during this one. I know that my unborn child also carries the same blood type as I do after he testing was conducted, but I also am aware of the fact that her father has positive genes, and that is creating some difficulties as small cells are released into my bloodstream. Whats worse, is I have hemolytic anemia.

In addition, I am 35 years old, and very small in stature only at five foot two. Because of my blood type and my age, they deemed me as a high-risk pregnancy. At 4 weeks, the doctors told me that I was with child. Going back 4 weeks later, that would had made me 8 weeks. But, the ultrasound indicated that the baby still appeared to be 4 weeks in size, and was not growing.

I also had a lot of pain. At 12 weeks, they had done DNA genetic testing intrauterine. My baby girl was still measuring 9 weeks in size though. They had called it Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Every 4 weeks, they would look to see if she had gotten better. But still, every time my pregnant advanced, she was still not advancing as much. Only slowly, always several weeks behind in development. Therefore, the doctors, unsure as to when the baby would be born, giving me two due dates, one month apart from each other. I had never heard of such a thing. I had an idea of when my baby would come, and how far along I was. But the doctors kept telling me no, that the ultrasound were not adding up to the date. I totally disagree because, in old fashion times women and doctors both had always went by the last date of your last menstrual cycle.. I had a menstrual when I was a bit younger. But not later on in years, as my vibration went up. The last one that I had, was 2009. However, for some reason it started back up again in September 2017, my last one December 11th 2017. When I did get it again, my daughter was astounded because it had been so many years. Both of us kind of knew that it was a sign from heaven, that perhaps I should take advantage of having one in order to go ahead and have that beautiful baby I wanted so badly.. I had been given visions of it in 2017, where I had hinted around on social media in saying that my appearance will be changing greatly. That had meant, because of Ascension and also because of having a baby too. When I found out I was meant to have one, I already started channeling to find out what soul it was and what was going to be needed to go into their care. First I thought it was going to be a little boy, only because I had only had visions of them as a very young child and most small toddlers and babies have shorter hair. Not to mention that the soul itself was a balance of masculine and feminine energy. It could go either way. I really wanted a baby girl though. I wanted a protégé that could pass my teachings down to, and to train them in their gifts, as I had known that they would have them even stronger than me. I never had a chance to share in the psychic abilities and teachings, with either of my other children. They both had gifts of their own, but they were not interested as much because they had seen what I went through with it. So they tried to avoid their own gifts and to kind of ignore them. They did have knowledge though, and sometimes their gifts would be utilized. But I truly wanted someone to leave my legacy too. And now I would finally have that. But with all of the trials of my child’s growth in my belly, it made me worry about what forces were at work trying to hold the babies growth back.

Finally I went back into the doctors office for my 28 week ultrasound. The doctors had said that I was 28 weeks, but in actuality I was already 32. When looking at the baby, they had told me that my baby girls legs were not developing as well as they should have been. That she had very long bottom legs, but that her femur bones were delayed. Nothing too serious, but still something to worry about. Then they had told me that her head was a bit elongated. That did not surprise me either, considering she was from the bloodline that she was. My head is also a tad bit elongated in the back, but not as severely, as my mother worked hard in reshaping it. When a baby is born their skull is still very soft and they can be massaged so that their skull can be reshaped. The doctor had noticed the shape of my head as well, so he reassured me that she would be Ok, but would have something similar to myself. My little extraterrestrial lol!

Already anemic naturally from my blood type, the anemia got worse. This left a strange rash in my veins on my legs. Then excruciating pain in my belly. Now I am 34 weeks but according to her underdevelopment, they say that I am only 31. They were definitely playing games. As an RH negative blood type, I am supposed to have a shot called RhoGAM. I’m supposed to have one at 28 weeks, and then again after the baby is born. This is to prevent hemolytic disease. However, when I went to go get my shot at 28 weeks, they kept telling me that they could not get it from the medical company. Finally, they had told me they would ship out for it. But when it was time for me to come in to get it, it told me that it had never come. Because of the babies under development, they were telling me that instead of 28 weeks, that I was only 25 weeks. They  told me that I still had time as the shot was not due until my 28th week. But again I was already going on 31, and now they had changed it to 25 weeks, after scheduling me to come in at 28 weeks for a shot that they seemed to keep losing? This was very untrue because I was already several weeks ahead. Nonetheless, they told my mother on the phone that I should go to the local hospital to go get the shot, but when I went to the hospital, they told me that they had never heard of me and that they could not give me the shot there without any orders. When I went back to the doctors office and told them what the hospital had said. Then, they had told me, that they had never told my mother that. They told me that I could call the company and order the shot myself and it would be delivered that week as an emergency shot. So I did that. And finally when I was scheduled to go back in there again, they had told me that shot had arrived but that they had sent it back. This did not make any sense as to why they would send back the shot knowing how crucial it was to my health and the health of my baby. I was very upset at this point because I had been getting a runaround all of that time. Most of the time, they avoided my questions, they never really explained why the baby was always a few weeks behind in her growth, and they never explained to me what I was supposed to expect. I knew was that I was going to have complications during my labor. It is what the heavens had shown me. It still would’ve been nice for the doctors to had provided more insight, and more reassurance. But instead as we would go in there, me and my daughter would sit there listening to things that they had said, realizing that they were playing games with us. For an example, when I went in on my 20th week check up, my daughter had jokingly said, “you are 20 weeks now mom, but watch… they will come in and say that you are still on week 17″… For sure when they came in, the one nurse had said “congratulations on your 20th week”… But then when my midwife came in, she had said “well we are on week 17 here”. My daughter and I had looked at one another as if to say, “I knew it”. She just had shook her head in total frustration. But I had told the midwife myself, “excuse me but last time I was in here I was 17 weeks. You are mistaken as I am 20 weeks now”. But she still enforced the issue even though she had the file still right in front of her. Obviously it was in the file, because the other nurse, unfamiliar with my case, had read it, upon checking me in. It was just ridiculous.

So I finally went in for my shot, as they finally got it delivered. Several weeks later. I should have had it at exactly 28 weeks but I ended up getting the shot at 31. All the while, the strange rash on my leg had gotten worse. It made me look like I was developing scales of some sort. And it was only just in the one spot. It would bleed regularly.

Going back in for an ultrasound again, the doctor sat down and explained to me that the baby was having some complications and that I should come back in in a few more weeks, and that if they had to, they would take her out early in order to help her growth at the hospital instead. I really wanted answers. Where were all of these problems coming from? They had never really given me a term of what was going on. And they were definitely withholding information. When he had finally explained that it was called Intrauterine Growth Restriction, I wanted to know why. That just did not happen without a cause or reason. I knew that I was a high-risk pregnancy, but what was the real underlying issue?

I had called my midwife’s office again. Finally someone was willing to talk. The one midwife that I often saw when the other was not in, had gotten on the phone and explained to me that when I went in there for that genetic testing at 12 weeks, they had discovered that I was going to need a RhoGAM shot at that time as well. Usually, I am only supposed to have just two…but because of the high risk factors being from my age and my blood type, and because the baby was a little slow in growth and my hormonal levels were very low due to not having had a period for all of those many many years, that the RhoGAM shot would’ve helped me boost my hormonal levels in order for my body to help the baby grow. But they had failed to mention this to me, and I had never gotten the shot. All of that time, all of this could have been prevented, if they had done their job. This was very disturbing to me that someone would be treated with such neglect and that a mother and child’s health could be put into jeopardy by professionals used to taking care of situations like that. I had been seeing two doctors at two different facilities. One had been a specialist, and one had been a midwife. And even the specialist had not given me enough information or told me, that I was in need of that first shot in order to help my baby develop throughout the duration of my pregnancy.

The other thing is that, since my son could not be born regularly and he had to come by C-section, the doctors had told me that back then… it was because my hormones were not producing enough chemicals to cause me to dilate. I am not a normal human. So the C-section was needed. Now my hormones were all unbalanced, because I had not had a period for so very long.  I had mentioned that I was lacking a monthly cycle, for the longest time. So they got the medical records from my family doctor who confirmed to them, that I in fact had no monthly cycle, and that there had been nothing wrong to have caused it. It still made them worry that I would need another C-section for this baby. So they had scheduled for me to have a C-section for this delivery too. I was told that because I did not have a monthly cycle for so long nor the hormones needed, that I would more than likely have complications in labor. Now I had foreseen that, and had been telling my parents and family, the whole time. I actually had been a nervous wreck about it although I still have a lot of faith knowing, that no matter what happens, it is all meant to be. I knew that I could still prevent it though. The one midwife that I had had, was a very understanding woman to me uniquely. I had explained to her who I am and what I do for a living. I explained to her that I live at a higher vibration, that I do not eat very much nor sleep. She had told me that it would be fine. Every week that I went in, she would ask how I was doing in charting the babies growth. She had said the baby was growing, but with some of those complications that I mentioned above. But that did not have anything to do with my lifestyle. It had to do with the hormones and then the neglectful way that they had treated me.

I still had wanted very much to prevent any problems. I had explained to the midwife what had I foreseen. But they had given me two different expected delivery dates. How would they know which one, in order to help me avoid the delivery complications? The first birthday for the baby that they had given me, was October 5th. The babies father’s actual birthday as well. The second birthdate that they had on file for me, was September 15th. I still have my own insight as to when she will be born. But when I had asked them, “how was I going to get a C-section scheduled if they did not even know which day to do it on”? They had told me they would just pick a date between those two, to conduct the surgical procedure. So they choose September 26th. However, the second midwife (not the Spiritually understanding one) had told me that if I went into natural labor before that, that I was on my own. I wonder who says that? To tell a woman with a high-risk pregnancy, that they are aware would have complications in delivery, that “they are on their own”? I certainly felt very disregarded and uncared for. But because I am already at 34 weeks, I may as well stay where I am at, since I do not have much further to go. I still have to go back to the doctor in another week or two, to check in with them to see how the baby has grown in that time. They may end up taking her out early to help her at the hospital instead of in the womb. I can feel that the baby has grown significantly in the last two weeks though. So I feel that everything will be all right in that department, but I still am aware that I will have some complications while giving birth. I truly want to make sure everything is put into place.

I am very disappointed in the medical system. I never go to doctors anyway, I never needed to. Once on rare occassion, I go in to check up on my health though. Mainly, I merely just heal myself. I do admit that the only time I really do need help, is when I have a toothache. The pain is so distracting, I cannot even focus enough at the time to heal it myself LOL. I am learning how to though. But still, most of the time I just take care of my own health needs through energy work and healing. When I finally rely on the medical practice in this world, to take care of me… This is a horrible experience that I get.

I know that everything will turn out fine. and that all will happen as it is meant to. I’m truly excited about my little incarnated angel coming into the world. Everybody has been so wonderful to her. I have had a lot of my friends and people that I am close with through my online practice, sending in so many beautiful things. I received both brand new, and “hand me down” items, all which were very helpful. I received so much from some of the most beautiful people I have ever met all around the world. I have never really had any friends in person, because I live a very sheltered life. That is because as an Oracle I have to protect my energy, and I am always reading into things spiritually, that I often cannot handle being around others or out in public. But I must say that the people that I have met online have treated me very well and are some of the kindest people I have ever met in my entire life.

This article is to show people, how people with RH negative blood are discriminated against. It was apparent that the caregivers at the physician’s office, did not do what they were supposed to do, and knowing how important those shots were to me and my baby appauls me, that they would neglect to give me one that potentially could have harmed us, and then played games with me on getting the second shot too. I have the rarest line of blood out of all of the negative types, and my daughter who had snuck out of the patient room to listen for me, had told me that they were holding a file with my name on it, with the blood type stamped on the folder. She had said when they saw her, the doctor turned the folder the other way, and they started whispering. It’s scary for sure.

The baby is growing fine now, as I sent alot of healing and energy to her, in place of the missing shots and hormones. However, I will still undergo alot when Adree comes, I am sure of it. If you are pregnant and are having any issues with your blood type and healthcare, contact me. I can help.