Haunted Brick…

Mom grew up terrified. My grandfather, a descendant of the Tuatha De Danan, felt his supernatural roots, but took them a negative way. He got heavily involved with the paranormal. He made gadgets, and EVPs, for his ghost hunting. There are many wild stories to tell from my grandfather’s adventures, but today, we will talk about the  Haunted Home of Atlantic City.

It was in 1979, as my mom, her mother, my aunt and her husband, and their newborn, piled into the  White Ford van owned  by my Grandfather. He had an idea, to head on over to a house he had grown up in, that he knew to be haunted. He wanted to explore. It was a place called Wister Place, right in the Celebrity location of Atlantic City, in that day. He had even met one of the Three Stooges at one time. Moe!. Anyhow, they drove out there, all of the way from Williamstown New jersey, about 50 miles from their home.

When they got there, my Grandmother, did not want to go in, knowing it was a haunted home. She already had lived there before with him and his mother, in the past, and felt it’s energy. So, she stayed in the van with the baby. My mom, and her sister, and brother in law, followed my grandfather into the home. New people had been living there. They readily invited him in. They had known he was the home’s former resident. Mom was told not to go on the third floor, without being told the reason why. So she stayed  in the living room, looking around, not getting too involved. My grandfather had placed a tape recorder outside, and he took a look around, snapping random photographs in the house. He also did not go to the third floor, as he knew there was something terribly spooky up there. My grandfather had many investigations that had led to EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon), and for him to not go up there, it had to be something scary, as he was used to paranormal occurrences.

They had only been there for a little over 15 minutes, then he thanked the owners, and they grabbed their tape recorder, and also a brick from the home, as a keepsake. Then they left. When they arrived home, my Grand Pop played the recorder back.  It had a voice in it, calling out his name. A female, calling “Johnny”.  About three times.  Enough to make your hairs stand up, on the back of your neck.  He also had a look at the photos that he took there. In one of the Polaroids, there had been a ghostly apparition of an older woman. All in white, which they believed to be mom’s great grandmother. In another photo, they found a picture taken from the outside of the home, and there on the third floor, in the window, was another woman. She had dark hair, and was looking outside of the window.  My mom looked at them, and she was shocked, and a bit frightened. It was enough to traumatize her into not wanting anything to do with the paranormal. But that is not all. More happened, to terrify her as well.

Mom’s great grand-mom died in the haunted home in Atlantic City. My grandmom, had taken care of her while she was passing, at 101 years old. The brick brought with it, energy from the property.  Things happened as a result. My grandmother, got suddenly ill, with Cancer. And a lot of bad luck happened. There was poltergeist activity in their own home, and everyone had financial issues. There was a lot of bitterness. One night mom was sleeping and heard three knocks upon her window. There were square headed shadow beings would appear, and violently shake the dressers in mom’s room. They had even tried to choke her in her sleep. My grandmother eventually died in her own home, of the cancer. The owners say, they now see her, in their home, just like she had seen her husband’s grandmother in hers. Pop-pop continued his paranormal research for years. He continued to obtain some epic recordings. Some, he had done at cemeteries, and had revolutionary music and drumming on them. One involved my great uncle. He had gone with my pop-pop to one of the investigations, and the ghostly voice on the tape said “Stay away from Johnny”. It was telling him  to steer clear of my grandfather. He did. And I do not blame him. My grandfather was a scary man. Most of all, my mom never wanted to  participate in anything ghostly ever again. Her wish did not come true. She raised a psychic medium as her daughter LOL… I would never involve myself in dark practices as grandpop did though, so she doesn’t have to worry about that.

As for the brick, the photos, and the audios, my Grandfather stored his paranormal items, and even his deepest secrets in a trunk. It was locked for many years. Everyone wanted to see what was inside. But when he passed, it was empty. He must have emptied it, before his passing to cover up, whatever he had been hiding in there. Somehow, my Aunt, ended up with the EVP’s, but the brick, and the photos disappeared with the trunk. His investigations of the world of the deceased, going with him to the grave.