Voided Soul

Not all Light is eternal. Consciousness and intelligence will always exist though.What I mean by this is that, there will always be imprinted memories of all things, in all things that shared them. However, Light and dark take their turns in duality. It’s true, most things that are made of consciousness, vibration, or intelligence, come from a greater source. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is just light. That Source is something else far greater, that generates the light. Every Source, has its own source too. There are many creators, in other words.

The light travels and as it does, it gets further and further from its source. That means that it’s vibration starts to slow down the more distance it grows. And then through experiences that are negative, it slows down even more. So while there is an Ascension process of light in consciousness enhancing it’s Self and intensifying it’s vibration to live in a higher state of consciousness, there is also a process of losing vibration, it getting so low that it no longer exists. That is when a soul has become void.

Another thing is that the soul’s vibration can also be extinguished. Living light, is what our consciousness is made out of, and is merely a flame that exists. It has its own current to exist on that alters in its journey of experiences. But while it can be turned on and grow in its brightness so to speak, it can also be made dimmer and turned off. It is true though that everything serves a purpose but if a reality leads a form of consciousness to go so far away from its purpose to a state of just existing or living for something else’s purpose that was not meant to be… that’s soul could get so lost and it’s vibration become so low because it is no longer in control of the experiences that it is meant to have. Therefore, it does not have them.

Sort of like earth. Everything here is altered so that life is only guided through what the powers of this world want those living here, to live by. Which is an experience for their own benefit, and not for those living here themselves. With all of the negativity projected on top of the control and misguided form of life, many souls in their vibration, lower it so significantly that they could end up not having much vibration to exist on. That is because their source which is their higher self, did not have the leadership that it needed over its life while in this reality. In turn, it doesn’t have that strong a connection. That would be like a lamp cord that has been so over stretched or clamped in the middle that it’s energy can no longer help its light to shine the way that it should. Therefore, they cannot generate the energy or fuel to keep the vibration going. The soul will live off of what is provided for in the reality alone. And if the reality only provide negativity, it will just continue to lessen and lessen more and more, along the way. Eventually, the higher self can void the soul it’s self because it sees that it is not serving the purpose that it wanted or needed in that reality and that it’s light and vibration has become so low that it would not benefit much to have it return to it. Even higher powers can determine whether souls will continue existing or not we’re the same reasons. Earth itself is so unhealthy that does not generate enough positive energy for the souls that are cut off from there higher selves, to continue in a healthy state of conscious existence. Negative memories and experiences fill the intelligence. The vibration gets slower for many every day. Karma only adds to the weight that slows it down.

These are things that many people do not realize. Like I said, the reality itself and the influences within it, fuel the souls that live here since they cannot gain it from their higher selves having been blocked off. There are many you are feeling lost more and more every day because of this. It is true that we all live in a reality that jeopardizes the journey of one’s spiritual existence every day. They give you enough information to help you evolve just enough to keep you here so that they can enslave you, but they keep you well enough that you never can reconnect with your greater self or move on from this reality. But some of the influences here that they use in order to do that… are actually hurting spiritual beings more, in taking away from their vibration itself. This would eventually have many souls become void.

For more information please look pushing my new course that will be coming out soon. Email for info on enrollment for the Absolution course. Some info also found in Heaven and Hell at The Illumination of Metatron School.