The bride of Christ

Many have heard it said that Christ has a bride. This is extremely important when understanding the ascension and awakening process, leading to the full connection with the higher self.

Revelation 19:7-9 – Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.  

Ego works in the shadow self or aka lower self, earthly self. In order to be void of shadow, one must be void of all of the limitations in the ego that go against the virtues found in the divine higher self.. As I’ve said, to truly ascend is to first embrace the transfiguration by transcending human traits as much as one can. Because, in the light of divinity all are perfect and act as one,there are deities who are ruling as seperate identities but working in a flow of one unity.

To achieve the transcendence of the human avatar, one must live by the traits in the library of the higher self. The Higher self is the larger soul that holds all of the memories that that soul has accumulated in its journey, as all of the wisdom from each experience, and the things that it has encountered throughout. And that is not just the information stored from the earthly experience, but it is containing all of the information stored from it’s journey celestially too. Every soul is created perfect in the beginning. Then it goes into different realities to expand its consciousness through experience and learning. Some higher dimensional souls are created all knowing and powerful, and then sent to other locations to help other planets and species evolve a bit. Then there are some souls who are adventuring towards becoming God like themselves. For those working towards a godhead, they must return back to that divine state. But in a state of godliness, one must be perfect again, while still holding all of that information. In the beginning you did not have that information. You obtain it and then are expected to live in a perfect state, wise from your mastered journey. That is what makes one godlike.

Then, there are the souls who are meant to evolve to the next level beyond the one that they are currently stuck in. We know that earth is always going to be 3-D. But some are chosen to leave. There are many reasons why. Some will go on to another experience just at a higher vibration. Some are meant to return to their spiritual home after some learning and fulfilling a mission or purpose. Those are usually soul’s that have already lived in a higher dimension just a little bit above earth and it reads these existence. Most of them have volunteered to come here in order to adopt the human way temporarily, so that they could understand it and later teach something greater to others who are meant to evolve while still staying on earth. They will help earthlings to expand in consciousness little by little throughout time or what’s left of it. There are some human souls who are meant to expand just a little more while still experiencing the earth experience. Those souls who have come from other worldly origin above a 3-D density, often have a great message of love and awareness. Called the ground crew, they come to help the messengers who truthfully are lesser deities or ascended masters. Or, they are going to contribute some kind of healing in the world in someway. It could be through any field of work, or job. Healing is done in many different ways, not just through energy healing. All can be considered an angel or messenger technically. But there are some who descend down to earth from the family of the Gods or ascended masters from 8D down to the 6th, in order to help the world and provide a brand new message. They are already awake and of a higher vibration while they do their work here. They do not need to transcend anything because being so perfect and wise, they do not get programmed by lower vibrational things. They don’t have many lifetimes here either, and the vibration would be very uncomfortable for them to endure for too long.. But those of the ground crew do. For the otherworldly souls 6D and lower, they were here in the beginning of earth in order to learn from it’s process of evolution and to somehow help it along. Some of them get lost in that. They have to re-awakened.

Whether they have come from a higher plane out great knowledge already or they have come from an otherworldly origin to help, they will have to transcend the human program in order to go home again later.While a person’s higher self may have a lot of negativity in its Akashic records because of what it has witnesed in the journey on earth…, those things have to be worked out in order to embrace their true self of the higher self origins. That is the bride reuniting with the bridegroom as mentioned in the Bible for one to return to heaven. But since you are “one foot in, one foot out” so to speak in still having to live in a human form… one must learn how to balance human traits, thoughts and feelings versus higher self’s. Shadow and ego exist because of of the elements of the human soul who is driving being out of balance. Mind, heart, body, soul, and ether. When you balance them all to work together then you now make perfect choices and your thoughts, feelings and actions act as one that your ether raises up. That perfection and higher vibe leaves you as one completion in yourself, lacking shadow in between as there are when unbalanced. Shadow exists inbetween because when you are out of balance, then you make more choices because your heart says one thing and your mindset another, or you don’t have the energy to take action to match your thoughts or feelings etc. But when you are complete, then that leads you to treat others in a complete way as well, acting in the Christ consciousness. That means you’re acting in the fullness of your life. And through that you are higher self is able to act as perfect using more spiritual DNA than human, because there is no self because the self or ego is created by in balance created by influences, fears, comfort zones, and unresolved issues that create them so that you do not work as a completion. I thought this in life coaching as well as in some of the courses and and some of my posts. I believe that everybody is at a different level of reaching that balance which leads to a higher vibration, that in turn leads to higher self and in the Christ consciousness awareness. I also feel that we can all be a great support to one another no matter where one is by reminding each other about these teachings and providing some insight and support into one’s own personal experience of what they have learned and fix in the process of eliminating shadow self or a.k.a. ego self. Ego can have a few different meanings though. It could just mean a persons idea of who they themselves are. But I feel that ego represents the shadow simply because the shadow is always working in the ego by keeping people from being united or selfless, or balanced enough to reach their higher self, or divinity. It’s a part of the Antichrist because it is against (anti) your own anointing into the transcend self (Christ self).

Many people think that the ego just merely arrogance or acting to one’s own accord. And while it does mean that as well in a lot of cases, ego is just merely your aspect of who you are, what you want and what you will do to get it. And ego really does do a lot of shadow work in and around there. But you can still have an ego without a shadow. While they go hand-in-hand, eliminating one or the other will help you out in the process of growth but eliminating those, is what will get you to work greatest potential.

When you are anointed in the Christ consciousness or anointed consciousness, you are in a state of complete feminine. That is because you bring all of the parts of the creator soul, mind, body, spirit and emotions that together as one. Any people don’t realize that it is the female essence that is the true creator because the male essence is only a Trinity. Mind body and spirit. When you add the emotions it makes the self complete. It is through the nurturing, that something can grow, not just this logical application of creation. For true life, there must be empathy. Only the essence of the Divine feminine can there be empathy. In the empathy, something can grow through the nurturing qualities of love, compassion, understanding, and respectful direction as is the way of a true mother figure. The divine female is the true mother figure for she has brought all things into creation with her emotions added towards the mind, and body of men as she puts in her spirit and emotions to make it a complete number seven. Mind, body, and spirit (3) plus mind, body, spirit, and emotion (4) equals seven…the number of the completion of creation. The bride groom will be when everybody can take their mind, body, and spirit, and add back the true quality of the divine feminine nature such as love, unity, unconditional acceptance because most of this world does not have those things. Things such as judgment, putting people down, pride, ego, those are the things that keep people from having the true unconditional love that they need to activate that divine feminine in themselves. Why else do you think the worldHas been deliberately programmed to think only with logic? Throughout time, unconditional love has not existed. In fact the definition of unconditional love is not the same as it is on heavenly level. Many people think just because they love somebody, that it is love. But I have taught my students that unconditional love is something for a different. It is truly just loving everybody for no reason at all. To love and except no matter what a person looks like and where they come from, how they behave, what they have done to you or others, or their lifestyle, background, gender, belief. It is just loving purely. Even in relationships people claim to love their partner unconditionally but you find instead, but the relationships love is based on how each partner makes the other one feel. How someone makes you feel, is a condition. You have to be with that person just because. You have to be with somebody because you want to be everything to them and make them feel good, not because you want them to do everything for you or make you feel good. So I’m going to be with somebody because they take away their loneliness. This is also a form of condition. If that person didn’t take away the loneliness and they wouldn’t want to be with them anymore or even love them the same. Many mothers in fact only love their children the most when they behave. Many mothers end up becoming so self-centered upon their own lives, that their children are just in the background. If her mother really loved her child, that child would be everything in the world to them and be the epitome of their life.  Same thing with pets too. People go and get a pet because it makes them feel better. They have somebody to caress, to sleep with, and talk to you when they don’t have a spouse or partner, or children. Even people to have partners are children sometimes still feel so very lonely that they get a pet instead. But overtime that pet also becomes a part of the background as other things in life service and distract them. That’s not unconditional love because the only showed affection and attention to the pet when it was convenient for them to do so. Many people lack balance in the love that they spread over share with others, giving more or less to some people in their lives. To love is to be without conditions whatsoever.

And that is what the feminine quality is all about. But yet even though society has been programmed to think only with logic, to judge other people, and to base their love upon how they think about something or someone, they are still going to step further. If you look around you today, people are losing their sense of empathy more and more every day. We see people taking videos during accidents were life-threatening situations, rather than really wanting to get out there and help during an emergency. We see people viciously attacking other people. And we see others basing their love or attention only upon another person’s looks or what they have to offer someone. this site is being programmed to lose any sense of the divine feminine quality, that still existed even a little bit. The generation of young servers are being raised to be selfish, self entitled, and only think about themselves. There are kids that even when their parent cries with all of their heart and soul to them about something, they appear expression listen on caring. And this is not just in television or media. A lot of it is there, but it is inside of a mask consciousness. People forget to see that the airways around them are full of consciousness and thought forms. These thought forms can affectThe way that people think and feel. The mass consciousness is where it is a form of consciousness that is projected into the airways and affects everyone in the world. How old do you think that trends that started on one side of the planet, spread to the other before technology were true communications even existed? Solomon even said it, there’s nothing new under the sun, what has been done will be done again. And that is because it is projected. I have talked about this in my article that dark consciousness which is affecting everybody today. That dark consciousness is there to deliberately keep mankind from activating the Divine feminine within, which is needed to balance the duality inside of them to transcend.

In order for a person to truly become in lightened they must have both sides of their duality balance, working together in harmony. This is known by the elite who have learned through hidden spiritual teachings throughout the generations of their family lines. Instead of spreading this knowledge the people, they have held it back from them instead. They use reverse I college he and other forms of manipulation in order to keep the secret teachings to themselves. Like I say all the time many people things are getting true spiritual knowledge on the Internet or in some book. But all of the information here is controlled. Think about all of the books that were burn back in the dark ages? Well they’re doing the same today just in a different way. Instead of burning books, they are limiting truth on the Internet which is the main form of communications and information this day in age. They know that enlightenment is the harmony of duality coming together, the blending of Yin and yang. And they’re doing this because when a person can balance their duality and perfect blend and harmony, true wisdom is completely restored. And that is the reunification of the bride with the bride groom. The complete self coming together as an anointed individual. They are anointed or Christlike because they are now all knowing and both sides of duality that have come together to form a perfect and virtuous, unconditionally loving human being with great knowledge. And said we see dark practices promoted more and more every day. Forms of witchcraft are taking over our youth. There’s nothing wrong with magic and rituals, there’s nothing wrong with doing spells. Energy work one way or the other. But people are using magic to harm other people. They also use it toward other people into in moral behaviors. That is all a part of the new agenda. If you want to become a part of the bride who gets reunited with the bride groom, it’s time to start stepping away from being a part of the world. Some think they can slightly interact and that they’ll be fine living half spiritually and half worldly. Well there needs to be some coping in living here, one definitely has to separate themselves from the rest of society spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, in order to transcend. Many of the ascended Masters The past have all done this. That is why in many of their stories they go off in the wilderness meditating for 40 days and 40 nights fighting with their own ego. Jesus himself could have been a king having come from the line of family bloodline that he came from. He had enough supporters to also overthrow the king of that time in Jerusalem. And that was something that he fought with when he was meditating to balance his duality away from the ego. It was said in the Scriptures, that Satan approached him saying that he would give him the kingdom of the world. Well the word of Satan means that it is in a poser. The biggest a poser to a man is his ego. He also knew that he had the power to to rise above death. It was said a seat and told him to throw himself off of the cliff and that God would send his angels to save him. This was his ego fighting with him to test improve his true connection to God. Additionally it was said that if he fell to his knees to do an act of worship to Satan, that he would be powerful. This was his own ego getting him to symbolically where ship himself, to put himself first. But the religions of all times did not explain it that way. They made it seem as if he were fighting with some dark supernatural figure. While there is a dark supernatural figure… There are many of them… in that case it was Jesus fighting with his ego, his opposer or Satan within. This happened with some of the great ascended masters also such as Krishna, and Buddha. If you go back to the stories of Buddha, he was a prince that had all of the worldly and material wealth in the world. Yet he had to fight with his own ego to give all of that up to go live a humble and modest life. You have to imagine why he would do something like that? Many people want spiritual knowledge to obtain material riches. Buddha gave his up. How does because he knew that you cannot serve two masters, as Jesus even said in the Bible. You’ll either love one more or hate the other. And that’s true. As people try to be spiritual and worldly both, they often find themselves slipping back into their worldly habits and routine quickly.  with all of this in mind the true bride of the church, is where mankind altogether can bypass the ego, adopting a form of true nurturing love that is unconditional. The ego is needed to transcend because how else do you expect to love other people unconditionally, if you’re still comparing yourself to others, worried about looks to where you judge the looks of other people, or even judging their living conditions were how they are what they do. That all comes from an inner place of reflection that you project on to someone else. once you reunite your bride to your bride groom or blend your Yin and yang, you will come to a great understanding of things. However, many of the teachings of this world spiritually don’t teach that. They teach you to transcend good, where they lead you into great occult wisdom into the dark. Like I said this is all done deliberately to keep you from actually blending your union and Yang because they don’t want any souls to really truly transcend, not really. A person must adopt virtue which is a part of the Divine feminine quality. Then a person can blend the Yin and yang since they have already adopted the logical self through their time here. Then they can start mastering the laws of manifestation because their creator self is not complete without the female. Everybody has a more logical self than a Divine feminine self or a blended self. I have taught my students to blend all of the layers of self in order for them to live a balanced life working towards transcendence. But nevertheless it is a very difficult thing for a person to do if they don’t have somebody guiding their way. That’s why it’s important for them to have a good teacher. During life coaching I expect a lot of my students to come to me during situation so I can show them how to use a blended way of thinking. Still though, the only way up word is through all that I have discussed in this article. I truly hope to see people reached us and those that have will certainly be a part of the group of anointed soul’s 144,000 who leave 3D.