The Symbolism behind the 2021 Christmas Star

The Christmas Star now, represents a great ritual that was planned for this specific moment in time. The Star is actually not a Star but the alignment of planets which give it the illusion that it’s a big bright star. However, it’s not just the alignment that is being referenced . Mainstream is also talking about the comet Leonard, referring to it the same. It too, is being called “The Christmas” Star.

It is a very rare comet that hasn’t been seen for 80,000 years. Its visible around Christmas this year of 2021 and it’s the last and final time that it’ll reach Earth. Leonard may be of the person who discovered it, but much is covered up. Leonard is the name of a demon that is used in great black magic sabbaths. When is the greatest sabbath? Christmas time.

They say that this could be the star of Bethlehem, but that would be nearly impossible considering that they said that Jesus existed around some 2000 years ago and this comet has entered the picture 80,000 years ago. The timing wouldn’t add up according to scholars and theologians. Is it wormwood perhaps? No it’s not that either. Wormwood already came. I’ll explain more in my course, Indignation.

For now, this star/comet actually represents the beginning of a “time”. It’s another celestial event that marks a very important passage that mankind will go through. For many, they don’t know about how in the cold… You’ll tide is actually a huge Sabbath for those who are deep in the witchcraft and Satanist circles. A lot of different cultures and spiritual backgrounds around this time, celebrate rituals and festivities at Christmastime. Not all of them are evil, but just a part of the ancient old ways before Catholicism took over as the major religious belief and banned what they called “pagan festivities”. but when researching more deeply, you’ll find that a lot of the traditions followed by holidays associated with room, or still practiced today and are very similar to those that were practiced by the ancient pagans. Christmas itself actually falls around the same time as the room and holiday of saturnalia. And it worshipped “The Sol Invictus”. You can see the same symbolism associated with it, in the church today. The truth is, they still do practice a lot of the old rituals, but they try to hide it and make it what they want it to seem on the surface, for everybody else. There are actually very dark things that take place in secret circles

When it comes to some of the darker Luciferian agenda, Yuletide is used for ceremony and sacrifices. Everything happening in the world, has actually been planned out as a part of the “master builder’s” agenda. This is highly associated with Freemasonry which is practiced by almost every religion in the world, underneath the surface value of things. It’s kept mystical and secret as a part of the occult, in only exclusive elite circles. All of the countries around the world actually work together in a global agenda. And so the appearance of this comet merely just signals the next move that they’re going to make. I’ll talk more about wormwood in an other article, but for now… Leonard, (which is who the comet is named after) is the name of a demon in the Ars Goetia In demonology.

But they can’t disclose that and that’s why they have attributed the discovery to an astronomer two bears a last name, that is identical. They claim that he discovered it, when the truth is… This comet has been seen before. It’s been moving this way for quite some time now and only just recently being mentioned publicly. How else would they explain its appearance? It’s obvious that other stargazers and astronomy lovers, would have noticed it at some point. And since it’s only just being recognized now, many people are attributing it to being associated with Christmas. But it’s only association with Christmas is that it’s closer around this time, and it marks a huge black sabbath ritual. There will be a lot of sacrifices being made in the near future. And that’s the thing. People think that just because it is a ritual, that all of the sacrifices have to take place on that specific day. That’s actually not true. According to freemasonry, as long as numbers add up, they can do it on any date that amounts to the same numeric value, associating it with the day that they’ve started the ritual itself and then close it out at a later time. So another words they can keep the ritual going until all sacrifices are finished, doing those sacrifices on specific days aligned with numerology.

You could say that it is a Christmas comment in a way, as it does signal this huge ritual taking place, and it is appearing closer to the earth around this time… But reality is, there is definitely not Wotmwood, and it’s not the star of Bethlehem either. The Star of Bethlehem was actually when Venus aligned with the star regulus and acted as if it were crowning “the lion of Judah”, since regulus is the star at the top of the constellation of the Leo which is the lion. there are a lot of stars and planets that lineup together creating the illusion of a bigger brighter star though. And yes they do all have meaning as well. But when it came to the story of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem was referring to Venus and regulus for sure.

I have so much information on the subject. A lot of it will blow your mind and it’ll show you just how I lied to you have been. I’ll save that for the people in my courses though for now. We are getting ready to peek into the height of information pretty soon. I’ve been just waiting for some things to take place in the world so that I could better explain them when I finally go into the lessons. I know people will have a lot of questions coming up. For now, don’t worry about wormwood. That’s already been happening for quite some time and I talked about that earlier and one of my blogs. This star is associated with Leonard. The coming of a huge mass sacrifice. And it’s going to be horrific in the mass quantity in the number of people that will die for the sake of it. You’ll see as time goes by. Sacrifice is done in so many ways. Even at large, on a global scale really. And with the appearance of this comment, it signals a new time that they will be enforcing, with new ways and walls. Christmas has been at the center of Christianity from the beginning of it and as they associated it with the birth of the Messiah. But now that all of that is going to change, the ritual being held in the name of the comment and for your tide… Will be in honor of what’s to come… In their eyes. And their way of doing things, it only makes sense that all of it would take place on the biggest holiday associated with religious teachings. This goes into every religion since they talk about how Krishna was born of a virgin and had 12 followers. Mithras was also said to hold the same story. Everyone has been following a similar religious foundation, no matter what culture they are from. Their religion just might have different names and ways of telling the stories. We are getting ready to enter into a whole new religious doctrine. Get ready. It isn’t going to be like it used to be at all and that religious doctrine, leans only upon science. this coincides with Biblical predictions where they talked about how God not continue with mankind. This is found at Genesis 6:3 where it said;
“Then the LORD said, My spirit shall not abide in humanity forever, for they are flesh; their days shall be one hundred twenty years.” There are a few more scriptures like this in the New Testament as well.

While that has other meanings spiritually to, it is worked into the call agenda for the global New World order as well.

Thank you so much for reading. I was glad to be able to shed some light on this subject. I know that it really stinks that a lot of the interpretations of things lead to something on the darker side of the spectrum, and I really wish it didn’t have to be that way. But this is the world that we live in and how things have been done for a very long time. Keep your head up and stay strong during these tribulation times.


Out of Bounds-Update


Heavenly greetings to all of you, who have taken the time out to visit my website.

Back about two months ago, I had written an article here, called “Out of Bounds”. This was an astrological piece, written from my level of expertise in astrology. I know astrology just by feeling the changes in the atmosphere, also from channeled messages, and then  having studied earthly astrology, in contrast to my knowledge of Angelic Language Astrology. I had noticed that a lot of people really enjoyed the piece.  Nevertheless, I am writing this update because, it is very often that I write these articles and I do so… to help people to work through some of the trying energies that are abound. It helps to avoid situations and issues that may arise because of the planetary influences. Everyone is free to do as they please, but it’s always nice to be able to avoid conflict or struggle isn’t it? I just care about everybody that’s all.

However, even after the articles are put out there in the main stream, I noticed that as soon as the energies start to cause their effect, the information has long been forgotten. That’s when a lot of things go haywire for many people. So right now, I wanted to provide an update about these planetary influences, in addition to the dark consciousness movement that I was speaking about some time ago. Both of them go with another.

Dark Consciousness and Celestial Tribulation

The dark consciousness movement, was where there was a sweeping movement of vibrational energy, of a lower force. Already, that alone was creating thoughts of suicide, hopelessness, and the slow deterioration of empathy in others. Truly, I dislike being the harbinger of bad news. But I am a teacher who cares a lot about the world, and everybody in it. Therefore, I cannot always just promote all of the positive happy go lucky stuff, I have to also inform others of negative things that they should be aware of. The dark consciousness was definitely one of them. Everybody should have tried to stay optimistic, as much as they could, and they should still do so. It still does not change the fact though, that in addition to the dark energy, we also have a huge planetary retrograde system, that is disturbing a lot of our matrix here on planet earth at this time. In my new course “Heaven and Hell”, we are discussing how all of that works. For now, everyone on earth is naturally linked to this grid or matrix. Therefore, all of the people on earth will experience all types of effects from the plants to guide us under the heavens. With the out of bounds planets, it creates tribulation because, with all of them being in retrograde… it stimulates a negative reaction in your consciousness since you are linked to the earth grid. There were many things that I had mentioned, that should be expected as a result.

The Side Effects:

Because of these energies, people were told that they could expect to feel down, depressed, hopeless, a bit aggressive, very confused in their emotions, and also a lot of miscommunication would also take place causing some division amongst people, who are very close to one another. We could also be expected the old issues would arise from beyond the surface, creating a lot of self-doubt. That’s all dealt with, by being reflected into the many mirrors all around you and your life. Those mirrors basically are through other people that you are close to. They are also found in many situations and events that you face. It’s not easy to cope with all the issues, on top of many other triggered emotional responses from the planetary energies. This would create even more chaos in a person because they would, reflect those situations not just in the other people, but off of the other people around them.

This would create a lot of arguments, miscommunication, and disputes. Emotions of defensiveness,  and sensitivity would happen. I had even mentioned possible losses of friendship. In addition, financial problems would also occur. Feelings of bad luck, and lack of motivation in your life, would also be very strong during that time. You would also feel some confusion over your feelings about the people around you because of Venus and the role that it is playing, sort of acting like a satellite, for the other planetary energies to bounce off of. This would all work together sort of like, a virus being spread throughout the earth grid, acting as a supporting “program” for the dark consciousness energy to become even stronger. I remember hearing a few people say: “I am not going to be affected by it”! I simply just thought to myself, “hey even I am not exempt”. There would also be some political conflicts of course from this because of it affecting everybody, since it is an organized system, it would affect other collectives and organized systems. The anger and the aggression coming from this energy, is pretty severe. Let me tell you what I have been seeing lately.

My Experience:

Even in the Scriptures it talks about brother turning against brother, nation against nation. I have definitely seen a lot of deception and betrayal amongst friends. It doesn’t matter how nice a person is anymore, or how much they’ve done for people, those things just don’t seem to matter in this world any longer. The word “friendship” has become too much of a loose term, because real friendship from how I used to know it, meant that friends stick together and try to help each other very difficult situations. True friends don’t talk about one another negatively, although they may speak about a negative situation honestly. And trust me there is a difference. True friends are also not afraid to tell one another the truth. Honesty is a part of friendship, and being of comfort. Instead what I see out in the physical living world, are people who label one another in this world as friends, but the first sign of distress, they are the first to switch sides or gossip. I noticed that in a few different situations, that I counseled a couple of my in-person clients over, out here.

Friendships are truly deteriorating fast. On top of that, so is the true definition of family. People are not loyal in relationships anymore. The boredom of life, the stress of working, and the same repetitive routine throughout the day…seems to be causing spouses and couples to feel so tired that they do not have time for one another. Plus technology, is creating a huge rift between them, as they sit on their cell phones or Internet, rather than communicating back-and-forth with one another. This leaves room for loneliness to set in, and then leads towards infidelity should the opportunity appear. Children do not have much of a relationship with their parents anymore, and are being raised by the music and television that keeps them occupied. Then, they go out and reenact the things that they hear or see, with their friends. Much of it revolves around crime, disrespect, and disorder… as seen in my recent video called “Indoor Generation“. Also a lot of people are suffering from a lot of insecurities, because of a lot of social media and the projection of perfection that other people put out there on it. The illusion of perfection, makes people feel even lower about themselves which invite’s feelings of jealousy and competition. That fuels the hate.

We also have a very big thing going on with our government system, which I will not elaborate on any further. There is so much depression and frustration in the world today because of all of these issues and triggered emotional responses, as well as racing thoughts and lack of solutions to issues… That aggression starts to come to a boiling point. Dark Consciousness is then permitted access through all of these vulnerabilities. Once it starts to enter, many people start to allow spiritual interferences through. In addition to all  that I have seen, I see children acting aggressively and rabid, carrying on in very exaggerated fits of rage. Adults are also having some very violent thoughts themselves. It is alot for everyone to handle, so much so… that they begin to feel alone and suicidal. Although, they may not actually resort to hurting themselves or anyone else, it is a huge burden to carry with them. That then is detrimental to their spiritual path, because then they don’t feel good enough to continue onward in the path of awakening. So,… then other philosophies are introduced instead and the hope in heaven goes away.

We are truly in the pit of spiritual warfare.

Now that you know what is going on, and what to look for, if you have been experiencing any of this yourself, you can though but it’s not your fault. Cleansing and re-centering is essential to coping with the issue.If you feel a need, don’t be afraid to reach out for psychological or spiritual assistance. However, we still have the laws of Cause and Effect in the Universe to have to cope with. What you put out, you will get back. This stinks, but its true. If you allow this to consume you, you are basically creating an opening to be effected even more so, later on. Some will have un-neccessary challenges, and some will have challenges in all of this, that will teach them profound things about themselves and their way of life. One may learn about their reflection in others, how they cope with life and issues, how they communicate with others etc, and this could result in a positive result later on too. It goes both ways.

Change course and direction. Find some assistance, pray, meditate, and tell yourself hopeful, positive things. Don’t allow your beliefs in yourself, in those that you love, or your path, be altered by anyone who works on the opposite side of the agenda who helps in promoting the darker energy, or who uses it to their advantage. Be strong, and know, the retros are ending soon. By October, everythign will straighten itself out. Only those who allowed this all to effect them, may be in need of help to release the dark consciousness that seeped in, during that time to be rid of it, and to strengthen and reinforce themselves. Please, pay attention to my articles. They are for the benefit of others to heal from, learn from, and avoid issues. Learn to start new, if you feel that you got caught up in this energtic attack. I love you all, and only want for everyone to be in a good place.


An Invitation

Hey there everybody, this post is something that is very important to me, so if you are a follower or even just a friend please read it through.

I have been really busy helping other people for the last how many years of this work. It has been quite the journey. I have met so many wonderful people. I have met followers who only stayed around for the additional motivation. I have had people who just wanted some guidance in the readings. I have had others who wanted to go all of the way in illumination. And, I have had a lot of people who have become not only those things to me, but also very dear friends.

Over the years there have been some very exciting events and topics. I have also had some pretty scary events and topics too! It has brought me even more following overtime, and educated and thousands of people worldwide too. When you have more following, that can increase the number of people who desire to have wisdom and guidance as well. That means that business increases, and then my time is very thinly spread. I realize that there are times that people do not think of that. Over the years, and especially 2016- 2017, I know that some have felt somewhat hurt by the fact I could not respond quickly back to them when they reached out to me, or keep phone calls that I had scheduled due to the chaos of my schedule. When you work with over 100 people a week it’s hard to. Not to mention that there are people in life coaching that I have to walk through life, throughout the week.

Life coaching is advising a person as they make big changes or go to make decisions that they are unsure of. It’s like being a mother to many. I love each and every person that has ever come my way, and I have never deliberately ever avoided trying to reach out to someone. If my time did not allow it, then it did not allow it.

There have also been people that come to test my skills and abilities. Throughout the year of 2017, there were some who came and demanded visions and information of me right then and there. There were others who had purchased services, and wanted them right away. That is why having an online business such as mine, is a little bit difficult at times. It’s like running a queue. Every person that comes by is served in the order that they are received. But if I have several people ahead of them already, then of course it’s going to take some time to get back to the newcomers. I also had to wait for moments of sacred divine intervention for people, to receive their answers. It is very disrespectful of anyone working with spirit, to snap their fingers and expect spirit to suddenly provide the insight. We are in the flesh here and no matter the soul type or rank in heaven, we are still subject to spirit while we are here. Not the other way around. I have always tried to be the most respectful and humble to spirit, and my work. Plus the best answers come, when spirit is ready to reveal a lot of information at the right timing, rather than trying to force it. 2017 was a year of a lot of events having taken place.

We have had a lot of my prophecies take place throughout that year, as well as the year before it. And there has been a lot of opposition as a result. I have had organized gangstalking, hackers, and also catfish clients. It is true!. Catfish clients are people who come to me under a fake profile. I think I’ve discussed this with everyone before, that when you’re online anybody can become anyone that they want to, and it is hard to detect unless you can sense a slight difference in the energetic signature. Well I do know how to detect differences an energetic signatures and so energy, as well as blueprints. So I was never fooled. But hey, I don’t say anything about it. If they want to spend their money in trying to trick me, then so be it. I am not going to play the game that they are, and I will just merely give them the information that they are requesting but based on their soul energy and not the profile instead. It has been a roller coaster for sure!

From 2016 to 2017, we have lost a few of our inner circle followers who perhaps felt a bit miss understood while with us. That’s nobody’s fault, not even their’s. I admit it is hard to communicate over the Internet at times because if you are feeling a certain type of way, then you are going to project that into the other person’s message that they are sending to you. For example if someone is feeling sensitive and insecure, they may read their friends message as if it is being critical or said harshly. That’s why there have been a lot of miscommunications. We have also had a lot of people who infiltrated our group from other sources. There have been others who came from other psychic circles to see the content and use it for their’s. There have been others who came as Internet trolls to create conflict and division between those of us who stood strong together. And there have been some who sat quietly in the background, observing waiting for the right time to react.

There are still some who are doing that even today. That’s what happens when you have the information that I have. Nonetheless, the beauty of it was, that we all had one another. Sticking together and trying to be supportive to one another was a really big necessity on the path towards spiritual development. It was really like a big family that we never had. While there was opposition standing in some of my followers pathways from their own friends and family members, we all have had one another. I was so proud!

Everybody seemed to be getting along and really supporting each other. Our group had been such a beautiful family of souls, so many of who had similar origins and interests, that I even did a video about it on YouTube. In my video I spoke about how wonderful our family collective was. However, coming towards the end of 2017 into this new year of 2018, I started to notice something.

Many of us have been together as friends on the Internet as early as 2012. Some came in 2014, some in 2015, 2016 and so on. Regardless of when an individual arrived, they were embraced equally into our group and loved just as much as any of the others. It’s strange that after all of those years that we had all stood strong together, as soon as I had done the video about us being a very strong spiritual family, the group started to drift away from one another. Do you think that that is a coincidence? Or, something had to have caused it? Time and time again throughout the years, I had warned everyone to watch out for people who gossiped, or spoke negatively about me or anyone in the group, behind their back. People such as those, do not have good intentions. If you can speak about someone behind their back or even publicly indirectly instead of speaking to that person as a friend directly themselves, then that is a pretty good sign that the person is up to no good. Even if they don’t have an agenda, what type of spiritual person would ever speak negatively about anyone? A true spiritual person would go to that person directly in loving kindness and tell them how they were feeling and thinking.

However, I noticed that we had a few of those people around and even after warning some of my followers about a couple of them, I saw that they still kept them as friends online. It’s OK to keep them on as a friend, but when you allow the person’s influence to affect how you feel towards your spiritual group or even to cause you to fall off your own spiritual path, then this is something that is serious and needs to be addressed.

I’m not blaming anybody specifically here but I am just putting it out there because I do know that gossip has taken place. When you are working your path towards illumination, maliciousness and spitefulness shouldn’t exist as it has no place in the illuminated mind. People who are of the light, only have good intentions and a righteous way of coping with problems or issues that arise. Whether with another person or in their own lives. Many people have known me overtime to be generous, loving and humble, giving, as well as honest. I have given such thorough, in-depth explanations in peoples readings and the variables that could change results, and any changes that they could expect as a result of them. I am known for my virtue of being honest. I have also gone well beyond myself in answering extra questions and even discounting services or doing free ones, for people that couldn’t afford it or needed the additional explanation.

Therefore, if anyone has ever heard anyone speak negatively about me, then they are hearing it from someone who does not know me. I would be totally surprised, should anyone who does know me, should come to believe it. However people are influential that way and I forgive them. But the point is here, that the group has broken up quite a bit. That hurts because when we couldn’t find anyone in our own friends and family to accept us for what we were working towards, or the love that we had for the creator and wisdom, we still had each other. When the day was repetitive and routine, and there was nothing to look forward to, we had each other’s posts to take delight in, as well as my own for everyone’s motivation. It was a wonderful group. It still is.

Besides gossip being a huge reason as to why some in our group have gone their own way, I also understand that many of you have your own lives. We had one of our wonderful girls get married. Others got into relationships and wanted to maybe start a self discovery path of their own. And, we have had some who were focusing on their life purpose or career. There’s nothing at all wrong with that either. In fact, those things are wonderful milestones in life. However, what about unity still? What about the times when things go wrong in those areas of life? You will always have me for as long as I am here. But what about having one another, to rely on and go to in times of need, when I am too busy? Or when no one in your family or circle of personal friends seem to understand? It is important to stick together and keep up with your brother and sister hood. We even have a lovely social gathering site, in order to do so. It takes you away from the influences of everything going on out there, to just being together in the group full of those who share so many things similarly.

In 2017, I also met my own love in life and we built a wonderful life together. However, my schedule, my own “worship”, and family life leaves with less time in my schedule for networking. I hope to change this and have a new management team who will make it so that things are organized and that will give me more time to engage and hopefully get our spiritual family back together. But the point that I am trying to make is that, no matter how life is going, no matter how busy it can be, we all have to support each other and stick together.

Also, the other thing I am trying to say is, I work with up to 15 to 20 people a day. Sometimes those individuals alone each order up to 1 to 4 or five services at a time. If you times 20×4 or five, that’s a lot of readings LOL and certainly I cannot do them all right away. Spirit cannot be abused. Neither can my abilities. I want everyone to get in and out of my spiritual services in a timely manner, but it is so much better when I am not drained and the information is fresh, divinely inspired, and your spirit guides come to me to let me know when it is the perfect timing to address an issue. I’m going to do another blog article about this soon. But yes, answering Fanmail on three different social platforms, having to post on four different social platforms, writing blogs on five different blog platforms, doing healings, readings, teachings, life coaching, and then on top of it having to also do huge Akasha records readings which take hours sometimes, it is a lot for just one person. So please be patient with me in having your services delivered to you. The Mormor people that come, the more and more time it’s going to take. I’m sure those were deeply spiritual understand. I also will not be able to really chat chat until I’m finished all of that work. I love talking with my friends and value each one. But honestly I have to help the people that are reaching out for help first, so there isn’t a riot in my email box LOL.

One other thing that I wanted to mention here since it’s sort of like my venting session, is that I have been in the spiritual community for so long now, as one of the first new age teachers. I don’t really want to call myself a new age because I’m too religious to fit into the new age category, and I’m not religious enough to fit into religion. But when the spiritual movements started, my mission had started right before it. I am the one who led the angelic awakening. Many have learned from me, and many have discovered them selves with me. However, it has been such a roller coaster ride and trying to obtain support. I see others who “Me,” my blogs, but I don’t see my name tags anywhere. That’s copyright theft for sure. Any one of my teachings that are found on either my blog or my learning platform, are all protected under copyright. I also have found people out there who purchase my readings to copy their format and design. My readings are also copy written under my business name and trademark. Next to all of that, I have also seen people who have promoted themselves with my teachings but have never even tried to mention where they themselves had learned it from. I’m glad that people try to spread the message, but I need just as much help as they desire to have, in my mission and work too. It’s wrong to promote yourself off of the foundation of someone else’s teachings, without attributing those teachings to their author. I just can’t understand it and I have often wondered to myself why am I fans and students don’t support me? I know that we have had censorship issues throughout time believe me. There are so many numbers missing off of my social platforms and I know because I have used other ways of logging in and I have seen different numbers every time. I know that some of our posts are on a redirect loop too. I can be very difficult when people are sharing it, to get any attention on those posts. A lot of people just simply gave up. But that’s not what you want to do. You want to keep fighting on with me. You have to do the same in your own personal life and spiritual path too. Like I said earlier on, you can’t allow the things in life, or other people to influence you away from what you believe in or what once was a huge part of your life and your heart. Keep going strong and if you’re not going to fight for me, at least fight for yourself.

So in conclusion, I just wanted to say that things are going to be really manage and maybe a little more organized now that things will get done a little quicker and I should be able to engage a lot better. I would appreciate if people could simply tag my name or “my name next to my own teachings from now on. Requote and repost for me? Let other people find the opportunity and chance to grow and learn as you did. And since you are still learning and don’t have all the answers, leading them in my direction can help them to find the rest of those answers to, just like you are seeking. People in spiritual communities need to stick together. Especially, those who are in ours. We are a family and we always will be, even if one of us slips up and goes astray, or if they’re too busy in their lives to participate for now. Don’t listen to gossip, or gossip yourself. Our heavenly parents do not condone of such behaviors. Also do not judge, for judgment is only for the creator. Use discernment of course, but never judge as you wouldn’t want anyone to do that to you.

Last but not least, this year of 2018 is going to be a difficult one. I already prophesied last year about the dark energy heading our way. There are some other prophecies that the angels will give in the next couple months. You are going to need your spiritual community members to give you the friendship and support during that time, as well as your family. Also, you are going to want to continue walking forward on the path that is straight and narrow. It’s hard to, but it’s the one that leads to a heavenly life. And we all know that in the condition that the world is in today, that everybody is being tested in judged at this time. Don’t allow yourself to be put back to sleep and lose your chance. That’s all for now except one thing on the closing note….

Every person I have come to me I have come to love as my own family. People will say all kinds of things about each other in this world for a multitude of different intentions or reasons. Keep your head strong. Follow my example and guidance and you will be OK. Even though I have felt heartbroken over things that I have come to observe, it’s only because I love each and every person that I have come to teach or guide and I only want the best for everybody and for us all to continue as a family unit together for the higher good of each individual in the world. Everybody deserves a chance to better themselves and continue doing so rather than having the world influence them to head off in a direction that is unhealthy. I want us to all feel that love and motivation that we once did again. So I invite everyone to return together once again as a family and support each other, not only me. I think right now everybody needs each other during these changes in the world and in their own lives. Let’s have the fun that we once shared online. I’m going to try to post things that we can all engage in again and hopefully I will see more activity together..

Heavenly Depiction

In all of my existence, through out my Past lives,  and here in my present experience using this avatar, my one and only true love has always remained steadfast and true. It is constant. Even when the world creates huge canyons in the path of life, it never shifts or alters. There is, within me, a true love that maybe I will never find enough words in any of the mundane worlds that can express it. In this reality, somewhere stationed between 2D and 3D, on only one single branch of the Tree of Life according to its host, I am not afraid to proclaim it loudly. Yes, reader, I hear your thoughts.. And you are right.  The true love of life, of my entire existence, is the Creator.  It is my entire world. Even if Circumstances for me were different, and I was not a spiritual teacher. But, I am. Among the many gifts that God has given to me during my time here on Earth, it is this sentimental, humbling, and sacred gift of getting to share it with others. My heart is at one with my mind. And my mind.. it is at one with my heart. They are one in the same. If they weren’t, I would not have the amount of wisdom that I do… Like a united set of twin flames who are no longer two but instead are one. My love comes from that exact same place where the two worlds of thoughts and emotion come to meet. They do not only just meet though. They are permenantly intertwined, in perfect understanding. Complimenting one another. My mind and heart are partners who eternally work together for one totality of a purpose . Part of that purpose has brought me here, to teach the pathway that love in the same light, can build something truly epic that will show answers to questions that you do not even have yet. A new life.

Many will pass it up easily and swiftly, without wonder or a second thought.  For others, they’ll just be curious. Then, only a small select few…the souls that have the true “calling”, will hear it. It’s like a distant whisper, in an unknown place within.  I can hear it within them, singing softly as I listen. It is fainter than mine, but when it is found, it will become the song of their life. It is the song of my life. This love of mine. it is the true wisdom of my existence, the message of my being.

In this world there are many pathways of connecting with the spirit. Many of them will be pathways that lead to the same finale. Some of them will lead others to empty doors. And while I speak the message of my heart through teaching of Science, True parts of the Occult, fragments of pieces that fit together from religions, and what I myself know… in my soul’s knowing and remembrance … I will not pretend that I am some guru, even if it’s all the hype. I do not care. I will not classify myself as many are tempted to do. I will not forsake my first love. And that is why I am proud to proclaim it. I love God. My entire language is the vocabulary of his way and wisdom. And everything that I think, say, and do… It comes from him. There are so many who are quick to deny their belief or love for him, because they’re trying to go along with the rest of the world. But the rest of the world is falling away. And they don’t realize that they too, will go with it.

One of the top questions that I get from all of those who come to find me, is one that I’m sure almost everyone in the world has wondered at some point in time. Whether in their past lifetimes, or in this one. Nonetheless, this one question is much like a dehydrated person who is searching for even just one a drop of water, in a huge dry desert. And, till now, not many answers “could  quench that thirst”. The question always starts the same: “Alura, what does heaven look like? After that, it usually follows with other questions like: “As an angelic being, why would leave that, to come…here”? Another famous question that I get is: ” If you were a real angel, why can’t you have God give you riches?” I never get tired of answering them. Truly! The one thing that I know, is that each and every person will perceive the answer in their own different and unique way. And each time I describe it, I can see their visualization of it, and that is what helps them to want to re-connect to it. It lets people see why God and this message, are my true loves. It is not easy to be a vessel of lessons. To be an example for others. I can only ever be an example, a representative. If they do not follow, that is on their own accord. I am not God himself, nor am I a judge. And I know that not everyone is perfect, and that mistakes are made through learning. I know that it is through forgiveness, understanding and trying again, that help those who misstep, to finally walk their path right. But heaven and it’s view, it is a great motivation to those who seek to carry the light as their torch, and cloak themselves in it as an armor. As I do.

Imagine if you will,  a beautiful world that is an invisible kingdom in the universe. It’s dark at first. Quiet, still and consuming. You drift and then something pulls you like a vacuum, into a tunnel of light. A Vortex of spiraling energy containing the soul of its guardian. In all, there are four of them for each corner of entry. But you have entered here. At first it looks like nothing but a nebula of eternally stationed gas which is illuminated by the stars that bring it light. As you pass through, you see so many streaks of energy that go past so quickly, with the scenes of time. Suddenly you are one place, and suddenly you are in another. And in that place, it is full of a peace and stillness that only the residents can know.

It reminds me of how the way of life for the animals here on earth is. They wander free in the Plains and Meadows still unclaimed by men. They live without a word spoken, all in peace together. They only know of survival and of love. But here in this place in heaven, there’s no need for the survival. Only just the love. The entire world is like a light library full of all of the memories of every being that got to live in some wonderful experience. Those memories can be replayed and re-lived, through those who view them here.  Whispy, bright strokes of light come together to paint the images of the beings. And as they move, they leave trails of their timeline behind them. Movement is done and sudden flashes.  The movement continues on, as they come to a stop. Everything and everyone there, move so very quickly. And all of the images have great halos of light spreading out like shining suns of colors all around them. It is a beautiful world indeed.

The entire plane is built on love. The very architecture of this kingdoms blueprint, is based on true love and cherishing all of the ideas that are brought into reality to become a part of it.  It is the love for everything that has ever existed, for each and everything in existence, that was a beautiful Master plan.

The heavenly hierarchy exists on many levels, in many different planes. This is merely but one of them. And each level of the hierarchy is made together as a family. Each family of beings,  are stationed to rule one ray of light together. Each of them represent one attribute of our Creator entirety. It is an amazing thing, that all that they know, and all that is perceived through unconditional love, is here in it’s perfection.  There is no sky. Everything around you is all made of light. You only see in that light.

And while this answers only one of the questions, if you really think of it, it gives you the answer to the second. Why did I come here? Why leave such a beautiful place, to come to this one which is so greatly hurting with infliction? Is it not obvious though? Is it not clearly in between the lines? I came here to bring a little part of that,  to this world. And then to wake it up in others, so that we can together be a greater whole. Together, heaven on Earth. It does not matter where your soul came from. No matter where we all originated, we are here now together. And if everyone could awaken back to the love, then A remnant of heaven would be here for sure. It would be at least a magnificent replication of it for what it’s worth here on the planet. But what would that be like?

It is not the planet it’s self that needs to become heaven like. Because in truth this planet was never meant to look that way. It has its very own design. And it’s creation is magnificent. It is through the consciousness of the life here, that heaven needs to exist. Each and every person would be kind and considerate of each other. And when I say this I mean, that people would not just be looking through their own eyes. They would all see from one another’s perspective. In that, it creates understanding. That creates humbleness. It brings people into a humble state because, they would always put theirselves last, and one another first. That is the way our Creator does it. Even though he is so huge of a force of a being, he still looks after us each and every day. And he watches over all of creation through his family of hierarchy. Working together in the world, people would be more focused on change. Since our creator is perfect, people will strive to be perfect. But that perfection is not exactly what you think it means. Perfection simply means taking things that need to change, and making them better. To be the best that one can be. In their own uniqueness. And that is through the learning and experiencing of things, to see how they can be changed and improved. This world with heaven upon it, would be full of people who are not afraid to be themselves. The uniqueness of how they were created, would be such a beautiful thing that they would not strive to want to mimic another. The only role model that they would have, would be the hierarchy and creators above them. There would be peace because no one would find reasons to argue. Arguments are only created when others find flaw. With heaven upon us, no one would look for the flaws. No one would seek to visibly see what one another was doing wrong, but instead to see only the good within. Here on this earth now, people do not realize that it is not up to them or one another, to see the flaws. It is not up to them, to point them out. And that is because our creator is working through each of them personally, with their teacher whom he had sent. And it will be through their work with their teacher, whether in a year or five years, no matter how long it takes, that whoever was called will make it. The wish, it’s just that they get there, not when.

There also would be unity. People would not abandon one another in times of distress or disagreement. The love of the Creator would inspire them to stand together and work it out. What God has brought together, let no man set apart. And his family, those with whom heaven can live through, are brought together by him. It’s a beautiful thing. Harmony, and togetherness. Also, this world would not contain ego. How can there be an identity of self, if we live for the heavens, and for one another? There would be no deception, no self-serving agenda, and there would certainly not be any slander is him going on between the people.

You see, it is one thing to speak and vent in a kind and gentle way, with someone that you are close to, about  something that you are concerned about. And if it is setting kindness, then it is said in love. However, if one is talking about someone else and saying things that are degrading, then there is some other hidden emotion behind it. We are not here to be judges. We are here to observe, and if what we are observing is not what another person sees, then there’s no harm done in perhaps pointing it out in a loving way. But it should never be in a way that hurts the person. It is true that sometimes the truth can hurt. We live in a world where people blind themselves to the truth. When they are in the wrong they suppress it so much that they do not even see it. There are times when people deny things that they do or are doing. It is a very difficult thing to have to work with. Well heaven tries to spread its effect through everyone it is awakening to, there will always be others who are not quite there yet. Some are so far gone, that they are completely lost to ever understanding it’s concept. However it is for them to learn from the choice that they have made i’m at that deeply into their heart. Because the creator says that it is through the heart first, that we know what a person is truly about. And he says, that most of the people in this world today, have a heart that is only about them themselves. Yes the majority of the world simply only cares about how their life is, and how they are affected by things. They care only about where they are going. But those are the majority of the population, we will continue going in circles and never make it to the final stop.

If heaven could awaken in many, our part of the world in which it was contained through us, it would be full of sharing and helping each other out. Everyone’s progress would be different of course, but there would be so much that each and every individual would be contributing that we would all make such a sweeping movement of goodness in the world. Even through the smallest of influences it can succeed. But we definitely would have a lot more goodness, humbleness, understanding, open mindedness, acceptance, selflessness, and unity. And if people could live through those things, it would cause them to take actions in their life, that would be for the better good of not only himself, but for others and important causes in the world. And that is how change is made, and heaven becomes alive. Now while, heaven itself is a whole other place, and far more intense in those traits than any other place could ever be, it still is needed to be experienced here, through people. Because, they will need to know how to adopt those traits if they ever want to go there.

You see, The definition of awakening goes beyond gaining more wisdom, and making one’s life better. Awakening definitely include those things. But the whole reason to even gain wisdom and make one’s life better, is for what that person can do with it for others and the world. It is also to become a shining example, for others who do you see them and their new heavenly way of life, to be inspired naturally. It is true that when as a teacher, I began my mission, I had to set the example by at least writing about my life and what I do, as well as putting my teachings and wisdom out there. Each day as a role model, it is important for me to show other people what I take part in in my life. If I didn’t, then no one would know, and no one would be inspired. However, everyone has their own mission. They have their own purpose in life to fit fill. The creator will have chosen each and every individual for some important role to for fill while they are living here. And everybody’s purpose will be different. Why would the creator send in an entire population to do the same exact thing? If everyone was doing it, then the world would be different and there would be no need for them anymore. There are many areas of life and spirit that will need someone to assist in it. Each person who takes on their purpose, will be an example to those around them while they do. For an example those who are meant to be school teachers, they aren’t going to walk into the classroom declaring what they know about heaven or spirituality. But, the way that they conduct themselves, and the way that they handle their students, will definitely set the environment’s atmosphere. It just leaves a tone in the air, that can set them for the rest of their day in a positive direction. And they look to that teacher for their kindness and their understanding with their work. They’re always remember that, and compare it to other people they come to meet later on. I know that many times growing up, I always compare to my teachers throughout the years. There were teachers you just didn’t care, and they did not connect with their students. Then there were teachers who wanted to be so cool that they connected with the students but didn’t care about their education. I only ever had, just one teacher who was both kind, and cared about how everyone excelled in the class. She cared so much and she took out individual time with each of us, to get to know us and help us work on things we struggled with. That helped many of us to gain more education in areas that perhaps without her, we would’ve never thrived in. And it was information that we would all have needed for adult life. Another example, is for those who become purposed in the medical field. Think about that for a moment. The body is your temple. How many people get hurt or sick every day? There I have been many discussions about this particular area of purpose, that I have had with others before. Many people have stated that they go into a doctors office and complained of a few things bothering them. However, the doctor just wanted to see them for the one element, so that they could make them come back again and again, for the others. All in the name of charging the insurance company multiple times. Instead of that one visit. They weren’t caring and they were not reassuring. But those who ended up finding a better place, spoke of how they were far better taken care of. But the nurses talked with them about everything that was bothering them, and the doctor took care of each issue so that they could feel better right away. Imagine the impression that that left on that person. They felt cared for, like they mattered. And that is a very important element in life when it comes to someone’s health. The point I am trying to make here, is that our creator has appointed our doctors, our spiritual leaders, those who will be influential in the educational world, and those who will go on to help animals. So in a way, everyone is a leader somehow, just in their own area of life and it’s needs. There’s so much more to spiritual existence, then just teaching about spirit itself. And it is through how the person does it, and just buy their living that life, that they are the role model. It seems that there is a great difference between those who are doing it for the better good, and those who do it for the attention. People want to be known as being a good person. There are so many people who have changed their lives already for the better good, but perhaps their family does not support them or give them any kind of approval or acknowledgment for it. Some will seek it out through their peers or their friends. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little display of how they are playing their part. But there is a great difference between  showing a little bit of how their path has change them, and actually advertising their life. Yes it is true that as a spiritual teacher like I said, I have to set that example for others to know how to change and in what ways. To show others what kind of conduct and lifestyle is appropriate for a spiritual person who claims to love God… and that is what leaders do. We are the example. As I have been sent here to help others awaken, I also try to show them the traits and characteristics of which they should be displaying as an awakened individual. And those traits definitely bring a part of heaven within.

Our Creator is the King of the World. His family of Creators with him and his beautiful Goddess, all seek to unify humans in the true definition of family, from the heavenly perspective. Living in humbleness and unconditional love, that is the way to the light. My biggest wish is that everyone can know the makers.

The Invisible Figure….

It was a brisk , cold November morning. It was Saturday, back in 1958. Dad decided he would go on hunting, to see if he could catch some rabbits for supper,. He was about 14 years old. He had decided to go hunting back in a location that the locals called, Bee’s Pond. it was off of the haunted Flood gate road, where the Gabriel Davies Tavern, an old Military hospital, was located. Everyone knew this road, and the tavern itself was a terribly haunted place. He went off of Floodgate road, into a big field. He was carrying his trusty, 12 gauge, pump shotgun. He had used it all of the time for hunting.

As the day went on, he could not find any wild game to bring home. So, he figured he should head on home, before it got dark. Back in August, Dad’s little brother Michael and some friends, had gone fishing back there, off of a little rock. At that time, they had come running home, and were ranting and raving about an invisible thing trudging through the water, where they had been fishing. They could see the splashing and water moving of the food steps, moving towards them. Afraid, they ran home, leaving all of their fishing equipment right there. Dad’s other brother’s and him, went back to the fishing spot, to see what was going on as they had described the situation to them. Big brothers to the rescue! When inspecting the area, they found nothing, except their fishing equipment, in which they had left behind on the rock.


Getting back to Dad’s day of hunting back there in November, it was starting to get dark. Dad was on his way home, walking down Floodgate Road. There was a field to his right, and woods to his left, and the river just below the woods. As he continued to walk, he heard footsteps walking along side of him, there in the woods. So he stopped to listen, and as he did, the footsteps stopped with him. He began walking again, and “it” began walking again. Yet again, Dad stopped. And the invisible figure, also stopped when he did. So Dad loaded his shotgun with three rounds of ammo and jumped into the woods where he heard the footsteps. Dad shot to his left, and shot to his right, and shot right in front of him, and there was complete silence. The creepy kind of silence.  Dad looked around and he could not see a thing. At the same time, he reloaded his gun. And he again, jumped out, back onto the road. He started to walk again. ll of a sudden, he heard the footsteps came back, in the woods beside him. At that point, my Dad was so scared, because he could not see who it was, or where it was. As he had been walking the dirt road, footsteps to some invisible stranger had been walking along side of him in the leaves about 12 feet away from him to the left. He was so frightened at this encounter, that he started running. He had made it to the end of the road, and stopped to catch his breath. He still had a good half of a mile to walk, through the woods to get home.

As he started to walk up the rest of flood gate road, up by the old military hospital mentioned in the beginning, built in 1876,  half way up the road, he heard the footsteps come back again to his left but still could not see anything. He ran again, trying to get home as soon as he could. He was breathing heavily through his mouth, and accidentally swallowed an insect due to being so overly excited and afraid. He started choking on it, trying to spit it out, but had swallowed it.  When he finally got to the end of the road, he unloaded his gun, and walked the rest of the way home,  which was about 4 blocks away.

Dad had lived not far. Near his home, there was a small ravine that they called “The Gulley”. Dad and his family had been feeding some cats with some aluminum pie pans. They had heard something outside of the window on several occasions. The pans were found smashed and distorted. So they had a great idea to put up spot lights in the ravine for whatever was coming, and making all of the noise and smashing the pans each night. On the night that they put up the spot lights, they tested them out. The lights had lit up the woods, as if it were day time. Then they turned them off an waited. Dad had his shotgun on him of course, and so did his brothers. They sat and waited for the visitor. After a few hours of sitting in the dark and waiting, they heard a noise on the other side of the “Gulley”. It sounded like a person walking and smashing through the brush.Dad could hear the footsteps coming down the hill on the other side of the ravine. Then, the footsteps were heard walking up the center of it. Dad was standing on the side of the ravine on a slight angle facing downwards, looking and listening. He had some bushes next to him as he stood watch. He could hear the footsteps walk all of the way up the to the bushes in front him. But alas, nothing was visible. Only the sound of mysterious  footsteps. Then, suddenly, the bushes started to shake as if someone had grabbed them and started to violently shake them. So Dad had shot one round into the center of the bushes. After that, nothing was there! No animal, no person. If so, they would have for sure had been shot by dad’s gun. Only, heard the footsteps again, this time heading on back down from where it came from. They went to the far other side of the gulley from where they came.


The invisible man, had been “heard” walking many times by many people, and still to this day, by those going back there at that time of day, around 5 pm. Could it had been, one of deceased soldiers making his way though through the woods, and neighborhood making his way back to the tavern, the old hospital where he lived, and perhaps died? Had it been a soldier of the area who had fished and lived there, only to have passed away, and become a haunting figure there in the woods, that still even in the afterlife, continued his journey and path through the woods for all time? You decided. Dad has no idea, as the figure was unseen but heard.

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Welcome to the Church of I.M. The “I.M” stands for, Illumination of Metatron. This is an online church, or better yet path builder for change and the ascension process toward illumination and divinity. The articles here are merely only introductory articles, many having hidden meaning under the surface of how they are worded or presented. The deeper truth is found at the actual online classroom for those who see the deeper message in these articles, seeing beyond the surface metaphors and symbolism.

If you are ready, please go to the classroom for more. For now, open your mind as you read through the site.  “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through” Matthew 7:13. Even that scripture has a hidden meaning. The narrow gate not only applies to the harder but more righteous path in life trying to live as a good person, but it also applies to the path of those trying to reach illumination. The wide and broad gate is the one that most people take for learning, as it is trendy, and filled with ego. It allows the belief that one is really a spiritual master but never provides the fulfillment of what being one really means. It leads only to illusion. The narrow gate with few finding it, is the one that is less popular, harder, but real. Illumination is a path that has been offered since ancient times for those in exclusive elite secret circles. The knowledge would never be allowed to slip through those circles for the whole world to obtain. The whole world like it being found easily all over the internet and in large spiritual communities. All of that is merely just used to distract people from finding the real thing. The forbidden knowledge is something that even those in elite circles have had to work most of their lives for, being initiated step by step, some never making it to the top of the illuminated light. Why would it be so easy now for people to find? It’s not.

The truth is, the narrow gate is hidden from anyone entering it because knowledge at this kind, means power and truth. The truth sets you free and empowers you. That means that you are no longer able to be controlled by this world anymore but instead enter into a new kingdom. That is why Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world”. He had wisdom that made him subject to another, even while he was here. He was above this system. Much of his knowledge has been twisted so that no one ever finds what he really tried to teach, so that no one ever becomes above this system spiritually. This would make a person who is above it, unable to be controlled. Control is what this world is all about. Look around you!

Everything that you see is just another tactic of controlling you. Your mind is told what to think through what you see around you every day through logos, commercials, movies, celebrity trends, music and so much more. Without one thing to, you have been conformed into a slave. Every day people have to work hard just to survive. It exhausts them and the only thing left for them to do is to sit at home on the Internet or television which is filled with ads that embed into their mind. Without thinking about anything, that burger commercial from a few hours before that they saw may come up in the form of a craving instead of a thought. The person doesn’t remember that they saw the commercial, they only know that they’re craving for the burger. Then, out the door they go…to go get one. The money that they spent hard working for, goes right back into the pockets of the corporations. The more depressed people are, the more vulnerable they are to influence. Whatever their Temptations are, the more vulnerable they are as well. And that’s why there are so many influences that pertain to all of the Temptations that a person can have as far as, flaws like addictions, eating disorders or over eating habits, and so much more.

The truth is is that everyone is just a pawn for those at the top of the pyramid so to speak, to keep pushing them into a form of commercialized slavery. People are miserable every day. They struggle to make ends meet and don’t have enough money to live their dreams. They go to church but they never really find any real true deep fulfillment. Just a sense of gratification. There are so many people out there that don’t even ask if there is anything more to learn about when it comes to God, the meaning to life, their purpose? And when they do ask, they are given superficial answers that are explained away through the reinterpretation of man’s religious doctrines time and time again. The ascended masters who have come here have all known the truth. But every time that they tried to lead the masses toward change, their teachings were stolen and integrated into the worldwide agenda. That’s right, worldwide.

Once upon a time, an ancient race came to earth and integrated with the people who were originally native here. Creating their own hybrid species, they went onto create a whole new race of mankind that had more intelligence than the natives. Through that they could have intelligent slaves, but not a people that would bypass their own intelligence level that could potentially become uncontrolled. More and more they found ways to control the people. Everything was to satisfy their hunger for greed. The little man was always suppressed or used as a tool for those in the greater circles of The families of those ancient races so that they could continue to be at the top of that pyramid that I spoke of. There are a lot of people out there today claiming that they know the truth behind a similar story.

However, I can guide you into the real truth and then take you into a higher knowledge thats not available here. Great! There is more spiritual truth, only earthlings do not have it. The ancient race of beings had been cut off from their origins once they came here and as a result had no further ability to gain access to the truth. They slowly forgot more and more as time went by and a lot of it had faded into the background of their suppressed memories. The only parts of truth that they had, were those that they could document down through ancient writing. A lot of it was missing and would always remain so, until now. Archangel Metatron offer is this path to those who are worthy of it. Even those that walk the path of masonry to the 33 degree Illumination I never have ever reached the real meaning of what that is. Their illumination is merely only based upon their own earthly definition of it which still makes them so much higher than the every day average person. But now there’s a chance for the every day average person to rise up and finally set themselves free from the confinement of this world’s deception and spiritual suppression.

Once you enter this path, you can never turn back. Your eyes will be opened to many things that you can’t even imagine to know right now. That’s why not many find the narrow gate. For so long, many people have been seeking for this kind of knowledge. It’s not been made easy even just to find the kind of knowledge that is hidden in the elite circles, let alone that of heavenly truth. For those that have found the earthly version of it that the elite circles have, they always use it for evil purposes. The knowledge has been used for self serving agendas, that have even lead people to hurt other people time and time again. This type of knowledge that I have, it’s only meant for those that are ready to enter the path of divinity. The path of divinity is what real illumination is. It is a true illuminated crown or halo around the head. This means that a person has now entered into the path of total righteousness. With that righteousness comes the total truth. You cannot have one without the other. And that is why the narrow gate is so hard to enter through. No one is courageous or selfless enough to give up the human perspective and its desires, to enter into the path of divinity which is selfless and without attachment. Only if you have ever come close to it. For anyone else, the truth has always been hidden away.

Now is the time that the human race is being called for true ascension toward real illumination. But only those that are truly worthy of it, will receive it. The heavens will block those who have evil in their hearts, from reaching the rest of the way. Only those who are truly sincere with the purest of hearts can actually really make it. That is because only those pure of heart will be able to interpret the meaning of a lot of the teachings as they are richly encoded protect their true meaning from those that do not have a pure heart or clear ninth. That is because those whose hearts are not pure and who live without a clear conscience are the ones that use great knowledge for power that yields wickedness. Enter this path cautiously.

New Domain

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