The stargate & Name of God

It is true, that the true name of the lord is ineffable. It can not be spoken as it is not of this world or language. I still often refer to our divine as “God” because this is what the world was taught and knows. I always start where people are most familiar in order to traduce the information first. For anyone new, coming to this article, the word God is really just a subliminal message. The hidden code of sorts. God in reverse is dog. It’s true that reverse language is often used in the occult to hide the true message. And the reason why they chose this in the symbolism of dog, is because it is said that the dog star, the star serious, is where the origins of all sorts of come from. While we know that souls come from all over the universe through the infinite superior force, it is true that in that specific location in the stars… It does seem to be the epic center of a massive explosion that was responsible for the creation of many stars through with the sole parent in that specific area of our celestial there. In fact even Taurus, is covered up and said to be a bowl when in fact it is a hand. Above all, the seven sisters represent the seven stars with in that hand mentioned in the book of revelations in the Bible. For freemasonry we are the master builders here while that area in the stars is actually part of our cosmic master builders. A portal of sorts that helps them and other souls when it’s time, to travel back-and-forth between earth and there. That is why there are so many references to those locations in mystery schools and the occult.

We know that there are several gateways from heaven, this one in particular is one of the stargates. Even the Egyptians knew about this which is why there was so much emphasis placed on the building of their pyramids and the kings chamber us. As above is so below, from macro to micro. This set up not only represents a cosmic gate way, but it represents a spiritual gateway made on earth through the pyramids, and then yet another gateway even smaller than that, represented by the inner mind. For many, this has been the skies for so very long until many started to uncover the truth out in the main stream. We know that not all truth will ever be available totally in main stream, it is then covered with hidden in plain sight symbolism. Even in religion, they are teaching this very same thing but using so many terms to cover it up. Souls, consciousness… Come from all over the universe. But when it comes to the interactions of earth by another race or species of God, this is one of the particular Stargates that are used.

In the Dogon tribes, they have their own name for these people. I know that in the church of Latter Day Saints, they call this planet Kolob, there are so many other references. Could this too, be a reference to the star that guided the Wiseman to the new prophet that was born in Bethlehem? Followed by the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and regulus? Absolutely.

So the gods are many, many families of them in fact. But there is a set of parents that preside to both each family, even for planet earth and just a little above and beyond it. The mother and father are equal creators, but on this planet it seems that there is so much emphasis being placed upon the male gender when it is woman who is responsible for the creation of the light bringer in all of us. I wanted to go over some of the names of this many named, and many faced God.






Lord of hosts



El shaddai


He causes to become


Alpha & Omega


Jehovah Jirah

King of Kings

Lord of Hosts












And there are hundreds more. The point is, that none of them are the actual name. These are titles and can apply to any god. It’s much like our last names. Cein. I am the head of the family but anyone be also known as Cein, if related. It doesn’t mean that when the name is used that they are specifically referring to me. The same applies to the family or pantheon of Gods. The very same ones who operate that stargate and others.

There are many levels of Gods. But for the God at the top the hierarchy, in his inheritance of this planet he has made his presence known by using many titles that describe him rather than actual names, even in mythology. But in end, he is all.