Solar Eclipse-  Changes in Power

The 2017 Solar Eclipse was huge! Indeed, we have lived to be a part of a time which was prophesied about since Biblical times. The Sun’s Eclipse was at 28º Leo, decan 3. August’s Solar Eclipse was the royal star of Persia, Regulus. The famous fixed star, in the heart of Leo. The lion of Judah.

The Sun in  astrological symbolism, often signifies the ruler of the country. Eclipses used to be feared as being an omen for the death of a King, as the Moon blots out the Sun’s glorious rays. The Moon is the dark side of duality, and represents death. In actuality during the 100 years war in England, right towards the end when King Edward IV finally succeeded in his triumph over the Lancastrian’s, there had been a solar eclipse. However back in those times, many people looked at it spiritually and superstitiously. Many exclaimed it to be the sign of God’s approval over the House of York taking over power in England. Ever since ancient times it was marked as a symbolic omen. And even today it still counts. This is why in Archangel Metatron’s message at Alura’s Angels website, it was prophesied  a new ruler coming. It kept talking about the jesters in disguise. And then it spoke of a new king ruling. Many people asked me about that message, but it meant four different things, which often symbology does. It represented a new astrological leader, a new worldly leader, a new spiritual leader, and also a new leader for the areas in which have most predominant power.

Welcome to the age of Aquarius ladies and gentlemen. On August 7 we had a partial lunar eclipse right before the solar eclipse, which was in the sign of Aquarius. But the age of Aquarius will only be what people make of it. Archangel Metatron speaks of their needing to be a revolution. Not a revolution as in war, although there may very well be one, but he speaks of a revolution as in spiritual change. We have Jupiter which is going to symbolize the new ascended Master. But the age of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. And that is what the false Messiah  in Astro theology. The King of Kings. In this case, the Moon will cast as shadow over Donald Trump’s yellow mane because he happens to have Regulus rising in his birthchart, and it is conjunct his Mars (Archanel Samael) too! The 2017 Solar Eclipse was and is very important for the American people, as not only does it directly impact their leader, but it was visible across the whole of the United States. (For the first time since 1979.) It is the astrological symbolism this time that makes it so special though.
More than 90% of the Sun was covered in Washington DC, the throne of world power. Like it or not, decisions made in the White House have a huge effect on the rest of the world. (Even if the President himself is limited in the scope of his own power) “The Royal Stars… were also believed to govern events in the world. Major disasters, breakthroughs, and historical phenomenons were seen as caused by the stars… When the stars were aligned accordingly, favourable conditions followed, and when they were negatively aligned, disaster was predicted. Because Regulus was the most influential of the Royal Stars, events that took place while Regulus was in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction.”

In the case of this Solar Eclipse, I would say the alignment could be quite positive. However, you could say that a Solar Eclipse in of itself is ‘negatively aligned’ according to biblical prophesy and political powers due to the Moon blocking the Sun’s power. Therefore, this Solar Eclipse could have a negative effect on leaders or elites who connect with it, as Trump does. It will be interesting to test out this eclipses effect, as it plays out over the following 6 months. I see this as a huge change in the world as it is opposite to the new upcoming age’s sign of Aquarius, just as Virgo (Venus, the Lightbringer) was opposite to the sign of Pisces, in the Age of Pisces represented by Christ, the fisherman of men. But… he was all about love, Venus. Or was he? During the rise of Christianity, the dark ages came about, limiting mankind to truth and wisdom… keeping illumination for those who are of great power only. Recall, this is when witches were burned, and people who chose not to follow the new age’s symbolic leader were burned too, as heretics.  People were forced to convert. During the crusades, and onward, there were so many deaths that the statistics could not be accounted for. This was their attempt at building the New World Order throuh Rome, since it was Rome who took over Christianity after persecuting the true Christ and taking on his message, using his wisdom and face over top of their Rome Gods. In the days of old, Alexander the Great was prophesied about in the Bible, The Book of  Daniel exclaims that, the four horns which replaced the single broken horn are “four kingdoms” which shall appear, but which shall not have the power of the great horn.  This was speaking of Alexander’s conquest which failed but yet somewhat succeeded.

A descendant of Alexander was Julius Caeser.the connection to both was the planet Jupiter. Julius Caeser looked at Alexander the Great’s example of wanting to make the world a one world utopia under their rule. Julius Caeser even went with Cleopatra to pay homage to the tomb of Alexander out of repsect to the idea.  Julius Caeseer’s death was plotted to include being hung on a cross and stabbed after death. This is what happened to Jesus. See more here: Julius Christ to Jesus Caeser, where you can read more. However, this was symbolic as the God, Zeus links to the planet of Jupiter. The King of Kings. Uranus is the planet of philosophy, and of science, the last age of man will be the Age of  Sagittarius.  However, with the upcoming age in approximately 100 some years, we have that same idea coming into the light. They have promoted it for years.  Every general has to have a King to back them up. The Jester and the King, or aka Scapegoat. The general takes the fall for the King’s orders in every legendary story. Metatron’s 3rd Riddle and for this upcoming age they will also do the same. Why is the new upcoming age so legendary? It fulfills the biblical prophecies of when the new world order finally takes place.

The planet Jupiter already shifted out of the Virgin’s womb which was symbolic for the “Christ” being born…the new christ, but this being the antichrist. Anti, meaning against, Christ meaning annointed. This is the truly the age in which Christians will be considered a threat, and anyone who is against the new way of things as well. They see this as a threat because they want the new age to be adopted by all. Christians know that the new world order will be the antichrist, so they naturally oppose it. It is hard to convert to a new way, like the Israelites struggled to let go of the Age of Taurus as Moses ushered in the Age of Aries. Anyone who did not convert and worshipped the “Calf” were persecuted and put to death. The angels are indeed actually Gods. Rome, Greece, the Norse, and The Egyptians, they all had it right. There are many Gods. The bible even disclosed this in saying that angels were given the domain of the earth. But monotheism changed religion to one god, and called the lesser Gods and demi-gods, Angels or messengers whent hey interferred with man’s issues here. The rule of man ended the interference of the Gods though, but the Bible was based on a few Gods, as the ages changed. One God set himself above all others though. That is another story…

Just watch for the signs. The Solar Eclipse, the blood moons, they were all some of them. There will be more to come.