Origins of the Archons

Many beings were responsible for the creation and make up of the Universe. They are all on different vibrations. These vibrations bring with them different perspectives of the Universe. Some are high in their understanding, working through the laws of the Universe, and then there are those below it, still trying to figure that out. Science would like to disprove that there is a Creator, by finding scientific and pseudoscientific explanations for religion.  The show “Ancient Aliens”  is one of them. But are they wrong? Sort of.. Let me explain. There has been much confusion over who is who. I will discern this all for you.

From channeling into the Universe, and to our Creator, I have found many answers to many of the questions out there regarding God and religion, as well as Visitors, and Science. They all work together in our story, especially on Earth. Like I said, we have higher entities that no mind could ever fathom, who make up our Universe. The true maker, and many others, work through the layers of dimensions, as parts of the creation. Then there are beings on vibrations so high in their understanding of the Universe, that they have spiritual power, advanced technology, and wisdom. They transverse all of the laws of the Universe, being able to manifest physcially, or stay etheric. They can travel at the speed of a thought.

These beings live all over the Universe, on other atmospheres and planets, that operate on a higher frequency of light. Angels do this too. So can other beings lower in vibration than the angels, because they are still higher in vibration than earthlings.. Those who are lower than angels and higher than humans are called Aliens.

Both Angels, and Aliens came to earth for a visit, and that is why some of the New Age hype is centering on one or the other, but are not seeing it as both. In both races, some of them wanted to teach mankind higher wisdom to get them out of the low vibratory state that they were in. Because of their unsurpassed wisdom, the original humans believed them to be Gods. They were all worshipped. The humans could not comprehend their technology, or abilities. The understanding was so “heavenly”, and exactly what they thought a God to be like. The visitors that the humans encountered surpassed them in so many ways, that they did not have definition for what they had seen. Therefore, they put what they saw into terms that they knew. 

These stories are present everywhere. They exist in many cultures under different names and places in all over the world. There is truth, but fragmented. They made up many of the religious pantheons that are known throughout the world’s ancient world. They were called by so many different names, known as deities in many cultures. But, who were they? Which were actually Gods , and who were the aliens? Does that even matter?

Horus, Jesus (Yeshua), Mithras, Krishna, Buddha and a few others, all have the same background story. But it represented a state of consciousness. They all had 12 assistants, died and rose from the dead, are said to be born of a virgin. They were all said to have started their enlightenment processes at age 12. The ancients had to personalize everything to help them understand, but to also hide the understanding for themselves, as it gave them a sense of empowerment, to be more wise than the others.  Yet, the teachings were metaphors.

The holiest of teachings came directly from the anointed ruler, Michael who was trying to infiltrate all of creation with his wisdom of it. His teachings were a state of mind. But what about the others?  You must know, that when you embrace a form of consciousness, you become a part of it. Therefore, you are then anointed. This happens after enlightenment. The light bringer, as Jesus, Michael, and Lucifer are all called by this world, all represent the same consciousness. An awakened state. A soul that is aware of where it is, what its doing, where it’s been throughput all of their lives, and its true nature of who it is outside of the body. Enlightenment is different though. Enlightenment is when you have become all knowing about something. Illumination is a word that I use, for someone that has become totally spiritually enlightened.

Not every human’s brain is capable of awakening. But it was possible for some on Earth. That is why the Egyptians were so adamant on Horus. His eye, represents the Pineal gland. The core, the driver, of your consciousness, for your experience. It is also said, “eyes are a window to the soul”. The pineal gland is right behind the eyes, and in other words, the eyes are like a wind shield, or window for it to see. You may say; “That is an Illuminati symbol”.

Sure, they use it too. That’s because they also knew what it stood for. But they didn’t tell the masses. Instead they used this wisdom for evil, to control our matrix, our holographic world, and you see it through their stuff so much, it becomes evil to you. However, it isn’t evil. It merely is wrong how it is applied, for the elite, government, and rulers, to be above and advanced over everyone, to enslave, keeping everyone in the dark. That’s evil. But, in truth, this symbol shows how your consciousness is driving in that area. As a light being.

From channeling into the Universe, and to our Creator, I have found many answers to many of the questions out there regarding God and religion, as well as Visitors, and Science. They all work together in our story, especially on Earth. Like I said, we have higher entities that no mind can ever fathom, who make up our Universe. There is a true maker, and many others who are working down the dimensions, through the different parts of the creation. Then there are beings on vibrations so high in their understanding of the Universe, that they have spiritual power, advanced technology, and wisdom. They transverse all of the laws of the Universe, being able to manifest physically, or stay etheric. They can travel at the speed of a thought. These beings live all over the Universe, in other atmospheres and planets, that operate on a higher frequency of light. Angels can do this, and those beneath them in dimensions 5 and 6. There the beings have a vibration lower than the angels, but still higher in vibration than earthlings.. I call them Aliens or Star beings.

For the elite, government, and rulers, to be above and advanced over everyone, to enslave, keeping everyone in the dark, they have hid many of these truth. That’s evil. But, in truth, this symbol of the eye of Horus or the eye of providence shows how your consciousness is driving in that area. As a light being.

We have stories of visitors in Ireland who founded something called the Tuatha De Danaan, and there is even mention of a visitor in Ancient Mayan Civilization. In the Bible they speak of Fallen Angels teaching people. And then there are the Enki tablets, which tell of a similar story. Were these Gods? Real Angels? No one would be able to tell the difference. Did the fallen angels represent another state of mind represented by a figure? No. Not in this case.

These were actual visitors from the great beyond, from their places of origin, coming to Earth to inspire the original people, and enhance their consciousness. Earthlings started from scratch. When visitors came, they felt pity for this lowly state. So they intervened and tried to help up the state of intelligece by teaching them. But again, people made these beings into Gods, empowering them, to the point that help became about control. They began to rule over the natives of Earth, and experimenting on them too. These are the accounts written about them, “doing abominable things to flesh, “mating with the human women”. They genetically altered humans, making the genetic code that we have today.

Souls at that time, had the freedom to die away, and have their soul incarnate into another experience beyond Earth. Some of the star beings wanted to do that, and having the wisdom to do so, they directed their souls to earth to be born into the humanly form. Some of the so-called Gods, were really visitors from other planets or beings from the higher planes, who came to change the evolution of consciousness on Earth, having a higher perspective to begin with.  

Others were associated with astrotheology. Who were some of them? And who were they really? That’s a good question, that I have the answer to. However, first know this, the Archangelics came with wisdom, and the beings who entered into the matrix of a lower vibration. Mating with native humans, their offspring became unbalanced. The offspring set themselves up as the new Archangels of this kingdom on earth. They came from a higher place than earth itself, but not from the same place as the original angels who first made up earth’s atmosphere. They are two separate families. Our divine angels could do no wrong. It was the offspring whose energy unbalanced to the other side of the contrast, and became the rulers here. They set themselves up as Gods, and used anyone who came into the environment from that point on, otherworldly visitor or not.



Samael, the fallen angel in the Bible has also been called, Quetzalcoatl to the ancient Mayans. He has also been called Apep to the Egyptians. He is Ninurta to the Sumerians. Ninurta spoken in reverse actually says “Saturn”.

He has been known as the enemy to Earth, known as the Serpent. They say that this being was the one who was chosen to go to earth to try creating, but he got lofty. Thinking because he had power, he could become a God on his own. Not, needing the greater Source, and only needing his own. So, he imposed this idea on the first humans. He coerced them to choose to, shut of their spirituality. This was to show that any creation can live on its own energy. This was the beginning of the ego. Since all of earth was made in the consciousness of the spiritual beings who had come together to make this world, the idea, and the energy spread like a virus, making it all unbalanced. This made things how they are today. Power should not be given when a soul is not ready. They take advantage. This is what happened with Samael’s plan. Now, most of the spirits making up the earth’s atmosphere are working the ego, leading through the humans they use to do so, in the elite and the government.  The rest of the population is used to feed their ego, through commercialism, and more. A giant monopoly game, played by a huge extended family. This is not an Extraterrestrial. This was an angelic being, who took over this domain. At first it was done out of admiration for the creator, to be like the creator, and to do what the creator had done. But things took a very different turn later on.

 After Samael took over the creation of earth, he was overrun by the spirits of the hybrid offspring who were making up the atmosphere. Some of the beings ruled over particular parts of the planet. They were called watchers, because being inside of the atmosphere, they would watch and see all. But not for long.. .  They gave much wisdom, but it would back fire. They knew that giving forbidden wisdom humans would lead to disarray. They would not be able to comprehend what they were being taught. They would then see only an opportunity for power.

Spawning their own genetic codes, they plugged up the higher self energy, and delivered an illusional state of the “material” life, here on this earth through the “first parents”. They called this a seed for a reason. They knew it wouldn’t even have to be taught, the new way would be passed down naturally in the DNA. But, they supressed the DNA too, to match the frequency of the new reality they had made. They did all of this because they wanted the world to be cut off from God, as an experiment. People today, still think this is all an experiment. I will get into that on the “Dimensions of Earth” page.” In all, these are the major archons of the second original matrix. The one that was placed over earth after the spiritual contact was cut off in man.

 Kokabiel, Azazel, Sariel, Semyaza, Amazarak,  Barkayal,  Ezekeel, Araqiel, Armaros,Shamshiel, Akibeel, Tamiel, Penemue,  Kisdeja, Gadreel, Ramuel, Danel,  Azkeel,  Sarakenyal,  Asael,  Batraal, Anane, Zavebe, Samsaveel, Ertael, Turul,. Yomvael,  and Urakabarameel. Now understand this, each one had 200 more in each of their individual legions. This means that it was into the thousands for all who came into the matrix, and over ran it with their need for power. Some of them went along with the idea that Samael had imposed upon them, that the Creator wanted them all to be in charge of the world, and over the humans. But, once Samael came along, he tried to make humans and realized that the imagery he had made was nothing, unless a soul was placed into it to make it move. So when they say in the Christian scriptures that the fallen angels were punished by being imprisoned in earth, what they meant was that they went into human bodies. The body, made of earth. All 5600 of them, walked into a body and began living human lives in the body made for the reality. Lessening the vibration of their consciousness to fit, it unbalanced their energy, nor would they be able to handle the higher self they left in the atmosphere, when projecting into the lower frequency of the human body. They made things a bit harder for themselves..

They couldn’t live in 3D long though. The fallen angels/watchers had messed up. They were overridden by the very strong unbalanced energy of the Earth. Yet they could not return to heaven. They would dwell in the higher planes of Earth, not to return to the heavenly kingdoms beyond Earth itself.

Earth was, what it was, for quite some time And it was still quite peaceful are the most part. The life span was quite longer, and man was not against man, as they started to become much later on. So those beings were the ones that started overriding the original matrix. With many beautiful vibrant souls within Earth’s sphere, including them at one time, The Fallen Angels walked into the imagery that they had made in mankind, and shut off spirituality in order to live within this reality.

Within the DNA, were many teachings that they could use in order to grow and expand in Civilization through time. but this would all change. These Gods just go to show, larger celestial hosts of consciousness, that were too big to understand, had to be personalized, and made more human, for them to understand. Those who taught these concepts couldn’t get those on earth to comprehend that these spheres were huge souls of light and consciousness. So, they made it in another way of seeing things, a way that early people could see it, in themselves somehow. The high priests and priestesses understood it, but kept it hidden until many were ready, and some were, and that is how elite groups began. Those who understood and revealed that they did, grouped together in priesthoods, or sects.  But, the teachings had to start somewhere right? That is why some of the ancient visitors came! They taught the higher wisdom as you are learning here, but they left to others who understood, to be in charge of it on Earth. Power came with wisdom, and with power came glory, and with glory, came hunger for more. Then control set in, as they needed to have many people, in order to control. So, we have angels who worked as a collective on an incorporeal scale, to make up earth, infuse it with wisdom. But, lesser beings altered it.

They became power hungry. Other visitors came into the experience to live here, and had that wisdom as well. They used it to dominate the early humans. Then we set up as Gods due to their power. So, what needs to be made clear here, is that there is a difference. Knowing who is who, helps. But yes, after they set up those other beings who visited here, and enslaved mankind, as Gods, they left the teachings to a particular bloodline, for them to carry it in their consciousness. They then became the elite, and withheld it from the rest of the world. Dominating man to their injury with the truth, that they used negatively. The information had been confused. No one really know what to belief, or mixing them all up together, which I see alot, in New Age teachings.

Some of those power hungry people, started masking higher knowledge, and imposing an even greater deception. A mass illusion present in all of those that they led. This was blamed on many of the visitors for introducing control, it was people who took things that far.

What of the Star beings who came after the angels/gods? The star beings returned home after their work was done. Some were not welcomed home for the mess they had made on Earth by trying to enhance the native humans, so they stayed. Being thought of as Gods themselves, due to their wisdom, psychic powers, and insight, they took this as a way to make earth, their new home and domain since they could not go home to theirs. So, they started being the higher consciousness behind the control. Structures were built to make a grid on Earth, to keep souls from leaving, and many of the places of these structures are places known in history to have been places of extreme mass slavery. So now you know, that these all represented something in regards to consciousness, whether the more feminine side, or masculine, (neither really a gender but rather a different way of perceiving).

So, if the Fallen Angels were confined to earth, first in the human body, and then to the spiritual world of Earth, what happened to make things the way that they are today? Well, what happened, was that other creators, had made other planets scattered all over the universe. In some of those planets they had been around for so very long, that they had already made civilizations that were quite advanced. Many of them have already developed interstellar travel. And they were at such a high vibration in consciousness, that they were able to travel at the speed of light, being made out of light themselves. This means, that they were so advanced in their structure, that all that they needed was to want to go somewhere, and the molecular structure of their body / imagery, would take them anywhere that they wanted to go.

3D is when the vibration is slowed down a lot, giving things the appearance of being physical and still. But these other beings in the universe, were at a higher vibration that made them quickly vibrating at the frequency in which they were created. There was one particular group who had come here. That group had seen how the children of the Fallen angels had taken over the matrix. They also saw how the Fallen Angels were controlling it from within the atmosphere, still be able to be down on the ground in human body at the same time. They felt as though the earth was weak. And came up with a plan to do the same thing that the Fallen Angels had done, but to use the power over the matrix and earth, for themselves. this group of visitors is called the Annunaki. These were beings who had an association with Samael from visits to his other failed attempts of creating worlds, like in Malden and Saturn both.

The Annunaki, came from a planet far out in the solar system. They were enormous in size. They had already mastered the fact that bodies were no more than static energy. They saw to the molecular structure that all imagery, and everything in existence, were made out of energy alone. Therefore they had no limitations whatsoever. They were a highly, scientifically advanced people. And they stood anywhere from 15 to 30 feet tall. However, the Fallen Angels would not let them come into the matrix. And, there was a slight battle for Earth. There were no winners because, the Fallen Angels had agreed to allow the Anunnaki to influence the culture on earth. They had discovered that the Annunaki did not want to join the matrix. They simply wanted to live on earth and see what kind of minerals they could mind out of the ground. This was a better agreement, according to the Fallen Angels, because they would not have to share the power of the major for the atmosphere with these entities. So, they allowed the Annunaki to mine here, finding all types of precious gemstones and gold.

They thought that having some of the wisdom from other creators out there in the universe brought from the Annunaki, within their planet, would help them. The Annunaki were very aggressive people. Being so great and stature, they often suppressed the smaller people on earth. They had come much later on into the first great shift, that by the time they had arrived the population on earth was already widely spread. They started in a place called Babylon, and Sumer. There had not been much religion on the earth in those days yet. Except for a small group of people who practiced worshiping the true creator, as well as working with energy, as the Fallen Angels had taught them. However, some of the beliefs and teachings, as well as history, from the Annunaki planet where they are being left with the people, as a result of the strong influence that the Annunaki had.

The Annunaki had been so oppressive, that their own leader had to come down to earth and fix it. Having conversed with Samael about how to eliminate all of the evil from the world, a plan had been put into action. But there would be one issue with that plan, and I will get into that in a moment.Samael  realized the great trouble he had made for himself as a result of his choice. Living on the ground and not having much spiritual connection to his higher self, himself.  He would have to learn along like the rest of the people. At least, until his death. But he would go on to live to be Ancient of Days, as well as some of his entourage. But the spiritual part of himself still in the atmosphere, a part of the matrix,  he had agreed with the Anunnaki leader, that it would be time to fix things. He had wanted so badly to restore everything that he had done. And,then to rule over the people with full spiritual power above, and below. So the great entity Ninurta, came up with the idea to send a massive frequency into the atmosphere, that would create a huge shift on the planet once again.

That would give them the opportunity to start from scratch, and the frequency may just restore the spiritual connection long enough for Samael to get what he needed. So the frequency was let out into the airwaves. Many throughout history call it a flood. But that is not what that meant. Water referred to frequencies in sacred Scripture. However, the frequency had created such a great shift, that many cataclysmic events occurred on the surface of Earth, including a flood, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and much more. However, there were survivors, and some of the people had been genetically altered, not only by the fallen angels who had given them a new genetic code, but also by the Annunaki who advanced the codes, so that people could be harder workers for them. They even bred new species of  children by crossing the Annunaki blood lines, with the human bloodline. This advanced civilization, but much of the Earth has been wrecked by this point.

In the meantime there were other visitors who had been to earth when the Anunnaki were busy digging for gold. They had made two distinct civilizations, that were also advanced, but full of love and peace. during the great shift, that was caused by the Annunaki and the Fallen Angels. These other visitors had been safe in their homes, in those civilization. We’ll talk about them in a minute, but for now just know that Samael had gotten his wish. The frequency has been so large, that it had awakened everyone there,  even those who were survivors. He then merged with himself again, and the Annunaki went home. Back in the matrix 100%, Samael was now getting ready to shut spirituality down on anyone that was living on the earth still, to have complete dominion over them. There were only a few tribes left, including the advanced visitors who had come from other places in the stars. But they would not be able to be altered due to the protection shield around their civilization. So Samael went on to build his earthly Empire, through the Annunaki bloodline that had still remained.

He altered the code to match that. of the Fallen Angels. And to still be able to keep the wisdom of the Anunnaki people. Therefore, this would leave him with the perfect bloodline incarnate in, if he chose to do so once again. The frequency aligned perfectly with him and the other angels that had joined him.. Through these codes, people would be controlled by him and the other leaders of the matrix. They wanted to ensure that this would remain forever, so they made the 7 seal program. This would be for all of them to infuse their energy, by tapping into human energy. This would also be there outlet to latch on, for total control. But when other visitors with negative motives came, ( Earth had many visitors from all over the universe), they desperately wanted to make an alliance. So, the other group to put in their own code, into the seven seals. One seal for each and every vibration of the dimensions that those other visitors had come from. So that they would be able to attach at any time. But they would cut off the Kundalini energy and only take from the free energy remaining as a residual around the people.

This way the people would be spiritually ignorant, but still have enough spirit energy to feed the many entities who would now work behind the scenes with the Fallen Angels and their legions. These other groups would interfere with human society over the course of history. Many accounts are foretold about them, but let us focus only on those who are most important at this time. The Annunaki/fallen angel bloodlines has traveled all throughout the earth. They even settled in Israel, and then when they were disowned by the other people for practicing the spiritual beliefs of their ancestors,A lot of them had been still building on the original believe of the Anunnaki people. However later on in history, they would do away with the leaders father being the main roller, and replace the ruler with someone else in the family. They would be strict about this, even starting a whole new religion over it, that is known as the ancient Hebrew flash Canaanite religions that we read about today. But here I am getting ahead of myself. Let us stick with the timeline. Just know this, after being disowned later on, they left and headed up through Europe. This put them in a perfect place to make their moves for world domination. they would be able to put their people and powerful positions so that the world Monopoly game could begin. This would give Samael and his crew, the perfect opportunity to do what they had intended on doing to begin with.

Becoming a ruler, just like the Creator. Some of their people even migrated into where the Americans are today. There are even traces of them in Mayan culture. How did they get across the ocean? I will get into that when we start to talk about the other visitors.

So now that we know who the ruling archons are, let’s move into some of the other benevolent visitors who have been to earth throughout time.

The Benevolent Visitors

In other parts of the world, as I had just finished explaining, there were many other visitors that had also come to earth for the beautiful landscape. Some of these visitors included, the Pleadians, people from Orion,  the Vegans,  the Lyrans,  and  the Arcturians. Before the great second shift, caused by the Anunnaki and the Fallen Angels, most of these benevolent visitors has been living in a place called Lemuria. They even had a backup civilization called Atlantis. They had known about what was going on with the matrix of the earth, and in fear that there would be some kind of event, they laid a matrix of their own, around their civilizations. This kept them extremely safe when the shift happened.

However, Lemuria had crumbled in time as the energy settled down from the shift. So everyone ended up in Atlantis, as their main home. They reinforced the protection grid around their culture. But the Fallen Angels did not like this. so after a very long time of residing there in peace and safety, the Fallen Angels tore down the protection grid and encoded the ocean to swallow up the small continent of Atlantis. Much of the world’s religions today are based on the teachings of the Anunnaki. They all have different names, but they are all the same players. In the meantime, angels had also visited Earth, in order to instill teachings of truth into those who were still pure at heart, and not genetically altered. Some humans just couldn’t be tampered with by negative entities due to their divine connection to spirit still.

Some had not been cut off spiritually from the maker. Only a few, but enough to start a new bloodline.. The angels created their own genetic code  in these earthly messengers, who would go on to preach the teachings of the True Creator, throughout the course of history. But when many of them tried, they would lose their life doing so. A lot of the Pleiadian teachings were also from Angels, as angels had trained them. So the Pleadians also kept the divine truth going. But once Atlantis has been flooded, many of them returned home. The job of trying to reinstate earth back to its original state, was left up to the angelic realms, above the Fallen Angels. But since every time they visited, and they were booted out, they would need another plan. They would have to use the incarnation cycle, to send their souls down into human bodies, much like the Fallen Angels had done.

They did this  in order to continue spreading the message of love and light. But eventually, the world had been taken over by so many predominant people, who were power hungry, and considered gods, or having made claims that they were the descendants of God, that it was literally impossible for the divine angels to be heard. The powerful people that made claims of being descendants of the gods were not 100% wrong. Because, a lot of them had come from the Annunaki  or fallen angel bloodlines. They seemed to be a force to be reckoned with. So the creator of entirety, who was above everyone, chose to start sending down different angelic souls at different times, to make different changes. You can learn more about the Angels when we go into that one the angelic  realm page.

These are only some of the most important visitors that we have had here. Because of their advanced wisdom and knowledge, and because of their power, many of the earthling people thought them to be gods. Many of the gods that are listed in a lot of the different religions, our visitors that were confused as gods themselves. So the true question is, if  none of those were God, then who is? I’ll go into that in another page also. So everyone returned home, except for divine angels every now and then, who would go on to be born into human bodies, to do the work of the divine. The Pleiadians and others, would become involved again, at the appropriate time, to send in souls from their star systems, to backup the angels, when things were ready to be fully changed. This would be towards the Great War in consciousness. We are living during this war now.


The beings that were thought of to be Gods, were in actuality, just visitors of a higher consciousness. Due to that higher consciousness, it was thought that they had power and wisdom. That was why the original humans got that impression. In a way, they would be considered as Gods, as they did rule a bit over the people, some guiding and directing, and some of the others controlling. They were in etheric form, and in physical form, which made the ancients believe that they were supernatural too. It wasn’t hard for them to be mistaken. But, the true creators are too big in their size to ever be here. Instead they are within each and every one of us, through the light that we have as our consciousness that came from them. They are an etheric web, an integrated program of interconnecting light, working together to make up the existence, and everything in it, and then to experience it through the particles who go into it. Now, all souls can come and be a part of any environment in the Universe. In the form of incarnation.

Many consciously volunteered to come. Angels, Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, Vegans, and even some of the smaller spirits that make up the elements of the environments that life exists in. They wanted to help. There are so many forms of consciousness out there. But we need to know that we are all, every single one us, just a speck of light in a huge network of light, that in the end, makes up one entity.  The true Creator of Entirety… All power in the Universe.  But this world is no more physical, than the consciousness and light that  I am describing. Everyone knew this, until after the second shift, as they became shut down spiritually and controlled. All except the Angels. Now, everyone is trying to awaken again. Many of the Gods in history were either a part of an idea that needed to be implanted in humans on earth. Or, they were actually visitors, or incarnations of beings. It doesn’t matter what names they go by. It is the basis of the teachings that matter. And if we connect all religious thoughts, we get an entire truth.

Everything you think that you know? Forget it. You were lied to, and I bring the truth.  The truth, sometimes stranger than fiction.