Serpent Energies

When I was a kid, the Creator told me that there was a lot of reverse psychology in the world. Some of what was good, was bad. Some of what was bad, was good. He said it was”An attempt to confuse mankind”; like with the serpent energy. They said it was evil.  Yet, it tends to be both evil and good. Let me explain..


The brain, beautiful and full of a networking system, made to dial in data from the light brought in through the eyes. No one really sees anything. The light reflects off of programmed digits and then sends signals to the eyes, which then sends the information to the back of the brain. The brain then computes what to do next. This was the Cave of Treasures, mentioned in the Books of Adam and Eve. It was meant then for man to fill his garden, cultivate it, and to make things grow. As Christ said, “Plant seeds”. He said it like this:

Mark Chapter 4:  “Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants, so that they did not bear grain. Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.” Let us break this down a bit then go into the information that this lesson is about..


First, the seeds that birds ate up, represent people who are seeking, but not really about learning. They jump from place to place, looking for other forms of wisdom, and so they gobble it up, and then, it is soon forgotten. Only remnants of the other teachings stay inside, mixing with the others. That is why I ask my following, to only learn with me a bit first. Then later, they can go to someone else to explore if they please. Learn one step at a time. Take their time. This can not be rushed.

Now, the seeds falling into the rocks of shallow dirt, show us people who seek wisdom, but they are not open minded enough to see deeper. They only the surface. I see many of my following doing this. They say things like “I see similarities here, I see similarities there”, but what they do not know, is that we are all in a program together, so the roles and characters, will all have a similarity or be the very much the same, not exactly, but close.. Just for an example. Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun”. And this is because from his work with spirit, he knew the program was specifically written, the scripts were already written, so to speak. He knew, only certain people were chosen by the rulers of the matrix to make it to the top of the totem pole. It was all set up. So are people’s lives. But they do not see deep enough. Instead, they would rather try to find flaws in others, and their teacher, then to look a bit more within. People who only see the surface, will only ever be about the surface. You can tell by the way they parade themselves as spiritual people, but live their everyday lives the same way, and still have the old behaviors of gossip, judgement, and opinion. Obviously, they do not make it, the wisdom not sticking to them (the sun scorching it) and it goes away. They do not fully change, and they regress back to their old ways. While still seeking. 3D spiritual understanding. Sometimes, ending up like the seeds that the birds ate up, jumping from place to place, building their own truth, and it holds not truth at all.

The Seed that fell among the thorns, are people who hear the wisdom, they know in their hearts it is true, but their bitterness, jealousy, envy, and hunger for power for themselves, or thirst for fame,  using Go, makes them deny being a follower or learner. Their bitterness makes them think that they already have the answers. It makes them think that they have power and wisdom already, that they do not need teaching.They see themselves as awakened and all knowing on their own, from reading random material.

The most obvious of these, were the seeds that grew in good soil. They were prosperous, and did well. Those are people who are ready, willing to do what it takes, and who listen. Not many of those, these days.  This could be translated a few different ways, but this applies in this case. Every seed, has a gardener. Plants grown wild, are out of control. Those taken care of, have a chance to be groomed and cultivated.They called the Christ in Roman religion, even when it changed to Christian, a Shepherd.  I call myself, a Gardener.

The difference between a gardener and a shepherd, is that a shepherd controls the flock, directs them where to go even after full growth, where they want them to go.  Sometimes, the shepherd imposes fear and authority over its flock. A gardener helps the growth, and as the seed grows, it is shown how to grow into its own pattern. They show it how to grow into it’s own way, with love, and with care. They show how to live for that person’s personal spirit. That is why I say, “Do not exchange my readings between you”, because one person’s path, no matter how much similar, there will be a personal element there.  Meant to be only between that person, and their spiritual team.  Their reading is made uniquely for them. To help them in their own unique life, no matter if they share similarities with others, due to being here in this matrix.

The Archons placed a shepherd. The Creator sends a gardener. Do you see now?


So the mind was a blank slate in the beginning. I heard Theosophy say that the original serpent was sex. No. The Original Serpent was, a spirit who introduced man growing on his own. Saying he did not need a gardener or shepherd, and he could do it on his own, if only he would cause division in his mind. Man and woman. For one to use one side of the brain mainly over the other, to show difference. Gender, and duality was placed into the world. Now, while he said that humans did not need a gardener or shepherd, he was actually lying, using the division of the consciousness, as a way to place a shepherd.  So he had shut down the serpent energy in humans, not activated it. Because for man and woman to be divided, they would have to keep each channel of the kundalini to themself. Man would use his left side of thinking, and the woman the right. Kundalini flow would be blocked off on one side or the other in each of them. So, the original serpent was actually taking away the  serpent that lived within them, their full activated kundalini. The Creator never wanted to take it away for good. he wanted them to live in equality, learning equally.  When they noticed that they were without one half of the other, they felt “naked”. That means that they felt like they were missing something. And they sure were.

The Creator says that man and woman could learn how to grow again, if they reactivated their totality. The twin flame. The true twin flame, which is both flames identical, running up the flow of the human vehicle. With this, they would be too strong to stay here. Their energy would return to their original state and go home. Many teachings these days, promise to help a person do that. But in truth, they do not. Instead, they merely keep a person bouncing back from each side, but never living in both at the same time. So is the serpent wrong? If you were all knowing, and had servants under you in an economy to slave drive them for money, and empire, would you want them to realize it? No. So they deceive and confuse, by making a person think that they are enlightened and balanced, by provoking ideas, and teachings, as well as practices, to make them lean towards one side or the other back and forth. Many are fooled by this. They say they activated “their god self”. But no one ever mentions the creator. None of them are even awakened, because as I said in the beginning, they are the seeds that feel in thorns. Their ego will not let them see, that their lives are no different. Their way of doing things, their thinking and feeling, their choices, their family, and etc, are all the same, only a more spiritual mind is added.

After the ascended masters ascended, did any of their disciples? No.. They stayed here. It shows, that otherworldly information, is hard to program, into the program already placed there. However, they did have the spirit. What this means is that, they at least got their spiritual energy flowing, enough to where they could have wisdom on either side of duality. Much of what many here have. Then, to use that to teach and help others, or live their own lives in truth to get closer to the creator. That’s what this is supposed to be all about. The master had chosen them though. Those not picked by their master,go on to try to do things on their own. They learn from books, and controlled information out there, and easily get confused and delusional. It is true. So the serpent energy is not bad, but not available to those who are not ready. There are ways of knowing if people are ready, and when they are, they activate the real kundalini, and this takes them into knowledge on both sides of duality, not beyond it, but with it, and they become wise. The creator decides who in the program will have it. Not man himself. God self? I heard people say that, and I say “You are still living in the program, if you activated your God self, you would not even be here”…  They may have activated their higher self, but again that may be programmed through their journey, to one side or the other, or only at one level of both. The serpent climbs the tree along the way, in order to get to the top. But not everyone does. If they did, the Universe would not exist, as there would be no more people in the lower realms for it to exist still. We all have our roles in the grand design.

The Tree of life, is wisdom. The serpent are the energies that go up the tree. The kundalini slithers up and down the tree. Either on one side of it (Male, logic), or female (intuition,wisdom). The kundalini will go higher and higher as it grows from learning. But if a person has no master, it will be like the example of the seeds. It will not last nor grow higher. This is why I say there many stages of awakening. You have either gone up in wisdom on the left or right side, but to do both, you need real truth that can guide in both at the same time. Someone enlightened. Your teacher, will have all knowing wisdom, and their ways, life, and words will show for it. Their power, their abilities and insight, will show for it.

Each time a person goes up the tree with the serpent energy going up the middle with their teacher’s teachings, they gain another step in the ladder of DNA. This makes their program go along with the plane of consciousness that they grew on, so as to stay there and not fall back down into the same reality. how does the teacher do it? Why are they still here? Because they know how to be in two places or many places at once. That makes them a true messenger or angelic. Because they have access to those higher and lower realms.

Serpent energy is not bad. It is forbidden so as to keep everyone in their 3D state.  God did not decree this, the spirit who poisoned man against wisdom in non-duality, did. As he placed himself up as a shepherd over everyone. I can see who is still down there, and my only hope is to bring them up. But the creator will only allow those with a pure heart to make it. If one makes it without a pure heart, then wisdom is power, and that power is no better than the archons as they will use it for ego and self glory.

alura cein,
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