Spiritual Racism

Divine Loving Blessings to you reader!

Greetings to you! May you, and your loved ones find yourselves blessed… I did not know where to place this article, with the many blogs that I have,. In careful contemplation, I have decided that this here, is a truth, so it would be appropriate if I post it here. Why am I writing it? Lately, in a world where everyone is meant to be free, myself and many others have been facing an issue which I feel as a collective, we should start to work on fixing. This subject breaks my heart. I wanted to speak on it. Someone has to.

In this world through out the ages of man, we have had many religions.  Some disappeared altogether and no longer exist. Like the Atlantean Way.  Today, many have survived and evolved. There are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs,  New Agers, and so many more! This should display the beauty, of the many colors of our society. While doing so, it should indeed leave our world full of knowledge and wonder.  It has been said, that our world is shifting, and that religion is dying. Well, not quite.

Part of my journey:

The definition of religion is: “Anything that you place your faith in”. If you place your faith in your Cosmic Journey, Jesus, Alien Creators, Source, or God in the image of  an old man floating in the sky… that is your religion. For me, my life was not easy. My parents came from very different backgrounds. My Dad’s family was a mix of Christian Ministers, and others had been involved in Christian Science or Theosophy. My Mother’s family was mixed with traditional Catholics, and some who were involved in paranormal investigations. That was during their time growing up though. For me, they were not practitioners of any belief. Dad hid his belief in other worlds and magic, life on other planets, and nature. He hid that my grandmother was psychic by nature. For Mom, she told me stories of horrifying events that took place in her father’s time as a demonologist and paranormal investigator. She did not have a faith though. However, my grandfather had ties into some important areas in life with his family ancestry. He had secretly worked for President Truman. He also was within the military for a long time, and then my Uncle climbed the ranks of the military too. Many of cousins as well…After time, my grandfather was extremely secretive and recluse. He disappeared often to attend lodge meetings too. He was discreet about it. However, when he got attacked fro trying to leave, he had no one to go to because who would believe him?  I heard many things, and there were journals too. The journals had all kinds of ritual magic, spiritual secrets, politics, and more.    I did not come to review them until a year ago.

No one told me anything. No one taught me anything. My parents who did not speak of much spirituality, had no influence. I will say though, that my father introduced a Children’s Bible to me, and I was fascinated, as it seemed I had already knew it before. I was 2 years old. At the age of three, I started seeing spirit, and I began getting flashes of my past lives and my spiritual origins. From this, I was smarter, a higher IQ than most, (I am not boasting, I am merely showing what it was like), and I knew things not otherwise told to me, about God and heaven, and this planet. As I went into channeling and prayer, when I had astral travels happen spontaneously, I discovered many truths. Attacks spiritually began that following year.

, change organized religion, and bring people together. Bring people back to where they are meant to be for their path.” I would. I am humble, I am awkward, and I am shy. I am giving person, and someone who sees the good in everyone. I do not seek glory. In fact, a messenger is, a visitor from another place other than Earth, with truth that can make great change, provide guidance, or protect. In all that I recall, and all that I have seen, spirit, the realms, heaven, other worlds, they are real, and so is the knowledge that they contain. Yes, I believed in that, and yes, I believe in my journey. Those who have worked with me and learned from me, they also believe because my readings are spot on, even with just a first name and a photo. Sometimes, without a photo. Those who come in person, tell me very little, and I tell them their deepest feelings in life. I have healed many,  honestly there were a few that I could not. I shock the people in my personal life, with how much I know about things, and with my predictions. I give all of myself to this. If I am needed, I give it every ounce of who I am. Yes, I receive a payment. How is that wrong? I have to live in this world like all of you do. But I give to charity, and I am not greedy. The point is, I have proven I am a genuinely good person, who has only good intentions. I can not help who, or what I am. I am doing this to help others? So why am I treated like I have the plague? Why does it make people hate me? How can others be accepted for abstract ideas, and their own claims, but when it comes to me, I am literally rejected?


 I am here, as a mere humble and meek messenger. For some reason, this bothered people even though there are tens of thousands of people in our world today who believe in the same things. It seems they do not get targeted as much, from my own research. But I do… In fact, many have twisted and minced my words a lot. Since I firmly believe in my journey and all that I have learned, some have said that I am anti-everything else. Some say that I am too strong in my presentation of my mission, and that I do not support any other beliefs.  None of that is true. Truly, I support anything that has intentions of making this world a better place. I am not closed minded that I would dislike or hate anyone or anything, just for their differences. In fact, when someone is using something like spirituality or religion for their own higher good, then I support it all of the way. But if it is all pretend, or used as a way to hurt others or confuse them, then that is something that I do not support. How can I? I love people and do not want to see them get hurt. I can not help that I can see into people and know if they are for real, wishfully thinking, misled, or outright deceptive. I seldomly speak out on those people. Instead, I mind my own business. If you are being persecuted for your beliefs, gender, abilities, preferences, or anything else.. I hope that this article helps give you strength. I do. Truly, I do. With that thought, let’s get the facts clear now, I am a non-denominational Minister, a Spiritualist. I believe in what I have seen. Wouldn’t you? More than likely.

However, believing in what I have experienced and seen, what I know from my own proof, it still does not make me feel as if I have the right  to hurt others or put them down if they have a different experience or perspective. The organized religions of the world have some truth, and they contain some deception. If you disagree, then one thing that you can agree on, is this fact. Many religions are guilty of countless wars, murders, and withholding truth. Are they not? Have you researched or went into seeking further?  How can burning people, hanging them, and condemning people because they would not submit to some organizations enforced truths be healthy? How can taking out entire villages of innocent people, women, and children alike, be right?

That is the only negative thing that I have to say, and I am sure people have their opinions on psychics in return, I am sure. If they do not believe or understand, they could accuse us of being fake, and they could say that we are hurting others through money. However, that is opinion. Saying a psychic is fake, is an opinion. The wars and murders are facts. Still, I do hold anything against the members of those same religions today, who still support them. Instead, if people have obtained some better quality of life, and a closer to connection to the maker of all, then I do not care which path they chose, as long as they can see what is true and what is not, in order to grow in great clarity. For me, I offer learning, but only to people who want to know the forbidden secrets of our world, and who wish to learn another way of understanding it. In my teachings, I lift the masks and disguises of wisdom, and show my students the underlying meaning. Even then, there is still deeper and deeper ways of discerning that insight. That is my path as a teacher. I have nothing against those who have a spiritual approach that is presented differently. And I am not against the people who choose not to go as deep.   I have many who are the opposite to me though. I’ll go into that in a moment.

As for me, my message is simple. I am here to reveal truth. This means, that I wish to bring forward truth, in a way that others understand, for anyone who feels that the information relates to them. I am not here to force anything onto anyone. Again, I am not against any other religion or belief either. However, I am against those who bully, harass, belittle, lie, deliberately deceive, and misuse sacred words to make others hurt in any way. That means, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and  physically. I do not feel that people should be lied to. Because I have seen what lies do to people. Not in spirituality. Spirituality, in whatever path or faith, should be the only place in this world that remains pure and true. In this, people’s souls and their afterlife journeys are at stake. Who would jeopardize that? It is an awful thing for someone to hurt others psychologically, or emotionally, even physically. Those things bring lessons, wisdom, and then forgiveness and healing later. Even deeper, they could bring change, from what a person learns from those things. But to mess with the soul, that which does not even belong to anyone but the heavens? That is an eternal offense. Not one that I would want to be guilty of. Spiritual manipulation, leads to confusion and torment within spiritually later on in afterlife. And I see it happen. In my path, my only intention is to show people a deeper side to things, and help inspire them to love themselves, and to do so by reaching their greatest potential and believe that they can. In my work, I have helped many people to heal first emotionally, and then to use their own creativity to find financial means to go to school, and make a better career, which then leads to being able to afford the things that they need without stress. it also helps them to do other things that they dream. let’s face it, without a career, life is stagnant, and the burden of financial stress can ruin the quality of life. Many of my students have succeeded in doing things that they never even dreamed that would. They have reached places in life with their own determination, that they never thought that they would be. Their confidence is restored in that. Confidence brought a sincere love for themself, and appreciation for life. In turn, that attracted healthy relationships that are fruitful and true. It also renewed family situations, removed destructive habits, and lead to them all being inspired to do good for others once in a good place themself. They made the choice to do it, and they made the steps to do it. I only gave the direction and insight, and guided them through, while trying to keep them balanced and optimistic while they worked on achieving their destinations. Some did not even have any direction at first. Some felt so beat down by life and had limited themselves to the place that they  ended up as a result of their mistakes. Was it so bad to have assisted them in those things? Because I gave inspiration and guidance, am I a bad person? Some would make it seem so.

Do Unto Others:

I am a Non-denominational Minister. That means, that I work with allfaiths, and it means that I do not support only one. I ask what a person’s beliefs are before working with them, and when they tell me, I will adapt easily to the my students/clients and their spiritual comfort zones in order to not disrespect their beliefs. And that is because I know how much my beliefs mean to me.  Although, I do have a mix of things that I personally believe in, that reveal things that I have seen in the spirit worlds, and matrix. If it adds up, it adds up. I have seen what I have seen, and I recall my journey. It is my life. So I treat others with respect, in regards to their paths.  I studied all religions in life, and I am glad as I was able to see what others do not. That they are all similar and all point to one truth in the end. That is why I accept all of those paths, even though I know that there is alot of information missing, and far deeper ways of explaining them.

I keep saying, “If everyone would stop looking at the differences, and start looking at the similarities instead, they would see, we as a collective, all believe in the same thing, only explained differently.  Some religions only give part, while others add the rest. And some, speak in hidden code. My message is about, finally putting all of the pieces together and explaining it the way that it makes sense, and then adding what is missing. I go even deeper, showing people what is truly going on in this world. However, there people out there who take religion so far as to belittle others for their beliefs, and even worse, threaten, harass, stalk, and attack them. How can this be “spiritual”, if they are doing that in the name of their religion? In most religions, they preach loving one another,  and being unconditional, every person having their own relationship with Spirit/God/Universe. How can hate come into the picture then? Wouldn’t this type of behavior mirror hypocrisy instead? We have had wars, and deaths of innocent people, in the name of religion, for far too long. And war, come in many forms. War does not have to come only in the form of physical guns and bombs. Psychological warfare is just as dangerous too. There are religious people who manipulate, and play psychological games, to do damage to people, attacking them this way simply because they do not believe the same, or they disagree. Some,even go to the extent of cyber harassment, and cyber bullying too. Let me tell you of my own personal experiences.

As a Minister, psychic, and spiritualist, it wasn’t easy for me, growing up with an intense love for Heaven, and Spirit. I was ridiculed most of my life. It was even worse with my spirit communication and psychic abilities, during childhood. I also had trouble finding spiritual people who were like me, because not many of them presented information in the way that I had seen it, in spirit. Back in 2012 though, when spirituality has become more open, in my attempts to educate others online too, I became an occasional target too, of some very hurtful things. Many thought this day in age would herald the end of spiritual diversity. Not at all. Instead, those who are extremists, hide under  different disguises , waiting to launch their attacks.

1. Being  Outcast

As if being outcast as a small kid wasn’t enough, I have had many groups, spiritual and religious, outcast me, delete or ignore my posts, due to their calling me too dogmatic.  Looking at the accurate definition of dogmatic,  Merriam’s says that it means, “imposing one’s will or opinions on others. dictatorial stresses autocratic, high-handed methods and a domineering manner.” I have never imposed my will or beliefs on anyone. My teachings are open like New Age, Christianity and any other, for anyone to review, learn from, and then to do whatever they wish. I believe in what I teach, but I never said anyone else had to. If a person has not heard them though, how can they say that I am wrong? Many base their opinions on what others say, or the opinions of family. I also get judged by my blogs and videos which do not even contain half of what I actually teach in my courses. I have stated to my students, that I felt that others would betray me. And what I meant by that, was that I felt that some who got close to me, would speak personal things shared with them, or talk negatively behind my back, and those are things that anyone would hate to have happen to them, no matter which area of life.   However, if you look at any, and I mean any religious or spiritual belief, they all lay down “truths”, opinions and tips for better living,  as well as what they feel is truth. Even in New Age,  Christianity, Science, and Buddhism, they speak of what they see or feel as “Absolute”. Are they accused of being dogmatic? Well, Christianity has been. But the others are the same, only just presenting it differently. Why can’t people see that? Anyone who believes in something, and has witnessed it, and had proof for themselves, will speak about the subject in a “as a matter of fact” type of way. It was a real experience after all. So why am I treated like an outcast?

Instead of just saying, “Alura, can you please not post that type of content in this particular group, and instead stick to the theme or discussion”… I get kicked to the side entirely. That is not right, and it is a form of indirect censorship because they do not want my voice to be heard there. However, in my groups everybody, I allow people to speak their minds freely. I only asked that people do not try to sell or promote in there as it is not what the content is about, and I asked that posting does not reflect on anyone who is in the community indirectly or personally, and that is order to ensure peace. I do not feel that people should publically address personal issues, feelings, or opinions about each other. Its hurtful, and humiliating. Indirect posting, can hurt many, not just one. Those who are sensitive could take it personally. Why seek out to create those feelings in anyone that you are trying to build trustworthy friendships with? But yes, my members speak on whatever they want otherwise. I do not restrict them. I have also suggested, that they not post their personal affairs either though. I am trying to protect them in doing that, my only intention. There are many strangers online, and some are trying to sell something, or manipulate. So no, I do not want people to expose personal things and end up attracting an online  predator. I think that these selfless reasons prove, I am not trying to hurt anyone, but instead support them and protect them. I could only wish for others to treat me with the same respect. However, I am rejected from a few groups without reason.

2. Cyberbullying

I am sure, that many out there have had this happen to them too. I have been a victim,  not on too many occassions, (but a few is enough believe me), of Cyberbullying. There have been people who have called me horrific names, put me down, and accused me of awful things. All as a result of their not having the same beliefs. Okay, so why even bother coming to my channel, blog, or page then? If you believe in what you believe in, why are you on a page like mine in the first place? With the deliberate motive to attack me? That is evil. Why deliberately go out seeking for others with different beliefs, just to start attacking people for their points of view? It just goes to show, if their belief system was a good one that promoted love and goodness to others, then what motivated them to come attack someone else? I have never done that myself. I have not watched many other videos out there, but when a client sent me a link to one, I would take a look. If I disagreed, I would move on without commenting. What is the point? To engage in negative arguments that no side will win? Instead, I say nothing at all. While there are many things that I have heard in my career that I disagreed with, I still did not go seeking for those speakers, simply to give them a piece of my mind. What gives me the right? If they choose to speak on things as they are, they will have to handle their own situation later. That is their business.

I also have been bullied for teachings that were not even mine. Yes, I have been attacked by others due to some other teacher’s teachings that they disagreed with, and because I believe in something similar as small as chakras, or crystals, they think that I too, promote the same. They do not even research deeper to see if its that is the case first. They just attack. My higher self video is a great example. Close minded people, came to my channel, and without watching the video fully, commented on it, basically attacking me as if I were teaching something similar to what others teach, on Higher Self. This was referring to some who teach that higher self is a huge deity that makes you a God when you reach that state. They belittled me on my video. But if they had watched it, they would had seen that my video had fully explained that I see higher self as the holy spirit within a person. It is the Holy part of their spirit being reinstated, with complete remembrance of their journey, the person that awakens to recall their journey’s wisdom, and experience. I had stated that it changes a person, and awakens them into a more divine type of person. No, not the same as some who say: “Higher self is you, as a God”.  Someone even told to me to go back to Jesus. If they would had researched my teachings, I reference the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) multiple times. I said in my mind, “thank you but if you know of Jesus’ teachings, it was he who taught of the Holy Spirit being available to believers, and giving them the ability to heal and prophesy, at Bible.Org.

In any case, I am not saying which teaching is right or wrong here. I only know what I believe, from what I have seen in this journey. However, to those cyberbullies, for future reference, if you are going to attack someone, be sure you understand what the person is saying, and make sure it isn’t a contradiction to your owns beliefs. The old saying goes, “when you point a finger at someone else, you have three more pointing back at yourself”.

Also, there has been alot of preaching going around about suicide, in other spiritual communities. They have said, that it was a way to “go home”, “Reset”, or “Connect with higher self”. Upon a situation where one individual had been listening to that, it was claimed that they had took their life. However, I do not promote suicide. As proof, back in 2014 in fact, I have a video that proves that I support the opposite. It was a video trying to show people out there, that all of life is precious. You have to keep fighting. Make change and life can get better. While some teachers believe in the option of suicide, I do not support it, and my video from that year is proof. So how could anyone blame me for what someone was claimed to have done, based on the teachings of another, with my own teachings being the complete opposite? They can’t.

Just so that it is public knowledge now though, for now on, if someone says anything along the lines of having suicidal thoughts, even indirectly… I will report it. It may make them angry, but if it saves their life, hey.. it saves their life. I have always talked people out of ending life too soon. I have never, and will never ever, support a person harming themself or others. That is because I work with spirit everyday, and I have done so since childhood. In my experience, I have come across many spirits who had committed that act, and saw what had happened to them afterwards in the spirit world. In every religion, it is said, that all life is regarded as precious. Knowing how much the Creator loves people, animals, the earth, all of creation, and my being able to see the potential in others, I agree that all of life is precious. I mean c’mon, I am a vegetarian, and cry over animals who are hurt. I refuse to  even squish a pesky bug for goodness sake. I would never condone humans to cause themselves or others pain.

As an ending thought though… How can one be blamed for something like that anyhow? It’s okay to grieve, and to be angry, but I am just a person who tries to help unhappy, and hopeless people, all types of people.. to create and live a better life. I show them how to value themselves. It is utterly wrong to try to enforce guilt on somebody else, for something that was not their fault, or that somebody else did. That person who was claimed to had exited life early on their own accord, had been one of my friends. I was hurting too. Instead, people only see from their own perspective. It was traumatizing alone for me at the time, to  had heard that I had a beloved friend. But then for someone to try to make me live with some kind of guilt and blame myself for something I had nothing to do with, on top of it? That is cruel. I did not place blame on myself though. I had not even had any knowledge of the person having had any plans on suicide or thoughts in that regard. It was just as much of a surprise to me, as it had been to the family… And even after having been treated in that mannerism, I still did what the Creator would have a good person do. I offered help, and donations anyway, out of sympathy, compassion and support. however, in that  same situation, more of their “relatives” still went on to belittle my beliefs and attack me.  The loss was used as a way to attack my spiritual beliefs. Why would that, after a loss, be the focus? You have to question these things… Wouldn’t they be more concerned with the loss, or wanting answers? Indeed. I saw what was going on very quickly.

 In opposite nature, I was also told once years ago, that I should kill myself. Is there no love in the world anymore? Just because my belief differs from theirs, I do not deserve to live? I certainly would rather die, than live in a world like that. But, I am here for a reason, like any other person who is on Earth today. Our differences, make the world a beautiful place. i wish others could see that too.

Another way to outcast, would be to censor any hashtags or work that a religious teacher would be using. Or, they will use the very same ones for themselves, to draw attention their way and away from, the other person. Using these tactics always isolates the individual trying to be heard.

3. Belittling

In some teachings, they say that when one awakens, that everyone will have their own truth. So okay, when they awaken, they recall their journey and live according to its wisdom and their purpose from the learning. Everyone will have their own relationship with spirit. However, ever since I have presented mine, I have been called names, and some even said I was fake as a result. Who is anyone, to ever say that my relationship with the Creator is fake? The only one that can say that, is the Creator himself, and I assure you, he wouldn’t.

It is said, that you can tell a person from their life. Well, mine is living proof.  I do not say curse words, I do not smoke, I do not do drugs, I do not drink (Maybe one on an occasion), I do not have sex, I do not date. I am a Vegetarian, I pray for 3-4 hours daily, I give to charity. I volunteer. My life is based on helping and inspiring others, I do kind, selfless things for people, all day long. My only intention for saying all of this, is  not to list all that I do for praise. No, I do not want praise. i do those things from my heart and my soul. No, instead, I list them in order to defend myself. My life is aligned with what I promote and teach. When a person backs their words with actions, then they are for real…   I say with the greatest intention here, that I practice what i preach, and go the extra mile. Even still, for those who don’t, who has the right to judge even them? It is obvious, those who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. However, that again is their business. I can only focus on what I am trying to achieve for others. If you have good intentions, then within you, there should exist no malice or intention to create conflict or hurt.

4. Racism

I have also had people downgrade me and target me for my beliefs too. As a psychic, and many others who were born this way will agree, that it was hard enough growing up hiding this, and then being rejected when being open about it. I lovingly accept everyone, no matter their background, belief, gender, creed, or preference. As a result of passages in the scriptures which stated that is was forbidden to seek out a psychic or astrologist’s advice, there are still many out there who make it their mission in life to seek them out anyway, but to verbally abuse us with hate comments. For me and every natural born psychic, I speak on all of our behaves: “We can not help we were born this way. Just like you can not help that you were born with blue eyes or brown. But we do not go around attacking others as a result of their differences”. No one should. The Creator made us all who we are over the pillars of time, for a reason. Only the creator can say why, and no one should question that or place hate against creations of our maker.

In the same regard, I have been persecuted for my knowledge, my gifts, and my expertise in psychology.  It simply is not right. How do people expect the world to become a better place, if one is not free to be themselves anymore! This shows that the world still lacks acceptance. Most of my attacks have come from those with Christian backgrounds. No offense to Christians. I am not in any way implying that all Christians in general are bad. In fact, members of my family had been Christian for many years. My parents, not so much. But some of the members of my family were. I too, in my theological studies, studied alot of the Christian beliefs. By the age of eight years old, I had read the entire scriptures from the Old Testament, to the New Testament all of the way through, 3 times, and many other versions of the Bible. Instead of playing outside, I read my huge, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. I studied all religions, scriptures, and tried to find what was missing. I decoded the Scriptures fully, by the age of 16 years old. I was looking for a way to express the truth that I had, in a way that others could relate to, if they so chose to come seeking. I found a mixture of  things in my quest, and found a way to put it all together. And that was no different than the ancients who described scientific and supernatural things, by using Earthly things that they saw. On top of it, I communicated with the Angels, to channel as a medium in order to receive the rest of the wisdom, and even more deeply. I support all religions as they all have truth. I do not conform to them though, as I know that they all have deception too. However, my dearest friends, I have added to what is missing from my communications with spirit. I see knowledge in all things. Only there are different levels of it, and there are levels beyond here. I am trying to reveal them, in all that I do. My example, perspectives, ways of handling things. In my teachings. No one has to join.  it is for those who feel the same.  And even for those who don’t, an open-minded person is willing to listen to many things for wisdom, or to explore. If they choose that it is not for them, that is okay, but there should still not be any malice.  All connect to the Creator through one path or the other, that fits them. If mine is not the one for you, go in peace and best wishes to you, I hope you wish the same for me. I had only asked that no one take my teachings, and steal them, or present them as their own. I worked my entire life in spirit, and on Earth to present what I do, and it is my only treasure in this life. It was mine, between me and the creator. I made the choice to share it. Just respect that, is all.

So why should I be hated?  Racism against who I am, how I was born, what I believe, and what I teach, I find that it is just another stereotypical scenario in this world, that proves the great need for change. How can any one discriminate?  The point is, I know much as a Minister about many world religions, and I suppose that I have always felt that a person who is in a religion, that they should at least abide by the teachings and understand them within that belief system?  For those Christians who attacked me I want to say, “I have never been unkind to anyone. I have seen alot in this life and in others, as well as spirit, and I have never judged or hurt anyone. The exact teachings of Yeshua (Jesus), your Patriarch was who had said, “Do not judge, for you, yourself will be judged with what you have measured out (Matthew 7).” He also said, “Love one another, as our Lord in heaven has loved you.” And if you suppose that he was saying for Christians to only love one another, then go back to the scripture where it also says: ” so that you may [show yourselves to] be the children of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on those who are evil and on those who are good, and makes the rain fall on the righteous [those who are morally upright] and the unrighteous [the unrepentant, those who oppose Him (Matthew 5:45).”

So you see, he.. who sat with corrupt and greedy tax collectors, prostitutes, and many others, taught  people to love each other equally. He said to not judge, and to show love. God in heaven is not partial. I once was asked by somebody, “how are we supposed to love those who are evil? I explained this teaching more deeply in saying that, “Only the One who sees all, knows what is behind a person’s actions. Without knowing yourself, you can not call a person out, without knowing what is in their heart. The Creator stated to me, that we can only judge a person by their heart, not by their actions. Think of all of the people who are good within, but have made mistakes that they later regret, or were made a certain way when having been born?  Their mistakes may define them in the eyes of those, who only see the surface and not any deeper.” Yes, the Creator sees deeper, and I can not help that I was created and sent here, to help others to start looking at life in new light. A person who judges the surface, is much like the miner who finds a round, plain geode stone. They see only the plain stone on the outside, and not the inner core of gems within. Or, the miner who only finds a piece of coal, throws it and misses out on the diamond which was inside. Our Creator sees the parts that a human can not..

Yes I know in the scriptures it speaks of going to “seers” and astrologists, as being forbidden. However, I have spoken my mind on why in my courses. If you had a knowledge and planned a huge world takeover by usingit, would you want anyone having the ability to tap into that knowledge? no, you would withhold it. And that is what was done. I can also raise the question about the prophetess Deborah, in the book of Judges? Or the other six mentioned female “seers” in the bible besides her?  People are saying that just because this is modern times, there can not be any anymore? Yeshua said that many who reached  the Holy Spirit , would heal and prophesy in the heaven’s name.  many claim it, but does anyone know what it means? The Holy spirit is purity, unconditional, compassionate, righteous, and honest.  It bears a sense of all knowing and the ability to heal. Do you contain those traits? But yet some say that only appointed church leaders can be one?     If that were the case, then why did those women have the ability? They did not belong to any temple or tabernacle… They were not appointed by an official. No, they were born that way.  Again, “By their fruits you shall know them”, it says in the bible.. Okay, so look at my fruits then? Go back to the example of how I live my life then? Many can say that I gave them motivation to make their lives better. Many can say that they had nothing at first, and I was able to help alongside of God’s wisdom and the insight of our Heavens. Some were led to make a career in helping others somehow, and becoming one more better person in the world.. I have healed many, and I am humble, loving, honest,  I exercise unconditional love in totality. My readings? They have all been on point. If something did not happen at that moment, it did later, with a great sign and confirmation for that person. I have even healed Cancer, and if you do not believe it, I have a few people who can vouch for it.

I am not saying that I can do everything. I can do alot. I am not God. I myself , am only a messenger, like a book sent for learning. I am a walking, talking letter to the world, of a new way to live, grow, and prosper. I am a testimony of the new word, in how to wake up, and be the good, that a person wishes to see in the world themselves. And, I show them how to do so. However, even though I choose to live this way, I do not put others down or attack them, simply because they do not. I do not use profanity, but I never hurt anyone’s feelings if they do. Hey, its their choice. They select what to change and choose on their path, I am only here to guide it.

I state all of this, to make my point once and for all, that true seers exist. Many put expectations on us, test us, and if a tiny thing is not seen right away or picked on, the person is satisfied in immediately calling us a fake. Well, give us some time! It is not easy to be this way, and the answers come from above. It is a tool. Tools are to be used when needed, and it must be used the right way, under what the manufacturer states. The Creator is the one who made us. We would be foolish to claim that we were in control of this gift. We’re not totally. Give us a break. We will get the answer. Some seers were consulted in ancient times and told to come back under a certain Moon, Day, or time, for the answer.

5. Gangstalking

Next to all of what I just revealed, I also have been the victim of gangstalking. Gangstalking is something that I speak a little bit about in Spirit Rant, found on SoundCloud.  However, to make it clear here, gangstalking happens in a few ways. One, is having actual spirits attacking you because you have access to their world, or will later. Two, is a form that includes Religious Organizations who are widespread around the country and even in other countries, who target individuals due to their beliefs or profession. Thirdly, the other is conducted by members of the government, due to having a rare blood type, top secret information, and psychic insight into the truths that they have been hiding for so long. The fourth, is a form of gangstalking that is organized by a person within your community, circle, or online. Out of hatred, they gossip, or they drop indirect subtle negative hints in attempts to ruin your reputation, and then torture you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and verbally. It does get to a physical level too. In all of those, they all can be associated and linked, having all forms working together for the same cause.  I have been a victim of all of them at one point in time or another. Right now, I am experiencing, #2, 3, and 4.  They think that I do not know, or expect it. But I do. After awhile, they suddenly turn on me, bringing to me false situations, and saying very negative things that have happened, to make me feel as though I have failed. Some even try to use things that they know you are vulnerable about.  But for those who are reading this who were involved in gangstalking attempts against me, “See how I still  readily accepted you anyhow, and still tried to help you and support you in life anyhow?”

6. Manipulation, Reverse Psychology and Demeaning Situations.

One other tactic of abuse that I am targetted with as a result of spiritual racism, is that some will come to me and try to manipulate me. I have had so many examples of this. However, to show you, these attackers will deliberately exclaim that they are with me, but later on they will speak so negatively as if they go against everything that I teach, talking in complete opposite of all that I stand for or have taught, and then when I do not fall into their trap, they will go off onto a whole other level such as threatening me or themselves. Then,  the situation is thrown in my face as if I had done the worse thing in the world by trying to help, but in fact I had only been loving and supportive. It is true, that one of the worse attacks can come in the form of psychological games. Please keep in mind, I am not just a psychic. I am a counselor, and a minister too. So with all three, I have extensive education, I can see right through things.

And remember what I said above… I am connected to the heavens in my work. While they think that I am the one who will be judged for my natural born gifts and soul which they do not like or disagree with, I am content with knowing that I am honest, giving, merciful, patient, charitable, without judgement, and without bias opinion, and I am not afraid to face the Creator after this life at all… The spiritual racists have to ask themself…”Are you?” The point is, everyone who does not agree, should simply focus on their own salvation, and make their own life happy and better. Anger, judgement, will only create more pain for them later on. Love is the answer indeed.

I have had alot of those conversations. I have also alot of people come and accuse me posting things that were indirect attacks towards them. I have to say it. Firstly, I do not buy it. Those are attempts to make me question my inspirational quotes. And its not gonna happen. Many cling to those quotes and posts for something to get them through the day, through a hardship that they face, or reminders of positive change. If it were true that they really felt that way, then its not anything that I am doing wrong. For one person to think that I focus my entire life’s work only on them as a malicious attack on them personally, is paranoid, and another reverse psychological tactic. I also want to warn my following, that some of them linger in our circle. So please be careful. They will come off as greatly caring people who want your friendship only. They are believable for most, and very cunning and sincere in their approach. Their intentions are to drop small negative remarks, or questions, to make you re-think your work with me. If you see it happening, delete them and block them. That is what I will start doing soon..

Within a group:

Reverse psychology starts with people who will try to drawl positive attention towards themselves, by trying to seem relatable. They will be friendly, they will act as if they are a supporter, and then they will try to befriend everyone around them. After they have been to trust, they will drop subtle, negative things into the persons ear, in order to make them doubt or question them self, their path, and their teacher. It is amazing because many people fall into that every day. Reverse psychology is called also, gaslighting. A form of gaslighting, is to appear to be agreeable with everyone and everything. But deep down below the surface, they are really just playing you.

We had one not that long ago, and it was hard for anyone to see as they had seemed a friend and a friend for quite awhile too. It hurt not only me but those who were involved. Whatever it takes to make their agenda happen. Gaining trust is not easy, it takes time, and that is all that they have is time. Slowly their support for their teacher, will die down, as others start to gather around them.

With gangstalking, for me it was not only online. I have also had people come to my home. They hide and only allow a glimpse of themselves, in order to make me feel afraid. I have had many attacks but I will not go into all of that here.

With all of this, any attempts to make me lose faith in Heaven, myself, my mission, or my Creator, through lying, putting me down, or showing their own dark nature through their actions and words, will never, not ever, work. I love God more than anything, and I will never give that up.  I have been through alot worse. Plus, I have seen enough deception and manipulators in this world already, that I know when I see one, and I am already two steps ahead of them in noticing it and protecting myself. I am a psychic after all. Gangstalking has gone on in my family for many years. I know what it looks like on all levels, and I will always defend my family and friends.  And it is true, that any students, friends and family will be profiled and targeted too, because of the things that I teach. In love, I have to make sure everyone is safe.

In Conclusion…

The point of my telling my views, examples and story, is to show everyone that it is not fair, nor is it right for these to happen to anyone, for any reason. Spiritual racism against psychics, other religions, race, gender, preference, or lifestyle, is wrong. If you are someone who has a racist issue against any one of those, ask yourself… “Do you not place enough faith in your belief and God, that whatever is considered to be truly wrong will be handled on the day of judgement”? Ask yourself: “Do you lack that much faith that you have to take matters into your own hands”? I never say anything to anyone, unless in a loving way to help them towards change. Anything that I personally disagree with, I stay out of. I know my faith is so strong, that anything evil, or wrong, will be handled by the heavens. Who is mere man to pass judgement or try to execute punishment or abuse? No one has the right. Even myself as a messenger, having the gifts and connection that I have, I do not play God by attacking others even though I have insight that tells me deeper truths about others, and what is wrong. Instead, I leave it up to the heavens to deal with that person, and their wrongs.  I personally am against pedophiles, abuse,  and people killing animals for food, but I do not go around calling them names, or trying to hatefully destroy their lives, self esteem, or condemning them. It would be very unholy of me to do so. Those  acts, show a lack of communication with higher self (holy spirit). But again, that is up to the Creator is it not?

I feel that hateful people who attack others with a lack of deeper insight, and those who attack others in the disguise of their religion, are people who make it truly obvious that they have an inner issue themselves, that they are projecting on to the other person in whom they are attacking.  It shows ignorance, lack of knowledge, and a deeply rooted hate. Hate comes from jealousy, anger, and inner guilt all put together..   We, even when being targeted, we have to show unconditional love. Those who attack and are full of hate, are hurting somehow.  However, if you too, are being targeted for any reason, or perhaps you are someone who is also experiencing spiritual racism or racism of any kind, be strong. Its not an easy thing to cope with, but if you believe in yourself, and in your relationship with heaven. You can not let anyone take that from you just because they have a vendetta against your beliefs, preference, gender, natural born capabilities or insight,  someone’s race, or your religion.. Stand firm in your convictions. The heavens know, it is those who are aggressive, full of hate and judgement who are in need to be watched, not you.

in this day in age, after hundreds of years of races of people being kept captive and enslaved, after the many turning points in religion, and the constant changes in Science, Gender, and Religion,  we live in a time when people should be more united. Our people here on planet Earth as a species have seen enough hate crimes and attacks in all areas of life. Wasn’t all of that enough? How many more people have to suffer and die innocently for who they are? How many more people will be made to feel low, and never achieve as a result, due to hate? We as a species are better than that. Racism in any sense is wrong. It needs to stop.

Love has no title.

No matter what,… we as people have to stick together.