Parenting 101: Established health

For my children, it is no easy thing for them to accept that their mom lives off of energy and not regular food. There were many times that we had gone to the restaurants and they had ordered something but the waitress would stand there looking at me, inquiring as to why I wasn’t getting anything. My kids when they were younger and didn’t know any better they would say to the waitresses: “Mom’s an angel and doesn’t need food”.  it was a little embarrassing to be honest with you because during those days, nobody understood any of this. A dew times reading the waitresses thoughts, I saw that they thought that I was lying to my children to make some excuse up so that I wouldn’t have to buy myself a meal, perhaps being broke and not wanting my kids to feel bad about it or something. as time went by, the kids learned not to talk about certain things like that in public, unless I gave them the thumbs up. They also adapted to the fact that I didn’t live like they did. But, as an example and role model, how do you explain to your child that they have to eat when you don’t? It wasn’t always easy, but I managed.

But even though I did not raise my children on an energy only diet, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t strict with their nutritional upbringing. Knowing the spiritual blueprint of the human body, I know how important it is to allow the natural chemicals and hormones in a child’s body, to adapt naturally to the environment first without any interference. I knew how important it was to create little nutritional menus for each of my kids, according to their kind. This helped them to have the best state of health. Adding anything into the body of a foreign nature, may hinder the body’s ability to fight illness later. I consider depression, anger, anxiety, fear, and any kind of physical health issue, as being an illness.  I mean if you could see with any of that looks like an energetic level, whether in a persons aura or in the physical body itself, you would know exactly what I mean. The heavens always told me, that it was best to get the physical body into its best state of health and to naturally increase the chemicals in the body that are created in it, to fight against those things. So how did I do that?

No interferences

The heavens told me that by adding anything that was not already naturally in the body or attuned to that bodies frequency, could make it a little harder later on for the body to fight against illness. For an example if the body has natural melatonin, then giving a melatonin vitamin at an early age to a child, could create reverse effects later in their sleep patterns. If it’s already in the body, then why would it make a difference? Well because that melatonin in the vitamin may not be the same structure as the melatonin that develops in their brain naturally. Everybody’s consciousness has its own wavelength and frequency.

So I have never provided vitamins for my children while they were growing up except that which they found in their food until ages specifically indicated for their unique makeup. I have never given them any herbs. or supplements either. I did not allow there to be any contributed interference. Instead, they eat according to what their spiritual guides had indicated would be the healthiest for them. With the right kind of exercise, sun light, optimal mental and emotional health, meditation and prayer… as well as expanding their intellect, my kids have been extremely healthy.

That’s right. I allowed their own chemicals or moons to do the work. Overtime without interference those chemicals and hormones only strengthened themselves. The good lifestyle and diet plans, helped in providing that stronger physical foundation. In truth, my kids have not been sick much at all in their lives. Once my daughter did have her tonsils removed because of a sore throat that was reoccurring in her younger years. But other than that she does not get any sicknesses. My son also has not had any health issues at all either. We have always lived with my two parents. Even when my two parents were both sick at the same time with something even as severe as the flu, my two kids never caught it. And that’s because I did all of the right things to get their bodies strong not just physically but energetically too. This is not to say that they haven’t had an occasional bellyache, but they have not had any major sicknesses, smaller, and colds, flus, bugs or viruses throughout the years. I do have to be honest and say that my daughter did have a slight sinus infection once though.

I have also lived my life the same way. I have sustained a great deal of health through living off of energy and also allowing my body to boost its own natural immunity. Nowadays there are so many different diseases and illnesses, that many parents want to be careful. I myself have never used antibiotics and anything else, in terms of healing my kids have any sickness because they’ve never been sick to need them. But even if they had been, I would not have introduced any kind of medication. So I have stayed away from vitamins, herbals, and medication, this entire time for myself and my kids. My children find their nutrients and healing properties through lifestyle and diet while I do the same only at a higher vibration, energetically. I am also doing the same with my newest little girl Adriel. She is almost 2 years old and has not been sick yet. It is greatly surprising to because my own mother had caught a cold off of Amber’s boyfriend who was very sick when he came to visit. Yet, even when holding my toddler, neither one of them passed their illness off onto her, because of the way that I am building their immunity structure. I would like for it to stay this way.

I am not personally against the use of herbs or vitamins. In fact now that my children are both over the age of 18, I have began giving them vitamins. But I only give them the vitamins that I can spiritually see are not as strong in the body as they should be for whatever reason that may have caused it. I do a lot of cellular rejuvenation services for my daughter for her acne breakouts. However, there are times that giving her a specific vitamin and herb can boost the healing properties much faster. But I still would not have administered those herbs or vitamins before the age of 13 years old. And we do not use them a great deal.

Sometimes, I do recommend herbs to different clients becauseThey did not have the same upbringing to wear their parents help them to build and strengthen and I not only their spiritual light body, but their physical body too. Therefore, they may need medication, herbs or vitamins. And in truth, there are many good ones. I can recommend a world of different mixtures. Knowing the energetic blueprint of most plants, and living things, you can find so many things in nature, even things that are unknown to popular trend. There are so many herbs, roots and plants, that are greatly beneficial to a persons overall healthy state. But in parenting, if you have little ones, I would highly recommend that you hold off and administering medications, vitamins, herbs or supplements until a certain age.

Instead, find out what your child would benefit greatly from in terms of activities, and nutrition plan. You will want that nutrition plan to coincide with their natural spiritual blueprint because, their consciousness is the driver of the body, not vice versa. Their soul type and origin may also play a role in their state of health. When I was a little girl, my parents didn’t know any of this. God bless them, but they didn’t really know what they were doing in terms of raising a soul like mine. They were extremely over protective instead. even though I don’t use herbs, vitamins or medication myself and I haven’t since I was old enough to speak up about it, my parents did give me medication when I was smaller. In fact my mom tried to use antibiotics for like every single little sickness that I had. Why was I sick though? I was ill because my blood type makes it hard to process the air here and any toxins in it, would get into my system pretty quickly. I was very sensitive to the environment, as there may be other souls out there that are. Because of that, it’s very crucial to make sure that do you know where your child this all comes from because you will want to organize a nutrition plan as well as a daily routine and lifestyle for them, that can help them adapt to the environment that they’re in. For an example being an angel here, I caught a lot of the colds and viruses when I was smaller. I have always had breathing issues and lung problems as well because the density of the air and the energy in this atmosphere is far too heavy. That at times gave me the illusion that I was having anxiety when in fact it was just the fact that I was having trouble breathing. We figured all of that out when I turned a teenager. But it took a few years to get my spirit body and my physical body into a good state where it could heal rapidly and then ward off any sicknesses. Since then I have not been sick at all. In fact if I do feel anything trying to get into my body, I immediately heal myself. I did for my kids at my parents did not do for me. There are a lot of other kids out there that have a very specific and soul type and origin, that may be ultra sensitive. Some may have difficulty in speaking or conveying their thoughts because they’re used to doing it in a specific way that they used to back in their place of origin if they have not had many lifetimes here to adapt. Some of them may get sick pretty quickly at first until they have a good plan. Others may be sensitive to the sun or two allergens. Everybody’s different which is why it’s really important to care for your children specifically according to the aerosol tape and the make up of their physical body. Even adding herbs to your child’s diet, could have negative affects rather than positive until a certain age.

So I just wanted to write this article and give you some of my insight and experience. I like to see children happy and healthy I’m a fool of vibrant energy and ready to go. Instead of majority of the kids today or lethargic, they feel drained, unmotivated, and they are kept indoors in front of the television. Parents try to provide for them the best that they can, and they often eat whatever their parents make for their meals because they have to. But that doesn’t mean that what’s being made for them is 100% right for them. Even if you think it is of the greatest nutritional value… all that you can do is to try your best. Not everybody has the ability to seek out information for their child in a spiritual way. But even if you can’t find a nutrition plan or a lifestyle routine that’s right for them, their physical make up, and their origins, I still advise that you allow the body to build its natural strength without adding anything to it while they are still young age. This can really help them to boost their system’s natural ability to fight illness. You also will at least want to keep their aura clear and the environment positive.

 I clear out the aura of all three of my children as well as their chakra system, at least once a week. I don’t allow TV to be on in the house nor any music with lyrics. I put on healthy brain stimulating music such as soundscapes or classical in the background. My kids aren’t bored because we do a lot of activities and spend time talking. we dear argue in the house and if there is a disagreement between two individuals, we will step outside of the room to talk about it calmly, listening to one another’s perspective until it is settled. This way it doesn’t affect anyone else that may be in the house at the time and so that we do not affect each other in anger or frustration. My children also learn a lot of responsibility and during the day are not allowed to carry their cellular devices on them throughout specific activities. At night time the phones have to be turned in at 7:30 PM for prayer and a small spiritual study. Eldest daughter gets her phone back though, since she works for me and needs it to keep up on many tasks for our job. However if I see her sitting on social media I do tend to interrupt and direct her we’re doing something else more productive. I also don’t allow her to watch certain content in television, even though she is 20 years old. It’s for her own health and also to set the example for the younger kids in the home. additionally, our house is spotless. My floors are so clean you could probably eat off of them. Heaven says the cleanliness is next to godliness and rightly so. Keeping your house that clean shows that you care about your family and their health. Allergens, might set foot around in the air, dust, pollutants, fair, rent anything that can be breathed into the body as a foreign body cover can be detrimental to a persons state of health which then can’t even lead to depression if they’re not feeling well. So, I do spend wait a bit of time cleaning my home. My best friend Bella can vouch for that!

I remember that she came over for a week to stay with us with her daughter. She wanted to sit and hang out since we don’t get to see each other much. She did come all the way from Chicago nevertheless! However, I couldn’t put off keeping the house clean. I care about Bella and her daughter is if they are my own family. And so having them here as guests I wanted to make sure that I took care of them the same as I did my own family although when outsiders do come through, my children try to take advantage and act as if it’s OK to just be a normal average every day person. Oh boy that’s when you see an attitude come out, they think they can get away with using their phones and listening to whatever music that their friends are listening to, eating junk food, and trying to coerce my best friend to go shopping LOL but I do put my foot down and even though I sound like a strict prude, I still kept up with my routine. I am very adamant about it. So my friend Bella will tell you, I spent hours cleaning my house twice a day and then try to provide a good nutritional value although with having visitors it may be a little harder to cook and please so many different people. Bella’s daughter is not used to my kind of lifestyle and usually eats what she feels like. I know that my Besty feed her daughter very healthy, but she’s not adapt to eating when I make. Therefore, it was a little bit of obstacle trying to make all of the kids happy and so we did try to accommodate all of them.  not against them having fun LOL. On top of all of that, I had to excuse myself by a certain time in the early morning hours after spending several hours talking and teaching with my best friend. Certain time I like to do my prayers and travel out of body to my clients to make sure that they’re OK even in places spiritually or mentally that they may not be aware of. And then not long after, I am back up and at it again. I remember she once asked me how I do it? She told me that she would lose her mind having to clean so much or keep to such a structured and sheltered life.  but that is the life of an Oracle. We don’t get to live as freely as others because we are so very sensitive to the different environments beyond our protective environment. I have put a protection grid up around my home and specifically in rooms that I spend the most time in. Traveling outside of them, there could be any kind of energy that may affect me either artificially or spiritually for that matter. It helps me to keep my mind and my Oracle abilities clear, to be in a protected bubble. It’s hard for me to even visit with other people sometimes. Imagine the difficulty when I have in person sessions? It’s hard to explain to them the level of extreme sensitivity and I do have to mentally prepare my clients for what they could potentially expect such as discomfort on my end. But my best friend understood that. Well she understood it for me anyhow. Different strokes, for different folks… I suppose.

But to end this small parenting column, no matter what your family life is like… or your lifestyle, your kids are the most important. If you want them to grow up and be able to fight against illnesses or health issues that could arise just from being in a world full of them, maybe give it a try in allowing their body to build a structure that can fight for itself instead of relying on other things first.  Will truly help them and you’ll see such a difference as time goes by if you have a good nutritional plan, a perfect I sell for them as well as strengthening their spirit body and their physical body.

Don’t forget, you also want to introduce small increments of fasting and detoxing. I’m always over the top for myself but for my children I always suggest just a few hours each week. It’s really helpful for them to keep their digestive systems healthy as well as getting rid of the toxins in their body.