My Journey with Alura

I am the first to write a testimonial for the Truthology course and site! My name is Jen and I came from a born-again Christian family. I had a natural interest in the deeper spiritual world as a kid, but my family was so strict. They would not let me explore anything except what they provided as spiritual nourishment. I was very unhappy. I grew up with so many rules and restrictions on what was believed to be wrong and right.  Even with other friends who were also Christian, nothing compared to my life. They at least had many privileges. I had none. I got fed up and wanted to drift away from home, and I did so in my first year of college. I met a guy whom was seeing Alura for readings. He was still unsure about her teachings because, he did not have alot of information on them except little things that she had shared with him in exchanging emails. He had found her on a website called “Starseeds.Net”. He was very eccentric, and he loved God, but in his own way. I think I liked him because he still loved God, but was not afriad to do so in his own way. I also liked him because he was everything that was the opposite of my upbringing.  I was a bit rebellious at that stage in life.

After one  year of dating, he told me that he was going to go for it, and enter one of Alura’s courses. I had a few readings with her, but still felt fear due to things my parents taught me about psychics. I loved the readings, don’t get me wrong. But, I was still programmed. Sometimes, I got so nervous before my results would come back, because she was always so honest in previous ones. I knew her reading would always bare some kind of  realization that I was not fully ready for yet, but knew to be right. They were always loving and positive. I just had fear. I think I was afraid of the full and complete change, that I knew I needed to make. It would outcast me from my family, to become my own person.

After some time in the “Higher Self” course, my boyfriend changed. It was all that he talked about. I started thinking he loved Alura more than me!  I am just kidding. He was really fascinated and he would repeat everything to me. He had told me that his idea of higher self had been something completely different for years. He told me that while he had easily accepted the definitions out there in main stream without question, the way that Alura explained it, made sense. In truth, the idea of the Higher Self  before, had scared me. I surely did not understand either for some time. Then when he put it into perspective using Alura’s lesson, the truth became obvious. Over time, I became a fanatic myself.

I finally let go of my fear of my parent’s and their harsh fundamentalism. I saved up for six months and once I had enough, I enrolled in the Angelic Course.  She spoke about things that made sense. It sounded similar to some of the stuff that I had heard in my religion growing up, but it went so much deeper. It answered questions that I had when I was little, but that no one offered any answers to. I became very intrigued. I asked if I could share them with my boyfriend as I listened, since he had not taken that particular course yet. Listening together, my boyfriend and I were learning rapidly. When I finally reached the  Truthology course, I had already read some of the Truthology information on Alura’s old site.  During that time, I was able to see where she gave depth here to the public, but added even more in the course itself.  At one time, I thought that I would save money and simply learn only from these sites. I am glad that I took the course.  It really showed another level of knowledge. I anticipated entering the second course.

The second course was magnificent! All of the lessons from the courses that I have taken already, have all  literally changed my life forever. I have learned far more than I ever thought that I could, and I see things in life that I had not before.  I finally understood that not everything is what it seems, and that to be defined as a real truth-seeker, I have to look at things from all directions in this world, even in my own personal life. It inspired to seek truth within myself. That in turn, led to me finding it, and making life a better place amidst the false projection of reality all around me.

I used to care what people thought of me. My family, friends, peers… Now, I can see that it is all an illusion of something that someone or something else, wants us to see. Perhaps even what we want one another to see. I learned that to  see what I wish to see in the world instead, I have to understand the external world and how it reflects within. I also had to find myself outside of this reality’s definition of me, and who it was leading to be in order to mold me for it’s plan. I was so limited in all areas of my being. The biggest lesson that I have learned with Alura, is that, to see what I wanted to see in the world.. I had to change the falsehoods in my own life, and  become it first.

Thank you Alura, for teaching me the greatest lesson of all time!