Psychic Seasonal Depression: Climate Effects

A beautiful evening passed just the other day. The leaves 🍁 🍁 are almost done falling and warmer clothes are brought out of storage. It’s almost Winter ❄️ though. Strange weather here in New Jersey. HAARP has definitely shifted the weather, along with global warming. We have Autumn in the winter as well as some days that feel like Summer, and then extremely hot Summers with random cold days. When I was a kid, I could smell the seasonal changes. Fall was still warm up until the beginning of November. Then Winter came towards the end of November, into the month of December. And believe me, when it came, it came LOL. It was amazing. We would wait for autumn to come, and then we would rake up all of the leaves from the huge sycamore trees out front. Once we did that, we would swing from a tree branch that was maybe about 10 feet off of the ground. We would just give us a very light and gentle swing, and we would drop straight into a huge 5 foot pile of leaves. My wonderful relatives lived across the street, and we were all very close with the next-door neighbors. We would combine all of the leaves from all of our yards combined, putting all of the leaves together in one massive pile! That was truly the time of my life!

I can recall the way that Autumn smelled to me back then. It always reminded me of the smell of the first day of School and the new classroom, combined with rain as well as dry leaves. I always knew that Autumn was on its way when that smell came. It was truly amazing because, it always seemed to happen right around the time of the equinox too. Autumn was a very warm time. We could still wear a light jacket, and a skirt during the day. As Autumn progressed, it led everyone towards having to wear sweaters. Then eventually, everyone needed a fairly warm coat.

I had such an imagination! My cousin and I would bury ourselves under the leaves, making ourselves completely hidden. This used to make my mother so nervous because, the piles of leaves were beside the curb in the street. She used to be so overprotective! She would yell from the front door, “Ally, get out of those leaves! You’re going to get ran over by a car. They can’t see you in there. What if some young kid decides to drive over the leaves for the hell of it”?

I always felt embarrassed. None of the other kids’ mothers made a big deal out of it. I had thought to myself at those times, “Oh well, I’m glad that I have a good mother who cares, instead of one who doesn’t. Even if she is overly protective”. I still hid in them anyway! I would wait until after she had left from her post at the front door, for her to return back to her spot on the sofa. Every day at the same time, she would watch her daily episode of her soap-opera, “General Hospital”. So, I had enough time between commercials, to play in the leaves. There were even times, that we would pretend that we were in some enchanted Autumn fairy forest, while playing outside in my huge 2 acre yard. It left room for the imagination to run wild. My yard, to us as children…seemed to be a huge prairie. The size seemed so much larger than it really truly was. That yard was awesome though. Yes, my yard triggered our imagination not only because of the size, but also because of the way that it had looked. It had hedges all around the perimeter that contained all sorts of vines hanging all throughout. Some of the hedges grew to 8 feet in height during some years. Out in the front yard we had two beautiful dogwood trees, each blooming it’s own color flowers. One flowered in pink, and the other…white.. We also had large maple trees in the back yard that made huge canopies of shade. Then in the far back of the yard, there was a huge magnolia bush that had a lot of vines which produced purple flowers that looked a lot like grapes. My neighbor always had a lot of Ivy growing wildly from their yard into ours.

Also, if you went through the clearing in the hedges, it led into someone else’s abandoned backyard that looked much like a meadow. It even had a stone bench, huge lilac bushes, and more trees to climb. During the summer, it always had alot of dandelion blossoms growing over the place. You know?…The white fluffy seedlings that sprout, and everyone uses in order to make a wish after blowing on them? Well when the wind blew, the meadow’s atmosphere would be full of the white whispy seeds. It was very majestic. But, I never did forget the way that Autumn smelled during it’s approach. How could I? Knowing that all of that beauty would be ready for us after school? It was a very magical time in childhood. I still continued to smell the changes in the seasons well into my young adult hood.

It was the same with Winter. Winter always smelled a lot like a refrigerator’s freezer mixed with dried mowed grass. And perhaps a little hint of dirt. The cold air would go right up my nose, and often burned my lungs. I did not mind it much though. It was very surreal. I used to imagine during the times when I could see my breath against the air, that I was about to encounter the “The White Queen”. A villainous character from one of my favorite childhood television shows, called: “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”. In the show, she would often end up blowing her magic in the air, and her intended victims would exhale the cold mist, just like my hot breath against the cold air outside. In the 1990’s, we had a huge blizzard that covered a lot of the southern part of our state in ice. The trees had a layer of ice on them. The snow had made the underground plumbing pipes flood, and then the water froze into mini lakes all throughout the neighborhood in all of our yards. We went ice skating on them! And we even built snow igloos! Truly it was the time of our lives!

Are usually wait to get the winter sent, in the middle of December. The winter solstice begins on 21 December every year. But no… I could smell it weeks away. My energy would shift with the changing seasons as well. It was very particular comment that every time this season would prepare to change, I would experience different moods and emotions. During certain seasons I was extremely active, or I would be extremely sleepy. I know, many of you will say that a lot of people get tired during winter. But my fatigue began in the summer. I felt more energized during the autumn.

After time, I learned how to discern when the true seasonal shift had happened. It was during those moments that I would then connect with the heavens, to take a look at what to expect in the months to come.

Now, everything has changed. The seasons are definitely mixed, and it causes many to wonder… Has the Earth shifted as well? Or is it just that HAARP, has changed the weather so significantly, that no matter what season the Earth has shifted into, the weather will always be distorted? Perhaps maybe it is global warming after all? To be honest with you, I know the answers to my own questions LOL. I’m just putting them out there, to make you all sit back and think. The truth is, it’s a bit of all of those things.

With Global Warming, it’s already been proven that our world has changed in the way that it delivers to the climate. We have ice melting and polar bears going without homes. Then we have the difference in the growth of trees and vegetation, all around the world. Fish and birds have been found migrating to warmer areas. And, birds are dying in the atmosphere. Because of why? Because everything that I said is true. It’s all of the above. The Earth itself has shifted. HAARP has been experimenting with weather control and cloud seeding since back in the 1960’s. A good example of this would be the Vietnam war. It was during that time that many of the clouds had been seeded to create rain, which would act as a diversion for the enemy. This was also around the time that they started their developments in experimental operatives for monarch mind control. That is an entirely different subject however, we can still understand science and technology through the 1960s at that stage. Including alterations in the weather.

When it comes to each HAARP, this is an organization that really does play a tremendous role in chemtrail’s. All of the chemicals from the aerosol coming off of the airplanes, definitely hurts the environment as well as somehow interfering with the weather. Think of all of that poison just hanging out in the atmosphere above. This is also where they add nano technology, such as the GPS tracking microchips which are no bigger than a speck of dust.

Now I am kind of getting off the subject, as I usually do LOL… But just stick with it, psychically I can feel the shift of the earth in all four seasons of the year. Why? Well firstly, the earth is a vibration of its own. It’s frequency fluctuates between a certain vibrational field. I usually like in this to a spectrum. As it kind of jumps up-and-down in that spectrum so to speak, I can feel huge changes, such as when the Sun’s energy is further from us or closer to us. I can also feel if our atmosphere is as strongly protecting it for that day or not. Scientists should know, that each day it gets worse and worse but sometimes depending on the vibration, we can have more of a protective shield on one day, rather than the next. This is why… Besides all of the crosshatching wireless energy lines from Wi-Fi, cellular phones, and other forms of technology requiring such, you can feel a difference in your own vibration each day. There are certain days that you’re feeling heavier, and other days when you are normal. All of the energies around you affect you. This is why I use Metatron protection grid.

When I was younger I did not use any form of protection. I was given the codes for a fractal cage as well as an Archangel Michael Pleiadian protection grid. But these two forms of protection only seem to work when someone’s vibration is fairly steady. Mine is different every day since I work with many different types of people. Finally, I got the codes for this type of protection grid which I just recently placed upon myself. It fluctuates with the shifting energy. It doesn’t change that I can feel these energies shifting, but it keeps it from draining me for sure. I wonder how many other people can sense the changes in the seasons? It’s a truly beautiful gift to know when we are getting ready to enter a brand new seasonal gift. But, certain seasons definitely do a little sad. Especially during the summer I feel extra depressed. Sometimes smelling the season and sensing, reminds me of memories from childhood that often make me feel down. It’s not easy to cope with it on top of all of the other things that I experience as a psychic. But one thing I do know, is that the changing of the seasons can bring sensitivity in all aspects of self. There are a lot of people who feel so depressed during the winter months. But I feel effects mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It’s pretty difficult being who and what I am.