The Book Of Darkness..

In light of Halloween..


My thoughts are that I always call my friend at least once a week. I love talking to everyone. Everyone! Now, granted, I may have a tight schedule, or be a little backed up, but I truly always feel so surprised when I get a message from someone. Everyone knows how much I feel better in my email though. Ladies and gentleman, social media is not good for you! It isn’t. It causes contentions truly. I never feel good logging on, but I do to see everyone’s posts as I love to see what is going on with them. I am so proud of everyone.

Everyone is a teacher now a days. I know. It has grown into this massive trend since I started years ago. But I was not discovered back then. It was all because of a special lady from Starseeds who took a chance on a reading, and ever since then, she told everyone! And she knew alot of people. Who would not know her? She is awesome. Shouting you out Mezz! Yup. She helped me, and I always say, it is through all of your help out there, that I can reach more people. Many have led others to me too, and all of them were happy, fulfilled, and said was I spot on, and once, only once, a lady bought a reading to say I wasn’t. LOL, yes! She was with another psychic who put her up to going to me, buying a reading and no matter what, to say that I was wrong. All just to hurt me, and deny me. People love being cruel sometimes. God bless her, a woman who took on my name to buy the reading, a reading for Alura, by Alura? I knew it was fake from the start. I did the reading though, so that she would see I was the real deal, even if she would deny it spitefully. Ha, take that!

So, I use these blogs here to show people how flipping weird I am LOL, No, just kidding, but I do rather use them for two reasons. One, to tell you all the things I wish I had time to talk to you all about as a friend, and to show you into my strange world. Once, I was asked if I had a mentor. No, I do not have a mentor. never did. But I did look up to my mom-mom. My family is full of psychics. Like the real kind. Mom-mom was into Edgar Cayce, and Theosophy, at one time she was even into witchcraft. The crazy old bat (just kidding mom-mom), even had so much power, that one time she had met a real magician who had a book of shadows growing up with his family. So it was inherited. She was fascinated by all kinds of things. So she took the book to explore it. One night, at her kitchen table, with my father, his ex wife, and my cousin Sandra, my mom-mom said a few words from the book, and the windows blew open  from the inside, pushing the shutter windows outward to the outside, the curtains blew in. Two different currents of air, one blowing in, one blowing forcefully out. The lights blew out, and my cousin was in shock. She was only 17 at the time. My dad, he wanted the book, but mom-mom had terrible attacks after that. So she took the book, and gave it back to the man whose family it came from. Mom-mom said she had felt a physical being climb into her bed on several occasions, and she kept seeing strange beings running a muck outside her bedroom window. The man took the book and put it inside of a safe place.

One day, Dad was really wanting the book, as he had power. Now he wasn’t dark. No, big old cuddly guy, he wasn’t evil, but they did not teach energy work so much then, not that he knew of. And he thought, he could use the book to learn how to use his in a good way. Mom-mom said “Tommy you get that book, I swear!, I forbid it”. He told me that story impersonating Mom-mom’s pitchy voice, a thousand times while growing up. But like all kids, he went for the book anyhow. He went to the man’s home, and the man let him in, leading to his basement. My father says he got down there, and thought he was going to freak. As he got to the bottom of the stairs, he saw a pentagram in black outline on the floor as big as the room, black candles all through out. The man grabbed a black cape and swing it around his own shoulders. Dad told himself, “oh no I am out of here”. So he left, and of course ratted on himself to mom-mom that he disobeyed and tried to get the book, but after telling her she was right, she was no longer mad. About one month after that, it was a distant memory already, and a good story to tell relatives at Sunday dinner. But this day, Dad was on his way to work, and as he looked down, the book was on his porch. A note on it said “The book wants you now, so I pass it to you”. And it was from the guy. Dad went to take it back, leaving it in his shed over night to keep his distance from it over night, and went to take it back the next morning. he had some things to do or something that night. (I think he was looking at it out of curiosity). Anyhow, when he got back to the old man’s home, the neighbor said he had died the afternoon before. Dad could not believe it. Just that morning, the guy had left the book on the porch, and he had passed on that same afternoon. He went home with the book.

He did not want  not mom-mom to know the book was at the house again or that it had been over night, but he just had to tell her this odd event. She interrogated him, “Where is it now? Whatcha do with it Tommy?” He explained it was back in the shed. She told him to burn it in the morning. The next morning my Dad and his three brothers, and mom-mom, made a bonfire, and burnt the book. A prayer was said during the fire too. Afterwards, that week went as normal as any other. Until…

On the Friday after, 4 days had gone by since the burning of the book, and all hell broke loose. They would go to work, come home and the house was torn up. There were loud bangs on the door at night but nobody was there. They heard weird noises outside, like wild animals crying in agony. So they called Reverend Brackon. He blessed the house, and it was fine.  Months went by and Fall came. Dad had to rake the yard as the leaves fell and they lived in a very wooded area off of the BlackHorse pike in Glendora New Jersey.  It was wooded anyhow. Today, it is lined with buildings and businesses, Dad always points out to me his old hang outs when we drive through there. New jersey is very haunted. From Wharton State Forest, The Jersey Devil, The Atco Ghost, My house growing up, to this area in Glendora near an old haunted Military hospital (Gabriel Davies tavern, Look it up), it was a strange place. Weird NJ, a magazine, covers a lot of the oddities out here. Weird indeed. However, as Dad raked the leaves, over turning one load from the rake, the book was there, slightly singed but still in tact. He panicked. He took the book back to the old home of the man, and climbing in through a vandalized window, he put it in the center of the pentagram, and booked it out of there, (no pun intended).

Everything was calm after that. But some years later a family moved into the old man’s home… Dad saw them outside one day fetching their paper, and having coffee on the porch. He couldn’t help but ask. “Hey, you find anything strange in there?” The wife looked up with fright, and her husband told my father they heard stuff  all of of the time, and spent alot of time outside of the home as a result, thus why they were having coffee outside. My dad asked about the book. The man told him, they moved into the house, still with the former owner’s things in there. All they found, was the pentagram on the basement floor, but no book. To this day, no one knows what happened to it. But, the new owners did tell dad they saw the ghost of a man in a black cape.

They moved a little later that year.

Mom-mom was a lively woman and looked alot like me. When she passed she came to me.  I was in my own basement with my ex-husband who was plumber. As he got up after finishing the job, I served him the lemonade I had made him. I had been standing there for an hour with it to serve him,as I thought he needed a drink after his hard work. As I went to pass the glass, I froze. A strange wind came over me. Not a real wind, an energetic wind. I told him with tears welling up in my eyes, “Mom-mom just died”. He of course, denied my prophecy, but I had said, “The phone will ring with my uncle telling everyone the news”. A few moments later, it did, and it was my uncle with the news. He was used to my predictions and powers, but sometimes, I suppose for any human, no matter how much proof, it still gives doubts. He never questioned me again though. Mom-mom was a curious lady. She loved heaven, magic, cosmology, and she would seek anywhere in the occult for answers. At the end of her life she had converted to a born again Christian. My Uncle had become a minister. perhaps all of the supernatural stuff she put him through scared him  into Ministry. I am sure. I have some wonderful stories of his ministries for the future. But yea, I loved her. Maybe not looked up to her, but she fascinated me, and made me feel okay with who I am and my abilities.

I loved the story growing up. I thought it was pretty wild, mom-mom had some crazy powers, but when I grew up, I think she  was so overwhelmed by mine, that she did not practice anything anymore. She had both good and bad experiences.

I also have a great respect for Lorraine Warren. I feel her pain. I go through it myself, with my own cases. I never got into following her work, but I saw some things on her and thought “That is a shame”. Now, her son in law has exaggerated her stories. Ah, nothing is honest anymore and I suppose they needed to make it scary for theaters, so I am not going to hate. But I hope they never do that to me..

Have I ever practiced Magic? I do it everyday. I here people tell me they do too, and stuff like they made a fire come from no where, some tell me they use Keys of  Solomon, and all  that I do is, nod my head. They do not even know what it really, truly means, or how to really use it. They probably got it form some book or online. But hey, every man to them self right? I just wish people would not try to act as if they are telling me something, that I know way more about sometimes. But I “play” along. I do not want to mess up their fantasy. However, I do know that some out there have mastered magic, or energy work. It is witch craft? Well too many taboos are out there first of all. Magic was in early Hebrew traditions and all over the world until the suppression of the Catholic Church. When the rulers saw they could have their own magicians, and astrologers, they hid this from the people, turning it into darkness, for greed. There is Angelic magic, Nature Magic, Dark/Black Magic. Candle Magic, Blood magic etc. The list goes on.  I love energy… Certainly the book is gone. I never looked to find where it disappeared to. I had no interest in the book itself, but it could have passed to the other side to be with it’s owner? Or, some teen maybe stole the book on a wild night breaking in to drink in an abandoned house… I will leave the mystery, a mystery.