Cross country Experience

The morning of September 7, I started out on my journey by packing up my bags for two. My baby and I wanted to have an epic life experience traveling with someone very sentimental and dear to the heart, cross-country. My daughter Amber took me and Adree to the airport. Flying with a little one for 5 hours was overwhelming. Luckily we had an entire row to ourselves for room, but she’s used to playing and moving about when she wants to. The confinement of being in an airline seat really was a battle for both of us.

Spirit airlines is cheap, and I appreciated how they gave Adriel a complimentary snack box to calm and distract her. In my latest articles at Alura’s Angels, I predicted that there would be an earthquake the day that I had arrived. While there was one according to my prediction, it wasn’t as big or violent in magnitude as it should’ve been. I spent a long time in my flight, in prayer, sending healing and love to that area to stop it from creating massive destruction. I was very happy that I was able to get as close to California as I was, at the time flying over. The healing energy where it needed to go. But nevertheless, my predictions are never wrong.

On the plane, and tired. Not my best pic!


I booked my Airbnb in Hacienda Heights. With clients, fans, and friends spread about California, it put me in the middle of Los Angeles and San Diego somewhere. It was a beautiful view in the Hacienda hills. Anyone wanting to meet up would reach out to me via text, Instagram, or messenger. I had a limited time to see the people that had wanted to see me, and even had to pass on a few visits because I only had three days there. Arriving Friday at midnight, are it so that I only had Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning to visit and tour both. I didn’t take photos with the people I had met, as none of us wanted it to seem as if we were using the short visit for clout, or a boost on social media. I felt that it was humble and genuine. I stopped by Knott’s Berry Farm which was a nice walk through. I didn’t have much money, but ate lunch there.

In the days that I did have to tour a bit, we went to Venice Beach (one of my favorite spots) to watch the sunset. They had a ritual group drumming to the setting of the sun which was quite beautiful.

I had always wanted to see Santa Monica Boulevard!

Afterwards, we went to a rotating sushi bar, which I had known about from my first visit to California in 2017 where I had met Adree’s dad. Check it out sometime! Unfortunately, we had a bit of an incident at the sushi bar parking lot. You see, the baby had fallen asleep in the backseat and the doors automatically lock when you close them. I had stepped out of the car for a moment and suddenly when I shut the door…all of the doors had locked! With the keys inside! The baby was locked in the car!

I thought that I was gonna lose my mind out of fear. Just kidding! I knew it would be alright but it did make me uneasy. In New Jersey, people can get into a lot of trouble for something like that. Especially if it’s hot outside. I started to panic, but then I knew that God would help me. Saying a little prayer, we calmly called 911, and the officers were greatly helpful. In New Jersey, you have to wait a long time to get a response. They’re in California, they were there in just five minutes. They didn’t make a big deal out of it either. They merely just broke the car open for me, so that we could get back into the car again and reach the baby who was still quite a sleep. The officer had even commented that he was trying to be quiet enough when breaking the door open, so as not to wake the baby! I thought that was very thoughtful and I was very impressed with the service there through their police department. It was enough to scare me into paranoia over the keys though! They’re on, I had to make sure that I always had a set of keys to the car on a chain around my neck, just in case. I know that not every state is as hospitable in helping a person out in emergency situation. I didn’t want to take a chance of risking that happening again. What if something like that occurred later down the road, and it took longer to get her out? Not something I was going to have to learn as a lesson twice.

Later on, we toured Downtown Disney. I didn’t like Disneyland the first time I had went because of all of the people. I am ultra sensitive telepathic thoughts, auras, and energy. It really is very difficult for me to be in public settings even the ones I listed above. But Disneyland? It’s the worse. But here we had gone very early in the morning, and only went to just downtown Disney which was pretty nice it being empty. I got to show the baby all of the wonderful Halloween decorations. As many no, I am not a supporter of Disney. I find that the subliminal messages found in Disney programming, or very sexualized for children. But just to see some of the cartoon characters, was innocent enough. We had a lovely brunch there at a little bakery bistro called La Brea Bakery. It was a nice little breakfast but most of the items on the menu contained meat products. Actually, in fact it was pretty hard to eat out with people that eat meat when I am a vegetarian. Still it was a lot of fun because we got to see some of the cool displays but we were not there for more than an hour and a half. Adree wore her Minnie hoodie for the occasion.

Afterwards we had gone to Long Beach California. We had a really wonderful sushi dinner as you may have already discovered that sushi is my favorite! There’s a picture of the sign below if you’re ever interested in stopping by there, if you’re in town. I actually really enjoyed this place and found that the food was probably the second best out of sushi restaurants that I have ever been to. Long Beach is really beautiful and I truly enjoyed seeing the volleyball court that existed there for people to just join together as a community in the game. There was a lot of kite flying, rollerblading, and the architecture when compared to the New Jersey beach houses, was very summer beach house like. It was really wonderful and I really loved driving around the streets of California with the windows down, air blowing in and the music up high.I had met with a few of my friends after Long Beach. We sat on the beach just talking about some of the things that they had learned from my blogs, videos and even courses. It was really nice to spend some time with them and to do so in front of the beautiful ocean which was very spiritual experience. I only had an hour with them but it was nice that a few of them have driven as much as 20 miles to come and see me.

There is also an attraction that I had always wanted to see! It was called the queen Mary ship. I had an experience in one of my past lifetimes there. In truth, I have never returned any location that I’ve had a past life time at. All of them are across seas mainly. So it was really exciting and extremely overwhelming to be there. I cried quite a bit. I enjoyed listening to the haunted ghost stories that they say happened there on the ship itself. The baby was taking charge playing captain of the ship right away. And she really enjoyed getting a chance to see how the inside of a ship was created. I mean how many of us actually watch the movie Titanic? Now I got to see what it was really like inside something like that. Additionally I did feel a lot of negative energy in different locations on the ship. One place was down towards the propeller, near the piano, and down by the staircase where the woman was said to have fallen to her death. I definitely saw that! I had visions of me and my lover from that lifetime dancing to old time music and looking over the deck of the ship at the stars. I had to walk out of the ship once or twice to cry a little bit to let out the sentiment. But then I was OK. I enjoyed a Chardonnay, As I do not drink much alcohol at all. In fact they maybe have one or two drinks entirely each year. But with all of the overwhelming energy from being in a past life experience again, it took the edge off a little bit. Even though I am a master, it still bothers me sometimes certain energies are memories, and while I know how to control it, I still feel.

The baby was starting to get a little homesick, so I bought her a cute little corgi dog which seemed to be a famous theme on the ship itself. We had even gone down to a place on the ship where a famous guy gives shows up on things. There were pictures of other paranormal investigators that had investigated the ship too.

My father

Then we were off again. The next place, where would we go? It was time to head out. I would have to begin my weeks journey back towards the East Coast. I was nervous but enthusiastic both at the same time. How would the baby behave in a car ride so long? Where would we stay? We were low on funds and kind of just winging it. Many people would say that I was crazy just jumping into an experience like that without a greater plan, but I’m spontaneous and I know that God will protect me. I have not had many experiences in this lifetime as of yet. I have been to New York City, Baltimore, and Philadelphia with my best friend Bella. I’ve visited West Virginia and Maryland with my parents growing up several times. But other than that? I had not been anywhere. Back in 2017, I had met the babies father in California, but again… I hadn’t seen anything else really. Now, I would get to see all of the middle states straight across the nation. With little money, we would have to make it work out. We were lucky that somebody donated a little bit because half way I would be inquiring about a long transplant for my father. He’s dying and this is his third battle with stage four lung cancer. After I had healed him twice already, the third time was just inevitable for him to follow his fate. Backing the story up a little bit, my father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer back in 2010. The doctor said they could operate but there was a 50-50 chance he would live or die. We placed our faith in God and he came out OK although it was very troubling to watch him have to live on a trach and how skinny he had gotten from being ill. We really knew in our hearts that God would prevail. And he did. With prayers and healing’s that were sent through me and my family. He was told to stop smoking, but my father was stubborn and he believed that his fight with cancer was over after the first time. I had told him it wasn’t true and that he would have to stop smoking if he wanted to be clear of the cancer for good. I told him God saved him not to “slap God in the face” so to speak, and start smoking again. It was the very thing that gave him cancer to begin with. He also had gotten it from agent orange in the Vietnam war. Nevertheless, he started smoking his non-filtered packs of Pall Mall cigarettes every day once again. The cancer had returned a second time and I told him not to go through with chemotherapy for that round. In fact I knew the chemo would just make his process harder, killing him but slowly. So we listened and he took immunotherapy instead. But after a while he didn’t need it. My healings and prayers were working along with a cancer diet that I had developed from help with my connection to angel Metatron. He got better. The cancer was finally gone again. And he did finally quit smoking. But back in 2016 I was sitting at the kitchen table my father and we are playing around with a microscope and blood. I had already seen a lot of black specs in his aura that when I zoomed in psychically so to speak, I could see that the blueprint was cancer again. So I put his blood under the microscope just to prove it to him… And sure enough, there were some very strange anomalies is in his blood. He was very distressed because, he couldn’t understand why God would give him cancer again. He had changed his life, quit smoking, and he had even gotten ordained as a minister. I broke my father’s heart to think that he hadn’t done good enough? But that wasn’t the case. He just quit smoking a little too late. He should have done so the first time. I prayed to God and he told me that my father would have to die from his fight with cancer. It was just the way that it was in his spiritual contract, to exit this world. He said that while I was healing him, but I could not defied death. Feeling very helpless at that point as an angel myself, I had to except the fact that I am not God and even though he has given me cures for cancer through spiritual healing and dieting, they’re just may be some that I can’t heal at all. I was lucky that he had allowed me to hear my father the two last times. We had been told that my father had only had another year or so to live. But he lived a couple more years than that. Just recently he took a turn for the worst. It was getting worse as time progressed and they offered the cancer treatment of chemo therapy once again. I had told my father no, don’t take the chemo. Heavenly father above says that it will kill you this time. But my father and his desperation went ahead and did it anyway. After only one treatment the cancer suddenly spread violently and aggressively through his body, up through his chest cavities and into his shoulder down into the top of his arm. We were devastated. But still we held some hope. My father did not listen to me at all this time though. He didn’t keep up his diet and he didn’t push himself to exercise, he just gave up. As this was taking place, he was still going down to the VA hospital to receive check ups. As he went to open up the door, his arm so rotten with the cancer, snapped in half at the top. Now he had a broken arm and cancer spreading rapidly. He was getting weaker by the day after that. After his arm had broken, they started to give him pain medication which weakened him even more. He just recently stopped eating and using some of his bodily functions. My family and I just had to except the fact that my father wasn’t going to make it this time. But not me! Every morning I got up and I force-fed him. I made the food smell appealing enough to get him to want to eat. And he would eat a little bit. I tried to make the atmosphere heavenly and serene. This seem to cheer him up and brighten his mood. He seems stronger and he could get up and walk around. But when I didn’t do those things, he would lay in his bed like a helpless infant. I thought to myself something has to be done. I thought that maybe traveling to some of the hospitals across the country and asking them about different treatments or transplant options, could help. I would do anything I had to help my dad live, even if it were just a few more years. If I were an allowed to do anything about it spiritually, maybe the medical field could do something? Or even just to find somewhere that they could help him to be more comfortable? Anything was an option at this point. So my cross-country trip was not nearly just to have fun. I took a chance and traveled cross-country to help find options for my father. Additionally, I did get to see some cool places. I’ll come back to my father’s part of the story in just a few moments.

Finishing my time in California

Another place that I had visited in California was the Santa Monica Temple for the latter-day Saints. I know that I have visited a couple on the trip and many people are probably wondering why, since I have had some difficulties with some of the people of that religion at different times. To be honest with you, I am a sucker for architecture. I saw some Catholic churches on my journey as well, but I have to say that spiritual symbolism is so very strongly associated with the Mormon temples, then any other. Even the way that the land is geographically mapped out, speaks a lot of symbolism spiritually. That is something I can definitely appreciate in a magical sense. In the visitor’s center, they had a huge statue of Jesus Christ, even though my explorations of the religion has shown me that they pay more reverence to Joseph Smith at times, then Jesus himself. Anyone attending their church services would agree. That’s not a knock on them, believe me. I believe that religion is a good steppingstone for people, and whatever gives a person a new purpose to live that can lead to greater growth later is not a terrible thing. I feel they should be given 100% truth and not part though. And I know for a fact, that religion only provides for people the foundation of the beginning of spirituality here on earth only. It doesn’t exceed beyond that, and many teachers, pastors and so on… they don’t explain deeper. But, I did see the statue and I thought it was absolutely breathtaking. They also had some really cool places in the temple that represented the life of Jesus. There are some photographs down below.

Heading to Nevada and Utah

After leaving California, we headed up towards Nevada. I had already been there once, I have no idea why I ever even went there… But I think it was just merely to see something new that wasn’t too far away from the location that I was at. I had been in California at that time in 2017 visiting, and Nevada is only just the next street over. Nevertheless, Nevada is full of sin and now I understand why they call it Sin City! We didn’t do anything there the first time I had gone. We didn’t gamble, and we didn’t drink. We just got a bite to eat and walked around the strip just to look at the pretty lights. And then we headed back to California afterwards. This time? We would just be driving through. That was the plan anyhow. With a young baby, we had driven through the desert for so long, that when we finally got to Las Vegas we felt that maybe stopping would be a good idea. So we went into the Circus Circus casino. It was a nightmare! No really, it was sort of OK. For people that like gambling, I can see how it would be a lot of fun. They had all kinds of slot machines for pennies in quarters, and they had some pretty cool places to eat. I ended up eating at some steakhouse even though I don’t eat steak. I ordered some kind of mashed potatoes with some vegetables, and I shared it with the baby. It’s a lot cheaper as a parent when you have a little one, because they don’t eat much and they can usually eat off your plate. I don’t eat much at all. In fact when I’m not traveling or having visitors, I don’t really eat at all. I like to maybe taste test some foods while I am out and about, when I have visitors stop by my home. I like to live a little do you know? I can’t always live like a robot. So we did stop there and taste test some of the vegetable dishes that they had at that steakhouse, which I think was so creatively called “The Steakhouse” lol. It was a very dim setting, they had a fireplace nearby our table, and the service was pretty good. After stopping there, we hit the road again. This time, heading to Utah. We weren’t going to stop to rest in Las Vegas! Oh no! In truth the whole place just gave me criminal vibes and made me very uncomfortable. I’m not knocking anybody that actually likes Las Vegas, I just wanna make that clear. But for me? It is definitely not a place for somebody like myself. I don’t even think it’s a good place for children either. But yes, we jumped back into the car and started heading towards Utah. Driving through the desert was actually really beautiful on the way to Nevada. I truly enjoyed seeing a lot of the beautiful hills that they had there. But that was really only the start of the journey. The only thing I really like about Las Vegas Nevada is the fact that it’s all done in themes. I thought that was pretty cool. It was neat to see the Luxor pyramid, and some of the really cool scenery along the strip. My baby really enjoyed looking out at the desert as well, as much as I did. There were a few times that she was getting a little impatient sitting in the car seat that yes I did let her out. I’m not a bad parent LOL I just didn’t want her to feel as though she were in prison in the car for many hours. So on highways where there were not many police or traffic, I did take her out a few times throughout the trip. One of those times had been for about a half an hour on the way to Las Vegas itself.

It was getting very late by the time that we started heading out towards Utah, probably closer to around 11 o’clock. The baby had fallen asleep long before we actually hit you thought self, and the hotel that we had booked, for us that we could not check in after 10 PM. We had arrive a half an hour late. Banging on the door out of fear that I wouldn’t have a place for my child to rest, I hope somebody would open up the door for us. But there wasn’t a soul around, not even in the office. We had to find another place to go and we started checking other websites. Only other place that was cheap enough, was the Motel 6. On the way to the Motel 6, we stopped by the St. George Temple of the church of the latter-day Saints. It was absolutely stunning and the symbolism associated with the architecture is mind blowing. Arriving at the motel, I have say “my goodness”! I don’t like to give a bad review on anything. But I have to warn you, if you have a child, don’t stay at a Motel 6. They have hard floors, it’s cold in the room, androom and then when you kick up the heater… it smells like urine. The only plus about it was, that you could see a very beautiful view of Utah outside of the window. My baby started to miss her dog at home. We have a Siberian husky. So somewhere along the way I had to buy her a miniature stuffed Siberian husky. We had lost it somewhere in the bedding in the hotel room and almost left behind. That morning after packing up and heading out again, we realized that we didn’t have the stuffed animal with us. We had to go back and search all over the room for it. Afterwards, we didn’t really know of anything to really look at out there in Utah except the pretty temples of the latter-day Saint churches. We stopped by to see another one in Cedar city which is where the Motel 6 was located. I found a beautiful piece of Jasper naturally sitting on top of the earth right next to the temple. I thought it was rather amazing because, it was so beautifully clear and bright orange, but it is pretty rare to find a piece like that just sitting in the middle of nowhere without having to dig for it. Of course I picked it up and kept it as a souvenir. I hadn’t bought myself anything for New Year’s to be honest with you. I don’t need them. They’re really just dust collectors, although Adree would not remember the trip much later, unless I had something to show for it. So I did happen to buy her a few things. Also pick up a couple of small trinkets for my other kids along the way. But this piece of Jasper? I just thought it was remarkable! Jasper is one of the stones that the new kingdom of heaven is built on. Defined it next to secret ground was just really breathtaking. The temple itself was situated upon a hill looking out into the valley of Utah. There were some beautiful communities stationed all around it and you could tell that the people really were very close. I also enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful natural landscape. There were some very beautiful yellow flowers growing out of the desert, along with some beautiful touches of some purple and green desert grasses. I really felt the community’s love of God there. I am not someone that supports any one religion, but if I can feel that that community really has a love of heaven, then I will definitely comment on it. The church in Cedar city definitely carried a very strong vibration of having a love of God for sure.

Just outside of Utah, we were going through some of the mountain landscape. It was there that there had been an Indian trail, left by the native American Indians and some of the colonists in early Utah. On the walls of some of the mountainside’s, there had been some imagery inscribed by the Indians, telling stories of their days there. I had to climb up a bit of the side of the mountain myself, upon the rocky edges in order to reach them. When I got to one of them, I was greeted by an adorable little lizard who came out to say hello. As many of you know, as an angel animals love me. You can ask my friend Bella who has witnessed many times animals just coming up to me to greet me. In fact during our last visit, we were in a nature trail were butterflies and dragonflies were coming out from all over the place to say hello. Even the babies father has seen animals many times just approach me even those who are wild. This little lizard, he was adorable and quite friendly. He was hiding underneath of a bush when he came out to say hi. I’m sure he was enjoying some of the sun on his back as well as a greeted him. In one of the pictures that the Indians had left on the mountain side, they had told a story about a fire that had taken place in which many of the animals were in danger. You could see that they had to pick them selves little stick figures, with the animals drawn close by. What about them there had been a creature hovering in the sky that some of those little stick figures were running up to in the picture. You could tell that they were significant in size because the stick figures were a great deal smaller. It was a three headed being that looked as if it had wings. When looking at what the historical site had said that the picture meant, I could see that they were merely just guessing and while they believed to be true scientifically, I saw that that was not at all what it was trying to say. They were trying to tell of a time when they cry to the heavens for help to put the fire out in order to save them, their crops, and cattle. And then they showed this beautiful angelic creature coming out of the sky to answer their prayers.It was a very different story told by the translators for the site. I am happy and proud to have the gifts and abilities that I do, to see the real truth. It was a pretty cool experience. I went up to each one, and I put my hand up on them to feel the vibration of the past. I can feel the intensity of the ceremonies that they had in the area as it made my knees quick a bit. We didn’t stay long. We couldn’t. We had a deadline to get to the next state, and so we would have to go after having spent an hour walking down the trail and looking around. I know that when I went up on some of those rocky edges though, my baby started acting funny. She was crying and reaching out for me very nervously. I believe that she was foreseeing what I was foreseeing. There was a chance that I could fall and get badly injured. And so I took it as a sign to be extra careful.

To Colorado and Kansas

After Utah, we would set out for Colorado. I think the Colorado was one of my favorite places next to California so far. By that time, I got to see some very beautiful canyons and enjoyed driving up into the beautiful mountain landscape. From California to Utah alone the first day, we had driven 600 miles. Having a nice rest and sightseeing at the temple, our journey into Colorado would take us another 400 miles. I was very surprised that the baby was doing so well! She was just looking around out the windows and sightseeing her self, along the way. I had to take her out a few times like I had mentioned, on some of the more desolate parts of the highway. I really was in all when I saw the beautiful sites of Colorado. We stayed in a little place called Silverthorne which had a very high altitude at the hotel in which I was staying. I almost couldn’t breathe and felt like I needed additional oxygen because I wasn’t used to being up so high. It was a cheap hotel but nice at the same time. The service was quite hospitable, and I believe that they were used to using the hotel as a ski resort, because they had a fireplace in the lobby unlike the other hotel we had been to so far. The perfectionist that I am, I have done my laundry while there so I wouldn’t have to travel with any dirty clothes. And then, I just took a look around at some of the beautiful places that were there. The night that we arrived though, we stopped at a very nice place to eat called the Village Inn. What’s very unusual, is it if you look it up on Google, he claims the place is permanently closed. However, I can’t be if I ate there? I really didn’t eat anything myself, but the baby has pancakes. She was so wired from having been in the car for so long, she was acting kind of goofy. It made me laugh to see her adorable little smile, and her silly faces. I actually got to drive a little bit too. Heading up the mountain, that I was getting a little bit frightened at the speed that we were going that I started to cry and ask if we could slow down. So instead, I was given the keys to drive myself, and I started my way heading up the mountain. I was totally fine except the fact that I was a little bit afraid that deer would jump out in front of us, and I did anticipate that they would have a lot of tired dryer’s coming around the sharp bends and cliffy corners. When I had not anticipated was that, it would be snowing! You see, never having been to Colorado before, I didn’t expect certain places to have snow and I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me, because logically if were up at that altitude, that it would be cold. It’s common sense. I think I was just tired from the journey so far that I didn’t really think about it much. When I started seeing the snowfall, I started to get a little scared. I see any multi dimensional vision and so the road being wet with the falling snow and ice, actually looked like a very deep River. I don’t really know how to describe it otherwise, but I sure felt that I was not on the road anymore. I had to pull over and turn the wheel back over. How could I drive if I kept thinking I was driving in a river? I know it sounds crazy, but that’s just how I saw things. It’s not just that it was a wet road, it actually really look like a very deep stream or river because seeing it on different levels of dimension spiritually, it looks a lot higher and like it’s flowing naturally anyway without the ice or snow. Adding ice and snow on top, made it even more confusing for my vision to try to work with the human perspective. It’s not just that it was a wet road, it actually really looked like a very deep stream or river because seeing it on different levels of dimension spiritually, it looks a lot higher and like it’s flowing naturally anyway without the ice or snow. Adding ice and snow on top, made it even more confusing for my vision to try to work with the human perspective. Finally we were at the top, to the nice hotel that I mentioned a little earlier on. And that was it. We travel through the continental divide the next day and headed towards Kansas and Missouri. Like I said, I wasn’t really strapped with cash, and I was more grateful to just see these places, be in these places…then anything else. I was more than grateful to just have the experience. But something strange was happening.


As an angel and a psychic, I always see the past, present and the future happening all at the same time, including alternates. I can see all the dimensionally and even alternative pathways in what some may call string theory. I see memories even before they happen. I’m able to read blueprints, and the soul records which some call the “Akasha”. If the past is recent and looks very similar to the time in the present, and likewise for the future… I won’t be able to differentiate when it’s happening unless there is something in the vision that can help me to determine exactly when the “picture” is happening. Truthfully I have to say, all things are really just happening now. But when you were part of the soul, in this reality is avatar is living in experience, we have to go by the 3-D laws of time. I don’t myself, because to me I don’t abide by time. There’s no time in the spiritual plains, there’s no time in heaven. But still being here, many people do go by time going forward. As I have learned to adapt to that at times, I have noticed that there is something called déjà vu. I will go into the subject a little bit deeper later on, but dreams are really just another rendition of your reality, that is mainly unseen to you. It from many different chambers of the mind. Being present in the past in the future myself all at once, I am able to see my own records even before they happen. But they may not always be as clear. During this trip I realized that in every place I had been, I had already seen it before. I remember it very clearly even times of having had out of body experiences in those locations with the same individuals. Many people would ask what that means, and the only thing that I can really say is that that is when you know you are on the path towards your destiny. Literally when it happens at that great of a magnitude. When you are remembering specific dreams or out of body experiences actually connect with real life situations that happen and you remember them very very clearly, then you know you were walking your Destin pathway. No the thing is many people have déjà vu and they say that they felt like they had experienced something similar before but they cannot place it. What I am talking about is being able to specifically place it. That makes it very different. That takes it out of the category of déjà vu and into the category of records viewing. And it Hass to be consistent. For me it was. Every step of the way I could see, that I had already seen it before many times and very clearly. I thought to myself how beautiful it was to not only get to see these beautiful places Live and in person, but to have been there already spiritually?… that helped me to know that what I was doing was a part of what I should be doing, and needed to be doing at the time. Deja vu though? That’s something else. Like I said, I can always go into that a little bit more deeply into a future article. For me, it brought tears to my eyes because I had waited most of my life to finally see some of my destiny unfold. It’s a modest and humble destiny, but one that I am grateful for nonetheless. To others who don’t have these opportunities, I would be considered to be lucky. Apart from seeing my mission of getting the word and truth out, and having touched many peoples lives come true from 2010 until now… I think that seeing some of the actual personal experiences for myself, live, was life-changing. Dreams are more than something that you experience after having fallen asleep. Dreams can also be things that you long for, to come true. Dreams can also be a plan that your higher self that’s hard for you, to experience. When your hopes and wishes come to life along with your higher self plan, then you can say that dreams are coming true for you. I have had only a few wishes for myself in life. One of them was to teach people about heaven and to help them change their lives for the better. Another was to get a chance to see many different places in the United States. My third was to have a happy loving family and to be blessed with many children and a humble home in which I could make comfortable and like a sanctuary, adding being able to have somebody as a companion that would be a very strong person to trust in and lean on. My fourth dream in life was to be able to afford living. I think that is one we all share. But my last and final one, is to leave behind a legacy in my teachings for others in the future to learn from, when the world has change so greatly. I only have one dream after earth which is to just be in the presence of God, and I always say as an example, if I could just be a footstool for his feet for all eternity, I would be OK with that. It seems that all of my dreams were coming true. I always say that aligning your path to the higher self path, is a lifelong journey. It’s good to start young, and to have parental direction to help you get there, so that when you are older you are already on the path in your adulthood, that is fulfilling, and brings both completion and happiness. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the luxury of their parents seeking out what their life purpose or spiritual origins are. For me, I didn’t need my parents to help. I have been guided by having since I was a child, who have helped me very much to get me on my path of higher so since I was a small little girl and to keep me on it on going all the way up until now. Having the confirmations it’s just mind blowing. It makes you feel so fulfilled and like you have mastered so much in your life. Many people think that the path the higher self is simple and easy. Many people seem to think it has to do with wealth and fame. Those are just ideas that the spiritual platforms of this day and age provide as a form of guidance, to get people to become more materialistic for commercialism as it increases. Your true higher self path will be one that could be of any level of modesty or greatness, leading you to feel happy with everything that happens on that path no matter what good or bad. And then you work towards transcendence. Transcendence is what helps you to finally merge duality and to live carefree and righteous. Truly it brings a path of happiness and perfection to where obstacles, heartache and pain do not exist. You may experience some depression and other emotions at times, this is not a perfect world. But it does make it more perfect than it would have been naturally without transcendence in your life.

I do have a few other wishes through higher self. I have one place that my higher self had chosen for me to live in when I get older, to settle down and live peacefully away from the ugliness of society. And believe me it was not a place of my avatar is choosing LOL. If my avatar could have chosen anywhere to live, I would have said Florida or California for sure because of the warmer weather. I actually do not like anything cold because of my blood type. Being AB RH negative, I get cold really easy.While I will not say where that places that my higher self choose for me to live, I can say that it is typically colder. But for me? I would’ve definitely chose in a warmer state, or maybe even up in the mountains of West Virginia. Having had family growing up out there, I always thought it was very beautiful. Nevertheless, I really want to follow the path of my higher self. Surrender is a huge part of merging your path with higher self because you have to realize that what your avatar once maybe a product of the world around you, and what your higher self once… It’s actually what’s best. You may not even realize that it’s as fulfilling, until you actually do it. My career I have found many people that have rebelled against their higher self path. They didn’t like the purpose for the sound of it at their higher so that given them. So they went down a different route. They did with their avatar wanted based on the influences in the world around them, that led them to those interesting ideas surrounding it. We came to find out later on that they really were happy with it after all. People get bored with the same old same, hate living the daily routine of every day life, and seems that anything that brings happiness, Sue feeds overtime. When you were living with your higher self plan, nothing gets old or boring. It’s like living in your favorite dream over and over again. I could see for sure, that I was happily on the path of my higher self during this journey. Even though I wasn’t saying any luxurious hotels, or getting a chance to stay a few days to actually do any activities, I was able to see these places in to embed them in my memories of having been here on earth at this time.

Back to the road trip

I apologize for getting off of the subject there for a minute. For those of you who know me well, I tend to babble on and on LOL. Still, it is kind of significant to the journey to know, that everything is aligned with spiritual and physical realities. Colorado sure is a beautiful place, and I have to say it was probably one of my favorites next to California. I know I’ve said that before, but I have to confirm it again. You have to see Colorado if you haven’t already. Being there, it was really surreal. The mountains, the lakes, it was unlike West Virginia that I was used to. West Virginia is full of mountains and valleys, but Colorado had a different vibe. There was a cute little town called Silverthorne like I had mentioned, that we stayed in. It was adorable, lit up with white lights all over as decoration to the city. The Village Inn was much like a Denny’s, or the town’s version of one. But driving through the continental divide, the energy was pretty surreal. It was intense and quite a sight. The canyons coming out of Colorado were just extraordinary. Finally, heading towards Kansas, it was just open plains from there on. The prairies were quite beautiful and were filled with yellow brown eyed Susie’s. I really enjoyed watching the sunset as we travel through there. I even made a stop on one of the lane lines. It was pretty intense. There were a lot of things that I noticed on that journey about the matrix as well as far as power stations, powerlines, and windmills. There was also a few meteor showers too, that we stopped roadside to enjoy. It was a very long ride through Kansas and seems to be full of never ending fields. We stopped at a small little tavern just to get some french fries for the baby and then started our journey again. People sure noticed that we were out of towners LOL. There really wasn’t much to see on that route. We ended up staying in Manhattan Kansas and started immediately the next morning on our way to Missouri. We started cutting the miles down a little bit for the baby by that time. Before leaving Manhattan though, we saw some really beautiful landscape at Pillsbury Crossing, and by the waterfalls located there. I saw some really beautiful horses too, that seemed quite friendly with me. The baby horses seem to be more interested and wanted to come up to me but looking to their mother for confirmation that it was OK, the mother horses were unsure. I didn’t get to pet them like I had wanted to. At the waterfalls, I let the baby play in the water and they had some visions of some things that of happened there. It was an overwhelming drive to Missouri next, but one that we had to make. In St. Louis there was a cancer treatment center located there, that we would stop at. I had to be there for the appointment that I had pre-scheduled, to speak with the team about my father’s current condition and prior history.


When I finally got to Missouri, we stopped by Loose Park in Kansas City. It really wasn’t all that great except it did have some beauty to it. There was a young boy they’re trying to sell one of his rabbits because his own rabbit had had too many babies. Of course I was wanting to take him with me LOL… But I couldn’t. It was just too far of a drive to get to New Jersey from their own, take a poor little animal alone. I’m sure he probably would’ve went to the bathroom and stunk up the car. Plus, I didn’t know if the hotels would accommodate us with a pet traveling along. He sure to take a liking to me though, not surprisingly. I have to say that I did not enjoy Missouri at all. I apologize to any of the people that live there, but it was definitely my least favorite place to visit. That in addition to another location I would come along too, later on. In Missouri though, we went out to eat in Kansas City to a place called The Yardhouse. It was actually a very lovely place to eat and Kansas City seems to be full of a lot of financial buildings that it really wasn’t too impressing. I’m sure others really enjoyed Kansas City, but to me it was no big deal. I live near Philadelphia normally, and so having been to California, New York and Philadelphia, Kansas City was small potatoes. Still, the food was enjoyable as I had a very delicious dish of rice and steamed vegetables which I had to ask them to make separately especially for me. Afterwards, we started our journey to St. Louis. I was supposed to meet with a few friends who live down in Springfield, but the route that we had taken had kept me a few hours away. With a deadline that I had, there was no way I would be able to visit them and make my appointment in St. Louis at the same time. I did cover my eyes and mention I would be in Columbia, but it was OK if they couldn’t make it. I don’t expect anyone to go out of their way for me. Staying in the outskirts of Missouri, I did meet with a couple of people that lived up in those parts and near Indianapolis. It was Friday the 13th in a full moon and so, some magical rights would be performed. I was heading towards Indianapolis anyway, but they didn’t want to miss doing the spell with me. It was a great experience. We did the spells right outside of my hotel the small patch of woods nearby. It went well. We didn’t get to many orders online for spells, but the ones that we did do were really beautifully conducted. The place that I stayed in though, was a very shoddy motel, and they did not have any other room except smoking, which smelled really badly like an old dirty ashtray. The heater there also smelled like urine when it first started up. I still was very grateful I have a place to stay. The next morning we started towards St.Louis.

The Cancer Center

Making it to St. Louis, we weren’t going to stay long. I went into the cancer treatment center and sat down with some specialists, describing my father’s current condition and what it happened to him with his cancer throughout time. The man told me he wasn’t gonna lie to me, didn’t sound good. He told me that it would be very costly for the treatment and that there was a higher percentage rate of it not really helping my dad at all. Not at this point. He had told me that other places could promise me hope, and take my money… But he saw that I had gone so far out of my way to find some kind of help, that he didn’t want me to leave there with false hope or expectations. Explain to me what I should be doing instead. He told me that I should make my father comfortable and spend as much time with him as I can. He said that I happy environment and lots of love and support would be exactly what my father needed right now because he was going through a transition, not to get well, but towards the end of his life. I told him I had one more stop along the way and that I hoped he was not insulted that I wanted a second opinion. He told me that he was not insulted at all and that he wouldn’t expect anything less from the caring daughter. He wished me the best of luck, and while he reached to shake my hand, he came in with a hug instead. He told me that my father was lucky to have a daughter like me who cared so much to go on this great mission for him. I thanked him and the team, and left feeling very down.


Through Indiana, we stopped by a place called The Slippery Noodle. It was an old jazz and blues tavern, the oldest in the city. It was a pretty nice place to stop and eat as we eat outdoors on their patio setting. I had a veggie burger which I really couldn’t eat by that time, after hearing the news about my father. The baby really enjoyed her meal though, and we decided that we would just go through the city and see what they had going on. There were some very beautiful buildings and they were all lit up with beautiful lighting, the streets full of horse and carriage is lit up with neon LED lights. However, there were some detours and we had taken a back country scenic route which had let us into some fields with the orange bread for harvest moon above. It reminded me of something out of the movies Jeepers Creepers or Children of the Corn.I definitely did not want to stall out on the side of the road out there! We found a small hotel to book a stay. I would go to The Indiana Center for Advanced Medicine in the morning.

At Center for advanced medicine had said something similarly to what I was told back in St. Louis. I figured there was only one place that was my last hope and that would be a little bit further on in my journey, getting closer towards the East Coast. For now I would just pray on it each evening and maybe during some of the car ride, and just hope for a better answer. I do know and did now at the time in my heart, spiritually and otherwise… That maybe I was doing all of this for nothing. While the journey itself was an awesome experience as a road trip, maybe something at all those other places with something that I knew was merely just wishful thinking. You know, when you see a loved one suffering you would do anything for them though even if you knew it was hopeless in the end. There were moments during the road trip that I had even thought of giving up my own life to give my father one of my own lungs as a long transplant. But when I spoke about it I was told that lung transplants didn’t really last all that long anyway. Most people only lived a year later, only half percent lived up to three years later. I am still young and I have my life ahead of me. My mother with children. To give my dad only a year to three years more to live, and passing up we could be decades of my own life? I was told it just didn’t seem to make sense. I was also told that my father was old and he had lived his life to the fullest having beaten cancer twice already, maybe it was just time for me to accept that my father was on his way out. I knew what I was being told was true. But at least this way, I could at least tell my father that I had tried. Maybe he would feel more loved knowing that somebody went totally out of their way for him. In the meantime, I did get to really experience something pretty awesome. This was a road trip I would never forget even though I didn’t spend very long in each place.

Now I was headed towards Ohio. Now Ohio next to Missouri, is definitely my second least favorite place in the United States. I ended up in a little town called Springfield Ohio. It was definitely not what I had expected. Here, I had to book another state a Motel 6 which I definitely didn’t want to do. But it was really the only cheapest place I could find other than something called the USA hotel. That place looks like a straight up abandon medical complex that was turned into a hotel. The people that were out front looked as if they were up to no good. In fact I had read into one of the women out there, who was a prostitute and on drugs very heavily. We pulled out as soon as we pulled in, from that hotel driveway. Getting to the Motel 6, I unpacked and rested. It was a little better than the first one I have to admit. The hotel had hardwood floors, but the bed was king size and the baby was having a good time rolling all around. There was a movie with Tom Hanks called “The Green Mile” playing on the television which I thought was very endearing and quite a tearjerker. There wasn’t really much to do out there. In truth, there were a lot of prostitutes walking the streets out there, and the hotel itself seem to be infested with ants. As I was laying in the bed, couple ants had crawled on my leg and bit me. I had worried that the baby might end up with some in her clothes her ears even. I didn’t dress really much at all. While I don’t sleep, I do like to meditate or go out of body to check on my friends, family or clients. I also spend quite a few hours in prayer which lead me into the wee morning hours and afterwards I will still be wide-awake. Meditation is quite a lovely rest for me. As a master and a being who does not abide by three dimensional laws spiritually, time, sleep, and eating really aren’t things that I need to focus on. I do like to taste test though, I will say that. I’m not gonna say I never eat them I just sold and we eat. But sleeping? That’s something I almost never do. I enjoy having a limitless vibration of in my consciousness, to spend my day and night doing anything that I need to, to get ahead. But with the ants crawling around, I had to skip meditation and prayer that night to make sure that they didn’t end up in the baby. We showered the next morning and headed out to travel through the rest of Ohio. Seems like the tires were not able to handle the journey though by that point. They were making strange sounds on the highways and for sure I had thought… But maybe the alignment was off due to a wheel bearing. My dad was a mechanic growing up and so I know a thing or two about cars. So I purchased a jack at the nearby store just in case something happened to the tire, and then started out for the rest of my journey. The next up? Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I would travel through the northern border of West Virginia to get there. I was tempted to travel three hours into West Virginia from there on, to head down to my grandfather’s old property. I love sharing my past times with the people that I care about and this was definitely something of great sentiment. However, my best friend had mentioned wanting to travel out there when she was visiting down in New Jersey from Chicago… But I had to decline because of my job. I didn’t think it would be fair to have gone with anyone else since she herself had wanted to go with me first. So we stayed on our route to Pittsburgh. We are going to top the journey off with a nice stay there and see what we could about cancer treatment in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh and homeward bound…

Pittsburgh was my third favorite place to go. It was full of so many bridges that lead from the island in the middle, two beautiful towns surrounding the island on the outskirts on the mountain. I would be home soon. It was a beautiful city though. There were so many different make sure is a sale. There were buildings that were old, some that were new. It was a really lovely community sitting there as well. They had a beautiful park in the middle, or games or station for people to play together. As they were resting in the park, they could grab some lunch in the nearby restaurants around the circle at the park. Then, with their neighbors they could play checkers, or chess, life-size. It was pretty amazing. We stayed at the Days Inn a few miles outside of the city, But it was actually really quite nice because we were just close enough to the city that we didn’t have to drive too far to get there, but we weren’t paying crazy prices to stay in the city itself. Like every city, the streets are lined with business men and women, homeless panhandling for change, and tourists. He first arrived there were a lot of Pittsburg Steelers fans there for the game. It was hard to find a place to park at first. I hate even had seen on one of the buildings my name is written. It wasn’t surprising because I had seen a few people there, that we’re friends and friends. I didn’t visit with them on, as we had only just sat down and shared a glass of wine to celebrate our getting to meet at last. But afterwards, we had gone to our own location off in the city, to have some seafood bisque soup.

The next day, we came back down into the city and stopped by the UPMC cancer treatment center. I knew when I walked in there I was probably going to hear the same thing that I had heard from the last two back in Missouri and Indianapolis. Sure enough, I did. I finally came to a form of acceptance know that there was no saving my dad. Just the night before I had spoken to my mother who had said he had fallen at home and there was nobody there to help him up except my daughter and her boyfriend who had so graciously been hanging around while I was gone, to fill in my place to help. I’m very thankful to both of them for the support that they have shown my mother and father while I was away. Paper the cancer center had told me pretty much the same thing, but I just had to let go. They offered me some counseling and support from her self and for the rest of my family but, I didn’t need it. I knew in my heart when I started my journey there wasn’t much that I could do. I just wanted my dad to know that I cared and if any of the facilities offered any kind of comfortable stay, then I would probably had spent any money that I had or spent my life slave driving myself to make it, for him to stay there. But in the long run, those places were pretty far from home and there wasn’t anything in New Jersey that I had felt comfortable with as an option. I know that my father certainly felt as though he wanted to spend his last days at home. It bothered me a little to know that because I felt he would need medical care, people that were equipped to handle somebody who could not take care of themselves any longer. But if that’s what made him happy, then that’s what we would do. Heading home I would not have to rely on my daughter a boyfriend anymore, I was going to be there for my dad. This time there is no road trip or anything that I would go on, to keep me from being by his side.

After we stopped at the center, we headed towards the Phipps Conservatory. It was a beautiful garden environment and had a lot of beautiful themed rooms in it. They were showcasing then go in flowers, which I thought was pretty interesting. I had always wanted to go to a flower show. I also had stopped at a quaint little bakery down in the city before I had done anything that day. It’s a very delicious French pastries and something that I will savor as a memory in my mind and in my taste buds for us in my life. The baby had a good time at the Conservatory because she got to see some fishies and I had a really good time walking around with the people that I love the most. After the Conservatory, it was time to head home. It would be a four hour trip back to New Jersey. It was mentioned stopping at Philadelphia just for one last City to add to the many major cities we had stopped in on the way. But, at that point my kids were waiting for me back home and I just wanted to see my family. So, I ended up in New Jersey sometime around 9:30 PM on 16th September.

The end

We had a beautiful journey. We had seen so many things. Like I said so many times before, even though I didn’t get to do anything extravagant, it was nice. Then a lot of the major cities straight through the middle of the United States on our route. I had a good time. The company was good, food that I did try, was delicious… And it really did mark a new milestone in my journey, for a new life to begin. I had just hoped it would be a positive one. Since the dark consciousness has started back in 2017, a lot of people including myself have been affected by it. I wasn’t affected by it personally, I just watch a lot of other people suffer from its affects. I also had experienced some times of sadness and depression having watched a lot of people fight with it. It hurts me to see other people hurt. If the people that I work with, knew how much I really love them, at least they could say that they were loved by someone truly, purely and genuinely in their lives. I worry about every single one of you every day. But this trip? This one was for me. I know it’ll be a long time before I see her do anything else, but this new beginning? I think it’s gonna be a good one. I’m hoping that through the network spiritually that I have created, this good energy just channels to each and every person I have a connection with, said they can have a new beginning too. I love Colorado, and California for sure.Ohio in Missouri? No not so much. I really enjoyed the people that I met from my work online and on the phone, I really got to see how I have touch other people’s lives so deeply and getting to meet them. There were a lot of people that I regret not getting a chance to meet. But I was really strapped for money and I had to be careful with the mileage and the gas. I am grateful for those that went out of their way to come see me. I understand for those that couldn’t. It was beautiful scenery and landscaping, great conversation, and I have to say that it is something that I hope my baby will look back on as she grows older in life. Not only do I get to tell my father that I stopped at a few places in an attempt to save his life, but I get to tell my one year-old that she got to travel across country with her mother I just 12 months old. I will probably put all these pictures in an album but I wanted to share them here as well. I hope it inspires you to go and do something incredibly spontaneous and greet, to take a risk and a chance to do something that you’ll never forget. I love you all so very much and thank you for having share this journey with me. I also want to thank the baby and my driving companion for everything that was done for me and the baby along the way and the wonderful time that I had in this experience with them.