Wisdom and Awakening

For those of you who are new to this path, most of the deeper information is found in my courses. That is because there is really no platform for me to teach them on, considering that they are forbidden truths. Ones that will devastate you. If you are reading this and you are a student from course one and course two, you haven’t even heard of the half of it yet. In my last and final course, you will learn a truth that will devastate you. You will learn that you have been lied to for so very long that it will change your perceptionAbout God, about heaven and hell, and about this world around you. This will totally change your perspective towards religious foundation, and the way that you have been living your life. As an illuminated one, I provide real truth that will astonish you. A truth that no other spiritual teacher before, has ever revealed. It is true, that this will be dangerous for me. It will probably put my life even in more danger than it has been already. And if you think that I’m just a paranoid conspiracy theorist, then you are wrong.

In fact, I have nothing against religious structure nor our government authorities. I truly believe that they should be respected, because they do provide structure and order. Spiritual foundations of religion, do provide a steppingstone and are fundamental guide for people. It’s a good place to begin yes, but not a good place to finish. Even out there there are teachers, revealing some of the truths that are pretty much known to the public because it’s not really all that difficult to see, when you think about it. We have people involved in the flat earth theory, we have people talking about consciousness and science, and there are others who are talking about life from other worlds. These are all things that people for many centuries, I have already seemed to come to a conclusion about on their own. Secretly, many people questioned their religious authorities about it. I am not here to cause trouble or conflict. I only want people to have a little more truth than they began with. And it’s true, I may have gone a bit far. I am an Oracle which many people do not understand what that means. I can only speak or provide answers when the heavens direct me to. I do see all things, when I need to see them. I want to leave behind a book about my life but also a book of many prophecies of things to come in the world, for when I am no longer here. However I am, in need of finding sponsorship. I don’t want to charge for readings anymore because that was never with my mission fully was. I would like to do the readings still, but my main goal is to write and to teach, but to do that I would need some help. Is very obvious that, some people will think I am just a cult leader, or a guru. And that is not it all what I am. I am just here to provide information and to have a little support in doing so. With that, I know that there is great wisdom found many spiritual books all over the world. They do lead toward wisdom, morals, and great maturity.

In saying this, many people will wonder why I teach the Bible or use it as an example for reference? Many people will want to know why I still follow some of the virtues that are found there? Many today, are turning away from the Bible and there is a huge attack on Christianity. Do I agree with Christianity as a whole? No. Why? It is hard to really want to be a part of the foundation because of things that are done in it. Many reports show that there is alot of molestation in the founder of Christianity, the Catholic Church. They have also withheld information, and used aggression and violence to promote their message, having been responsible for many wars, burnings, and hangings….

While you can not judge members for the actions of their religious belief, I have noticed that many within that practice have many times said that the very foundation of their teachings is from Jesus. However, his message was about love, and still yet, even I myself have been attacked by many Christians in my career, when I myself believe in the same foundation of wisdom from Christ. Only far more expanded.  The hate comments, and emails that I have received, have always been from Christians. I send to all of them love, truly. However, we can not dismiss other beliefs, for simply for just one. Do not all of them stem from one belief that existed at the start? The story of the Tower of Babel, is one example that indicates the belief system having been taken with the different people who migrated into other lands all around the world. There, they developed their own languages, thus the stories changed in name, use of metaphors in story telling, and locations. But the stories themselves remained the same. Society fails to take notice.

However, the new movement is promoting the combining of wisdom, but also in seeing the truth of the corruption going on in the world. However, just like with any new foundation, there are restrictions. The restrictions are placed to control people to keep them at a level of understanding, that keeps them from exceeding their authorities. This is obviously not acceptable. The tools used in doing so, our leasing truth with deception. No one could see what was truly happening, and simply believed that all of the truth was being revealed in mystical blogs, and Youtube videos. If you recall, I had stated:

“The elite have protected their secrets since the beginning. Their people had to work hard through a life time, just to find out the truth at different initiation levels. Some, still never finding out all of the truth. They aren’t going to allow it to be so openly disclosed for the public to easily obtain knowledge that they felt needed to be earned.”

No one believed me. Now look. Whistle blowers and Truth channels are censored, their accounts limited or shadow banned, and having limited reach. The truth is, some of them were allowed to go as far as they did, to expose some things that were needed for the next level of the evolution of human consciousness, for the next phase of change in the upcoming procession of the equinox. However, they do not want it all to be disclosed. If everyone had all of the knowledge, this could be a bad thing. No, really. Knowledge is power. Knowledge can be used in very dark ways. It is inevitable that we must face these changes in the world. I certainly had seen it coming a long time ago. But now what? What are we to do as people who are seeking refuge in righteousness? How will we find help and assistance at this time where the world changes around us?

Heavenly Father explained to me that the only way to do this, is to find a collective. He and the heavens have stated that it is important at this time to join together, all of those who seek what is good, and to find solace in one another. This is hard though, when goodness is always being attacked. But it is true that many who hold the secret keys in secret societies and higher learning spiritually, do not want people in regular society, to have all of the knowledge there in. I have a friend myself who is involved in the secret society, and he himself has even openly stated in my groups, that he feels that he had to work hard to get to his level and degree, and actually chastise me publicly for talking about such things freely. Although, he says that he supports me in giving out some information, he still feels that the information should be controlled. I believe myself, information should be given, but to provide people the information openly but also in use of metaphors too. This way the person’s mind and spirit can decide for itself, whether it is ready for the info. And it decides that by allowing the person to understand what is hidden underneath. This is an ancient method of teaching but, mine goes far beyond what has been talked about out there..

path of awakening is a difficult one. People on this path with me have struggled with what they believe in and what they don’t, there has been more questions after having other questions answered, and many times the information so much for them to handle that it has a reverse effect. If weakening ends up leading them towards feeling hurt and angry. You cannot blame them. Some people find it easier to switch to believe systems that you not promote a God at all. This helps them to have something to believe in, but also something that they don’t have to really seek or question, that gives them peace of mind. Can you blame them? But the real fact of the matter is this, no one is ever going to find the full truth and just one spiritual believe. It’s not going to be found in just one book. And I would like more than anything to assist people in awakening all of my heart and soul, while providing them with love and support. But it is true that during this great mission of mine, I have run into adversaries, and hidden foes. That makes it all the more difficult, try to teach people how to be heavenly, but also learned truth that shakes the very foundation that they’ve known. I tell you God is real. And there is truth in everything. Coming from heaven myself I find that, it is not something that God really wanted, for people to be lead so blindly. He seeks to make things right with all of you but in order to do that you have to open the mind, let love in, and start seeing the things that are being revealed.

So this is just a blog post talking about the next course, which is part III in this illumination teaching. It will be the last course, and then a book will come to follow of prophecy. It is truly time for wisdom and awakening in the world. How far will they really let me get with it?