Spider Webbing –

How to censor a persons reach? Well there are many different ways that anyone who is skilled with knowledge of encryption and computer coding, could go about blocking or censoring an individual. You have no idea how easy it is nowadays for anyone to alter your robot text on a website. A very long time ago, a friend of mine had warned me of hackers for hire, psychic assassins, and government attacks on mystical information. At the time, I thought that I was safe, because I had a program that hid my IP address.

The best way to censor someone from being able to have any reach on the Internet, is to build some kind of page or platform where all of the persons fans, viewers, friends, or clients come to login to or engage. Once that occurs, the IP addresses of each and every person who comes, will then be monitored, and redirect blocking will occur. Redirect blocking is where, anything having to do with one IP Address is scanned and then a block or censor is placed upon it. Collecting a persons entire fan base on one website or page is like collecting them into a spiderweb, they can block all of them, so that the individual’s fans no longer have the ability to have visibility when sharing anything that relates to the targeted individual them self. It’s called a redirect looping. Everybody that ends up being within that secular part of the spider web site and is interacting with one another, or linked to the page where all of the fans go, whether it is a place to log in, website or social media, nobody will be able to have visibility at all …. when sharing about or for that person. You may notice this, when you go to share something and ONLY the same group of people like it, especially when you have many other friends that are outside of the circle. But no one seems to like your stuff, even other spiritual people or like-minded people in the areas of interest that you were posting about. Even if it is visible, “likes” will not register.

It’s happened several times on several of my websites, that a lot of the people in my inner circle share a lot of my work, but the only people who like it are the people within that same inner circle. There are no other individuals engaging. That would not be strange, if those people were using pages just for their spiritual journey and had not added a lot of people… But me myself? I have almost 3000 friends on Facebook alone. And I still only get likes and shares just from the people closest to me. I appreciate them with all of my heart because if it had not been for them, I would have none. But the point is, I am virtually invisible. Caught in the spiderweb trap. The only way to fix it would be to have everybody stop logging into specific pages that I know are spiderwebbed, and then have them use software that can hide their IP when they post. For me, I will have to go through a great deal of trouble to fix this. While I know which websites they are, I cannot say it here. But I am very hurt. I put so much love and trust out there, even though I don’t really trust anybody fully, I tried to. And to be honest with you, I never really wanted fame to begin with. I just wanted to find like-minded people and share. I don’t deserve to be a really secluded, excluded or lonely just because of my beliefs or truths. Or even because I share them. No one does. I will however be taking measure, try to be a little more safer for now on. I love you all very much and hope that you can read the information in this article using things that I have taught you from the past, to kind of figure these things through.

Honestly, once you are spiderwebbed, most of your activity is watched, and therefore… For somebody like me… Most of my pages that I post, upload videos on or upload information into, will be restricted. That’s because my IP address and anyone linking to it, is censored within that spiderweb Circle, that means that having any reach beyond it, is just simply impossible. I know I will find a solution, the heavens will always help me. But if you are somebody who is involved in trying to voice out about how you feel, what you believe in, or what you see going on in the world… Don’t trust anyone, always hide your IP address, and tell your friends and fans to as well.