Soul Mates & Divine Marriage

I started covering the subject earlier on in my career but I’ve been talking about it for most of my life. I always say I know that many people are looking for their twin flame, but that is a relationship that is for learning purposes only. And truthfully when you meet that person they are just a reflection of yourself. You don’t actually become twin, until much later on when both have transcended their lessons. During this day and age, how can anyone be sure that they’re on the right path of learning them? Looking at the world, many people are living according to the new conditioning of society. Marriage is something that people do because of how they feel at the moment and not because of how they know they will feel about it later. Most love is merely just infatuation. And sex is something that people do for the fun of it instead of sharing their temple as a sacred union between themselves and someone else. I know that there are many advocates out there for just living how are you please, and enjoying the experience. To be honest with you, I am an advocate of that too! But I believe that it should be done the right way to avoid party can troubles. While many people learn from the hard ache and the troubles in life, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many people have them, and they do grow from them. But the troubles exist only because they did not have the proper guidance to begin with. But what if you can have it? Well, then you would not have the troubles. How many people have gotten stuck in situations and have wished that they had chosen a different choice? Now there are options. Nevertheless, and flames really are not at that level of actually being twin just yet. As the world changes, so does humanity. And if anyone had been a little closer to becoming a twin with their partner, there is a very large percentage of a chance that now they may be shifting off into the new paradigm of earths new order. And that could change everything. Haven’t you ever loved somebody before and suddenly just wondered one day, why you were even with them in the first place? There are so many different types of soulmates. but there is one that I failed to mention. I really felt that many people out there were not ready for the information but now I would really like to go into this topic a little bit more.

Recap on Soul Mate Types

In my video on YouTube I went into a few different soulmate types. There are karmic soulmates, which are two souls who are brought together because they owe each other a lesson, or to finish business that was left unfinished in a previous life or several of them. Perhaps maybe there had been something that you were meant to do for that soul and didn’t. So you are brought together for the sake of evolution Spiritually. Afterwards, the relationship fades away. In fact, many relationships that you may have had, fell under this category. Then there is the lover of destiny or what I like to call the fated lover. This is the person that fills your twin flames shoes, as a little bit of a model, as to what your twin flame would be like should they transcend and be what they should be, in comparison to where you are at the time. This is the type of person that works hard to please you and make your dreams come true. And this is just to give you a little taste of what you can have and also to bring you happiness in your life when you cannot be with your twin flame yet. It helps you to grow because you start to learn what you were really looking for in your twin flame, when you should come to find them. This is a soulmate I think most people should look for first, before seeking their twin flame. Then when they come to find their twin flame after, they will come to see why they may not have been ready for that just yet. But it does give them incentive to keep working on their own lessons Spiritually, individually. Because that model in which the lover of destiny represents, is what they’re going to get after both have learned their lessons in the twin flame relationship.

The twin flame them self, is really all of the hype these days. So many people want to be with that other part of their soul that reflects who they are. They want somebody that’s perfect for them. They have the same interest, the same goals, the same mentality, and they understand their emotions too. But the truth of the matter is, that is not it all what they are going to get from a twin flame relationship until much much later. And if you really think about it, when you connect with your twin flame this is just your way to complete your lessons through what you learn in them and the relationship itself. And that is so that you can reach a state of nonduality. And that happens once you have transcended a lot of your lessons even still, because you still have to see what you are like on the other side of your self in duality, through your twin flame. And that’s why I say that that is the relationship that most people may want to, but it is still hard and complicated situation. You may learn all of your own individual lessons, but then there are still huge ones left the learning one another so that you can feel complete spiritually. It’s not that that person them self completes you, it’s what you learned through being with them that completes you.

If you really think about this on a logical level, many souls break off of bigger ones, and creation. So really the twin flame exists a little bit and all of us as we service reflections of one another here on earth. Do you do you only get just one actual soul that will for fill the completion of your lessons though. But we all stem from the same source that has created us. And through the creation of spirit, everyone is just a smaller fraction of that greater spirit. They say the twin flames are two souls that were separated from being at one, at one time earlier on in their creation. It is said that they go through the universe seeking one another. That is true because having been split in half as a soul, you were always going to feel drawn to find that missing part. But what about other smaller because of energy that you have lost along the way? Does that not count as well? Maybe on a smaller level? Think about that. People can actually transcend their own inner twin flame, themselves, by themselves. It is true that sometimes a twin flame soul, can get so completely off track, but they are so far behind in frequency, then that other half of their soul that they are meant to reunite with. And actuality, the twin flame is not all that it’s cracked up to be all though is necessary for spiritual and social development.

As I explained in many other resources, I starcrossed lover is a soul that you are passionately in love with them very much connected to, that for some reason continues to be magnetically drawn into your life. However, the universe for some reason keeps the two of you from ever being together. Why would that be? Well if you think about it for you ladies out there or even guys, have you ever had that one Ex that never goes away? That one person that seems to always pop up when you’re the loneliest or need someone the most? And no matter how many times you have moved on or how long it has been since you have last been with them, that person just always seems to return back into your life? Well, that very well could have been your very own starcrossed lover. But you have to look at other circumstances too. When you were together did it just seem nearly impossible to actually be together? Maybe your own emotions were not a good place or perhaps you have gone through a lot of trauma. The starcrossed lover can teach you a lot about yourself. Being starcrossed they are like the twin flame that you can never be with at all LOL

The greatest love of all…

Now the last and final soulmate type that I want to talk about finally, is something that’s far deeper than any of those. The reason why I never wanted to bring the subject up is because I have noticed things get a little trendy every now and then, and this is something that should never be a whim or fantasy. This is something that just is, was, and always will be. I know that after I post this article, I will probably see so many people eventually talking about it later on, or that people will start automatically wanting to find or seek out this particular type of soulmate. No, that is not a bad thing, this is something that has to be very gently approached, and go on about the right way. There are spiritual laws involved with this particular situation and it’s not something that you want to jump into.

In the heavens, you can end up with your twin flame, but again what would you even need a twin flame for if you are living in a higher plane where you have already learned almost everything already? There is something called a divine partner. You are united with someone new in every experience. Imagine how many marriages were lovers you have already had the route time and every reality? It is a fact that every person has their soulmates only for that reality that they are in at the time. Those always go with the lessons that you have a greed to learn and that part of your journey. But what about beyond the journey? A twin flame can certainly become a divine partner for sure, but really, twin flames end up reuniting as one soul anyway less it is been agreed-upon that both souls will remain separate identities to one another, but altogether as one Godhead. So a divine husband can be one of several things.

1. A twin flame that you have already grown with and reunited with eternally before heading out for another round, of a spiritual journey.

2. If you were a soul existing in the higher planes without need of a twin and celestially married before coming to Earth, producing a twin flame in the process of your descent. Your divine partner stays behind. The original partner.

3. You vowed and tied your soul to another in an experience in some other world. But someone of energetic power and authority would have had to assist with that knowing about blueprints for merging the two forms of consciousness to have a permanent seal.. Even then, they may not have the gift of reading the memories in your records to know if you had done it before already previously. Then you could have multiple marriages, vice versa.

It’s true you may have vowed yourself to many. That’s not good. It’s limiting. You don’t want a bunch of cords pulling you back, when it is time to ascend. Knowing which type out of the three that you have, can help you to understand where you are at in your process of your soul development, as well as helping you to understand many other things about your path and relationships too. If you already have a spiritual marriage, then you may have difficulties in your physical relationships here because of interference coming from that divine partner who has not incarnated into a physical body just yet. Some may not have one originally yet at all. You may not be far enough in your journey but you might have one of the others. Everyone is different.

For me, angels are a few things. Some are any soul type who comes from an otherworldly origin with a message or change for this world. Then, there are lesser Gods. We as lesser gods, act as a voice or messenger for Heaven like an ambassador. But we are a totally different race and from a higher plane and kingdom. Any of us already have our divine partners. For those of us who have decided to come to earth, we can choose to be a twin flame to somebody else who is still in the early process of learning. But that usually ends up to be disastrous because we end up being the one who is unhappy. We end up being everything at that person needs, or that person is nowhere near our tonal frequency at all. So for us on their side of things, they would be more of a false twin, technically speaking. But for them, we could be an absolute twin. And that usually service and fulfilling that person’s needs, but ours is still being cut short of being fulfilled.

And believe me, divine marriages can be twin flame unions. Two souls that were created by the same so parents could’ve been ordained as a divine partnership. But when a divine marriage is stationed, it is usually between two souls who do not have any one else in their soul group under that set of spiritual parents, and just the two of them. Anyone can create consciousness in heaven. In fact many could join for the sake of it. But the divine partnership, is one that is eternal, regardless of creating new spiritual programs so to speak. The creation process of existence is far different there, than it is here. On earth you were exchanging bodily fluids, and also energy. Up there you were only exchanging energy. There is a lot that goes into this subject and I will continue to talk about it more as we go along the way. However, I did want to introduce this teaching to everyone as I know there are many who have grown and are diligently seeking reasons as to why they have had a relationship problems, have trouble finding their twin flame here, questions on so creation and the twinning process, and if there is anything higher than a twin flame over all. Well now you know that there is. But this is more of a title and union. It is not for lessons. This is for eternal partnership. The end result is to spend your eternityWith us so that complements yours, whether they are exactly like yours or not. It is mainly the inter-action, communication, shared common factors, and how great the love is between those two souls. If the original divine marriage has a love that surpasses anything other than love that they could find in their journey, then that is indeed divine. But if a divine spiritual marriage was created through any of the other reasons, and you have to look to see if you have any other cords or attachments to anyone else. Karma is a serious thing. If you can take with you injuries from your past, trauma that still affects you here today, then when you make a veil or a promise and break it, that is something that also follows with you through karma. People don’t realize what they are really doing when they promise to love somebody forever.

A divine spiritual marriage though, when conducted properly and created the right way and under the right circumstances, is the most beautiful of all unions under heaven or in heaven itself. Those partners are not only uniting in a reality itself for the benefit of learning, but these are the two souls that will continue to journey forever throughout time, any definition of time itself, or lack of. No matter what they will always return back to one another and eventually rule together. And again that could consist of your twin flame, or not. Really, it depends upon what afterlife agreement that you and your twin flame have agreed-upon in your spiritual contracts of going into other realities. Will you become fully one afterwards for all time? Or will you simply symbolically become one, each with in your souls individually just threw the interactions of being together and learning 30 experience? Will you depart and go separate ways wants that experience is over with? Or will you both reunite back into higher self? Do you have separate higher selves? These are very good questions. But the divine partnership is the highest degree of love and partnership that there is. A divine partner can enter into a reality with you.

Your celestial marriage could make it so that the two of you actually go through a journey just together to find one another all over again. Many people have also at times confused that for the twin flame too. Although, your twin flame in this journey here, will also be something that you seek out throughout time. Or, it may be that they are the divine marriage itself. It is different for everyone. Your divine marriage in the ultimate end, should bring the two of you together for all eternity, ruling with one another as one Godhead separately, in your own world when you have reached creators status. Or perhaps you already have as I have, and you are just here for the experience overall itself or on a mission. Well twin flames have to work hard to learn and to grow, in order for the two of you to understand male and female perception in do I wouldn’t, finally reached a state of non-duality, they will never 100% be perfect for one another. They are reflections of one another. That is why they are depicted in two different elements and visionary Art or why the Yin and yang represents the most. But what if you had a partner that was already perfect for you? As in your origins, you already had a partner that matched perfectly, how amazing that would be.

A divine marriage can also be something that you have vowed and promised to someone just in promising them that you will love them forever. It’s no longer physical, as it continues on through the energetic tie into the afterlife. However, you may end up going in separate directions for the other portions of your journey without one another, only to make more of those agreements with other souls in new relationships later. You and your twin flame could eventually become a divine partnership to you if that is the agreement. These types of spiritual connections are made in those very different ways. However if you have multiple marriages that were divinely promised through your profession of love, then that is now just a spiritual marriage, that can’t be valid because there is really only one divine partner for you in the end later on. Those ties need to be cut. There are many religions to bond two souls together without knowing if they already have a previous bond Spiritually. It really does make a mess out of things divinely. But in the end there should always be just that one soul that you return to when you are finished learning or growing Or, of you are like me, here on a mission. For souls like myself, and our marriage was already divinely pre-ordained a creation. And what a marvelous thing. You will come to find that soul after your mission or maybe they will come along and join you to help you in it? Nevertheless, if you have other seals or ties, it’s really important to remove those to that they don’t interfere with your future, with whomever you are going to end up with as a divine partnership later on whether you have one now or not. Love and light!

If you’re interested in learning more about your divine marriage or if you have one, please contact me for reading.