Fake Awakening & Predicting the future

I have been saying that the 2012 spiritual movement was a sham, for the longest time. It was promoting such a huge worldwide trend, to get people to then shifted into just have another aspect of commercialism. Special mystical items that used to be taboo and of great value to those who were truly mystical, are now found as a part of clothing accessories and you can buy them in just about any store. Also, there are so many psychics and crystal shops out there, that it is almost boring. The top of this I must say that they promoted spiritual raking symptoms, that are very much aligned with carbon monoxide poisoning. Our doomsday clock is well overdue, because of the CO2 emissions in the air. This was mentioned briefly during the 2012 Movement online, but people were not putting two into together. They actually believed that the symptoms that they were experiencing were spiritual weakening symptoms, rather than opening their eyes to the truth that the symptoms were no more than just the fact that everyone on this planet is being murdered. The wolf in sheep’s clothing, is the simple fact that everyone is being lied to on global scale. Something that is detrimental to the environment and to us as a species, is being made into something that is spiritual and happy go lucky. Many of the bigger spiritual platforms are promoting all these lies. Don’t you is if people want to know the truth instead? Don’t you want to be able to keep yourself safe? I touch base on this topic in a blog in the past. I am again bringing it up. It’s time to really be awake. Stop being lied to. There are so many things that are dangerous and life-threatening, going on under the scenes which is why our political parties have made it into a media circus. Everything is just being used as a huge distraction. Azazel in the Bible, is known as a scapegoat for someone who does the distracting while something else is going on that the powers do not want to be seen to the every day average person. And then when everything goes down, someone else is blamed. Wake up. This is the world we live in. This isn’t fake news, it’s facts.

Below are screenshots of so-called spiritual sights, listing awakening symptoms.

What? Awakening and brings someone in your family or yourself a terminal illness? What kind of crap is that? The terminal illness hills are coming from the fact that the air is being poisoned. Obviously carbon monoxide after small increments being introduced into the system over a very long period of time, it’s going to cause cancer along side of the other pollutants that you are breathing in on a daily basis. If the pollutants are in the air then it is in the rain. The rain then will water the crops, and the crops will be full of poison as well. You are breathing toxic air in addition to eating toxic food.

Below is a list of CO2 poisoning symptoms:

How many of you have blurry vision, loss of hearing, trouble breathing, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, and have been feeling nauseous, as well as having headaches? Probably all of you. With carbon monoxide breathed in over very very long period of time, of course your body develops some immunity. But it is still toxic and as a result, even though you have not reached death, you are still going to have symptoms of not feeling well. They say that spiritual awakening brings all of the above symptoms and yet adds vivid dreaming too. Vivid dream comes from the fact that you are asleep, and you are intoxicated with it if use of the CO2 in the air. When you are poisoned by carbon monoxide at a maximum level, you start getting delusional and disoriented. But again, with small increments been breathed in over a long period, disorientation will come through having an unbalanced walk, and very vivid dreams.

Also you will either be really sleepy all of the time or you would be extremely wide awake. But when I found in my research is that most people find themselves very alert until they sit down and then they start dozing off out of nowhere. Tired with the lack of motivation. This is such a huge way that spirits can then attack during the battle of spiritual warfare. If the entire human population is weekend, then of course they can now have their feeding frenzy off of your energy, which weakens you even more. As a result of the fatigue, disorientation, and lack of motivation, your body then starts to feel depressed which then leads to picking up bad habits as a way to cope. Shopping from home, watching too much television, those are things that people are doing nowadays because they just don’t feel well enough emotionally or physically to get up and do anything anymore. Because I spoke of this some years ago, a friend of mine just recently put up this post.

That’s just from wearing the mask outside. If that is what that mask looks like in just a few hours of using it as a filter being outdoors, then imagine what your health condition really looks like on the inside, for many years and breathing in the air? And all the while the medical providers lie and tell you that you are healthy when you have a range of different symptoms popping up over time. Liver issues also arrive because your body is filtering out the toxins from your liver. If there are too many toxins in the body, then it is going to try to work on overdrive, then you’re gonna have digestive issues as well. I’m not lying to you. This is the biggest global cover up in the world. And for them to use spirituality as a way to disguise the fact that our race is a dying species, then shame on them.

They did say the end times would bring a second coming and that our savior would come in the clouds. Clouds are symbolic for covering. That simply means that it could save us would be covered up that only those who are fully awake and aware would recognize the Savior. Someone who would bring life-giving and life-saving knowledge Information in order to spread awareness and help people. But they would be quickly silenced. Everyone thinks they’re going to see the Savior out there in the open and that it would be made public. Why would they allow something like that to happen, if they are trying to cover up all of the wrongdoing that they have been up to throughout the many centuries? They don’t care if it’s God or not who is trying to do his work here, they will try to stop any truths from being revealed, to save their own hides.

I also want to add, that there are so many new diseases that many people don’t even know about that are also being projected into the awakening communities. Of course a lot of people are going to have their vibration to ride where they don’t need to live according to this world’s way of doing things anymore. However, there are many other signs and symptoms of awakening and when you compare them to some of the others out there, it definitely makes more sense that the amazing process isn’t going to have really any physical issues or many negative ones at that. I will talk about this in another video but not being able to sleep for one? Insomnia is definitely something that is sweeping the nation. This is because of something called a fatal familial insomnia. Is very true that when you raise your vibration you don’t need as much food or sleep, but there are hundreds of other positive things going on alongside of that, that prove that this is something from awakening and not something that’s actually detrimental to your health.


Metatron has explained all of these things to me and so much more. However, when we were going over some of the understanding in regards to the symptoms of a person waking up, he mentioned also Fatal Familial Insomnia is a disease that usually morphs in to the genetics as each person in your family developed it throughout time. So another words one of your family members may have trouble sleeping a little bit, but the next one down in generation, will have even more difficulty, and so on and so forth. Eventually, leads to someone in the family not being able to sleep at all that brings with it tons of unhealthy side effects and a very unhappy way of life and then eventually death. And also have diseases associated with tax. The weather channel and the news has been talking about tick season being at an all-time high and there is really no coincidences in this matrix. I know that every little thing that is mentioned, as mentioned because it means something. Just like with the zombies.

Zombies are being promoted because there is going to be a disease that sleeps the world that turns people into being more zombie like. And I mean that figuratively as well as literally. Obviously that’s mentally and emotionally happening right now as people are losing their empathy and their concern for others. People are so trapped into their technology that they are not present within the world around them. But in addition to that, there will be a physical health issue that makes people with their away and start losing their mind quite a bit. Not like you see in the television or the movies, and not at that great magnitude or scale. However, it will be something in the future that people will come to see take place.. The insomnia disease And a zombie like symptoms, used to be recorded as awakening . Losing your memory? Not being able to sleep? Changing and eating patterns? It’s on familiar? I see they have just merely promoted something to be good when it was really just trying to cover up the fact that there are so many wrong things with our world today. The fact is, that we are getting closer and closer towards being a population of people that will die sooner and sooner. We are going to need as people, to move to places and locations that are healthier, less populated, and where we can actually start monitoring our own food growth and water intake. But yes as zombie disease has swept over deer, and even my cat had died from it. She started acting funny, and she was barely present with us mentally or emotionally,

Ticks and fleas are everywhere including a pandemic of bedbugs, all being unleashed to spread disease. Why else do you think that after all of these many centuries, they are at an all-time high now? Obviously after many centuries this would’ve happened already right? No. They were kept under control until it was convenient. I am not a conspiracy theorist, what I say is true. The best thing is to learn what true awakening is and go from there in regards to learning how to live life better. We are posting a lot of it on our Spiritually Awkward show on YouTube, but we have a lot of questions coming in at this time that we are working diligently to film the answers to. It will be coming up soon.

Don’t forget, a huge earthquake will hit the West Coast in the Summer, and more will follow there and worldwide, as I have foretold before. Wild fires hurricanes, and tsunamis. Be prepared!

I am very lucky to work with Metatron. He is such a highly expanded form of consciousness that he does not really work with anyone. You have to understand the language that he’s for he will not come outside of his communication of light language which was a form of prior letters only known to those who are truly in communication with the higher planes. I have always wondered why it was so difficult to get him to work with me on other platforms of channeling. But he is all knowing and why is it so why should he have to come down to any human level of communication right? So I often have to go up to his level of understanding and in that, the information is mine blowing. I have so many things that I want to teach to everybody and I can’t wait to start the new courses. Currently we are in the process of building something and that will also provide more outlets for people to expand on the courses that they have already been in as well, according to what Metatron has suggested. I hope that you will Support us. Nevertheless, there are a lot of serious things coming in the future. The day of the great one approaches and as a result there are many false prophets, and there are a lot of things happening out there in the world that are being covered up.

“People are being led to live in a state of technology and delusion as well as ego so that they will not even know what happens when it hits them”.

It’s frightening to think that some people in this world even after hearing truth, would still choose that way of life anyhow. It’s like saying that they would rather ignore what’s going on. Maybe they would just rather pretend that it’s not. I still say that those who are wise are the ones who use their spirit to look and listen. I hope you will still continue with me on this journey. Please keep up to date with my prediction is though. I have many more to come.