The “Black” Agenda

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Let’s start with trend…

Texting with my friend Lauren, and she mentioned how black magic is being promoted a lot. I have been saying the same in the previous courses and blogs, even before this started because I knew exactly what the agenda was all about. I have forewarned people so many times. Sometimes I watch people that have read my blogs and knew beforehand things, and just walked right into the situations anyway. It does say in the Bible that fools will run pretty quickly into trouble.

My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul; Let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; We will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder; Cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”— My son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; For their feet rush into evil, they are swift to shed blood. How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it!These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves! Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the life of those who get it.—- Proverbs 1:10

 I mean it’s true. They would much rather lead everybody into a state of depression, even worse than anything they’ve ever experienced before, for an even larger reason that is beyond most peoples understanding. I mean think about it… How did I know that this is going to take place? How did I predict it before it even started getting into all of this? Obviously, somebody’s telling me something. And that somebody comes from heaven. I’m trying to warn as many people as I can because I also not only know what’s coming or happening out there before it takes place, but I also know the outcome.

I said it in my video dark consciousness. The term dark consciousness is not only literal but also symbolic. I talked about this a little bit further in my video The Illusionist.  we are in a different age than what is being spoken about. All things have been hidden but yet later, the light will reveal them. But for how many people will it be too late for? But by that time, so many people will have accumulated so much karma and almost sold their soul (as I mentioned in my other blogs and how that takes place) and there’s no coming back for it. Many people will also reach what I have explained as a “spiritual death”. Black magic brings a lot of karma. For many that just enter into it, they don’t care who they harm, or how they use it, or even if they know how to really use it. Everything is all about the ego and like I have said that is the biggest enemy to any man. It’s too hard to be good. Too many people find it difficult to exercise a little self-control here and there to even just be a little bit better. Instead, it’s easier to go along with society. The black magic makes people feel invincible or powerful just like all of the other forms of spirituality that they had been passionate about at one time. They need to continue feeling empowered but not in the right ways, so they change up every now and then. But what they don’t realize is that the dark agenda is one that yes may give them a little bit of a boost, but it’s going to bring them crashing down and permanently later on.

You can tell who the trend hoppers are because they jumped from the starseed agenda, into the angel agenda, from being a light worker, down into hermeticism, and then black magic.. I have seen so many people that used to promote themselves as a Starseed, now calling themselves a witch. From “so called cool thing, to so called cool thing”, they shift with the changing society. This is a perfect example of what I call “social conditioning”. The spiritual movement targeted lonely people who grew up outcast, and insecure with family troubles just for the fact that they knew that they were going to be the ones to jump right into things that were promoted as being “cool” in order to be excepted her notice.

The only thing I have to say is that, while they promote a lot of black magic and such, which; that’s fine if people decide to go that Road… But I still have to say that as more route, as more of that permeates throughout the world, the darker things become. And while I may be on pause for a little while during that time, I am sure there will come a time later in the future where everyone will remember things that I had said and predicted…and I will still be floating around in the background here. The one who was honest enough to predict it all, step by step as it was happening too (see Aluras Angels for predictions in the Angelic Herald articles ).

Is this trend worth it?

It’s totally normal to be inspired and grab a few ideas. But when creativity is totally lacking and the world is looking more like Star Wars, Attack of the Clones, then there’s a problem. And the questions that everyone should be asking is “Why? Why isn’t anyone noticing it? “Why does everyone think that it’s okay? What is really going on behind all of the repetitive propaganda that’s going on?”

My father was a Luciferian as was my grandfather on my mother’s side, whom I have mentioned a lot in the past. I have seen what happens in real circles. Black magic is a form of mystical arts that they claim allows free roam of the magical energy and spirit world. It’s total reliance is on demons, ancestral/generational spirits, elementals and inner power that is not natural but rather ciphered from animals, vamping other people, energy summoned for use from inside of ritual circles where entities are summoned, sexual or orgy energy, sacrificial energy through fear in death and the blood force. Those resources are temporary and not always guaranteed. But what is guaranteed, is that there’s always a price. This form of magic is not free. It’s not like light work where everything is manifested from a place of love and purity. There are pure forms of energy everywhere just as there are dark. But purity only requires good deeds and actions. That’s the only payment for that kind of power. On top of it, comes a reward. For all of the good that a person does especially in use of pure energy, they gain even more merit and golden karma in the heavens for their afterlife. Pure energy sources are from things like natural electromagnetic energy waves, evenly exchanged vibrations between people consensually, gifted energy from angels, channeled energy from magical realms and higher planes, ones own inner force, tantric sex, and many things in nature. Yes one has to have permission, and above all things enough power and ability to know how to draw pure energies out of those things. Most of the time, individuals whom you know can truly do it, do so because they were born with the abilities, had it bestowed upon them from a divine source, the spirits in nature see that the energy is being used for good and they assist in providing theirs, or

But when it comes to black magic, you are taking energy from a lot of resources without permission, which is against the spiritual law. another thing about black magic is that since you are taking energy either from lower vibrational entities were without permission, then it’s transmigrated into shape. With using positive light energy, it’s an even exchange. What you take from, you use and either amplify it for yourself or you get back in some other way through the cycles of energy. For example if you send healing, you may feel a little drained at first but the energy is going to come right back to you through your higher self for the good deed that you did. For black magic, it’s not that way. Whatever is lost, is lost. He gathers on the other side in shadow form. That is why a lot of people see a lot of shadows fleeting. There are things such as shadow beings who will come and watch over a person who is using black magic as well because they are just waiting to claim that person for when that life time is done because of all the negative energy attracted toward them. There are also fleeting shadows that are created by one’s own energy themselves by stealing positive energy and having it turned into Shadow, for the use of it. If it’s being used for negative, then nothing will come back in even exchange and it will just be voided energy, empty energy on the other side. It’s still a form of negative imprint though. Just like a camera taking a picture. In a negative, the image of this individual still exists but in a shadow form. The more and more they give to the shadow, the more more they lose of them self. They’re just using temporary light and spending it without returning it. The more more light that’s gone, the more and more the person loses their soul. so shadow people will come because they will usually read the blueprint of that individual through the energy, and then they will take on that person’s appearance for shape shifting and such. People don’t realize just what they’re getting themselves into. Black magic is certainly something that they highly glamorize.

 Back to trends…

Being a former Luciferian, my father used to liked to watch the show “American Horror Story”. I remember watching it thinking to myself how dark it really was. There were so many subliminals even in the intro music, and that were made especially to Luer people in in great interest. I would not watch it but I did see the episodes where Stevie Nicks came on, because I definitely enjoy her music. Since I was little, my mother was a fan of Stevie Nicks, and as a young adult I was told that I sounded a lot like her when I sang… that I was offered a small gig at a bar and restaurant. I was always into music having sang opera and many other forms of musical arts when I was small. I was even in a number of talent shows and could conformed any kind of style or music. But I still didn’t take it just because of the environment that the gig was in. I really did like her music for sure. I remembered my mom looked like her a little bit, when I was younger too. Mom was even going to name me Stephanie and call me “Stevie” as a nickname. I’m glad she didn’t. They had always known that her music was about the mystical arts. I don’t think a lot of other people did until the show came out and they started to become more aware.

Then he got into another show called Salem. I was totally appalled. I keep trying to tell him that these were television programs meant to condition people because of a new agenda that God said was coming. So he had a great deal of interest and watched it. Now I am seeing television shows such as a new rendition of “Hantzel and Gretel”. It’s a very dark version of the story, and I’m sure many people go running right toward watching it, because there are ads for it everywhere, even on YouTube. it’s a shame too because my father used to read me that story is a little girl in which I had just made a comment about it around Christmas time on my spiritually awkward Instagram page. Sometimes I feel like the synchronicity of things it’s just too much LOL nevertheless, a lot of people are going to see it and on top of all of the other television programs, it’s just yet another one to set people off into the black agenda. Said it many times before that people were brought down solo through broken promises, broken dreams, and from being held back so greatly in their ambitions towards their life purposes and goals, that they would find it easier to conform to a darker form of spirituality because that is really how they feel inside, dark. It’s easier for them to give in to it rather than fight against it, for some. he did the same along time ago and they launch the new age movement. People had been through drug addiction is in all kinds of other traumatizing things. They wanted something better for themselves. They wanted all of the things I had heard them in the past led them to those broken pathways, to be healed in to be fixed. And through what they had experience, they wanted to share that with others to help them. Light work was offered as a way to do that. Additionally on top of it, grandiose titles of being the world’s highest vibrational Starseed, were placed upon that agenda. To be honest with you I have seen people making claims that they were from as high as the ninth dimension. Eeee. If that were true then why aren’t they powerful enough to change a lot in the world? We had beings from that high of a vibration here, we wouldn’t be heading off into a dark agenda. In truth there are only a few in the entire world including myself who are from a higher plane here, trying to do anything positive. But not the ninth dimension. And there aren’t many of us or there would have been even more changes . but that was the point. For us to come and tell the truth and to provoke change in others so that they could wake up and cause a domino effect that spreading positivity and change worldwide. All of us each one in one of the four corners of the world. But we were limited and restricted in our attempts. And this was so that the black agenda could rise enslaving people’s souls and like the saying goes, “misery loves company”…those who are condemned, want to condemn the fate of many others with them.

I can’t understand for the life of me what people don’t comprehend about what is being said here. Things that are involved in black dark mystical practices, or often things that are linked to sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug addiction, murder, sacrifice of children, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, abusive violent acts, torture, and wishing bad upon others. It includes the deadly sins which jealousy and greed stem forth, and a lot of violence, insecurity, and vanity all come from them. This is even responsible for depression, mental illnesses, poverty, sickness and disease, incest, children becoming criminals early, pseudomaturity, sexual morality in children, robbery, kidnapping, ignorance, hatred, acts of hate, prejudice, racism, deceit, and injustice. It’s also responsible for war. There are so many things that stem from it.

And it doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t do anything in those categories, they still associate themselves with the force that’s responsible for it. It will always lead toward more depression, negativity and dark thoughts. Even pure individuals who are striving to do well in their lives right now, are affected greatly by even just a feeling of that energy in the air. what’s worse is that people are losing hope. Crime is rising, natural disasters are happening because of the forces of chaos. But yet people are walking right into the black agenda? Why are people so blind? Why can’t they stand up for themselves and one another, and say “enough is enough”?

it manipulates the minds of the older individuals yes but it is meant more for targeting younger audiences. It is to change the consciousness throughout time. The more darker television programming that exists, the more children that watch it. The more that they think it’s OK to behave a certain way. They gain interest in things that are wicked and vile instead of seeking out anything good.For an example, if a young kid where to watch “Hansel and Gretel”and their parents are too busy working to correct what their child is seeing or to explain it, naturally the child is going to get interested in things more along the lines of oddities and witchcraft. Nowadays parents don’t know what their children are doing when you’re sitting on their phones. They could be researching and reading books or material online that goes into these subjects a lot further. Then behind closed doors in their bedrooms, they could be cursing some kid at school. their parents don’t question anything because they don’t expect it and because they are so busy at work, if their child is being nice and quiet in the next room, there certainly not going to go and disturb that. So a lot of parents let their child be so as to get some quiet and rest for themselves.

Black magic holds a rule that says” Do what thou wilt, harm none”. However, it’s these forms of magic that are practiced the most, against other people. A lot of times black magic is used to take down one’s enemies or competitors. Especially, if a person doesn’t know how to use the forces of good to redirect their competitor enemy into another direction more positively, but in one that kind of removes them from being in their own way. There are ways of doing that but people are so malicious, that they find it a lot easier to just curse somebody to get rid of them suddenly, instead.There are even spells that can kill a person.

Really, there’s nothing wrong in expanding one’s mind to gain knowledge and understanding. But the way that people are so influenced by the ways of the world, trends and other people, they take it to a whole other level. If you can look at how the previous agenda has affected everybody here today with the attack of the clones going on, then imagine how much more dark it will be with everybody cloning the black agenda? It’s not fun. Even innocent relatives are plagued for generations by the spirits associated with black magic. My mother’s family was cursed since the rule of Morogh O’Flaithbheartaigh. It has led to death, illness, financial issues, repeat generational stories, shadow being attacks, and other hardships that have affected every other generation since his time. My family always wondered why it didn’t affect me, but the was obvious… I’m an angel and here to end the horrible string of attacks. It goes to show though, that our ancestors having been involved in human sacrifice and black magic surrounding the ancient druids… it was affecting him, passing down from everyone beneath him. Even a little bit of tampering here or there causes great havoc in persons life, no matter how innocent. Take it from somebody who knows.

For millennia, I have been training in my mission to come here through watching from above, the acts of humankind throughout the rebellions and great indignation. I saw many people inflicted by black magic and curses. I’ve always known what my mission was, leading me into in terms of the time…the day and age. I keep trying. It’s not easy since the masses are so easily conditioned and then stood against the truth, made willing to defend what’s wrong.

However, I’ll still be here after it all fails and the few remaining good come seeking real change at last. I may again be outcasted as I have always been by the corruptible hearts out there, but there’s only one end result, and me, a child of incorruptibility.

Listen to a vibration raising song here…