Path of one

Truly, having purpose and direction that is divinely inspired is good structure. There are many selves out there in the continuum under higher self. Higher self chose different paths for each and every one, so that they can many experiences and gather information to learn from. It’s like a person having many dreams all at once, but being able to have control over it. However, It is still a fact that here in this world the dream tries to control the person, through the influences in life all around them. Limitations, tests, obstacles. Or, you could liken it to an actor who wants to play many roles at the same time, so they get a machine that can generate 10 of them self some of that they can then go and directing those parts. And then all of a sudden, another director comes in and starts telling them to do something else. self starts to lose control, that’s why a lot of people out there and up with a lot of regrets in their lives, following whatever win or idea they get in this life randomly, only to discover later on that they absolutely hate what they choose to do. You have no ideaHow many older people in their 50s and 60s, I have come to me, telling me how they really thought they were in all of their career, spent so much money on college Only to come back to me and realize that they are totally unhappy with what they’ve chosen. There are older souls in this world who just have no interest in anything. They want to live their lives and be free and not be held back by limitations or choices. That’s totally understandable.

It is very important at this time that you fight on. This is your path and you can’t let anybody else take you away from success first. Sure anybody can get high and drink, They can go out to try to have fun instead of focusing on the important things in life. But where will that get them later? Where will they find their successes then? Just to be balanced and that is why Jesus had said I’m a do things in moderation because there’s a time and place for everything. You are walking this path to a weekend and then to use that to become something, not become a drifter. Drifting results in poverty. This is the day and age where no one is going to support anybody for free.

Higher self choose you, in this path, toward the destinations. It’s easier to say it’s just about the journey not the destination it’s self, but when it’s time to reach a destination and you are Destination less how will you feel then? You have to stay strong, fight on, this world is hard as nails, and it’s not gonna get any easier. I know that I post a lot of things that focus on negative things that are happening. That’s because I want everyone to use that as motivation to rise above it and become better than it.

Just make sure what you choose will make you happy. But choose something. Live your higher self will and you will find joy. All of the many selves out there, will all come together as one once again, with a lot of wisdom and experience. To complete the higher self puzzle, each piece has to fit together specifically.