Parenting Favorites

I know I have a lot of projects that are crossing over top of one another but spirituality is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. That means every aspect of your life has to fit into the spiritual spectrum. That includes parenting if you are a parent.

As mothers, we have our favorite products that we can’t live without. A part of the spiritual journey is perfecting yourself in all areas… even parenting. That’s why I have always strive to use very best products for my children. Times have certainly changed since my first child and so has technology, and products. I mean let’s face it, almost everything has! And during this year of 2020, it will continue to.

My diaper rash ointment, and favorite bottles.

I am an experienced parent with my kids spread out through the generations my first at 19 years old, my second 13 years old, my third is 18 months old, and now my little newborn… I have had a wonderful time in creating my own products and trying new ones that were out there in the stores. Recently, with my toddler and newborn I have been very cautious as to what I give to them. I have a very select few of products that I really love to use and make both, with a few at my top pick of the list. Here’s a few and why I favor them!

Parenting Products 2020

1. Kaplan Learning Toys-

We actually don’t use a lot of toys in educating the children. But there were a few pieces that I bought last year that I will pass on to the newborn when he’s big enough to use them. They come from Kaplan learning. You can find some of them at buybuy BABY. I have my own way of making games that are fun from scratch with very simple tools and projects. I will maybe start doing videos on them. So far Adriel my toddler, really enjoyed using the Playhouse by Kaplan.

2. Lifefactory Bottles-

These bottles are made out of glass which is very traditional. I love the vintage feeling to them and they also come with a protective covering so that if you drop them, they’re not going to break. They have a variety of colors from pink, blue, mint and melon. I found that they really do reduce gas. Colic and influence is certainly something that no parent wants to have to encounter. I have a lot of advice in that department which I’ll do another blog on another time. For now, try lifefactory bottles. They’re pretty fantastic!

3. Diapers-

I use cloth diapers, which is definitely helping during the stay-at-home order for the covid-19 virus. But it is a little hard when going out somewhere on a day trip or even to go shopping, to really manage cloth diapers. You have to clean them out, roll them up and store them in a very special baggie or container. Let’s face it, nobody wants to have a diaper bag full of poop LOL. So I use the disposable diapers when I go out and I use the cloth ones at home. For the cloth diapers I prefer to use cloth and Gerber has great ones at Target. For the disposable diapers, I like to use A brand called “Eco Trade Company” which are biodegradable diapers and safe for the environment.

4. Diaper Rash-

I’m sorry but I have to promote my own product here. I have a really fantastic diaper rash ointment that gets rid of the diaper rash pretty rapidly. It’s a great recipe that I’ve been using for about 17 years now since my first child. It’s made out of 100% natural products, hypoallergenic, and can be used for a number of other things, so you get a lot for your money. You can find it on my site Alura Spiritual Services dot com. Please be aware that there are some issues with this blogs link and also my main website. So if you try to re-share this article on Facebook or Instagram you may have some difficulty in doing so. But if you come to find this blog and you want to just check the products out yourself, I have a couple of things for children on there that you would love. Bath color changers, oils for helping your child calm and sleep, safe immunity health and more!

5. Formula-

I breastfeed. However, my son Noah actually refused and would not breast-feed. Back 13 years ago, he was drinking Alimentum formula which is lactose free. I highly recommend breast-feeding though. Both of the formulas that are out there tasted awful. I don’t think that the baby is really realize it one way or the other, but breast-feeding is far more healthier if you were taking care of your own body, and it gives you plenty of time to spend with your child. Additionally, you can always fill some bottles if you’re on the go. But if you have to use any formulas I would recommend the lactose-free formula that I used on Noah, but if you’re not picky about lactose, then Gerber Gentle Ease is a good product to go with too.

6. Wraps or carriers

Are used about all of them in my time so I can give you my greatest suggestion which is to go with Boba. It’s snug for baby and super comfy for mom to wear. I am it’s a little bit of a pain in the butt to tie up and everything, but it definitely is worth a few extra minutes. Thoroughly versatile and it can be used to carry Baby in a few different positions all the way up until they are about 40 pounds. Here’s me and Adree on Halloween in 2018. I walked about 2 miles with her in this and I was quite comfortable.

So those are my recommendations and the basics of what every mother needs. Give it a try. You’ll find a lot of these products are worth your while and pretty good on the price. I use these things to make my daily life a lot easier while parenting because I do a lot of meditation, yoga, prayer, crafts for my work, and spend a lot of time actually working. These items have really helped me balance and care for my kids.

I’ll have more later!