Spiritual living: Expectations

It is often that we can try to explain to our families that were spiritual people. But what really comes with being Spiritual? The angels teach that everything is a spiritual experience, since everything is just made of energy. In Trish Avery’s book on her spiritual discoveries, she quoted me:

See below…

And what I said was true. While I did read her book, and I thought it was great, I have to say I have my own beliefs. But it does give some interesting perspectives to some things. Going back to what I was saying, I truly know that heaven wants us to be the perfect versions of ourselves because that’s what’s better for ourselves. Only expectations are only that there are none. Obviously it’s all for each person’s own journey. But truly I always say a person is either a slave to this world or to the higher self. Because either way, they are not living as their own. This is obvious because everything around us in this world tries to tell us who we are, what to do, what to like, what do you invest in and never touches base on the spiritual nature of things, only the material. Many of us came here to experience the material world yes, but ultimately to transcend it. When a soul has come to the part in their journey where it’s time to transcend and work on things, it can be quite difficult in trying to get a person’s family to work with them. we’re not supposed to have expectations. I think that having them as why, we often find ourselves quite disappointed. If we expect nothing, then if something goes wrong, we won’t be all that disappointed. Thing that you can do is, communicate how are you feeling how you view things to your family. If they are not trying to work with you, say to yourself that perhaps maybe they’re not opening their perspective enough to understand where you’re coming from. Truly if someone understood you, they may not agree, they may not conform, and that’s fine…but they should at least understand what you’re saying and respect it. But thats the problem with communication here on this planet. Family often never expresses that they understand. They just defend and enforce their own view. Then you find yourself doing the same thing. And that never gets anyone anywhere.  If everyone could just listen to each other and even in having a different perspective of things, say that they understand where they’re coming from but they disagree and that at least the person would feel more understood so as not to have to defend. That would make the communication go easier but you may not find the person on your level just yet. That’s why if you don’t have expectations, you won’t get disappointed.

It’s not easy to have relationships and you are on such a devoted has such as a spiritual one. There are so many changes in your life. You’re changing the way that you treat other people. The way that you communicate. You’re trying to be more mindful of the atmosphere and the environment going on around you. You’re trying to have awareness of your own actions and thoughts so as to have them work together and better change. There are just too many things to have to have awareness about. Having relationships definitely complicates things but relationships are a needed part of our lives. I have always said that the first year of a persons spiritual journey towards enlightenment should be spent alone. And that is so that they can have the time without distractions of others to complete all of the above things, and others. It can be hard to try to make your own changes on your own spiritual path, and have to always explain things to someone else as you’re changing, at the same time.

I think that people don’t really realize that it’s mainly how they come off to others. If you are keeping it real with your loved ones in a kind way while showing them that their opinion is valid and respected too, you will get a similar reaction. Actually being nice about things, rather surprises people. I remember I was driving to Philadelphia with someone. I was in the passenger seat and the person that was driving behind us keep honking. They were very upset about something and they were getting angry that we were driving so slow. Finally there was an opening for them to pull up right alongside of us to start yelling and attacking us. The driver who was with me, was about ready to feed into it and start arguing back. However, I looked at the man in his eyes and I told him that we were very sorry that we held him up for any reason and that the reason why we were driving so slow is because we had an infant in the backseat. I also told him he could kindly go around as he wanted. He was actually frozen for a few minutes trying to process that someone came toward him in a kind of fashion, understanding. It wasn’t like the usual people he was used to there in Philadelphia. Many of them would’ve just flipped you the bird. So he just nodded his head and drove away.

I once knew someone that was trying to live saintly. She knew all types of people. Some were addicts, some were foul mouthed, and some were closed minded spiritually. She wanted them to change but in the process of trying to make them change… she lost them one by one. Having no expectations can go a long way.  Many will come into your lives, and you can’t change them. You just have love people for who they are and accept them. People will be who they want.

1 Peter 3:1 applies not just to wives but to all people…

“they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives“. (Or other spiritual people)

If they’re going to change, they’ll do it when they’re ready and not with pushiness coming from others. They’ll change when they see changes in you, that inspire them. And that happens when the person gets that realization that heaven causes to happen. Later, they’ll thank you for having accepted them for who they were and who they became. Just like heaven accepts everyone in all phases of life. It’s the differences that help others to learn and later after learning, bring people to meet on the same grounds if they’re meant to be a part of your life later. Who knows, destiny brings characters in and out of our paths of all types. Planting seeds of your example, your love and acceptance, will pay off eventually.