The Curse.. and its Blessings

I had the most terrible week a few weeks back. Oh my. As a psychic, I do many exorcisms. I had two to do in one week. But it didn’t all start there. I mean, it never does, does it?

I had said 3 years ago, that I was a getting a huskey for my father. He had one when he was a little boy. He also had one with his ex-wife, as well. When we found out that he had cancer a second time (I fully healed that BTW), I wanted to do something special. About three years ago, I sat at the kitchen table with my mother, father, Amber, and her friend G, and explained to them my plans. They all seemed to be happy about the idea, because they all cared about my dad too.  I truly had wanted to get him a dog. I wanted to have an animal who carried a part of his soul, for in case he ever passed. He said that, if I were to ever get him a dog, that he wanted a Huskey. I said sure, why not. Huskey’s were not my prefferred breed, but if it made him happy. It was for him anyhow..

I’ll come back to this…

In the last few weeks, I had done a few spells. Awesome ones too. One of them had been with a pillar candle that melted down naturally, into the shape of a woman’s curvy body, but the top was a skeleton with ribs, and at the bottom, she had angel wings that fell at her feet made in wax. it spooked me a bit, I’ll be honest. But I was excited. I had called my daughter Amber in to see it. Other weird things took place, but I won’t go into that. How I am dying to though!… After that weekend, I had gotten Dad the dog.

That same week, I felt a terrible energy coming.  It was the same week, that I had to do the exorcisms. An older man I had met around here, who lived in the apartments, who started coming to me, had some evil spirits. I exorcised him a few times already in the weeks before, in between time. He was a heavy drinker and gambler. This last time, I was thrown from him, landing on my arm and breaking my wrist.I finally got him to let me put a grid on him, no more exorcisms. Thank goodness for him and me. The second service was on someone else, who was done right after my neighbor’s. Seeing what the other spirit did, it mimicked it, and threw me. This time, I had injured my ribs. The omen of the ribbed woman in the candle!

All of a sudden, I started feeling someone wishing something to happen to my new puppy. Who would do such a thing?  A dark, sad, person. That is who. I know who it was. Anyhow, it was their subconscious thought, so I did not feel any immediate danger. The only power that this person has, is jealousy. I would go deeper, but love is so much nicer, so let us just say, I love this person unconditionally as God would, and all is forgiven as it served a higher purpose anyhow. But yes, it hurt.

I put up a protection grid around all of the animals, since they were always together anyhow. I had told Amber before we moved, that when we moved, one of the cats would be killed. I had seen it as my cat Champ. But here I felt the grid would protect them since the animals never left my side. I was content. So I went about my business, and that night started making more candles. As I did, I saw a messenger in a dark coat, who transformed into my ex-husband’s image, walk passed me into the bathroom, calling out “Mom”. At that moment I had a vision that my wax would explode into my face and burn me. Within seconds, the wax really exploded. Since I had foreseen it, I jumped back but suffered second and third degree burns on my hands and foot. All night my fingers felt like they were on fire still, I begged at the mercy of my father in heaven to help, and he did. He healed my hands, but my foot, I told him to leave. I wanted it as a reminder of this energy all around me.

The next night, I went out. Dad had his new puppy on the deck with him. My kitty Jakey had gotten out off of the property. The first thing I thought of was the wish that someone had, for something to happen to my puppy. The protection was for all animals but only in the circle. Jakey had left it. But he never trailed off of the property. However, this time he did. Over night, I was worried. He had never been out for this long. let alone, off of the property. It was strange place any way. Even at our old home, where we went out all of the time since he was born, he never left. I knew something had happened. I kept telling everyone, but they were in denial. “Keep looking” the kids said. So I did to make them feel better. But on day three, I saw some vultures flying around. A strange :wind” went passed my ears. Dead silence. I knew this as a death confirmation. In this case, Jakey. I drove up and down, all around looking for my baby kitty. Only 8 months old, I was worried. I had put up flyers. I added a $100 reward. That is how much he meant to me. I would have given my whole life savings. A woman pulled up to tell me she had seen him. But she wanted the reward, and did not have my cat with her. She was scamming me. How sad to play on someone’s loss . She gave me bad vibes. I did not give her the money. I knew he was gone. I am psychic afterall.

Meand Jakums.jpg

One last drive up the same road. I felt him there, but did not see him all of that time. I looked to the left, and there he was. Strange we had not seen him before. I had looked there a dozen times. He was dead. Stepping outside of the protection circle, the energy meant for the dog, had gotten him. I was devastated. So strange that I had told my client and friend, who had lost her cat, that one of mine would be there in spirit to greet hers when it crossed over. but I had not meant Jakey. I had meant my old kitty “Trouble”, who I had in 2003. I had given him to my ex mother in law when I moved into an apartment (the same ones near where I live now), and we could not have pets. He had been let out, and hit by a car too back in 2004. Apparently, he was reincarnated and there was no one to meet her kitty on the other side. I had not looked, before I had offered to her. So Jakey’s passing fit the synchronocity of events in that way too. He and her kitty, went into the afterlife together.

Now, last but not least, my home is haunted. Not too bad. Only a few spirits besides the ones who come for clients in their readings, my mother’s spirits from her bloodline, and the messengers who come by. But the garage? It feels the worse out of all areas in the home. I read, contemplated suicide, paranoia, and deep saddness in there from the previous owner, Mr. Rose. However, that same week, everytime I came out of there, I was vomiting. At that point, I was done. I could not take anymore. It was so severe in intensity over the whole week, I had to fight back…

I did. Now, the blessings come in…. They say all things happen for a reason? This nightmare of mine, what blessings can come from all of that awfulness? Alot. In Jakey’s Memory, I adopted a new baby. His name is Charlie Sniffers. He calls himself Chollie. he is so adorable. He kept thinking he was only being fostered. I will tell his story in another entry. but for now, he is perfect. He is so much like Jakey, and Jakey was highly intelligent, watched TV, spoke to me in cat language for his needs, and was attached. Chollie is too! I learned to also have more back up when doing exorcisms, counter act negative energy right away when I feel it coming, and I got blessed with  all new candles, even better. My puppy as well, has settled in nicely, and is obedient and sweet. I also got the request that I had asked for with the spell.  My client’s kitty had someone to meet them on the other side, and I got to use the time to rest.

The person who had sent all of that bad energy will learn from their actions. The Creator finds it a great offense to send disrespect and negativity to one of his messengers. I can not do anything about it. The energy is sent back to them. That is Karma. Although, I did ask him to take it easy, because I would never wish that kind of trouble on anyone.


So in all, it was one heck of a week! I am so glad that it is all over with and that I have Chollie and our new puppy Sasha. More over, I am glad to be safe. Whomever sent that energy has alot of darkness, and since what goes around comes around, they will have to deal with their results of their actions. That is the cycle of blessings and curses.

If you curse a person who blesses you all of the time, it is even worse.  Love should always be the only answer.