Lyran Sighting


It was the year,  1953.  It had been a warm, and sunny day in Glendora New Jersey.  Dad’s place of growing up.   He had gone fishing, earlier in the day. Now, he was sitting on his front porch step, relaxing. The neighborhood was a nice quiet place. Everyone knew one another, and it had the typical 1950’s feel to it, where everyone said Hello to each other, and there was not really any news.

It was about four in the evening. As Dad sat on the porch, Dad’s brother Chet, came running down the street excitedly.  He had been down the road, in the woods, searching for turtles, snakes and any other critter he could find. Kids did those things for fun back then. I still do …

He ran up exclaiming that down the road, there was a huge animal in the top of the tree. The woods, had been off a dead end road, about a block away. This neighborhood had some supernatural occurrences. Mystery ghosts in the woods, a haunted military hospital, and some UFO sightings. However, it was quiet in between time. When something did happen, it was a “big” event.  While my Uncle told Dad, of this sighting, Dad did not believe him at first. Strange, as Dad was a big believer in the paranormal. But somehow, this sounded too odd. My uncle told him of a large oversized “cat or something”, about 30 feet up in one of the trees, laying down in between the branches. Dad just sat there, skeptical, but as a good brother, he got up to see what Chet had been ranting about. He had been all excited about it, because it was a very odd thing to see in the middle of Glendora NJ. Bears, Lions, none of that existed out there. It was a rural suburban town off of a main access road that took you towards the cities of Camden and Philadelphia. At those times, were very nice cities.

Upon heading on over towards the location with his brother Chet, they ran on towards the end of the dead end road, which led them into the big patch of woods, near a hill going towards Timber Creek, which went down about 25 feet towards the river. They slowed down, and walked half way down the hill. Chet, pointed the unknown species out, to my father. Dad was only about, 10 years old at the time. He saw what Chet had been trying to tell him about. As Dad looked up into the tree, he saw a huge, furry animal, but he could not see the face or head. It’s fur was tan, with some brown spots on it. He felt afraid,  but exhilarated at the same time. Adrenaline pumped through the two boys, as my Dad suggested they go back to the house, and get my grandmother. She was very much into the supernatural world, and had much experience in it.  They ran back up the hill, and towards the house, hoping the creature would still be there when Mom-Mom went back with them.

They ran into the house, and told their mom what they had seen. “Mom, there is a giant cat or something in the tree, and its bigger than a person”, dad stated. At first she was also in disbelief. But they begged her to “come take a look and see”. She got up and walked with them back to the location where the “thing” was. She looked up and saw it too! “C’mon on boys, let’s get out of here”. She told them. They went back to the house, and Mom-mom called the police. The police arrived in a little while and wanted to be told where they could locate the creature. So, Mom-mom, Dad, and Uncle Chet, took the police man down to the location half way down the hill. He looked up and saw the Creature too. The police man told my Dad and his brother as well as mom-mom, to go back up the hill..  So they followed order.

Up at the top of the hill, they looked down at the police man. Waiting to see what he would do, and he suddenly drew out his gun. He aimed at the creature, firing only one shot. The Creature, alarmed at the sound of the fired weapon, jumped all of the way down from its place, 30 feet up in the tree. It landed on its feet. And it took off into the woods. Afterwards, when the coast the clear, they all went back down the hill, to where the police man had been standing.  The policeman, said he did not kn ow what it was. He had never seen anything like it before.

They looked down at the spot the creature had landed on the ground after jumping from the tree, to see if there had been blood, from the police man shooting at it. The only thing found, was a huge paw print, the size of police man’s hand itself, a grown adult male. Dad and his brother followed the path after the creature to another hill. But it had vanished. The Creature disappeared and was never heard of again. They gave up the search. Not only because they could not see anything, but because they were also still pretty frightened.

Later, the police man and my grandmother spoke on the event. Dad says he could not hear what they were saying. But they only thing he did hear was that the police man said he had never seen anything like it before in his whole life. The Creature was never heard of, or seen again. But it became an unknown mystery to the area, and to my family who witnessed it. Dad swears it was human somewhat, perhaps a Lyran Being relaxing in the strong energy of the area. I wish the policeman had not tried to shoot at it. No wonder beings do not come to visit. Later on in my life, I did see the being again, and was able to answer much of Dad’s questions as to who and what it was. All things are synchronocity.