What a wonderful plant this is! You know, back when imagination was a thing, we used to go outside and play. Some of us didn’t grow up privileged, so we had to make the best out of our situations. I was always attracted to spirit so, it did not come hard for me to connect with nature easily. As a generational, I have had so many wonderful encounters throughout my life. Being outdoors, I absolutely enjoyed myself. My father was also very much the same, since my grandmother, his mother… was very much into the psychic world as well. She had told my father a lot of things, she being a natural healer and intuitive. He too inherited those gifts a bit too.

We used to have fun going on hikes. But sadly, he didn’t know the name to every single thing that I wanted to know about. So, I would retrace our steps through nature, and ask the heavens what things were instead. Naturally, they had a name of their own for many things, but they did teach me which spirits were in charge of different things and how to use them.When I would play outside with my cousins or my neighbors, we would often get lost playing in nature. We would use everything from mud, leaves, bark, berries and so much more… for playing house or make-believe.

Pokeberry has always been a favorite of mine. And that is because, when I was little we used to make this into ink and we would have battles outside with little globs like paint balls, that we would shoot at one another. It would leave stains all over our clothes, letting us know that our target had been hit. Something fascinated just me about it overall. I felt a natural calling to it.

Something just naturally told me that this plant could be beneficial and highly nutritious, but also extremely poisonous if not use the right way. So I worked with the essence of the plant for a very long time since childhood. And I have found so many uses for it. With this plant usually appearing with berries towards my particular end of year celebration in the fall, it is appropriate that the plant itself represents plentiful and abundance. Rightfully so, because the berries themselves are rich in antioxidants and vitamins B and C. The berries are also good for making cosmetics such as purple lip stain (very gothic), or even a pretty purple henna tattoo, which I have done many times. However, your pattern will only last about a week through a shower. You cannot consume the berries raw, but you can cook them. Once cooked, they are safe to eat. Another fascinating fact about it is, that the declaration of independence was written in ink made from these berries.

The plant itself is a female energy and is related to the Goddess Brigid. As Goddess of fire and water, she is immortalized by many wells and springs. In Kildare where there was a perpetual flame burning for Brighid, she is honored. They I have also made her a saint, with Saint Bridgets day.

The shrine though, was looked after by nineteen virgins called the “Daughters of the Flame”, and in their worship they wore deep crimson garments. Very similar to the color of pokeberry. Men we’re not allowed to come near the shoreline or even in temples that were erected for her although, there was no traditional temple itself. Most of it was nature based and outdoors. The people attending ritual, often said that the temple, was the collective group of worshipers rather.

She is a goddess of arts and crafts, being a midwife, fertility, nature, and energy exchange through sexuality. I’m not sure what they say out there, but in regards to the cardinal points, Bridget would be in between south and west, wanting to direct your intentions towards the south west itself for rituals. They have an ark Angel and Christianity that they like in to Bridget, who has the same characteristic traits but just a different name. You will find this God is littered through all different believe systems, containing a different name. But just for the sake of this article here, we will call her Bridget.

A passion spell with pokeberry and also information on how to do pokeberry henna, is included below.

Pokeberry Passion:


1 White Candle for Truth and Purity


Dried Pokeberries and their grinded dried leaves.

Ripe and Juicey Pokeberries


Take your white candle, and write the name of the person that you are trying to make fall in love with you, with a pen, carving their name actually into the side of the candle itself. Afterwards, wear gloves so that you can crush up did you see berries, into a nice piece. Then take it and smother the candle with the berry juice. While you do so, try to visualize the person that you were setting the intention upon. Once you are done doing that, put it on a nice plate towards the south west for the goddess Brigid. And then sprinkle some of the crushed and grounded, dried berries and leaves, all around the candle. And then just light the candle! Your spell is finished, very simple and easy.


In order to make the henna, all that you really have to do is grind up some of the berries into the same paste that you would have used for the spell. You will need at least have a cup. Take a toothpick and dip it in, making sure that there is just enough on the tip to begin your design. Use the toothpick with the berries dye on it, to start drawing on whatever part of the body you would like your henna. Allow the wet berry juice to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off. You can find some really pretty stencils online!