My baby and I have three development school everyday for five days a week. On one day she has art. This also gives me a wonderful opportunity to spend time with and explore my own artistic pursuits. We paint, craft, and build a number of things. Another day, she does music. I am learning an instrument now at the same time that she is learning her own. We also come up with spiritual songs and clapping games. On her third day, she learns vocabulary, language, speech, and comprehension with colors, shapes, and numbers. On fourth day she has gym. Right now, she is learning balance and coordination. A strong mind and body is one that has great balance and coordination. She needs to have these skills when learning to walk anyway. When she grows up later in life, having balance and coordination will help her to accomplish a great deal of things. Balance is wonderful for your stillness of mind. Exercises that we are doing in this video are actually really a lot of fun and I do them myself using my own yoga ball. Kids who are older probably have a lot more fun with this, but it’s a good introduction to learning how to achieve balance. The video below is a short example of just one of many activities we are experimenting with this time for gym.

The fifth day is full of sociology, biology, and natural science. We always use the last two days of the week for a trip somewhere that reflects what we learned, etiquette, behavior, history, spirituality, and magic. I have two older children whom I raised with the same methods, and they are very exceptional children. I won’t post every activity since I feel that life should have its moments without social media attention but I hope that the ones that I do help to teach and inspire others in being a great person, well developed spiritual being and for spouses and parents out there…. a wonderful role model.

Try this alone or with your kids! I’ll post more later!