The Great Law of Attraction

The law of attraction,some make it seem very complicated. Let me simplify it for you…  It is very easy.  Think and it shall be! No, seriously, it is a bit harder than that in truth. But, I can still explain it in a way that will help you to understand the idea much faster than any 3 minute video.

They say that you can create your own reality. Okay if this were true, why do thousands of people who believe in this, still not have the lives that they want? This is because of Earthly programming, and… what the creator wants.

Why does everyone forget about the Creator? You are an extended particle of the Creator. In reality the Creator as a whole, is too big to experience.  We make up the living light body of our Creators here and they,with others out in the Universe, make up the living light body of the Creator. We all experience it differently. However, everyone now a days has the assumption that everyone is meant to do the same thing in this world, instead of being original or unique. Everyone is following society in some way. How utterly boring, and how utterly convenient for the rulers of this world to prevent the Creator from playing  the many roles that he would use to learn through each of us. Even to prevent many creative dreams from coming true. That is what they were intending to do anyhow. Not everyone is meant to do the same things. I have thousands who have said that they wanted to be psychic healers, all of them claiming Pleiadian Origins,  and having had a lifetime in Atlantis, or  Lemuria. I heard over 2000 people say they were angelic as well.  It seems  that there are specific stories categorized for people and creativity. Imagination is dying away as everyone follows the leader.

It was never intended to be that way . We all have our own designated roles and characters, as well as jobs to play. The Creator uses us to have fun, experience many different things, and learn from it all. If we all do the same thing.. how will it be special anymore? Even with that said, no one seems to care. Ego plays a huge role in this society. But in truth, that is why it works for some and not others. They are not living their true purposes.

If they were, they would be able to manifest that purpose, and anything that they wanted through it. It is all about living according to the higher self plan, and in that, the higher self will attract the path towards your dreams. I have seen it, time and time again.  What is the purpose that you were made for, without the influences of society? How creative, and fun is it? How happy would it make you? In those things, once you start living out the purpose that the higher self mapped out for you, as they are supposed to be in control of the experience anyhow, the higher self would then regain control. Once they do, dreams come true, a new life begins, and you will attract your desires; all because of the higher self. The divine part of you, who is closer to the Creator, knows that part that you were sent into this reality to play. Everyone was sent for something different. The differences make this world beautiful. The different dreams that would create different realities, different stories, different fantasies, that is what it was supposed to be like here.

But this world’s rulers would have everyone living according to the same thing as way to control, and everyone falls right into it. Don’t you deserve to live out your real dreams for the Creator? For yourself? The higher self? To attract abundance, happiness, and confidence, along with love into your life? You sure do.. To have all that your true higher self always wanted, is what you should have. Thus bringing the completion and joy. All things fall into place. I go through this with my clients alot. Many, out of the thousands, that I have worked with wanted the same destiny. Although, it is those who accepted their true purpose that started to obtain the life that they had always wanted. Most did not realize that they had always wanted it, until they rid themselves of the Earth’s and society’s influences first. They now live fruitful, happy,  and abundant lives. That is where the law of attraction begins in this realm.

The first few tips I can give you are:

1. Start thinking positive, block and redirect negative thoughts.

2. Be open to accept a purpose that maybe you never thought of, and to let go of the programmed ideas of this world. Be ready to do something unique and special.

3. Do not think it is impossible, this is your reality, anything is possible.

4. Reinvent yourself, change is a good way to allow new things to come.

5.Focus on what you want, and act like it happened already. Thinking this way, starts to prepare the consciousness to program it in there

6. Take the steps, once you have prepped your mind, and started taking steps, everything else falls into place..

Find out more if you wish, on your life purpose or classes for manifestation at my website.

Can not channel the higher self, yourself yet? I can find out what your purpose is for you, and help you to work your way towards the success that you always dreamed, all that you have always wished, through the intention of the higher self…