Pets, Animals, and their Consciousness

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People who say animals do not have a soul, are incorrect. We see that they do, in their memories of those that they love, and in the emotions that they show. Someone said to me, that the difference between animals and humans, is that animals do not love and they do not have memory.  Animals do love. My own cat hugs me, kisses me, and shows joy at my pressence. So, how can an animal love, if it does not remember the person that they have been with? Without memory, they would freak out each time that they saw their owner, thinking that they were a stranger, as they would not recall them.

Animals have a consciousness of their own. All animals are very psychic, and see into the spirit world easily. That is why many become guides or spirit animals.  Animals with night vision, were gifted with having a thin sheet of flesh in their eyes that obsorbs UV rays. It is held in a solar fluid type of liquid in that skin. The UV rays are stored in this fleshy part of the inner eye, and acts as Night vision. However, they can use this at anytime of the day. They see wavelengths, and shifts in the energy all around them, seeng spirit.  cats especially. This is why, they need outside time, to obsorb natural sun light, as artificial light would not be good enough to keep this vision going. It would weaken it over time. Also, there are animals who are just spirit form. They exist on the other side in the world of the elementals. Connected to nature, they come to guide many humans in their lives, with attributes of loving attributes. Pets have a wonderful friendship that they offer. They are smaller forms of consciousness waiting to be filled with the consciousness of their owner in being taught things. This is why animals die when they lose their owner. They make a strong soul tie, through being taught by their owner. The owner adds to their consciousness and the soul tie feeds it. It feeds it with love, wisdom when talking to your pet, and when sleeping next to you sharing your dreams. Yes, they share your dreams! If laying next to you in your astral layer of the aura, they are so sensitive spiritually, that they will enter your dream.

I had my pet enter my astral travels many times. A long white etheric cord attached us to one another, and he floated with me, whereever I went. It was an emotional event, because to see my pet who is so loved by me, traveling in spirit, showed me how much he loved me. For him to be that close, that he entered into my aura to travel in his dreams with me, through my astral travels, shows how connected he feels to me. It is an honor.  Your pet is there to be taught, as their consciousness is easy to expand, if you are communicating with your pet, and treating them as a regular member of the family. Pets can become totems or guides in their after life to you, and since their lifespan is shorter, they can choose to reincarnate back, using the perfect situation to re-enter into your life. I had a cat named “Gato”. Gato means “cat” in Spanish. He was a stray whom was lost in the city. I was in the city feeding some of the homeless, when Gato wandered up for food too. The spanish people kept saying “Get out of here gato”. I asked the one guy why they called him that. he told me that it was because he is a cat, and they did not know what else to call him. I laughed, and ended up taking the cat home with me to rescue him. I kept the name of course. he was smart. One time, we had taken him to the shelter since they also had a clinic. he needed shots to be safe from disease. We left him over night for testing, but in the morning, he was at out back door. He had escaped the clinic, and traveled 9 miles back to the house over night. He was smart. He had missed us in that short time, and was afraid a little being in this strange place. Later on, he passed away from getting hit by a car. We were devastated. I know he should not have been allowed out, but I refuse to keep an animal who is meant to be free, as a prisoner. if my animal wants to roam, then they may roam. Even my birds, I let fly free. If the animal leaves and does not return, then they are not meant to be here.  But yes, as Gato passed, I saw his soul in a breeze, and I knew he would be back. He was born as my Cat Champers a year later.

Animals do not know that they are physical always either. They see light and waves, in shapes and shifting auras all around them. They do not know pain or suffering, until it happens to them. They are most innocent. Animals that are predators, are only this way, as mankind showed them to be this way. During the big shift where humans became stuck in the physical sight and form, animals followed mankind’s leadership. Man hunted, and so animals hunted. It because the food chain. Kill or be killed, was the moto for some. But you see, predator species, when born and raised with humans who show them kindness, they can be loving. They may naturally act on instinct in the wild due to survival. But, they can be taught differently. Their consciousness can be changed.  In Geneisis, it says ‘And to every beast … I have given every green herb for food’, and Genesis 1:31, “And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good”. Animals did not kill each other for food pre-Fall, and they had no reason to fear man. All was peaceful and full of love. it should be this way in people who claim to be spiritual. I urge people who come into spirituality, to become vegan.

Animals recall their past life history too. They do not see life as humans do, but they do have thoughts. Mainly in the form of emotional and instinctive pictures. I have been able to channel animals my entire life. My Aunt, taught her animals to dislike me, because as a kid, she disliked me. She was a bit judgemental, and being psychic, it bothered her that I was too. So she would try to break my confidence with endless putdowns. it would hurt me that ic ould not get her animals to want to communicate. All of the other animals, stray and owned, loved me, and followed me around the neighborhood. I made vicious dogs who were trained to attack, like cute cuddly puppies. I had wild animals who made their way on over to me too. I even had a squrriel who wanted to live with me, until one day he wanted to go on back to the wild, which I allowed. Like I said, I can not keep an animal prisoner. it is wrong. Just because we are bigger, does not mean to overpower their will.

If  you are good to your animals, they will most certainly keep the tie that they make with you. They will follow you everywhere in spirit, and in the after life. Not every pet that you have will end up as a guide though. Some go on, and bless someone else with their light, looking to learn more, from someone else differently. Animals were a gift from the Creator, for all to love, and help advance, as humans advance. Not to eat, not to kill, not to keep prisoner. If you save an animal from the fate of a shelter, or pet store, than you are taking theminto your home as a friend, as a child. Protect them, nurture them, but when they become of age in their years, let them be free. It is only right. Treating your animals this way, will tie some of them to you for eternity. Some will have been an even exchange of love and companionship, and move on. Finding out which of your pets will be with you, can be benficial to you. Even keeping in contact with deceased pets can be healing for both you and the pet.

Animals can evolve in their consciousness. Mankind was placed in charge of the animals, in the wild, and domestic. It is up to mankind to teach, nurture, and keep, animals for their expansion in their awareness too.