Honesty Goes Both Ways…

As honest as I have been with others, the one thing that upsets me the most, is when someone is dishonest with me. In many cases, I have seen this happen. For one, during a reading with a woman who asked if her husband was cheating. Then, it came out yes, he was, but when she confronted him…he called me a lier. For months, I reassured her that this was the truth and that I had no reason to deliberately stir up trouble. So she hung in there with me, and I prayed for help. I did not want her going through this. It was upsetting. She wanted to trust in both us, but sadly could only pick one. However, even after his contacting me to yell at me, he finally admitted it. He confessed to not only that, but other things I had seen, that he denied.

Another instance, is when I had a client come to me disguised as someone else. I understand that some clients want help, and some are bored, and do not want to seem overly obsessed with readings, that they use another name and identity to conceal their obsession. I get it, and I am fine with it. But when someone deliberately does it to test me? To find fault, and to be deceptive? I say to the Creator, “how malicious, and how sneaky can a person be”?  I felt it in my heart the whole entire time far before they even had the idea themself, that this person had negative feelings for me the entire time. I confronted them many times. However, they still denied their feelings.  For every person who disbelieved me, and for each one who was jealous or hateful behind the disguise of their smile, I have always seen it a mile away. I am kind and try so hard to be open and helpful, but this, this is outright non-spiritual nor is it righteous.

What to do? For other psychics who come across this trouble out there, keep in mind to always say “This reading is for the person in the picture”, if you are an online reader.  In person, you have the person right there, so it does not matter what name they give. You will read them by their energy. Online, if they try to give you a false identity, you can always decline the reading or tell them, “this is for the person in the photo”. That way they know that you are reading the person in the picture, that they gave to you. Throw out clues. In doing this, the person presented the reading request for the person in the photo, and even if the name does not match the person in the photo given, still do the reading for that person pictured.

In this line of work there are many dangers, from the spirits who can come through if not safe. To the cynics and skeptics. And the people who try to play games. In my career, I have only had one person deny my results. I am proud of this. This is because the Creator has worked with me all of my life, and I trust in him. I do. To the end. If others have trouble keeping faith, I can not blame them, but then go elsewhere… Is it that hard to let go? I am not an ordinary psychic, I am spiritual psychic who works with people for self and spiritual betterment. To educate them, and show them another way. I have had beloved fans, following, and friends in this line of work, but I have had one or two enemies. And I wish I could change that. I really do. But yes, I see beforehand who is who. And I always keep my eye on those people with a full view. The Creator will avenge me, and help me with the people who are enemies in disguise. Some may say I am paranoid. But if you knew what I know in people, and in the world, and you had been right each time in what you saw… you would not care what others thought, and trusted in yourself instead. I hope that you, the reader, always do.  I know when I have a skeptic on my hands, and when a person is being truthful. The trust is built on my initial observations, on how deep I will go.

In conclusion, it is hard to lie to a psychic, and in the position that I am in, I have to always be kind. But I also have to let people know in some way. If not, then how will I ever be able to show them that I see? As a reader, coach, teacher, and messenger, I have to be honest. This means, even if the person does not always like it. And that is my motto, to always say what is needed, not just what is wanted. But honesty goes both ways spiritually. It really does.