Metatron’s Illumination

What is it?

The path of understanding or illumination is reached through many things. One, simply accepting oneself. Live life and discover who you are. Your nature is ever changing and is always the same. Don’t try to resolve the various contradictions in life, instead learn acceptance of your nature. Also, it teaches a person to flow with life. We are each a blend of many truths. The truth taught is to embrace life in actions that support you as a person. It teaches a person to live in their heart, mind and soul through the application of the 12 angelic virtues.

1. Humility/Humbleness

2. Generosity

3. Patience

4. Perseverance

5. Endurance

6. Understanding

7. Compassion

8. Serenity

9. Faith

10. Kindness

11. Honesty

12. Love unconditional

This is to treat others as one desires themselves to be treated and to see from many perspectives. The path provides insight to puzzle pieces of truths put together in one easy big picture, and then trains a person into the truth of their own life. “Be true to me and to others” philosophy. One must open up to the world and others in the way they wish that the world and others, could be. In other words, to be the change that they wish to see in the world. It helps initiates to see that while some are unwilling to accept them for their true nature, that there is no judgement but instead to silently let them be themselves as the initiate remains being themselves.

It also introduces practices that benefit the mind, body, spirit and emotions that bring modest confidence, strengthens intuition, and aids in growth. All the while, one is learning the ins and outs of how to master their matrix, and to also master the laws of attraction and manifestation. In all, it teaches the initiate how to go with life on a higher vibrational level while building progressively their own purpose and better destiny without obstacles to prevent success. It works with all bodies of the soul, nature, the acceptance and knowledge of the ways of the world and others, as well as spirit.

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