Pathway to Three Fates

Sneak Peak into my future

As you know, I offer a reading that shows you three alternate perspectives into the future. Every true psychic knows that the future can change in a sudden turn of events. Unexpected things that are unseen can appear. But a true oracle will know to look into those things, so as to better advise somebody as to what to expect. I always do that for myself. However, for a long time I have really only ever used my abilities for other people. I have sacrificed and just merely settled for a channeling with my spiritual mother for myself personally, once a month in my Book of Life reading that she gives me.

Now of course, she gives me plenty of advice, creative and inspiring ideas, foresight into events that I will need to be aware of, and any guidance that she feels I will need to get through the things that are going to take place on my path for the month. But I can see so many different possibilities because the future branches off into so many different directions based on people, places, things, and events that can influence it. For example, I had almost been kidnapped just a week ago. Somebody had asked me if I had foreseen that coming? Of course I could foresee that coming, but it’s not like the heavens hold up a calendar for you, to tell you the exact date that it’s going to take place. They show you where you are at, what time of day it is based on the sky or position of the sun in the vision, and they will show you whatever other elements are involved. And then, it is up to you to be on the lookout and have awareness as to when that may be taking place. Or, if it takes place suddenly…to be prepared prior and have a plan of knowing what to do when it does. Spirit does not really have a definition of time. Could you imagine that they show me a vision of that happening, but instead in an alternate vision I end up taking a different road that day? Or perhaps I leave my house 20 minutes too soon? When it comes to future predictions it’s tricky.

Somethings can be predicted precisely with astrology, but that is a whole other story. And usually, it pertains to major events, or global events especially. I’ve been doing the Pathway to Three Fates reading for my clients ever since it was debuted on the website, about six months ago. Since then we’ve had a lot of people taking interest in that particular reading, because they want to know what’s available for them in the future. The reading is done more to align with showing them Pathwork. A lot of the people I work with, I work with to help them to get to their destinations and goals in a positive way. Therefore, I base the reading mainly on that. The reading of course could be used for a relationship, job, or even in terms of something that somebody’s trying to create for them self. There are unlimited possibilities as to what direction life could go in, and many aspects of life to look into. I pick from three of the most potential.

Recently, I have started doing my future akashic records reading. I’m also combining that with an alternate Akasha which shows you basically where things can shift or change. If we did a past alternate Akasha, it would show you the journey that you could have had, versus the one that you did. But for the future? I’m using it basically like the Pathway to Three Fates reading, so that I can see all of the possibilities. I will be able to better plan out my path in order to go in the direction that I want it to go in. This way, I have total control in getting to my ultimate destiny. I think it’s smart to know what kind of obstacles are going to be expected, this way they don’t hinder me or hold me back too much. I’ve seen that happen to a lot of people. They try to work towards their destiny, and suddenly something happens and it holds them back so much, that at times they feel hopeless.

Having the foresight truly helps. I have always wanted my life to be as perfect as I can get it. Perfect to me, is different to what others consider to be perfect for them. You would be surprised on what I really want for my life. So here, in this blog… I wanted to give you a sneak preview as to what I have found out in my future records reading. But I’m going to present the information in the Pathway to Three Fates outline here, because doing the entire records in this blog would take a very long time. Here’s, what I got for this lifetime so far.

My dream…

What I really want for my life is to have an old house with a wrap around porch and old fashioned porch swing. You know, those old Victorian homes with a round room? I want the round room to be a library. I grew up in a home that was built in the 1800’s. But nothing fancy. It didn’t have the Victorian trimmings. I want a big kitchen with an island, as I love to cook, and bake. The back porch, I want screened so that I can sit out there even during a rainstorm and allow my birds to fly freely in the plants that will be there. I’d love to have a guest house like structure on the property with a studio to do ballet (I took ballet for ten years) or play music.

I want to live in a community where everyone knows each other and neighbors actually wave to you. I would love to live surrounded by a Forrest and perhaps a river, lake, or ocean somewhere nearby. I simply long to work in my profession from home and spend any spare time reading, hiking, meditating, keeping house, cooking, painting, dancing, gardening, and working in my line of work. My dream is to have one cat, a small dog, and if it were possible… lots of children. Even if they were not my own, I’d love to even take kids in… that needed love and a home. At some point, I’d love to work on building my spiritual school too, where people could come stay for awhile, while learning. At the end of my life, I want to at least had revisited England from my past life and visit Tibet as I had done so with my uncle when I was smaller. A bonus wish is to someday feed the poor, and do free healings for sick children in poverty stricken areas. And that’s it. No mansion, no Hollywood fame. I don’t want a million dollars, only to survive humbly, and to share all that I have and all that I am, with others. Does this take place?

Path A:

For Path A, I could see a lot of forces that really don’t want me in this world. They don’t like my work, they don’t want the truth out there, and they work for an agenda to keep the world enslaved to commercialism and greed. They don’t want the truth about religion and politics exposed, and they don’t want people to break out of their sense of living in the limited, repetitive, controlling way of life that society has set stage for them to live in. But I have already made a name for myself, and I am known all over the globe. I have already reached millions of people, and even though they do not show the support through following me, the views and statistics show it. And I am okay with that. I would rather have a bunch of people follow me who are very much interested for the right reasons, then have millions of people follow me for all of the wrong reasons. I don’t need a number on my page to define me and my work. A number can not say whether I have reached greatness or not. It’s all in the quality of the work, the lives that have been changed, and the number of views worldwide. I have even reached some celebrities too.

With that, it is a hard thing to hurt somebody publicly,a person who many people know to be very virtuous and humble. They have had a history of hurting saintly figures throughout time in their religious and spiritual persecutions. So they try to come at me another way. On Path A, they try to put me in jail for money that I owe in my taxes. I don’t know much about taxes, I didn’t even know you had to pay them for things such as an online website. I never taxed the people that I was providing services for? This was something that I was never advised about. I’m doing all that I can to try to fix the issue, I could see “them” using it as a platform to stop my work. Additionally, I could see in organization that had sent sinister figure into my life to try to handle and control me. They come off as great supporters, and then over time, start to try to influence me into joining. As they try to do so, they gradually try to break down the services that I provide a in limit them. In doing so, I stop providing readings and instead become just a teacher and an influencer.

I end up working through my tax issues, and living in a average life, in which I am struggling financially. I am doing the best that I can to provide support for everyone that I am responsible for, but I don’t get much help as the people in my life on that path, take me for granted and try to use me for any finances that I do have. My mother comes with me wherever I go, as does my two older children. I live in the state of California even after some disaster hits because my father dies and there’s no where else to go. I continue my channeling work with the angels, And I predict many world events that take place. Nobody seems to make a big deal out of it while I am alive, except the people that truly believe in me and support me. I raise my child to become an Oracle as well, but someone comes in and tries to conform her to a religious path that later makes her believe that her psychic powers and abilities are evil. By the age of 13, she’s already lost me. I pass away in her teenage years having struggled a great deal. But my message will be of great relevance by that time. After everything has happened, people start to refer back to my work and they remember the impact that I had on peoples lives when I was here. My children also try to rally together, and make sure that books are published for me about my work, so that they can reach more people and also have an income based on what they make from the book sales. I return back home to heaven, and have earned my reward of becoming a part of the choir that is closest to he who sits on the throne. It’s not a lofty position, instead I am a servant. But that is OK because I would be a footstool for his feet for the rest of my eternity if I could. I hear people calling out to me as I am up there, I visit Earth sometimes upon having the permission. There are people who call out my angelic name for help in those days of earth. Life is very hard in the future, and people start to call out to the heavens again, after the former generation that had nearly forgotten about the goodness of those in divine spaces.

Path B…

On Path B, I get to fix any tax issues and expand my business by getting others to help. Saving, I get to also invest. The earnings are used to publish my own books, travel to visit my students in person, and put together an actual visitors center for people all over to come hear teachings in person. I sell my house and move into the countryside in another location that is beautiful. That’s where my visitor center is located too, since it’s peaceful. Some of friends in my spiritual work come to stay with me on occasion to get away, and help me in teaching and healing the people that come to me there for help. My mother moves in with her older sister but after her sister passes, my mother puts herself into a home for senior citizens.

Path B, leads to my living with a male who is a genuine companion. A friend of mine was supposed to be there permanently with me instead, but has moved on with her life instead. Being with my male companion, we share much in common and live peacefully together in taking part in common hobbies and interests. We live in a home similar to the one that I’ve hoped for in my own dreams. The world changed in time, it’s worse and in this location we are all happy and safe, those who decided to be there with me. We grow our own food, pray, meditate, play music, hold annual celebrations, and even have great garden feasts with decor we all made. I cook a lot of food for them and life is beautiful as we all help each other except my eldest daughter who is married and still living in New Jersey. I get to have many animals.

I pass on at the age of 50 something, with a similar afterlife experience that was explained in Path A.

Path C

Path C is a combination of the two paths A, and B. There is struggle ahead. But most of the events in the beginning of Path A take place, such as the tax issues, my short residency in California, and afterwards I realize that I need to change direction or I’ll be in a controlling situation. I ask heaven for help. Suddenly, a windfall profit comes in that provides me the ability to head out into the countryside as in Path B. But unlike Path B. I live alone. I spend my life alone with Adree, working still from home in which I live longer but never get to travel anywhere. However, many people come to visit me still. I get to share time with individuals each by themselves at seperate times. I’m content and I get to garden, cook, pray, and take part in hobbies that I love. My son lives with my eldest daughter somewhere far away. I see him for several months out of the year. I live a happy life having seen much of the USA, but had moved into Canada some time after California.


I spend all three paths of life, still helping others. My predictions all having come true, and just having worked around the things that I foresaw as best as I could. Different elements led to my directions having been taken in all three paths, but there were alternate paths too. One, I never left New Jersey and I stayed with my mom and kids, and had a roommate at my house. There were two potential branches in which two different people had a chance to be a room mate but in each branch of fate… I only choose one or the other. Another path was that I ended up moving to Florida. Another, I die in an accident in 2020. There was even a branch where I was never able to fix my tax issue, and ended up in poverty losing it all, getting a job at a department store. I even saw a branch where I ended up living in a city with a female friend of mine, with lavish things and owning a beautiful condo. Another, I got married and had more children. So weird! Of course there are other events that take place but I merely generalized to keep the article shorter.

The three Paths that I described though? Those are the most potential, and which I head off onto will be up to me. It takes great mastery to maneuver around and through things, and great vision and insight to dodge the bullets that we call obstructions in our lives. Its just about knowing ahead of time to work through or avoid things that could take you to a path that you don’t want at all. There are are others that believe that one should just go with the flow of life, that the hardships teach you. But why allow life to make you? Why not make life instead? The hardships do teach but only if you learn how to overcome them before it’s too late and in making your way to your destiny, that’s exactly what you have to do. It’s not wise to just do whatever. That’s for people lacking insight of foresight. And many wallow in the trials in self pity and self victimization. No. You don’t have to be a victim in life, but instead a greater master of it. Fate is fate. Purpose is absolute, and those things are chose by a higher power greater than yourself but you can get to choose how you get there, the experiences along the way, and decide that challenges aren’t going to limit you from that. I know that I choose, and I choose to get to my destination the way that I want to walk it. While Path A is not my favorite, I won’t get depressed about it. I mean, I saw worse. Instead, I’ll stay positive and keep my eyes wide open and on the prize. That prize is to help as many as I can, be there for as many people as I can and then live a modest but happy life for myself. That’s what I want. Yes as an angel I have more abilities that assist me in how much control I have, but as an angelic… I’m here to help you too.