Comments and Judgement- Things I hear..

The term spiritually awkward, was fitting, because not only do I feel so weird in this life, but I have also had people mention my appearance. I often feel this “suit” is too tight and heavy. It hurts me. I can not breath as well as I should, and I try to explain to doctor’s that I do not eat or sleep, and how my eye sight is, and they always try to put some medical term on everything. I was told I was anorexic LOL. No, I am a breatharian.

I was told that I had floaters in my eyes and was color blind, but I know the truth. This world is very heavy for me. I often find that the atmosphere is extremely weighted above me, like a thick dark, glass ceiling full of smog. But while I pay attention to my teaching, and assisting others, many do not focus on what they should be. How I wish they could..

Tonight, I had so many comments after my new video “Skepticism in Soul Incarnation”.  Then, my Best friend told me on the phone how pretty I looked, but also that my face had changed so much since I first started doing the videos. I know.. There are a few reasons, but first to the comments..

Many ask, “why do you approve the comments first on YouTube? I always say, I want my channel to be positive. I do not understand, that if someone is not interested, or does not believe, then why do they go to the videos? I know why.. It is because something in their hearts is telling them its true, but then they just can not bring themself to admit it, so it turns to hate, as people fear what they can not understand.

It is spirituality, so where is the love? It seems many who are saying they are awake, still care about looks? I thought it did not matter, as this was a 3D vehicle anyhow. But sadly, many do, and they can be cruel. The world asks why there is hatred, crime, and violence… If people knew to be more considerate, more caring, and more understanding towards one another, there would be a huge decrease in crime. This is because many say things that hurt people, and some people react in a very negative, and dramatic way. Some even get so hurt, that they react violently. I heard of an old man who got beaten for only telling a few teenagers  at the park they were hanging at, “You should pick your trash up, as this park is for little kids”. They had trashed the whole place, and a 2 year old and her mother were approaching. Instead of seeing it as advice or wisdom, they got mad, they thought “Who is he to tell me?”…. One girl  killed someone for calling  her  ugly Read More Here.. One inconsiderate word, can cut so deeply, and create such a chaos inside of someone. But no one cares, they only think from their end of things. I hurt when people say things to me, but I often shrug it off later. I forgive, and know why they are the way that they are. But that’s me, as an angelic and psychic. Not everyone in the world is like me, nor do they have forgiveness. Therefore, the world will be a dark place, until people can try to think a little more like I do. Or like the others out there who share this outlook with me.

A while ago, I had been sorting out some of the canned goods given to me by many fans, and people who were donating, for my “Feed The Homeless” drive, I did back then. I had been rushing around, but had to get the inventory numbered so as to know how many to feed with the goods. I boxed it all up, and I went to place it in the storage space upstairs. As I did, I had a vision of my cat causing me to trip. I ignored it, thinking I could change the future vision. However, while turning the other way to avoid my cat, she zipped past me anyhow on the opposite side, and I still fell. I toppled down 12 wooden steps, with a box of can goods, so I could not brace my fall. I did not want to drop the goods either. It was for the homeless. I would rather than get hurt, than jeopardize their food. As I landed, I smashed  face against the bottom step. It hurt my jaw, and I knocked out my tooth. It was painful, and my face was swollen for a few days, but it healed quickly as I did a session for myself. Like I always say, I am not rich. I care more about others than me. So without funds, I could not fix the tooth. My dentist said I could get partials, but according to the insurance company, I had to be missing a certain amount of teeth first. he told me he had to pull out one more, so the insurance would cover it. So he chose an old root canal on its way anyhow, but it left me missing a tooth on either side of my face. It is noticeable.

In the meantime, I still without shame, made my videos. I hoped people trying to learn the intense info I taught, would be beyond material things. They weren’t. I had many say some pretty hurtful things. I have someone point it out to me at least every single video.  I am always asked the same question, “What happened to your teeth?” I have answered that question so many times. And I never mind, but when someone is judging me for being selfless, and having an accident, it really reminds me why I have animals as friends instead of people. At least my cat Jakey does not observe my missing tooth. By December, I will finally have them fixed though.

But other questions go back to what my bestie said on the phone. “Why has your face changed Alura?” I have transcended so much over time, and I seem to whither away, as my energy is so high. I burn off more weight than most people due to the vibration, so my face thinned, and the circles under my eyes are from being a soul here using a 3D body, who does not eat nor sleep. That can really change the appearance. I am aging as well LOL. It has been about 4 years since my first videos you know? Hours and hours of channeling and work., my vibration taking away food and sleep, yes big physical differences there.

Some also say to me after their readings, “If you are all knowing, how come in my reading you say you could not see something right at the moment?” Well, this is a great question. First of all, I do see everything. Only at the time, it may not be the time to reveal a piece of information  I also see past, present, and future,and many many potentials and alternatives. So it is difficult at times to know which of the 5 outcomes will actually happen based on the person’s choice at the time. Humans try to have free will instead of live by higher self, they will always have certain choices, I will see them, and what is most likely. But, what happens is ultimately up to them. That is why in future readings, I give all of that info. So they have the freedom of choice, knowing where each path leads along the way. Sometimes too, if I know something in the reading will go over time, I will say I am not getting much details (I will block it) so as not to go over time, or off the scheduled subject. Other reasons are it could be awkward information, or I may feel the person;s reactions or denial.

In alot of cases, I get asked stuff like, “Why do you not have alot of support?”, or “Why do your fans seem distant”. I always have an answer for those good questions too.  No one shares my stuff their due to family and friends not supporting their beliefs, and their not wanting conflict.  Some want to learn, but not show that it was me who taught them, to act like they knew it themselves.  You have no idea how many found out their origin from me, and suddenly thought that they were awake, and wanted to do the same job that I do. I support everyone in all that they do, but it is true some are not ready yet, and could be helping me more by re-sharing mine until they are. Others deserve a chance to learn. I know many people too, who do not want to seem uncool to their New Age friends. Some are also scared, because they know I have trouble with hackers and Archons. Many of my people, know how busy I am, so out of respect, they do not wish to be a bother. They aren’t, and I tell them that, but they still insist that they do not want to take my time. The reason no one tries to get close to me, is because of my time, and my awkward, AB, rh negative blood type makes it hard for  people to get past the first initial moments of intimidating energy. They feel my vibe, it feels off at first, because I am different than theirs.  Ask  anyone with my blood type, if you can find them , and they will tell you they go through the same thing. Only 1 percent in the world have the traits, I have and with an angelic soul too, they really feel  odd at first, some feel overpowered, and some think I am weird but do not really know why they say that, but they just do. I know people get tired of hearing about my blood type, but I am mentioning to find others like me as they research, so forgive me. But I want them to know, they are not alone. People stare at me like an elephant in the room, gawking at me as if  I were some well known person, even if they do not know me, or who I am. It is uncomfortable, but the love I have for people helps me to not see it the way most people would. I admit sometimes, I feel like  there is something wrong with me though.

In all, people ask me so many random but good questions. One lovely  woman had asked why I have not found my family here yet.  I have, but only a few. I consider everyone my family though. I would love it if everyone got to know me more. Once past the energy, I am so much fun! Answering the questions, makes me think about what people really focus on though, and it shows me alot. I know their inner soul and thoughts already, but what they choose as their topic shows alot in who they wish to be presented as, and I admire that alot. The Creator says, it is from the heart, where words in the mouth come from, and what a person talks about alot, defines who they are, as speech comes through the heart and people instead of thinking usually speak how they feel.. It is true. I hope someday people look past the physical and instead, to the spiritual. I wish to connect to my people deeply as I love them all, and wish they would see that. I hope that one day too, I can openly disclose all that appears in the readings, but everyone also has to want that and be ready too.

In conclusion, I love answering questions, it shows me alot about people. That is not judging. That is knowing. Judgement is when someone draws negative conclusions on someone based on what they see in their view or opinion. I have no opinion, nor do I have anything negative to say about anyone. I see the truth, and in that truth, I see a deeper truth. If some thing negative comes out of my mouth, it is while I am mentioning something negative that someone else did. Never about a person directly. I want everyone to try to focus on what matters in this world. Growing, loving, mercy, and understanding. And, knowledge… The questions I am asked, whether from those judgmental, or those in curiosity, a good wise answer, said in the right way for that person, can have a great effect.

Love you, whoever you are..