Message on Non-believers…

Dearest Friends,

I am writing this and adding it to my Spiritually Awkward blog, because it is an example of being spiritual, and what I go through in this life being as I am. That is the entire point of this blog after all.  I have a message here, and to me it is important.

So, first to begin, I have not had much ridicule. In my career, many have been happy with their results from their readings, their interaction with me, and the teachings that I publicize for all to learn from. The thousands that I have worked with, all know me to be a loving, accepting, and direct soul, who has a great wish for them to be happy and healthy. I am friendly, and many know me to befriend my students and clients, as well as my fan base.I have even spent a great deal of my own money in giving out raffle prizes, and giving my own  money to winners of my contests. Everyone also knows that I give and give, to charity as well. I have also pointed out many truths that were being withheld by other teachers.  I have never spoken ill of anyone, and never would. But here are some of the issues that I have faced, and after reading them, you will get to the point of this article. Bottom line? My people know I am real, kind, charitable, and honest. They know that I am selfless, and give all of my time and life to be there for them. In all, I have a good reputation, of being real with people. However, there will forever be a critic. But in all, I have not had many issues. And for the ones that I have had, I want to say somethings.

Issues in my results

In one of the issues that I did have, it came from people who did not get the results that they were hoping for. Many come to me saying “Hi, I am an Angel, from Pleiades, who lived in Atlantis. I am fully awake, and super psychic”. Now, that has been over half of the percentage of people that have come for the soul reading. I always said to myself, well not more than 288,000 will be some kind of angelic soul. That is the number. Some fallen, jumping into physical forms either by jumping right in, or having been confined to a physical form out of the consequences of their rebellions in ancient times. The others will be Earth Angels (angels who lived in the spirit realms of earth), Angelic Humans (humans working on becoming angelic through sacrifice and servitude, love, and kindness), and Incarnated Angels (angels who came from the higher planes cosmically). Out of those, Incarnated Angels are the most powerful, all knowing, and have super psychic powers. I suppose both Earth Angels, and Celestial Angels, are both considered incarnate. However, that is how I explain it. Earth Angels are here to experience what humans go through directly to relate, since they reside in the planes of Earth, and look after humans. It makes sense they would want to go through the inflictions of human life to know about mankind. Incarnated (Celestial) Angels, are leaders, healers, teachers, and counselors all in one, with their celestial power and wisdom in tact. They come to help and lead humans back to the creator,  back to their truth, and to heal them while doing so. In this, we do not care much about being wealthy, only about surviving. Due to the immorality and collapse of society, only 144,000 Angels will return home. Those will be the ones who achieved their missions, and led lives of love and charity.

Another thing is, that the entire Pleiadian population, did not come to Earth. Many of the souls who come to me, have been reincarnating on Earth for thousands of years due to being stuck in the worldly perspective. Therefore, with all of those hundreds of thousands of souls claiming to be Pleiadian, that would be a massive portion of the population there. They would never do that. In fact, they sent only a specific number of their people here as souls, to assist mankind in their own ways too. Atlantis also did not have a population of that size. In truth, ancient times that far back, did not have that many people in their cities at all. Many who have said to me  that they were fully awakened and super psychic,  showed me how many lie to themselves everyday. If they were fully awake and super psychic, then why come to me.. Would they not be able to retrieve their answers on their own then? Think about it. And in honesty as I have to be honest, I have said that to them, not to burst their magical bubble, but to bring to the realistic understanding that they needed to grow.  But they did not like it, so they dismissed me. And there were not that many.  It is an example of one issue that I have faced. There is a trend for people to be certain soul types, and others will plain out tell people what they want to hear. I can’t do that. I told the Creator I would always give the truth like or not, because their soul will forever carry the information, and deception is an anchor. Also, their soul belongs to the creator, we all do. Misinforming someone, would be like disrespecting the creator himself. I take it that seriously. In other topics of readings, the information was not what they wanted to hoped for, and they dismissed me. I am okay with that. And I still wish them happy seeking, and all of the joy they can ever have in their lives.

Issues In Misunderstanding My Teachings.

Another small issue, is that I go deep. I do not lie to people, I show unconditional love, and in my blogs, I have always given more than the repetitive articles out there. If you notice, many of them say the same things. That is because many want to be known as a lightworker, but yet do not have the ability to obtain the wisdom on their own. So other people’s blogs are replicated, stolen, with some changing of the words, and pictures, and a new name.  The same information is put out there, and I felt people should have more than mainstream. An example, is my blog on Draconian Starseeds. Anyone who reaches beyond Earth’s matrix in their channeling knows, that many of those star systems have many realms, dimensions, and planets. In them, many different species. I wrote an article speaking about a malevolent species in Draco (not all Draco Starseeds), and I was said to be hateful. The person literally started a hate column. I should had mentioned I was not referring to all of the Draconian souls, but still, to go to the extent as to put a person on blast, that is just downright malicious.  People seek approval and acceptance, even to the extent of indirectly belittling someone else.  Many commented on that post negatively, instead of simply kindly asking me directly. They instead thought to hurt me. Now who is hateful?

Some also do not see the higher perspective yet. They say they are awake, and my biggest hope is, that they will be. But the things that I teach come from another place. In this, they are not like others here, and it is hard to give an earthly definition to, because it is a different world and language there. It would be like writing an article in Chinese and expecting everyone to be able to read it. I do my best to translate what I know from the heavens and celestials, but some will not understand it. It is not their time to. However, just because they do not understand, they still have something negative to say.

In other places, I also use some symbolism. While I am still much deeper than some, I still do not wish to give all that I know out to the public. I save some of it for the courses that I teach, and some.. I do not reveal at all. This sparks controversy too, because some have said that the wisdom should be available, yet when I did put it out there, it was too otherworldly and complicated to understand. Some have even said during the times that I used symbolism, that I did not know anything LOL. They do not know my deeper teachings, so they should not judge a book by its cover. I will never put my deepest truths on Youtube for other false teachers to steal. No. So, I will use some symbolism. A good example of my doing this, was in the new video “Where Do Souls Come From”?

You also have to realize that I did not come  into the industry , I was born like this, and my methods, techniques and gifts, are unique. Every natural psychic will have their own unique gifts. Those trained may use a method similar to that of their teacher. So, if my ways are different, than that is normal. It should be, as it shows that I am a natural.

Rival Teachers

In my teachings and readings, people have said it changed their lives, gave new perspectives, and even hope to live for, for the future. Some of my former clients became “psychics” themselves, and began teaching. I see right through many things. Others, may not so much. However, they have used my teachings, and trash talked me, even having abandoned my past results when they decided to up their station with a new soul origin that they then gave to themselves. But this was not all. One teacher in particular, turned around and flat out told many people that I was a fake, due to hearing some of her following left her to come to me. I feel terrible that this happened to her. It must not have too good, but her former clients desired truth, to reconnect to the higher powers, and to grow, not to be led around on some Side show. So they left. Love, is not overrated, it is crucial to growth. I give love. However, in her anger, this woman felt it necessary to begin a whole group about me to call me names. No matter how nice one puts it, when you are judging someone you do not know, not by soul, and not in person, and putting down their god-given gifts, than that is malicious, and not the Starseed way. How can anyone call themself a starseed and not be about love? How can starseeds, who are supposed to be souls from higher planes of knowing, acceptance, wisdom, and unity, sit there and put anyone down? How can anyone claiming to be enlightened, judge or hurt anyone? Being enlightened or psychic, in contact with beings of the higher planes, they should have known that such a display of contempt, would be hurtful and very lower vibrational… Like I said, I have never put anyone down. I never will. I wish me and that teacher could be friends. I wish that, about many of them. Unity is needed. Just because we have differences,  those differences should not set us apart.

In fact, it is the different messages that we all have, that shouldbrings us together, and make our messages come together, to make a whole one. But they do not see that. Instead, judgement, and negative opinions are there to replace, what should be unity. I do not agree with some teachers, but I still believe that if we came together, change could be made in the world. And, I would never be as hurtful as to turn around and put someone down.

The title and site

Much of this happened on a website for starseeds. A gathering place for souls of enlightened, awakening status, who are psychic and all about unity?  It is not the website’s fault. I have donated to the site myself at times. And a long time ago, I was one of their top members. However, I thought I had found a place where souls really were what they said. But reading into many, and also seeing the behavior and the way some speak about others, and how some use the site for drama, and gossip, I was able to draw my conclusions that what had once been a wonderful place for souls to gather, was becoming a place where anyone could get on, and claim anything.There are some wonderful people there. Truly. Even the website’s owner is an awesome person. However, I wish that they would see the drama and negativity, and eliminate those who start it. I wish that the site owner would keep those who are kind, and working hard for unity and expansion, instead of the ones who are caught up in a role playing game of sorts, and hurtful to others. If one claims to be a starseed, than the behavior should match, should it not? It is not just a title, and to some, the site is not just a site. It was a home. A starseed, is supposed to be loving, kind, charitable, wise, understanding, and compassionate.

Money and Profession

Last but not least, two more things I encountered were people who said I was not an angel because I could not manifest tons of money for myself. LOL. Why the heck would I want to? The very fact that I do not care about monetary things, should prove myself. I do not care about sex, money, pleasure or enjoyment. I care about people, animals, and making the world better. To go along with this, some said I was fake because I charge. I can’t win for losing LOL. In any case, this goes back to what I said many times before. Being an avatar here, and having a family and bills of my own, I have to survive. With the amount of readings, text messages with questions, emails with replies and questions, a need for wisdom in articles, videos, life coaching, healing, advising, counseling, and more, I am needed by many, on a daily basis. I could not work a regular job and do all that I do in my mission. I couldn’t. Shoot, I barely have time for my family. I have to survive, and pay bills. Just because I am above monetary things, does not mean the phone company is.All is even exchange.  In the higher planes, they have it too, but here, it is money. I could not call the phone company and say “Hiya, I can’t pay my bill, but I can give you a reading or heal your herniated disc in your back”. It would not benefit the cooperate owner, so the person on the phone would not be able to do it. We have greedy elite out there that want money, not our gifts.

I charge for my abilities and expertise, like any of you would have to do. Just because I was gifted with the power to see, does not exclude me from the rest of you who need to pay bills. The Creator blesses me, in leading people who really believe and need help, to me. I earn what I need, and give the rest to charity to thank the Creator for his help. Giving to those in need, is my even exchange for the clients that I have. I live a modest, meek life. I use only what I need. We do not have mansion. I do not wear gold and diamonds so to speak. Does this make me less of an angelic? No. I could manifest anything that I want, and I have. But I am not greedy and money does not make my world go around. Helping people does. And if I can earn a bit to survive while I do so, and help worthy causes who need me too, then my life is complete indeed. I have the power to do anything. But I do not have to prove that by asking the Creator for millions of dollars. He doesn’t care about money, and neither do I. Unfortunately, we need here in this world, and but wealth? Not my main concern.

I prove that I help charities, and many others in this industry do not give to charity. They simply don’t. None the less, in ancient times, Ascended Master Yeshua, and many others who had sight and wisdom, were cared for by their followers. they provided food, shelter, and tokens of gratitude for the wisdom as speaking with spirit is a gift and an honor. With so many claiming that they can do it now a days, it is becoming less special. But I know how much of an honor it is, and I will always hang onto that. However, people and souls like me, had help from those who needed them. If someone wants to offer to me to provide me shelter and food for me and my two kids, than I would do it, and never charge again. but who would do that right? We all have to survive here. Until Earth ascends, we all have to go along with the rules that are here, to live. If you can not understand what I am saying, than I can not help you.  It would be closed minded of you not to see what I am saying. I think also, many forget that I am not just a New Age guru here. I am a therapist, minister, and psychic. I went to college for counseling, and studied my entire life to be a Minister. Counseling is a job, a profession, and Ministers are supported by their church. My “church” supports me in the affordable services that I provide, that they schedule to have. And guess what? I love every single person who comes to me too. I do not just give readings though.

The Point

In all that I stated above, of course there is a point. I wrote this to show you all my take on the subjects that were issues for others in the past. For me, they were never my issues. I understand that people do what they do, say what they, and that they form opinions, and gossip. I never expected everyone to believe in me or agree with me. I forgive the people who hurt my feelings at first, and I am not mad at things that were said in ignorance. Because that is exactly what it was, ignorance (lack of knowing).  Even coming from some who deliberately purchased a service just to put down my work afterwards. I know that they do not see. And they do not have to. The Creator sends me the people he feels that I can help. And those are the ones I focus on. These issues never bothered me, but some of my followers were disturbed by it. And bless their souls, they wanted to help by counteracting these things with reviews and a post. But listen, I do not want anyone to go to that extent. If people wish to think what they want, or behave as they please, then let them. It just means they are not meant to be with me.  One day, when they leave here they will see, but for right now, let it be. This was never supposed to be about me anyway. The message I have, it is not mine, it is the creator’s, it belongs to the angels, and to all of you who seek it. If people have read my blogs and have seen the reviews, and my loving words, and that was not enough, than nothing will be. In that, we have to place our focus on the things that matter. Staying positive, and love. Bringing up someone else’s hate, is merely only inviting more of it. And being at a higher vibration, hate and negativity is not a place anyone should be, even if defending me. In my side of things, I have told it how it is. And let this be my own testimony to those who dislike me, rival me, or do not agree with me. I send them all love, and best wishes on their paths. But please, let this be the end of the subject. I am merely  a humble and meek messenger. I never claimed to be God himself. And, how I do things is between me, the Creator, and all of you who come to me. Not anyone else.

Commenting and feeding into the gossip, is staying in a place that you are trying to get out of, 3D. Be full of the wisdom of the higher planes, and walk away. I did. Don’t you think I would have defended myself after all of this time, if it were important? But it is not. In this, I love you all, and thanks to those who tried to stick up for me. However, the angels, and the Creator will do that for me in divine timing, and in the meantime, I am here for those who need me that the heavens give me the gift of being a part of that soul’s journey. In conclusion, let the reviews on my sites and pages, the referrals, and positive word of mouth, my teachings, and the Creator’s influences, be all the proof that anyone needs. The higher planes direct my course, and that includes who will believe in me and who will not. I am grateful to all of you very much and am so humbled to be here with you all.