Universal Tree of Life

The reason why they depicted heaven and Gods throne, and the angels in the above style, is because they were indirectly trying to tell us, that everyone is connected. We all in existence, work together to make the web of energy that is the network of our Universe. So whether you like it or not, including that ignorant person down the street, we are family. We’re bretheren. No matter where any of us came from, we work together. We make the experiences together. All of that energy, makes up a bigger entity, and that, an even bigger one. It is beyond comprehension for some. The great Elohim. It is love for one another that makes this network, work. Beings, all together like layer in the web of light, from biggest to smallest. Like the small atoms of the human structure, to the bigger atoms, the stars, of our Universe. All is consciousness. It is spirit. Many now call it energy. And it is. No matter what it is called. It is the same thing. Us.

Incarnation is when a soul is traveling through the universe or in its place of origin, and ends up in some form or experience. It then finishes the experience, and will travel on into the next one. W hen a soul has had many incarnations, it is then called reincarnation. Souls can come from anywhere in the universe. The entire universe is our source of light. Energy is light, light is consciousness. Consciousness is spirit. It thinks and it feels. Souls are made of all different sizes and vibrations, depending on how they broke off from the Big Bang. The Big Bang was source energy separating itself into two different outlooks in the universe. They call the logical and intelligent side, male. The intuitive and sensitive side is called female. These were the father/mother Gods, but let me say “Creators” instead of God, because there is a little trick that the archons have used, to get us to degrade our Creator, by using the word God. In any case, those giant orbs of light that came from Sources division, were souls, they were beings. They then needed to expand, to procreate, and so they collided into one another at the speed of light. In their twin flame love making session. all of the particles of light that came off of this, would be at all different vibrations.

There was one large soul that remained after the collision, bigger than any other soul in the universe besides the mother and the father. This was considered to be the seed of life. The reason why is because this bigger entity has both halves of the outlook, or perception, of the mother and father together. Who could be more like the original source energy, than this soul here. That is why they call it the Christ consciousness. That is because it has an all-knowing of both sides of Duality, but also an all-knowing of being within the I AM. All Souls would be directed by this entity. Christ means anointed, and this soul here, is definitely anointed, with both halves of duality in its balanced consciousness. The bigger ones  under it, would be considered the flower of life, the petals on it.. Those beneath them would be considered the angels. The angelic realm ends in the 6th dimension.

All of the souls make up the great matrix of our universe. Everything is holographic and made of energy. They make up the Flower of Life as the ripples and waves of vibration stream all off of one another, throughout space and time. no matter how far they travel from one another, they are always connected by a stream of vibration that remains. Light can also be translated into sound. So even particles of light that are unseen, exist out there. They are still considered souls. They are called the in corporal host. Everything in existence is made of energy. This energy can be positive or negative, as the charges are needed in order to make an appearance, or to keep things in place. The positive and negative particles are also considered souls, no matter their size, because they all branch from our intelligent source. However everyone in existence has their very own code.’

 Like I said, all souls are made of light, and all light translates into sound, sound translate into digits, and digits can be translated into sacred geometric codes. Then, all of the vibrations in between, also have codes. When they work together, they get a new set of codes. When they work individually they will use their own. When they add up all together as a collective, they all use their individual codes, as well as one larger code for the collective itself. That is all quantum physics, and spirituality. But it is a bit intricate so I will not go into extreme details at this time. Just know that the grand blueprints of design, are so incomprehensible, it is like teaching a person born blind what a color looks like. They have never seen it, so they can never imagine it. There are many out there who claim to have the blueprints. This is a lie. The blueprints are only given to certain vibrations of energy, to read. You have to be anointed in order to retrieve this type of mission. You also have to be awakened to a certain frequency in your consciousness, in order to review the codes. People will say they get the codes from other entities that they channel, this is also incorrect. Those entities will not have the codes because of their vibrations, or they were not selected for that type of position.

When we talk about incarnation, any particle of light or energy, from our universe can go on to reach any environment and atmosphere. Once it reaches, it can go into it but it must match the vibration of the environment. If it doesn’t, it will then have to leave the excess energy in the next plane up, as a guide.  They call this the higher self. Anything that that particle of light has had interaction with, it will leave a stream of vibration to it. These are called energetic connections.

Incarnation can be a tricky thing. Especially when it comes to earth. Souls can be created in any environment. But there are souls that start out in the Celestials. When they go into an environment, they can mate or breed, and mix their codes to make a whole new identity. Where that new identity is made, will be known as its place of origin. It will then resonate with the vibration of its origin. All souls are designed for specific places in the heavens. Although they can grow or lessen, in order to go into another environment, if they are only created to go up to a certain vibration, then that is the vibration that they will go up to, and stay. They will not go any further. That is something that many out there do not understand. New Age philosophy has promised people, that they can ascend to any dimensional frequency that they please.

But this is not true according to the Grand blueprints of design. For example, if a soul was only created to go up to 5 D, then that is all it will ever reach. I have a lot to say about these different philosophies and teachings out there, but that will be an entirely different page. For now just know that we all have our rightful place and rank in the universe whether it is in a planet, in a star, floating around in space, or anywhere else. No matter what dimension it is, we were created for it. I will get into a little bit more about the design of our network of life, the universe. While I will not be going into the blueprints, because I am NOT allowed to give out the grand blueprints of design overall, I do give them out to people in their blueprints readings, for themselves, individually. But I cannot give our Creator’s codes away. But I can’t show you how it’s mapped out a little, so that maybe these things that I am speaking about little make more sense to you.

But first, here on earth the archons that you read about on another page here on my website, they have laced the airways so heavily with their energy and their own made up codes that overlaps the original creation codes for Earth, that it is difficult for any souls that have come here, to leave. It seems that they have a big intention of recycling the souls here so that they can continue to their agenda. They will impose different mechanisms upon people, to cause them to sin, or make a lot of mistakes. Society, media, television, upbringing, religion, school etc.. are all laced with subliminal messages, and frequencies that are under human hearing, that get into the subconscious mind. They have used their bloodlines on purpose to do this. So that they can influence  people all over the world, to be people who are obsessed with self, riches, power and even jealousy and competition. They impose violence and hate. This is all in the subconscious mind. People do not realize that it is. And then they behave and act certain ways according to what the program is, in their minds.

And they create Karma for themselves. That Karma leads to unbalanced dark energy. And it will follow the person throughout their incarnation process. They will pick up more and more as they go, making it even more difficult for them to leave. Because the Archons know, that it is a law of the universe for repetition. So they have used this against everyone here, so that they will have to keep repeating their lives until they have gotten it right. This is a terrible, terrible mechanism of control. It is also the main reason as to why some souls have had so many lifetimes here, when they are merely supposed to have an experience, and move on to the next,. Unless.. they themselves have decided to make a contract with their creators, to have more roles, and different life times to go through, in order to learn something specific.  Lets have a look at the network now.

We all switch places in the web, experiencing different spaces in it. This is called incarnation. We learn, from our own unique perspectives of it, in each experience, adding wisdom, and programming this network. Enhancing it as we go. Incarnation, is when a soul or particle of light consciousness, wants to have one of those experiences. They make the decision, and then it is done. We plan what to do. We make sure other souls are willing to help us in those experience, because face it, without others, we would not learn much of anything. And, we plan what we want to learn in the experience, and through the others. That is called a Soul Contract. We do this before each experience. And some of us, at a higher consciousness to begin with, will have a plan for an entire voyage. A series of lifetimes, and events therein. We then, get sent at the speed of light, quicker than a thought, to the destination with the right perception for it, to be on our way. All things happen as they are scheduled to. But the controllers of earth, have everyone thinking there is freewill, just to make others think that they have no higher plan, and that they can do what they want. Then it is a disharmonious experience, as souls on earth are subconsciously led by the leaders imposed will, and not their own plan for their experience. This leads them to forget. It diverts the consciousness’s original plan and memory of it, towards an agenda taking place in the environment.


However, many are now reawakening, or remembering, what they came to do, or they are seeking it out. They are finding what they came to do, and are working on it, and then their lives feel more fulfilled. Psychics, real ones, and Incarnated Angels ( huge bodies of consciousness with full memory and truth, and psychics with all abilities), are able to tell people where they need to be in context of their journey.  This is leading mankind back to the truth of this world, creation, and the Universe. When a soul decides to have a few lifetime experiences, as different roles, genders, and personalities. That is called reincarnation. That is because they are incarnating again, or a few times to achieve their goals. Many entities now guard the astral realms trying to keep souls here, reincarnating on earth, so that they do not lose their souls to control. But we angels are working on something to help everyone get out if they choose to. You could have been anyone in your past lives, or other worldly experiences, and you expand your consciousness each time, by learning through experience. The earth is changing. Gradually, but it is slowly going back to the state it should have been. However, there are false psychics and false angels, who are leading people down dead end roads or truths, that look good to lure, and then replaced by lies that confuse. You have to be very careful who you seek out, and make sure they are about love. Not surface, but a deepened unconditional kind.

All of your experiences, and memories are kept in the web of energy that is our Universe. It is called the akasha. Angelics and Psychics, can tap into it to obtain your memories for you, if you can’t on your own yet, but it has to be true. Many guess to make it look good, and it confuses. You will want to find someone who can really get you the details. But yes, everything that has ever taken place in this Universe since the beginning of it, is in the akasha, the network of light is us. We help each other in our learning, and take it back to the Source later on, expanding it. That is why scientists say that the Universe is expanding.

 However, how did souls decide to incarnate? Well, first, they all, as a big source of light themselves, decided to have an experience, working together to build the reality out of their light. Them smaller particles/souls, were projected into the reality. This was the projected thought. The true self is the higher self. The bigger body of energy, too big to fit into the reality itself. So, they either send in a particle, or many, sometimes, and they come into the reality. You are raised thinking your real, as the rulers or powers that be control your consciousness. But, if the higher self controls it, how did someone else take over? First of all, we had perfection, advanced huge beings, and their projections. But being advanced, some new souls from another place, couldn’t take that big energy. It glitched them out so to speak, and instead of being a collective, harmonized environment, they started to dominate. They were more masculine in their thinking.  So, they took over, like a virus, making the powers that be. The dominions and principalities of this world. Over top of the original vibration, the flower of life wave pattern, made by energy passing through the prism, and sound. So, they started altering the consciousness particles of those on earth, they infiltrated it, by making the kundalini shut down, and cutting off access to that higher self. Then they taught time, and physicality. Many were lowered in vibration from the density, and lack of connection to the higher self, they submitted. The avatars, so to speak, stuck here. The higher self, is still calling out though. But the powers that be block it, with tier left masculine way of thinking, agenda. Because some of the higher selves had gained a balance of both energies. The powers in the air took that away. They made it only one sided way of thinking. So, messengers of greater size were sent in, angels. But, they were too big, and were noticed, and killed. So smaller light forms needed to come, undetected, seeds of light from advanced places, starseeds. The advanced wisdom would stay in the DNA, and could be expanded later on, to help. More angelics would come to lead, but we never live long, those who are born awakened anyhow. Look at all of those with messages in the past.


We are too much of a beacon of light. But, our truths would be foundations for the starseeds to build on. Many of the visitors who came and saw the new life here, volunteered to come back, as light born into the environment. Through incarnation, as if they had come as they did back then, as mere visitors, they would also be found out, and attacked. Why else hide, that there is other life out there?  They wanted everyone to forget, and think earthlings were all alone.

It is apparent, that these bigger beings of light particles, are really atoms, made to look as a larger size. Those atoms are made of more atoms and so on, the Alpha and Omega. We are those conscious atoms, and we can have experiences all our own, while working with others souls who agree to have similar experience, as we still make up that bigger existence, and there are others who make up our  existence. We are just too big, or too little to understand either concept. Did you know that every single neuron and brain cell is known to be conscious and sentient? But when working together as a power, EL, a network, that when all 86 billion neurons work as a whole, that it produces a whole reality of thoughts, feelings, personality traits, interests, and memory. A super computer within each human out there! And we are the super computer for something else. Below the video shows how atoms within atoms, of all sizes make up Universes in all things in existence, even us. But, we are too small to get the the edge of the Universe yet, so scientists can not explain beyond that. But I can, having been through the network, I remember. But the memory I gathered, is only data to explain the blueprint so to speak, and the spiritual aspect of it.

Have you ever heard of a slime mold?  Slime molds have traits like both fungi and animals. They have very complex life cycles involving multiple forms and stages. During good times, they live as independent, amoeba-like cells. But if conditions become uncomfortable, for instance, not enough food available, the temperature isn’t right, etc. the individual cells begin gathering together to form a single structure. This happens when the cells give off a chemical signal that tells all of them to gather together.  Then they form this large network of cells, that work together as one. That is what the Universe is. Everything in it, even us, are a part of that many celled (many forms of consciousness) structure, having individual experiences, but still working together in a designed place. We have these experiences, but changed them up here and there in the incarnation cycle, to see new things. We use other cells (atoms/littler forms of consciousness) to use a vehicle for the experiences. Then, when they are done they separate, like the Slime Mould does. Just a strange example.

We can have any experience we want, for any cause or purpose. It is all up to us, and to those joining us in the “mould”. This earth lives so separately, but if even knew just how important we were to one another, then people may try to be more loving. That is why Christ said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It went beyond just being considerate. It meant, treat each other good, because we are one another. I hope that you get it by now, that we do not fall out of the sky when we incarnate. Our energy passes through other energies in the cosmos to get to the destination, but it isn’t the entire soul that is going. It is a small fragment of it, passing in the network, the akasha, the universe, from the main source of light, to have the experience. The oversoul is the patch of light on the grid, that is transmuting the particles of light into the map of the network. The tree of life, has many “tv shows” all of which we can enter, but the oversoul doesn’t leave its station, only a frequency does, and that is what the incarnation is, a transmission of the energy from the source, to the the “show” or reality.

Like patches on a network, some are bigger and stronger than others, like a major circuit. Those that dominate and run the grid. Those places are called the Principalities and dominions. The Angels, messengers because they send out the higher wisdom, down through the akasha. Sometimes they send a signal off of themselves to have a separate experience. That is where I come from. Do you know where your soul was sent from? What domain? The planets, and galaxys are some of those domains. Souls can exist anywhere, and go into other locations anytime. Some have higher density that others, and some are new, developing their frequency of light, to become a part of the larger parts. When a soul becomes a part of a higher consciousness, it is called ascension. Once a soul has ascended, it no longer needs to function in the reality it used to develop and expand in.

It will move on to a higher place until it is finally a part of the higher energy source. It climbs the dimensions., The dimensions are just different levels of understanding in the consciousness. Many have made ascension to appear that an ascended  a soul.  that you simply just poof and disappear. That’s not true. No one leaves their experience until all of the  atoms and cells in the vehicle that the soul is using, have agreed that the energy of the soul is strong to sustain it. Then the cells come apart,  (natural death) and the soul moves on.

The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, is also another way of expalining the ascension. All cultures have the concept, as all cultures have truth spiritually. As I said, it used ot be one truth, until Project Baylon came along and tore it into fragments, and sent a piece to each of the 4 corners. There is so much to all of this, you have no idea. All of it hidden in plain sight. The 4 corners are called on in magic for this reason, of the elements, and the pieces of truth, energetically to cvome forward. But, for now, lets focus. 

The tree of life is the best in showing clear cut examples on ascension. The tree itself, comes from the flower of life, and represents the matrix of the true consciousness, earth’s consciousness, and Universal. But in this case, it represents yours. It grows up the tree so to speak, as it experiences alot, and grows in understanding. The consciousness when it enters here, starts out with no understanding of this realm. Ascension is, building up a blank slate, of the mind, that souls started with, when they were put here. It wiped out memory., and they had to start new, like a child, naive, and without major intelligence. In the Book of Adam and Eve, they called the blank mind, “The Cave of Treasures”. The consciousness in the mind, is a tree, a network of branches, that expand out through your brain to help you use your soul, to view and experience this reality. In each life, you learned. Even if your higher selves, were high in dimension, many souls started out blank. But, those who came to Earth as advanced intelligence, for these days in time, will have their memories, or at least the wisdom. Still, it is being built onto, each day that you learn, see, hear, feel, and even dream. That is what the tree of life is. It is the level of consciousness that your consciousness itself has made it to, throughout your experiences. In another spiritual belief, it said that in the last days, many would have their name taken out of the Book, or Tree of Life, for not believing in the Creators. What this meant is that, if they continued on in the grand illusion of this life, and worked for merely material things, then their consciousness would not know the most extremes of wisdom, and that wisdom itself, is the Creator. The Christ consciousness, anointed consciousness. It would not become anointed at all. The anointing comes when some reaches the top of the Tree.

Through struggle, renewal, and learning, one climbs the tree of life so to speak, in their level of understanding, through the experiences. This reading will break down where you are at in that Tree, or in other words, what stages your consciousness is at, in the expansion of Source, through you, all of us, and together, but first, you individually.

The energy rises negatively or positively, like a serpent, up the branches of this tree, which is why they use it as a symbol of enlightenment and healing in the story of Moses in the Bible. It healed the sick. That was because they opened their minds to allow the truth to slither in so to speak. That truth was, that the illness was an illusion of this world. There is so much to all of this, and I would love to teach more, but for now, let me stick to your part in all of this.

Your mind expands, and slithers up the “branches” of the Tree, as you become more and more awakened, wise, and experienced, as a soul. This is the best way that I can explain, this ancient but truthful teaching. Each level of the tree is a dimensional perception. That is why I say that ascension happens within. As your consciousness rises, or falls, in these stages, it has in you a certain dimensional level of comprehending the environment that you are in.

If you have ever heard of the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin, you know that these are two perceptions. We have male and female, but we also have darkness and light. The ying and the yang. Each person will have passed through negative seeing, and positive, while here on earth. Those perceptions are on either side of the tree, opposite to one another. Each level represents an understanding of as human element itself. Earth= Physical, Air= Mental, Fire= Spirit,, and Water= Emotions. Everyone will cope with those in negative or positive, at some point to gain extreme wisdom, in the balance, that later leads to enlightenment. The pillars represent the balance of negative and positive, and our first masonic builder, King Solomon knew this, whihc is why he used the concpet in his temple. Every one has to pass both levels, to go u p in each stage of ascension. How? The brain. The pillars are both sides of the brain, left and right, that are used in thinking, seeing, and reasoning. The rulers of this world imposed left brained thinking so noone could ever infiltrate the matrix, but now many are coming into using both halves. It is only then, that one will truly climb.

Now, each stage in the tree, each level, as in the diagram, represents, a mental, emotional, and spiritual state, I often talk about this in my course, You have to use all of those, to see purpose and truth, in order to ascend. But for now, lets see what those phases are..

See the Tree? Imagine this is you, your soul in this world, experiencing it, gaining wisdom. This is why ascension takes time. Many do not want to hear that, as their egos, want their selves to be ascended now, to be enlightened now, so they project that they are to others, but one can truly see when someone is really enlightened. Never mind that, it takes time, and that’s just it, no other way, it is through experience, wisdom, and a true desire to grow, and excuse the pun, “by shutting up and listening, and working out instructions from someone who is ascended” People have to surrender, and submit. But only to the right teacher. There are so many false ones, as I said, and many who want you all to be in a false awakened state. A false awakened state is where you believe you have made it so far, and that you have some truth, but the rest of what you have, are self imposed ideas from those teachers, to distract you from the real ascension. Its true. Wolves in sheep’s clothing remeber? They won’t hold up a sign saying :” I am a false teacher”, no, they will pretend to be good, pretend to be all out for your well being, and they would never give you the extent to what I am giving you. You need to open up, awaken, and then surrender to a truth, that works for you. Do not jump around from place to place, as it is very misleading after time.

Once you have found yourself someone who really knows the truth, and are ready to surrender to their help, then you made the first step. Then it is time to climb the branches of the tree, so to speak.

The branches stop in medians on the tree, which are levels, and intiates. It starts with the beginning of the tree which is found in the center of the flower of life. The Tree of life is based around ten Sephiroth, or spheres, which  ascends from Malkuth, the material world, to Kether which is Source, and Creation. There are many ways of understanding the different dimensions or levels that exist in this universe. The tree is one of them. The spots on the tree are spiritual levels, to which all human beings can ascend, but most choose to. Within the symbolism of each Sephiroth, there are keys to understanding each progressive stage on the spiritual journey, of reaching from the level you are currently on, to the next one on the path of awakening. 

Beneath the tree of life are the Qlippoth, the “empty shells”. This is the realm below the human realm, which Buddhists call the worlds of hungry ghosts, animals, and demons. Although there are human beings at this level, they are those who are spiritually dead, empty, or broken. In Buddhist understanding they are destined for rebirth as something less than a human being. Malkuth is the lowest Sephira. It is the realm of pure matter. Of the earth. Most of humanity only functions on this level, occasionally dropping to the level of the Qlippoth.The fundamental spiritual experience that is possible on this level is that of having a glimpse of one’s higher functioning, the higher self, which may be interpreted as some kind of divine force, if one is not aware that this is in fact the force of one’s own awakened consciousness. It is this experience, one all human beings have at least once and usually more often in a lifetime, that propels some people to begin a spiritual journey. But not everyone who has this experience will in fact begin that journey. Why not? It is because of inertia. It is not enough to have these “glimpses”, one must be at least capable of realizing that there is a way to move beyond mere glimpses and into a journey. One must also be willing to take this journey. These are both very difficult. The central feature of existing on the level of Malkuth is that of need. No one whose consciousness is situated in Malkuth is capable of feeling complete, indeed when masters like Gurdjieff said that most men are actually not men, but robots, or less than fully human, they were referring to this level of existing. The spiritual act on this level of existence is that of expressing your need; consciously expressing a desire to find a spiritual path. When you do this, it is inevitable that you will find your way to a teacher, master, or school which will at least be capable of allowing you to move to the next level of awareness, that of the Sephira Yesod, through initiation.

Next is the sphere of Yesod, and it is the level of the initiate. It is through initiation to a school or teacher, that one may reach this level of awareness. The central experience of this level is that of beginning the spiritual path, and of seeing the functioning of existence. This is the level at which one must approach the study of symbolism, in general but also specifically that of the path you are taking, of the school you are working with. This is the level of the zealous student, where you must lay the foundations of knowledge. An error one may encounter on this level is that of laziness, of failing to apply one’s new understanding toward a disciplined practice. Knowledge without practice will lead nowhere. Many get stuck at this level of consciousness. When you are given the tools, given a technique by your master, you must then move on to work with that technique, not just play with it in your mind. One of the principle elements of that practice is that of self-inquiry, analyzing your preconceptions and ideas about your “self”, with the help of the new awareness and symbolic working tools you have been given. In this way you may begin to chisel at the rough stone that is your self and chip away the false exteriors you have built up from a lifetime of conditioning, of being given assumptions. If one can begin to drop one’s assumptions about himself, life, and the divine, you have completed half the journey of Yesod. The second half is consistent and regular practice of meditation technique, energetic techniques that will allow you to release these same blocks and self-imposed attachments. The result of this work will very promptly be able to lead you to intentionally experiencing a divine consciousness, which leads you to the level of Hod.


The sphere of Hod is the level of ecstasy.  At this dimension, one is capable of experiencing the “vision” or experience of ecstatic bliss, one of the first signs of success in meditation practice. Meditation techniques begin at the levels of Malkuth and Yesod. In these levels, they are little more than catharsis, a way to release the attachments of assumptions, hurt, pain, fear, etc. that one keeps within one´s self. When enough of these have been released (though by no means completely), one will reach the level of being able to feel the divine around them, something that one has unknowingly longed for during most of one’s life.

This is manifested within one’s self as a feeling of bliss, of intense joy. Meditation practice at this level becomes a means to experiencing a freedom that is incomparable. The dangers of this level involve becoming attached to that selfsame bliss. While the bliss itself is a wonderful experience, desiring that bliss as a “goal” in meditation destroys the purpose of meditative work, namely to practice free of attachment or desire. One must enjoy the experience of bliss without trying to force its appearance or cling to it when it arrives. If one fails to act free of this attachment, what will happen is an inevitable falling back to a lower level of awareness. Many initiates react to this by a form of lying to themselves, trying to artificially generate or feel that bliss when it is no longer there. It is your own fear of losing the bliss that leads to its loss, and once it is lost your own desire leads you away from truth and true experience and into falsehood. Then you are trapped. The challenge of this level is in maintaining and upholding truthfulness. This is fundamental. Truth is one of the basic virtues of the mystical work, and it begins by being truthful to your self. One must practice truth at this level above all. This is done by rejecting any impulse to try to create a false meditation experience, and accept whatever experience comes naturally, whether it is bliss or not. In consistently practicing and holding to truth, one may avoid attachment to lower impulses. Only then can you move forward.

After the level of bliss one may rise to Netzach, which is sometimes called the sphere of victory. It is thus named because it represents the culmination of the work of an initiate.The fundamental spiritual experience of this level is “vision” of egolessness. When a student begins practicing meditation, at the level of what the Tree of Life calls Malkuth, the goal of “just being” without distraction or sinking into unconsciousness seems impossibly distant. Many students who are new to meditation have related to me, and indeed it was my own experience at that level before initiation, that to attempt to meditate meant many long hours of difficult struggle occasionally rewarded by a few seconds of peace. This is natural at the level of a beginner. After initiation, the shaktipat or initiatory energy granted by a guru will result in an unlocking of one’s awareness, moving you in the Kabbalistic symbolism to the level of Yesod. Here a radical transformation already takes place, and a student with good natural potential can immediately begin tapping into this energy to assist their own discipline and efforts in meditation. Other students with less natural potential may take longer, but in time will also develop this ability by fostering devotion and connection to their master, and if they diligently practice the techniques of their school. Now instead of meditation seeming like a hopelessly overcast sky with a tiny glimpse of clarity, the experience is more like witnessing a cloud-filled sky with patches of openness. 

The bliss experienced at the level of Hod, is actually part of a purification process, crystallizing that shaktipat energy with one’s own inherent enlightened quality. The sensation of bliss is not the goal of meditation, it is only a side effect, and can be dangerous if one becomes attached or addicted to that feeling.  If one does not, however, the stage of bliss will lead one to the level the Kabbalists classify as Netzach, where one may now begin to clearly experience prolonged states of egolessness. This is very different than actual enlightenment. One is not yet free of attachment, or even connected to their individuality or higher self. However, one is now able to clearly experience awareness of the existence of that higher self. At this level, you do not need to “believe” that there is a higher part of you, instead you will be able to clearly experience moments of connection to that higher part. The challenge of this level is that of being willing to now let go of the “false self”, the personality. If at the level of Netzach one can see that one has a true individuality, one is not yet capable of existing on that level of the higher self. In fact, an initiate at this level will often feel he or she is unable to clearly know what that individuality is or wants. The comments I hear from students operating at this level are that they feel confident that they have a true will or higher self, but they don’t know what that true will is. Or when they are faced with choices or situations, they cannot tell what it is they “really want” or “really should do” compared to what their “ego wants”.

In short, students at this level will claim that they are unable to differentiate between experiences that come from their false self and their true self. The reality is slightly different. People at this level are not unable to differentiate; they are as of yet unwilling to differentiate. Although they may sincerely feel as if they can’t tell what their “true will” is, the deeper truth of that feeling is caused by a fear of letting go of the “false self” and its desires. People at lower levels go through life trying to force the world, god, or existence to work on “their terms”. They set conditions for what they want, what they think will make them happy, how they think things “ought to be”, and inevitably generate suffering for themselves when these various conditions do not come to pass. This is what can be called trying to make a deal with God, or trying to barter with life. You cannot force your personality’s will on the world. This is the height of ego-based action. Nevertheless, most people try to do that very thing all the time!

The challenge of Netzach lies in generating the determination to let go of the conditions you wish to set on life, to let go of the “lesser will”, and to determine to strive for communication with your higher self, the “true will”. You can find this higher self, though intense dedication to the work of your spiritual practice. By letting go of what you believe to be your desires and conditions in life, you will be able to start listening, in other words communicating with the higher self, which speaks from the perspective of truth. Higher level of unity with life and the present moment. As meditation involves nothing more than trying to let go of falsehood and just exist in the moment, it can lead you to develop this sense I call the “higher self”, a sense that answers only the question of what you should do at that very moment, of how to be. This is a sense that all human beings are inherently born with, but it is a sense that has atrophied in most people through lack of use. The discipline of meditation is exercise that allows one to restore that sense and the ability to use it.When you reach the point of being able to listen to this “higher self”, you can move to the level of Tiphareth, consistent communication with the “higher self”. This is the beginning of adepthood, and it is only here that one has developed sufficiently in working with one’s own inner self to make it even possible to begin experiencing the divine that exists beyond the limits of one’s identity.

It is all about the stages. I will not go into all of them, as that will be for you work out ofr yourself, as you go on this inner journey. If you want to join one of my classes, please let me know, and I can teach you this way. But, this is to at least give you an idea, of how all of this works. Stages, whether in lamen’s terms, or symbolized as a tree, our consciousness is the Universe expanding, through its experiences in this so-called dreamscape, and reconnection with the higher self is needed to do it. But, only after all of those steps have been accomplished, and laid in foundation to get there. To understand all of the dimensions, would take me to break eachone down for you, which I will do, but there is the frame of mind, body, and spirit while you go through them, in ascension, within first, and as you leave your body, you will stay put, not come back in reincarnation. Karma is cleared at the highest state on your own. You can always have someone who knows the codes of existence, to do it for you, but if you wish to do this yourself, then climb that tree to ascension!

alura cein,
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