Past Life Times

Imagine if you will as I explain in metaphors…

We live within a dream. This dream is like a group, who are all together dreaming, all at the same time, together as a whole world of people. Together we are not only having one scene in the dream, but we are having many.  We get to dream up a new story that somewhat continues the last one, but as a different version of ourself, with a new name, a new look, and in a  new area. That dream became a whole other world. It became a stage. On that stage “puppets” would be needed for the dreamers, the actors, to be able to enter that world, and act out their dream just as if it were a LIVE movie picture. The biggest scripted reality show of all time.

That is the Book of Life, as we all live it. All who were a part of it, would go on to add or take away something from it with whatever choices that are made for, or against the final chapter so to speak. Your soul is an infinite traveler through out the many stories. You get to be a different character, in different places, and different events each time a story ends. It is then, that a new one begins. Here on Earth, time may be illusion otherwise, but it exists for this reality and it’s laws. That is for the stories to take place. If not, then one would never end for another to begin. This means, that as long as your soul is here, you must change with the flipping pages of the chapters of Earth’s tales.  As you do so, you learn. And as you learn, you are defining who you are. You are also defining who you will ultimately become. Yes, this reality is a mixture of several things, all in one. A dream, made of living light, that is pre-written, with souls who enter the experience with their part to play, almost as if acting out the story, while inside of it. A huge movie set of a world.

Each Era, Decade, Century, Millenia, has it’s own stage. It is within those stages that you will transform into a new character, after you have played your “role” in the previous one.  Obviously, since we are all within those stages of time, and alive within the story, destined to continue on as the main characters who contribute something to the outcome, that means that many are traveling through the same periods of time together. This also means that we, at some point, have all been a part of the same epic places, that marked those times in the storyline. Time  is marking  Earth’s stages and growth, the start and end of the chapters of Earth’s story, everyone here will had followed that timeline through out, depending on how long you have been here.  Yes, many will have shared the course and lived in each time and location under a different genetic makeup, for the different perspectives that are needed, to be had. Imagine that there were “Writers” who wrote a screen play. Sceen one, and sceen two, included a bunch of tales set in ancient Lemuria. They needed all of the “actors”  to get their chance to play their part. So they wrote it, and set for it to end after so long so that everyone would  have the chance to. However, the writer’s only give the setting, ideas, and scenes, but it is the actors who bring it to life. There are rules and guidelines, but the actors can choose to say something or do something in a different way to make it original and unique. It is almost like Mikana for example. She was a character named Mikana from Ancient Lemuria. And for her, it was written, that she rescue a dolphin who washed ashore. She was meant to cry when the dolpin healed, left and reunited with its family, but instead she did not only cry. She fell to the ground sobbing that her new found friend was going,  as she did so, she said  goodbye  while waving off at the dolphin who was swimming away into the horizon. As she did, she exclaimed, “I will never forget you”.  She had personalized the experience. She had to really “feel” it, in that one moment to add depth. Now, the soul who was playing Mikana will forever know what it is like to save something’s life, but lose them too. Instead of just a mere goodbye like it had been intended, she  had made the story a beautiful tear jerker, but she also got to learn from it too. If she was to be in a similar setting in the next “chapter” did she react the same? Or had she gained strength from knowing the emotion from the last? Did she go on to even recall it?

In this reality, that is how it is. That is why it is called the Book of life. But not only just for one life. It is a Book of billions of lives,  many of them repeated in all different ways. It changes the soul (actor) each time.

The souls who have been on Earth go through these beautiful tales. At first, the story was laid out and ready for everyone to be a part of, through out the timeless history. That is why ancient souls who have been here for a long time, will have shared in being a part of the similar times, and similar places that held any importance, until the final chapter of its development is finished. For example, anyone who has been here for a long time, will have had a role in the growth of the major  civilizations. This is why you can speak to many, and they will have many connections to many ancient places that they say that they resonate with. Many have a past life in Egypt . Not at all at the same exact moment, some have, but through its changes. They needed to be a part of the dynasties. Switching places as rulers, and then to slaves. This was to learn how to be strong through the hard labor or confinement, and then to use wealth and freedom in appreciation of it. This is also to learn through the growth of the perceptions in family, love, and the spiritual concepts of those places and times. Those who cross paths now, can be sure that they have crossed paths back then, or that they share a palce in its history at some point.

There are so many minutes, hours, weeks, days, months, and years to each life. Each life can last up 100 years. And there are many centuries in a millenia. In a millenia there is much change. We have all played a part in those changes at some point in them.  For example, Rome’s rise to power. Or Egypt’s fall. The influence that Rome and Egypt had on one another as their stories met.

In the stories of this reality’s time, actor’s started taking the stories into their own hands though. They go outside of the story instead with trying to be like someone’s elses’s story, or doing what they feel is right for them.  That is when they get lost along the way. They are a part of the story so to speak, but no longer under the “director’s advice”.  Without it, they do not know what to do next, or where to go next. Life becomes confusing, mixed up, and sometimes, they go off into other parts of the story in which they should not. It is not “written” to work out. So it fails, leading to disarray and heart break. Some of those heart breaks are a part of the story though. The tale of many lovers traveling in the sands of time to be together. To realize how much they love one another by the hurts that they caused, and through the happy endings. People are meant to be the villain, and then those who are the heroes.

But,are the villains supposed to be so villanous? What kind of writer adds in child molestors, murders, and torture? What kind of writer adds in diseases who kill and utter misery? Well, this story was meant to be one with a bit of both the hero and the villain, but not as unbalanced.So then how did it come to be this way? New writer’s stepped in.  They began directing from a sinister point of view. And we the characters time and time again were faced with a choice. To be the villain, or the hero? To be the victim or the victor. How to know which one we shold be? By getting back to the original story and following the guidelines that were supposed to be, rather than what is now.  To get back into the timeline of the original story. Some of the souls here, were already done with their “part” long ago. Having been a part of the stories in which they casted for, they should had moved on. They should had became a part of a new “playwright”. Many ask me, “How is it that they became imprinted forever within the story? What happens to them?” It was supposed to be that when they had played their parts, they went onward to a new “stage” to act within. Then one day, they would retire and go home, and enjoy the expereicne of what they had learned through being a part of. However, with new “writers” they became imbeddedintot he story. And without new parts, they were given smaller ones. To be “extras”. They became the average population of the world. Living life on constant repeat all to provide movement for those who continued onward as the “main characters”.

The new writers had written themselves into the stories and had taken the lead. Everything depended upon them then.  Change became greatly needed, but those in the story got used to their parts, and sought no newer positions. They slowly forgot the way back home too. Instead, the new chapter offered a new outlook and way of life. The writers said “Why not live without a script now? Do anything and it will all be okay.”. But this was not true. What the characters do not know is that, they are still following a script. Only, being able to continue to enjoy the “props” on stage,  distract them from being able to realize. They also were made to fear leaving each chapter. They thought that with having merged into this way of existing within the story, would lead to  leaving this dream story on this stage,  toward becoming a part of a nightmare, on another. The characters, needed something to help them to remember that this dream stage was not real. That is was merely a dream meant only for a time. They needed to recall of the significance of their other roles to see who they were afterwards. It was after all, the biggest scripted reality pplaywright of all time after all. It was all real, was it not?.

After many got to live through the same changing cultures and civilizations in the story like dream, all adding their unique plot twists and personality to them, it was time for them to leave it. To rise to whole new level of the story, in another area of the set. Climbing all of the way back up, until they no longer needed the puppets, and they once again be themselves and be home.

Your higher self, is the dreamer. Lead by the authorites of the “set”. Your image here, your body, is the puppet, or avatar being used here. The new writers, well I can not discuss that here. But perhaps you can figure it out yourself. But yes, we all have similar stages, just n different  parts of the chapters (time). Your part here, has been amazing. It has been adventurous, it has been traumatic, dramatic, joyful, and comedic.  Do you not wonder who some of the characters are that you have been with throughout? Do you not wonder what you stories detailed? Who have those stories made you to become? Who is meant to be your epic love? Who is your enemy? And why are you still here? When can you finally reach the completion of your travels throughout the chapters of life? Is your story still as it should be? Or have you gone off into a chapter that is unknown? Without knowing which way to go? How to you fix it and make the story your own without the writers robbing you of your own part of the lead? We all should have the lead in our story. What’s yours?

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