Grianstad- It’s back!

Hey there everyone! It is that time of year again! My favorite! It’s the angelic end of the year. As it approaches it is time to start getting back into our festivities of making our own crafts for the celebration. This is what we are doing now…

1. Clearing brooms

2. Autumn Angelic Altar

3. Harvesting your own herbs yourself!

As a natural angelic, we are born with the ability to read the blueprints of almost anything, even plants. Because of that is very easy for me to get my own herbs to use. I did learn some with my grandmother growing up as she was a natural with herself, but most of it I learned by our heavens who have always taught me pretty much everything I know. Harvest some of your own herbs for your altar, candle spells and more.

Just from this morning and more to come!
Project of the week!

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