Update July 2017

I am going to use this page as a blog inside of a lesson. I hope that everyone who is reading this is ready. I have a great deal of things to share with all of you and it is right around the right time.

Firstly, I am going to expose all of the meanings of Metatron’s riddles and some of the meanings behind my past blogs, in a new video that will be posted on YouTube at the end of this month. It’s very important because I need all of you, to join with me in empowering others for this new revolutionary change that is about to begin.

Secondly, I have information about the following, the new leader, new Messiah, the false Messiah, what will happen in the world from here, alien abduction’s and invasions, and much more. There is so much to discuss and I hope that all of you will be present for the video. As far as this blog I think it’s ready to go up to a whole other level of understanding. In September, my Lightology Course will begin. 

Everything is going to be made over. You’re going to notice a lot of different changes happening with the videos, and also with the blogs. The videos are going to be more informative. Also, it has been a battle for me in raising fans. I really hope that all of you will help me in getting everything together by sharing and reposting. Even the older stuff, gets people interested so that we can lead them this way. I just want to say right now that I am not against any teachers, or points of use, or religions. I am proud of everybody in their beliefs, races, cultures, and creeds. My only hope was for everyone to be honestly informed, that was all. But I have a great deal of information to share and of course, this information is only known by those who can reach higher planes. with the information, I think it’s properly time, that everyone becomes informed and gets ready for a whole new level of understanding.

And I also have been introduced by a friend, to another group that I had not even known that it had existed until now. This group has a lot of good information. Although some of our concepts conflict, I can definitely say that there are many things that are similar. I’ll be mentioning them here and there.

I have also met some from another plane, who have much to share. so most of what you will be learning, will be theirs. Ascended masters, Who have not yet been known to earth. They make their way in this new wonderful age ahead of us. I hope to introduce you all very soon. So get ready!.. as the evolution begins.