Surprise Guest…

I sat down to pray and unwind. Earlier that day, my temporary housekeeper had come. I did not have time to clean with working until 11:30, every night that week.  So, she had come to give me a hand. Usually, I clean my self, but I needed the help and support. In doing so, she was up in my office dusting the crystals and stones, when she had turned to leave, there had been a man standing and watching her in the doorway. It startled her. She told me what she had seen, and I was not surprised. I was used to it. Now, I was sitting here in the office and trying to vent some of the overwhelming energy. Channeling so much, can be so hard on the light body.   This was was a bit overwhelming. I needed a moment. But as I sat there, I kept hearing, “Help me.”.

I could not channel again. If I had, I would have collapsed. I am certainly taking the rest for the week off too, but I could not leave this poor soul hanging. So I got some other tools for the soul to use to speak, rather than using me.  He said his name was Scott. Amber had come to help too. I was in such frail condition, she knew I needed her help. As she too, listened there,  she heard the name repeat. “Scott”. However, I could not get anything else from him. It was a male spirit, and his energy did not feel very old. However, I still could not do the channeling, and did not want to make this spirit wait, so I tried another method to draw more information.  It helped, but not as much as I had hoped it would. All I got from him, was “I miss them”, and “I feel lost”. Then, his energy left. I felt awful for him. I said aloud in hopes he was somewhere in order to hear, “Scott if you return in a few days, I can help”.  Then, I went to lay down.   I was excited about the weekends upcoming event, and seeing my friends there, so I kept that positive thought in my mind to bring my energy back up. I did not sleep, as I usually do not. And, as I laid there, I heard his voice faintly again. “Alura Cein”, he kept calling. He seemed to know my entire name, which means whoever he had come for, knew me by my full name. I felt a connection to one of my clients. However, without direct clues, I would be impossible, because I had thousands of clients, and right now, I could over extend myself.  wondered if I had any breath left. What I mean is, did I have even a tiny bit of energy to help.? I gave it all I had.. Still, I did not get very far. I guess having had such an intense week of trying to make it to my client’s event, I was down and psychic work wold not be an option for me, in order to heal. All I knew was that he was scared, and very confused. It broke my heart. If do not do much more psychic work this week, I may be able to help him in the middle of next week.

I called my best friend later on that day, or wait, it was actually the next day. Sorry for the confusion, as I type my thoughts come out, and sincerely, I had thought it was the same day until realizing I had laid down at night and saw the sun rising shortly after. So yes, I called her later in that day. We were to put our heads together on how to further our plans, but I was still perplexed over everything as I was drained big time. I needed a healing session for myself. So I told her I would do one and she said that i was to relax over the weekend too. She would stay with me for 3 days, and we would make the greatest of weekends out of it. I was excited. In the mean time, I had my other very best friend texting back and forth with me through out the week too. She always knew how to make me laugh and sent me photos of animals that really took the burdens of the week away. I was happy, I was energetic, but at some point I got drained. So she was very helpful.

So, this is almost the end of the week, My energy is back up again. I will still wait for the best moment to channel the spirit Scott though. My parents always tell me, “Ally, you are like a walking Ouija board, a portal to spirit”. They say that because each day, it is a new soul who comes calling. Usually, everyone experiences it in some way when it happens, even my housekeeper.  So here’s to  Scott, may he be blessed, and Lord walk with me each step of the way to ensure that he is. My surprise guest really needed me, and I am hopeful that I may be able to help him even as early as tonight and if not, there is no time in spirit world, so I have  other opportunities to do so.