Trolling is a terrible epidemic and mostly Internet communities. It is already is many of our amendments and rights are already violated by the government through censorship and monitoring, trolling makes it a lot worse. The reason is, because not only are your rights violated on so many levels because of big brother, but now you have the risk of getting insulted, harassed, bullied, and intimidated, away from and because of your content and beliefs. it’s truly a very dark and hard world out there. Because of my own experience in this specific topic and because there have been so many people that have come to me by email writing about their own experiences and needing answers… I thought it was time to touch base on the subject. I did touch a little bit here and there on this topic in the past when I spoke about reverse psychology and targeting. It’s a shame though, when I put material out there people seldom listen to it. I have even put predictions out there on the Internet in regards to what was going to happen in the world, and I will say over a few dozen of them all happened one right after the other not long after I put them up. And yet, still I found that many had just disregarded them. Sometimes it takes having some proof first and I totally understand that. But I don’t write these blogs for the sake of writing them or to sell anybody any BS. The fact of the matter is, I care about people and so I usually select topics that I know are very important and that people can use to help themselves with one way or the other. 

There are a number of different reasons as to why trolls target different people and accounts. But I will go into that a little bit at the end. For now, these types of trolls almost always target everyone but more so public figures, and others like:

1. Business owners

2.  spiritualists

3. Extremists and activists

4. Whistle blowers

5. Real psychics

6. former government or military figures

7. Conspiracy theorists

8. Alien abductees or those who have had encounters

9. Bigger hackers

10. Political figures

Types of Trolls

1. Political Agitators– many trolls are actually paid for by politicians in order to initiate a smudge campaign or destroy positive online information of their competitors. But there is not only one type of political troll because there are also trolls that are simply everyday people who just disagree with a particular subject or a politician themself. They search for support pages that talk about the subject that they disagree with to stir up trouble. Once on the site site, they slide on in there with their negative comments and creating contentions.

2. Reverse Psych Trolls– these trolls are often paid for too. They are hired to go onto the pages of people that are considered to be government threats. This would include whistleblowers, extremists, cult leaders, those with far right opinions and beliefs, and targets who are being monitored because they are a subject of a government experiment or know deep truths either as a hacker or a real supreme psychic. They create many trolling tools to do the job.

A. Reredirect loops- people are paid to create a social media circle around the target. These trolls act as normal people who support the target. Sharing the targets info then locks it in a redirect loop within those IP addresses used by the trolls that the analytics and algorithm is deadlocked and then somehow disappears. Instead of it coming up in news feed or recommendations, the targets post will only come up if really searched for. But if no one knows about the post to search for it, then no one sees it as if it doesn’t exist.

This is also a tactic that even one troll infiltrating a real circle can use. All they need is to add the targets friends, and find out their IP and geolocation. If they are always waiting for posts to be shared by the targets friends, they can catch them as they are posted and a redirect loop can then be activated too.

B. Reverse Representation– In this particular type of trolling, the troll actually has been lurking around for quite a while as a supporter. However, the things that they comment, or communicate about are the total opposite of what the target represents. For example, let’s say at the target is running an anti-suicide campaign to try to help in getting people to want to fight for their lives or to even spread awareness that there are other options out there besides suicide. A troll in this case under the disguise of a supporter, would like the content but then comment that they are suicidal. Another example of this is, perhaps the target is a person that loves children and wants to try to spread awareness and raising children positively and in a wholesome way. Again, the troll who is again under the disguise of being a supporter, will then comment things that are violent against children. in some cases they may even send communications privately to the target, talking about very specific things that are targeted towards children in a very hostile negative way. If it doesn’t seem to work in getting the targets to feel depressed or down about hearing such a thing when their entire motive was the complete opposite, the troll will then come by under another profile as a supporter… and do the same thing again and again. Now the target has multiple profiles projecting negativity about the very same message that the target was trying to promote in order to create a positive response.

C. Thought Implantation- another tactic used by reverse psychologically trained trolls, is that they may be in your inner circle for such a long time that they befriend a lot of people that you are close to. Your supporters believe in your message or what you are trying to accomplish doing. A troll will lurk for a significant amount of time to memorize what you belief or stand for in order to sound like they know what they are talking about when it comes to supporting you. In the meantime, they find who your more sensitive supporters are and then while gaining their trust, talk to them as if they truly support your message or your content but then indirectly drop a little hints of information that is quite contrary. It then makes them question what you represent or worse, they could get your friends, family and supporters to start feeling negative overall if they implant negativity.

3. Distraction Trolls- Another troll is the type that often comes as a customer or a supporter as well… Which they often do in order to gain trust and enter your circle. Everyone knows that anyone coming off negatively from the start, risks the chance of getting blocked right away. A troll is smarter than that. They may even try to gain the trust of your circle and you, for a long period of time before they know that they are strongly positioned on your platform. what these types of trolls do, is that every time you come out with a new project or product, campaign or promotion… They will suddenly overload you with a lot of work, emails or they will just start projecting a bunch of issues and problems make you feel negative. Making you feel overwhelmed I’m tired of projecting negativity, is a huge way to distract someone from a project that is very important to what they represent or their career. And example of this would be, if someone puts out a positive video on YouTube and then all of a sudden receives tons of emails from the same individual or a few in their troll circle, downright negatively attacking you. It will happen almost nearly every single time too. You won’t even have to have done anything at all and could be absolutely the nicest person in the world, but then you will start receiving very negative emails. This is a tactic to try to make you feel so bad about yourself from the negative projection, and that you spent so much time on it that you don’t focus on the positive project that you just invested your time into in the first place. And whatever they are emailing about, will also probably include some of her psychology as well, and the total opposite of whatever it was that you promoted in your work. You’ll be sitting there thinking that you were message was so wonderful that you have been inspired many. But then right away, The negative emails come in from the trolls, to get you to question your message and yourself.

4. Replication Trolls/ Identity Thieves

When it comes to other forms of distraction, there are also trolls that try to distract others away from you by stealing your identity. They will even make profiles at the same first name there is or even your entire name altogether. I may even take pictures from your social media to make it seem as if this profile is really new. Then when others are saving for you and come across a fake profile instead, they can basically act anyway that they need to in order to give you a bad name a reputation or how much a direct interested individuals, into an entirely different direction. they could even pose as if they are you and completely projecting entirely different character or personality to the person who is trying to reach the real you.

Then there are also the replication trolls who are very similar to identity thieves. However, this is done with mind control tactics because they are actually trying to give the illusion that these people are very similar to you. They take on your look and appearance, they take their pictures and photographs very similar to yours, and then they start to speak like you as well as projecting a similar lifestyle, morals and values. By doing this they are trying to gain trust from other people that trust in you, by indirectly and planting the idea that they are so much like you that they could be you. Replication trolls are usually positioned either to promote their own business or ideas in your inner circle, or they are paid to infiltrate your circle that way so as to gradually lead your following away from you to this new fake replication of you.  what’s sad is that replication trolls are seldomly ever really recognized. I have had them in my circle and nobody has ever even said a word to them. It’s amazing how blatantly obvious they were but yet it seemed that others did not recognize what they were doing at the time. I know that if I had been in a circle with a figure I looked up to and I saw something like that going on, I would probably very kindly comment that I recognize the similarities just to put it out there to the person to let them know they couldn’t get away with it and also to publicly show others that may not be catching on, what’s going on subtly. But truly nobody can admire one person that much. Either they are completely obsessed or they are there as a replication troll.

5. Backlash trolls

These are very common and I think that every public figure has had their run in with these types of trolls at some point or the other. For one they are almost always the people that infiltrate your inner circle just merely to make negative comments were to put down things that you’re working on. You find them on your YouTube page, or social media always having something mean to say. They will make many profiles in order to back lash you as well. You can always tell that it’s the same person because of their speech pattern. But for me, I can tell because of the spiritual blueprint. The trolls are there for one purpose and one purpose only which is to be downright negative and mean from the get go. They don’t care what anyone says in your defense as long as they leave the negative impression on your page.

6. Ghost trolls

Ghost trolls are your biggest haters who sit in the background watching your posts and will actually report them as spam or against community guidelines on social media so as you get them taken down. They literally almost never comment from their ghost profile. But these are the ones that are especially sinister because they usually have a profile where they act like your very best friend but at the same time they’re sitting there researching almost every little ounce of your work or history on the Internet and then come for you at random moments behind the scenes.

7. Hacker Trolls

Hacker trolls are people that are usually hired to hack into your IP address on the emails or other websites in order to add some kind of coding that can redirect people from your page to other pages for whom ever has hired them to do so. They can also add coding that tracks all of the people visiting your websites and collects data for your competitors. They often hack your emails to get lists of emails for their clients to run email campaigns for their businesses off of. They will also hack your accounts so that your content is not visible in order for other content to be more visible instead.

Additionally they may monitor what you are working on off-line as well, and steal those ideas to then give them to a competitor so that they come out with the content first instead… Beating you to the punch.

8. Opposing circle

Last but not least there is the opposing circle of trolls that is formed out of former members of the Targets inner circle. What happens with this is that the first throw that goes in will usually target the week are members of that person’s inner circle by implanting other ideas or negativity. Once they leave the circle, they are still friends with the people that are in the targets inner circle still. So now two circles have formed. One that includes all of the people who are supporting the target still, and then a circle that is run by the troll entirely made up of the people in the targets inner circle as well. However you’ll notice that more people start getting added to the trolls circle that at one time had been in the inner circle but are not any longer. What’s happening is they are adding other former trolls that they identified when they were in the circle themselves in addition to the targets supporters too. What happens is that, they try to act as if they are still a supporter somewhat even though they are not in the circle any longer by liking content which gives the targets supporters the idea that they are still in the loop. But when the supporters of the target begin to communicate with the troll circleThat was made on the side, all they will hear our negative things or ideas contrary to what the target is representing. This can create doubt, confusion, and even bring the supporters of that target down into feelings of depression and at times paranoia depending upon what type of garbage is being spoken about on the other side of things. For an example I always talk about how people should be free and full of positivity and love. Someone in an opposing circle would ask my supporters on the side wow coming off as if they are still in the loop even in the littlest of ways…

“How do you know that she really represents those things? What if it’s all an act and she’s really just trying to mislead you towards the total opposite of what she’s talking about? What if she talks about being against mind control and Reptilians, but she’s really one of them herself”?

With a question like that, it could make a person circle around in their thoughts about it and even make them very paranoid or suspicious from that point forward.

There are so many types of Internet trolls that I could go on and on. But these are the biggest types that I have come across myself. it’s a very cruel world out there in the Internet and people can’t just hop onto social media and think that they’re not going to be a target but just because they don’t have a business or they are not a public figure. Trolls like these go on anybody’s pages for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it’s just to stir up trouble. Sometimes it’s actually steal your identity in some kind of a scam. And other times it may be just to run your data for email lists for other companies. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to public figures and businesses, they are almost always the number one targets though.

It’s very important to understand these types of trolls because they only have one purpose of setting out with their mission. That purpose is to cause you problems, mess with your head, make you lose support, or to try to take it down entirely. This is especially true when it comes to the list of targets that I added in the beginning of this article. It’s truly a war of its own out there on the Internet. If people can be more aware of what’s going on in their inner circle and be strong for the person that they are supporting her even for themselves for that matter, then trollsWould have less of an easier time targeting the individual altogether. When all things are said and done, an Internet troll will do whatever it takes and that means trying out at least one of the different troll types as a tactic to find some kind of way to accomplish their mission.  just be very careful and keep your eye on these things if you happen to be a business owner or a public figure, or anyone that seems to have some kind of threatening presence on the Internet. It’s not always easy to combat against trolls but there are ways. I’ll talk about that in another article but for now, at least you can understand what types of trolls to look for and how they operate.