The World Today

I teach illumination in my Truthology Course. It is not a path for everyone. In this, it takes understanding the world first. Let us see here..

We have alot of world changes. We live in a world, where someone will post about a humanitarian issue, or animal rights, issues that matter, and no one will support it. But if someone posts a meme about a farting duck, everyone will like it. Sex has become the leading desire with it all over television, and now in spirituality. We live ina world, where people can not even recognize a messenger, because their egos are so big. This world has so much crime in it. There is a rape happening every 6 minutes. 6 people are murdered in the world per each 50,000 people. There is an increase in burgleries, a pandemic in drug addiction, and in abortion.  And, there is a ton of child neglect and abuse.

Almost 13 million people have cancer.  Hepatitus C ranks next, then Aids. People are falling apart. Look at the trials of this world. Poverty is on the uprise. People born in the 1990’s have gotten lost in their inner child and live with parents, on unemployment  and with their own kids that their parents take care of. Everyone believes that they are psychic, or an alien, and television, promotes supernatural programming. They even have shows that condone sexual immorality. It is scary. Look outside. No one can even step outside anymore. People do not look up from their phones. Friends are not the people they walk in front of every day, but those in far off places, because life is dull and they can be anyone they wish to be online. Families do not speak any more. Husbands and wives live worlds apart in their own homes, or are unfaithful. People are touchy. They think everything is some indirect comment toward them. Or, they are so egotistical, that they feel you are speaking about them, and they judge so badly. Over 800,000 kids go missing each year. Some killed by their own parents or someone that they knew. 39 million of the adults out there were sexually molested, and 4 million kids now, are being molested as we speak. 60 billion animals are slaughtered each year not to mention how many other animals are harmed, beaten, deliberately ran over or hit, or tortured. 24 million people suffer from drug addiction and  350 million people have depression. In the year 2000, it was only 28 million. It is a staggering increase. Something is wrong.

Even with wisdom, they do not see. Their eyes are closed. Kids, and teens dress ages older, and are sexually active,smoking, and using drugs before the age of 10. They act with multiple personalities, and there is even worse. No one takes responsibility. In this world, people would rather seek what they wish to hear rather than truth.  I see high levels of infidelity, competition in life and in business, and people who use spirituality, and religion to hide who they really are. They us eit for power, and not for a love of God. God knows who has a real love. He knows who truly knows him.  He knows who has hidden motives. No one can not trust anyone but the Creator, and those he has sent. You can see by their life style. Does their behavior, wisdom, and life style match? You can tell by the wisdom who the Creator has sent. Even then, those from a pure place are treated with disrespect and not appreciated. Instead, we are hated. People just seem to despise those who have goodness, truth, and love. It urks them. If bitter, I can see a place within them, that they need to work on. It comes out in spite and in malicious behavior. Even behind the disguise of kind words. Look at the world.

The United States is the most corrupt country in the world. They wage war to kill the innocent to have a reason to take what they want.   They  had one leader set up new laws to passify everyone, so that another could abolish them in order to anger them into civil uprise.    A new world order they say. Well, soon they will have it. To you, it may not be visible, that is if you have your blinders on.  Hunger, famine, sickness and disease, and all people can think of is themselves, or the latest celebrity. They focus on all of the wrong things. They focus on the childish comedic stuff, instead of what matters. How can anyone expect to grow? To tell themselves that they have, and to really be ascended, are two different things.

I feel that many seem to think me as a teacher who makes other believe that I am  the only way to the truth. Or they feel that I am trying to say that no one can ascend.  They feel that I speak on the negative too much. But listen, I don’t. I want everyone to grow and live out their puposes/purposes. I wish for everyone to be truly happy. Not pretend happy where they act above on their high horses as if they are better than everyone because they live a certain way.   I want everyone to feel truly fulfilled and have a realistic view to their growth, I want everyone to see themself as they are, and to accept that and use to the best of their ability. To focus on what their purpose was, but to chase their dreams too. But does that sound like a world ascending? No. Because it isn’t. While many will focus on their own lives, and live in their own dream world,  it does not make this all go away. Go ahead. Live in your life, snug and warm. And those who claim to be workers of the light and  those who claim to be with God, who lean upon their own understanding,  and do not see the truth nor try to play a role in change, I wish you joy and luck. But to me, it seems like the easy way out. And most people are taking it.

In this world, being a light worker has become doing nothing but saying so. Why am I hated? For being the only one who will say this to you all? For being a true messenger? For being kind and loving? Or, for being busy  in trying to make a change? I teach illumination. No matter if it is the truth of the shining ones, the angels, it is still everyone’s truth. It is how it all began. And no matter what path one takes, it will always lead them to the one place in the end. Why not learn now? Make a positive change in your life? To not worry about yourself and step outside of that for a change? Is it that hard to ask?         In my work as a an angelic lightworker, everything that I have predicted has come to be, or will still.  I have proven myself time and time again. And in that, trust me, you will see more happen in this world, than only what I described above. It is getting worse, not better. We still have alot more to go through. But the point it, if you can not directly speak to the Creator, than seek the advice from someone who can. Know, that life can still be good for you. That life can be full of wonderful things for you, if you align your life to the path of your higher power or higher self. It is not hard. You do not need me. You can find your journey all on your own at some point. One day, when it is meant for you. I can help faster. many say being in my energy raises their vibration. But if you want a mentor, I am here. If not, just be the good in the world that is needed. Care about others. Love unconditionally. Do not think of yourself and that everything is about you or directed to you. Try not to see only the negative, and read into the true intent and purpose.

Many have thought my blogs or posts were indirectly toward them. Some have taken me the wrong way. But in all, it is not about me. It is about the world. It is about the Creator, and peace. It is about love. If it were about me, then why is it that I never do anything for myself? Why? Because whenever I was spoken of negatively, or tricked, disrespected rushed or dismissed, and treated with contempt, I always stood by everyone who had done so to me? How come I gave information that was dangerous, no matter what happened to me, so that all could grow? I have never been mean even when pushed to the limit. I never once, spoke ill of anyone. And I always tell the truth. That is the angelic way. And I am but a humble messenger. However, in this world we live in dangerous times. Hackers, cyber attacks, and identity theft are everywhere. If you are not keen on picking up on things, you may never know who it is that you are talking to online. People are not who they present themselves to be. It is a cold harsh world. During this time, reach your ascension. Raise the bar more and more each day. Focus on being the good that this world lacks. And strive ever more so, towards awakening. It is in your spiritual right. Let no one stop you!

In conclusion, make the most of your life, and be a good person. The world needs them. And if you have a teacher, be kind. If you choose to go on your own, do not hurt them and treat them as if they do not matter. Because kindness deserves to be repaid with more kindness. Always talk things out. Peace, love, and understanding are the most Godly of qualities. other wise, you are acting no better than the rest of world. And we see it is growing ever so cold and corrupt. Many blessings to you world, may youheal, and find resotration and peace.