The Truth Behind Healing


Archangel Michael 

His insight on healing practices….

In communicating with Archangel Michael, he was teaching me new methods of healing. He also had gone further into the subject of spirituality, according to how Earth is now defining it. I always enjoy it, when I share an exchange of consciousness with Michael. With every  source  of consciousness, there are so many perspectives that exist  in the “Learning Experience” planes. But when you get to the higher planes, they all share a similar view. That is due to the  higher elohim intelligence, all being aligned with the will and truth of the Universal Mind. This time, his message was clear. He wanted to clarify some things on healing… What he sees while having the ability to view the subject first by looking as an insider analyzing from within, and then as an outsider looking in. As a part of “The One” who exists at a higher plane, he sees all things. He definitely has the inside scoop.

Michael began the discussion on the topic of healing, first by giving me an example from my own work, so that I would have an example. I have dozens of people each day, who asked for a healing of some kind. I am very successful, with a good 74% of the healings having worked. But that means that there is 26% which has not worked. What would cause it to not be successful? What is really going on, and what is the truth behind healing? I certainly do not doubt in my capabilities, and I believe in the power of healing obviously from having seen it happen, time and time again. But what about that small percentage that did not manifest for us? Let’s explore Archangel Michael’s teachings, compared to the Teachings of Yeshua (Jesus).

Matthew 9:28, shows the truth in what is needed to receive the light, in the example of the blind man that had come to him for help…

“And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.”

The scripture is speaking about someone who is living their life blindly. They are worldly based in their perception and focused solely on the physical nature of their issues. They have no connection to the spiritual side of existence. The man in the story, he wanted to be fixed, and to be healed.. Yeshua (Jesus), told him basically, that if the man would not be healed first of his “blindness”, he would not be healed of his health issues. This means that the man needed to know, to see, that what he was asking for, would come to be so. To have faith in it, because in having the spiritual trust, he would open himself up to the impossible, according to the physical world.

Mankind can be very closed minded when it comes to seeing things in only one perspective. That perspective consists of looking for the result of the healing, in the wrong way.  There are many things involved with having a healing, besides acknowledging that a healing was given, and then going about your regular routine. Firstly, the surface mind acknowledges that a healing was sent.

However, it is the surface mind that is experiencing this reality and form. This means that consciously, people are more aware of the physical world, the physical body, and  the 5 sensess. So much so, that they look for the result of the healing there first. The healing was accepted by the surface mind, and does not have a deeper root or foundation to anchor into, for success. Since it doesn’t, the healing will not heal totally.

In order for a healing to work, the person in need of the healing, has to absolutely believe and know, that they are not physical but instead, just energy too. Why do you think that illness, negative emotions and negative thoughts,  all seem to have more affect on people than positive light? It is because negative energy comes in through the subconscious self. As it takes root into the back of the mind, it then travels through the unconscious mind. In the subconscious, there are deeper truths about you that add to the surface self, to make you who you are. The subconscious carries many truths, that you are not aware of, as they are hidden. They are in storage. However, even if dormant, they do complete and make up who you are. All areas of the “Self”  need to be in acknowledgment of the healing, along with containing belief, and a strong will for it to work and take place.  However, when a person has a thought that comes up from the subconscious, it then travels from there, to the unconscious,  and then reaching into the surface mind. As you can see, it has to travel through all of the layers of the consciousness. And all three of those united, are what help you to be a complete operating person here in this world. As a result of the healing starting there, the will of the self is now in total alignment with what they are requesting.

In coming from subconscious, to the unconscious, and then up to the surface…the healing has affected the full spiritual self and then it travels into the physical layer of the person, making them feel better. This means that their belief and acceptance for the healing has a deeper root, in order to work. Instead of just sitting in the front of the mind.

In traveling through your entire self, not  only is there belief and spiritual acceptance in the depths of the mind, but the healing then creates behavior that results in the person acting as if they are better too.  Then, before they know it, they suddenly realize, “Wow, I feel so much better”. And they are better, because the entire “self” accepted it, not only the surface of the mind.


The surface mind alone, on the other hand, it easily gets distracted and influenced. It is not the deeper portion of who you are, and the surface mind is responsible for moving the physical body. While the other layers help in feelings, thoughts, and actions and movement. The unconscious mind is responsible for the choices that you make physically. You move unconsciously. You do not have to tell yourself to blink, stand, or breathe. It happens naturally, without thought or reminder. The unconscious mind is very important because it is in charge for your physical bodies and its functions, as well as attitudes too.

In short terms, if a person requests a healing, it does not mean they will receive it simply because they knew about the healing. It takes having faith, belief, and total acceptance. All layers of the self , are responsible for your experience here,  and they have to be aligned and working together, in order to be healed. The whole self. Once all of that is united in knowing about the healing, it can then work through all of the areas of the body that are responsible not only for the spiritual self, but also the physical self, in this experience.

To give you an example, a person who is only acknowledging their healing from only there on the surface, would be much like  someone who had a broken foot, and I had only sent healing to one of the toes instead. The healing itself will bring some relief, but not permanantly. That is because, upon requesting healing only the one time, and it not being a huge thing that they have focused on for some time, once the surface conscious mind starts to get distracted by surface life, the consciousness as it sees already, would dismiss the healing after.


In order for the healing to take place, the receiver has to meditate a bit. They have to quiet the mind, and while doing so, just feel their “within” space. They should stay here for a bit, and visualize that they made of light. Once that they do, the Healer can send energy as most healers do.  Only, you wold be surprised at what is really actually happening in most healer’s, healing sessions. It is shocking, but true, and many do not know this truth out there. Its dangerous. I will reveal this at another time, but there is something else to acknowledge for both healer, and the one intended for the healing itself. That is, that if the healer is having their own issues, like family issues, depression, anxiety, health issues, negativity in life or relationships, stress, if they smoke, drink alcohol, use substances, and if they are judgemental, etc, then they can send this energy, transmitting it to the person seeking healing. Even if the healer is focused that day, from their issues, the problems obviously are stemming from karmic issues, unfinished business, their own lack of healing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically,  as well as imcomplete lessons, and if that is the case, it is embedded into the subconscious of the healer. This is why healing work was only meant for those who are enlightened and no longer are effected by the 3D issues or laws negatively. They have transcended negativity and are clear positive energy. Otherwise, the still earthbound amateur, is going to create more problems for the person that they are sending their energy to, and even unintentionally.


It may not effect the person right away, and the good intention and love of the healer could help for a short time, but the person will suddenly feel the effects of the healer’s energy, out of nowhere one day.  More so it will begin with the subconscious, if the person was in fact open to receive. The depression will lead to physical symptoms, and they lead to illness. Like attracts like, so all of that will ultimately attract negative situations, people, and obstacles that later create bad luck. That then, can stream to the people in their home to, and so on, as this energy flows in spiritual ties, and soul connections. People within their soul contract collective.

Many these days, and no offense to them, feel that just anyone can become a healer, at any given time. They do not realize, that true light workers are ones who are at an enlightened state, and this is because now they have no more negativity, illness, pain, or 3D issues. Enlightened means, all knowing. And lets be real, all knowing means that you are all knowing, having all of the answers, and wisdom to life. However, when the prophecies were unraveling about people shifting into the divine spirit, it sounded good to many to have power, and they just started projecting themselves as enlightened healers, without really reaching it. Spirituality became like the temples in Yeshua’s day. He said, the temples were full of crooks and cons, dishonest and selling things overpriced that were not beneficial. While people should be paid for their time and energy, their talents, gifts, or wisdom, it should never be dishonest. Many out there in Spirituality, have made into a commercialized trend, and without  having reached enlightenment, or  having the right power to know exactly how to use it.


In Yeshua’s day, that type of behavior disgusted him as an ascended master. I can see how he felt, because having real enlightenment and real divine power, he saw that he was being persecuted, while the fakes sat in the temples, luring all of the people and cheating them in the name of something that should be honest. In this parable of his when applied to today, the temple would represent spirituality, and the merchants dealing dishonestly in the temple are false commercialized gurus who use spirituality (the temple), as their pitch. And people who are trying to project an image that they wish to be viewed as, they do their research. This goes back to the many times that I knew of many who stole my work, as they knew it to be true, and wanted to use it for themself to sound convincing. Many do not realize that I have analytics, and trackers on my site to prevent copyright theft, and I know who is looking at my stuff, how much they are looking, and then in checking in on them later, I, and others who work on team, observe and see who it is, that is trying to copy my teachings to make sense to others out there for their facade. I see this all over Youtube these days. Repeats of “What Are Chakras”, and  channeled messages stolen from other channels but re-worded…


You have to be faithful in your healing. Oherwise, it will not work. Ascended Master Yeshua asked one man who asked to be healed, “Do you believe”? But no matter what he said, within…. Yeshua saw that the man had doubt. He told him, “go…come back when you believe”.  However, when another came in pleading to have his dying child healed, Yeshua saw he had belief, and told him, “Go, your daughter is healed already”. And what was amazing is, that the man who did not believe, was of the same faith. The one who did, was not.  Consciousness is a complicated area of understanding for many. All that you have to know is that this matrix is a world of ethereal light. Many codes, and programming went into the creation of this, and you. In healing, you have to be open to know that anything is possible in the world of consciousness. If you express doubt, then you have already rejected your healing. This also goes for changes in life, prayers, and manifestation. You have to have the right  thoughts that allow things in, for those things.

It is an amazing thing to be faithful, because with faith and belief, miracles have the room to take place.  Healing, any changes in any subject of life only happen when someone’s mind is clear of their doubt. The mind needs to be opened, which is why most spiritually inclined people, have a better chance of being healing. Those with great imagination, those who are really expanded in the idea of there being more than what they can see. Not merely just saying it, but truly opening the mind and seeing that all things exist and are possible. These are the people who are receptive more, to the miracles of spirit. How can one expect anything to suddenly change, if they can not see it changing themselves within?

Additionally, there are many different symptoms that a person can have from the healing. If a person is not used to a certain frequency, then they could very well have adverse effects. For an example, if you are sleeping over a friends house and you’re not used to that atmosphere, you may feel an off vibe and feel really out of place. Then when returning home, you may feel really tired. That’s what being in a different frequency can do. The same can occur with a healing. Healings give good energy so just let it settle in. But if you are at a person’s home and you go home feeling sick then you just came from a bad atmosphere and need cleansing.

In regards to Kundalini or any upgrades these are services needing to be tweaked and kept up with. It’s hard to transcend 3D alone but when getting help you still need to work with your service. They are eye openers and life may change abruptly for you. If you feel depressed it may be because you are a new vibration not of this world and being otherworldly you won’t feel like you belong here. Life will get you down. You should consider coaching and work with the advice in it long term. Or we may need to adjust your vibration a few times if you aren’t ready for being that high yet. You have to learn to love with your thoughts aligned with your perception and the frequency that goes with it. If you just live life normally as usual, the service may not register or you may find that you feel like you’re going crazy a little from not adjusting or knowing how to work with your inner consciousness at a new level as it’s a new language of sorts that you feel but may not know how to interpret. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure just knowing that once you become otherworldly in vibe, you have to become otherworldly in thoughts too. That’s what a kundalini activation is. It’s meant to put you into a clear channel with higher self which many haven’t experienced before. How would anyone know what to look for? It starts gradual but at least the channel is open. You may hear voices, get lucid dreams, or suddenly be aware of things you weren’t before. Then you see more spiritually and it only goes on from there if you know how to work with it.

Trust in your services and be open in what you are experiencing with your healer.

© Alura Cein