Tree of Life, Evolution of the Consciousness

The Tree of life is based around the ten Sephiroth, or spheres, which ascend upwards from the space, labeled Malkuth and that represents the material world, and on into the space labeled as Kether that represents the world of pure creation. This is one of many ways of understanding the different dimensions or levels that exist in this universe. There is truth in all spiritual beliefs, as I have said time and time again, but only one has to combine them, understand them, and the remove the deceptions, overlapped on top of them.
In the Kabbalah though, These are spiritual levels, to which all human beings can ascend, but most choose not to. Within the symbolism of each Sephiroth, there are keys to understanding each progressive stage on the spiritual journey, from the level you are currently on, to the next one on the path of awakening. There are two symbolic pillars on both sides, and King Solomon, knew of the concept, which is why he placed the idea into his construction work of his temple. The first real mason.
 The two pillars of Boaz, and Jachin, signify the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Boaz is symbolic of the right hemisphere. This hemisphere is associated with the intuitive, abstract, and creative principle. In other words, it represents our higher, spiritual natures. The left hemisphere is associated with logic and the intellect. I also tend to associate this hemisphere with physicality, as it is the part of the mind that really conducts itself, solely for the experiencing of the material plane.  Now let’s see how this ties into the two pillars.
The pillar of Boaz symbolizes the animating (source) energy in creation.  The Pillar of Jachin not only represents our intellect, but also our concrete, physical, earthly natures. Understand though, that the lower nature is not a negative aspect of creation. But necessary, for light to reflect off of. There has to be a way to learn, and this part of the self, is the mirror of change. Just as darkness is not a negative aspect of creation, neither is the physical. It is only when the physical aspects of our dual nature do not have a redeemer and guide (spiritual aspect) that the balance becomes compromised. It is the spirit freely living on the material plane, without a higher conscious being its guide, and learning first hand from experience. Something every soul has endured at some point or past life.
So what’s the real significance of these two pillars? The answer lies in the space that is created when the two pillars are esoterically and symbolically as one. Just as the subconscious and the conscious natures of our mind are married and joined to form the bride of Christ (Shekinah) who is one with God (resulting in Christ consciousness) this is the balanced way of seeing and experiencing the world, so these two pillars as I AM and symbolizes the epitome of man’s spiritual journey in a physical body, and the stages to do so . The result of that journey is the healed and balanced individual.

Balance, seeing purpose, and growth. Now, each stage of growth, expands the consciousness out, and up into each of the labeled spaces in the tree, which are the dimensions. As you go through the stages of this tree, you are in all reality, ascending into a higher form of consciousness. The ascension happens within. All cultures, mystery schools, etc know that, as an Angel I know that. But the consciousness is light, light is energy, and energy is spirit. It also ascends but in those planes, while still experiencing this one. The higher up the tree you go, then you awaken, and to real truth. Not just an idea of it. There are many phases of this, and it is gradual. Many expect to be sudden, as soon as they want it, or put a few years into it. It doesn’t work that way, it happens over experience, and one can not force it, that would be ego, or the bottom stage of the tree. resulting in foolishness, and staying in the same place of consciousness.

On my website, I broke it down in stages too, but in an easier way of understanding. Here, it is placed in symbolism. That is what the system does, it make sit hard to see truth, but again, if if were clear, no one would to work for it, so it isn’t the worse thing ever, but still clarity helps. The Tree of Life, is the Universe, and your mind is the Universe. In its many phases of expressing, and experiencing it. Do you have a full understanding of where you are right now in this tree? I can help give you insight, based on the higher self if you need me to at Alura’s Spiritual Services, having divine blueprints, I can communicate with your higher self for you. You have to be ready though. Many do not understand the concept of the Higher Self, or what it is, means, or does, and the reading will be pointless to them. You at least have to be ready to be open minded.

The Tree of Life, in Kabbalah is showing the stages of ascension, through life, through experience, and through the higher self level of insight, from what you as the avatar experiences, and bring back to the higher self, but also in what you have accomplished as a separate particle of light, soul, living in these human lives. The kundalini rising as your consciousness climbs the tree, streaming forth, and to the brim, where you can not learn anymore here, and are ready to go.

alura cein,
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