Transcendental Meditation

“Transcendental meditation is a HUGE part of the path of illumination”-Alura Cein

Transcendental meditation, is what’s going to give you the clarity of mind, that you need to reach your psychic potential, to get rid of depression and negativity. And that’s going to help you to make your connection with higher self, or with your guides depending on what your vibration is.

Transcendental means, you’re going *above* something. You’re going *beyond* something. You’re *transcending* it.

That’s the same thing with the meditation. You’re going ‘above’ meditation. However during that meditation, there are going to be things that kind of pop up, that you have to transcend as well. The definition of transcend, according to the dictionary, is to be or go beyond the range or limits of something, or to surpass. So it’s to exceed/surpass.

If you think about it you can transcend anything.

You can transcend an old habit. You can transcend an old personality trait. You can transcend in one of your talents or hobbies. You can transcend in your spiritual mindset. You can transcend who you want to be. You can transcend your vibration. Transcending, just merely means you’re going above and beyond. So, to go above and beyond meditation, which is the full definition of the term *Transcendental Meditation*, this is just taking you into a whole other level of meditating.

Usually people will meditate, and I say 10 to 15 minutes in the least. Maximum when you’re starting out, you want to do at least 15–20 minute meditations each day. I would say if you can’t do them every day, at least twice a week, because that’s just enough for you to close down your mind, and that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

When you’re meditating, you want to close off the mind. You’re just going within. When I talked about meditation, I told you that it was very essential for you to close your eyes, and just stare out into the dark space behind the eyes. That’s kind of going into a Transcendental state. Stare out so much that you get lost in it. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or pulled away from it by *anything*. Just keep staying within that space. Don’t expect anything.

You cannot have any expectations.

When you go into a state of meditation, it’s an open playing field, so to speak. So as you’re sitting there, you just want to not think about anything. Turn your thoughts off.

How do you do it?

As soon as the thought comes in, just re-center yourself back into that peaceful state, of looking behind the darkness in your eyes. That’s to help you recenter yourself. That’s why I taught you that. That’s why it’s a very helpful astral projection tool too, because when you’re trying to astral project, you don’t want those racing thoughts to interrupt.

So, you stare out into that inner space, and you just let go. If the thought comes…interrupts…center yourself back. Keep doing this over and over and over again, until you don’t have to anymore. But the greatest thing about Transcendental Meditation, is that over time you are going to get into a state, where you don’t have to fight any thoughts coming up any more.

Your mind is clear, and now you can fully enjoy the benefits, of where your mind is going to take you, on a whole other level and realm. So, you could have some colors that kind of come up. You can go deeper into the colors, and end up seeing pictures or images of your guide. You can end up seeing maybe a quick glimpse of a past life, or of the future.

Now you have transcended your meditation, because now you don’t have to have those 3D thoughts popping in anymore. Now you’re going into a deeper state of spiritual thought. And that’s happening on its own, as it’s guided and directed by the higher self.

Transcendental meditation is a huge part of the path of illumination.

(Transcribed by Shauna Taylor)